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Scouting Techniques for National Parks


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Class Intro

Welcome to Creative Live. I'm Chris Nicholson, and I'm gonna be talking about photographing national parks and about preparing to do night photos in the parks. I'm the author of a book called Photographing National Parks. And I'm also a partner and instructor with National Parks at Night, and we're thrilled to be here doing this. So I'm gonna talk about three different things, and this is all about preparation. First we're gonna talk about why the parks are great for photography to begin with. And we're gonna talk about scouting locations and why that's important. And we're also gonna talk about preparing for spending time in the wilderness, both from a safety perspective and for maximizing creative opportunities.

Class Description

National Parks offer vast landscapes, dynamic vistas and views that are worthy of hanging on gallery walls. Capturing those scenic areas in a photo that represents what you experience in person takes planning and preparation. Knowing what opportunities you have in each park at what time of year is a great start to capturing incredible images. In this class you’ll learn:

  • National Park rules and regulations- when to get a permit and how to obtain one
  • Scouting tips for night shooting, how to scout and prep your shoot before sunset
  • Safety tips for yourself and your gear when shooting in remote locations at night
Chris Nicholson’s passion for the National Parks and photography led him to write the book Photographing National Parks. His experience in all 59 US National Parks will help any beginner or professional photographer optimize their experience and photographs in either marshlands or desert landscapes.