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Lesson 10 from: On-Location Light and Lighting

Mark Wallace

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10. Closing

We review the photographs that we created during this class. Mark gives his final thoughts and shares some additional learning resources.

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Thank you so much for joining me for this class on CreativeLive on location, light and lighting. We have learned so much, and I had a blast doing it. I just wanna say that these classes don't happen in a vacuum. It's just not all Mark Wallace. There's an entire team of people that have been helping out today and way in the past that have helped make this happen today. And so I wanna thank a very special person. Maggie Kessler, come out here. The house that we're shooting in right now is Maggie's house, and Sophie and also Keith, who is Maggie's husband. So it's Keith and Maggie's house. Keith is out doing an expedition and he is on adventure off-grid. That's right? Yeah. Yes. And adventure off-grid. If you're an overlander, if you're a traveler you have to check it out. I'm a travel lover and Keith and Maggie are compadres in that and so fantastic. Thank you so much, Maggie. Happy. Yeah. I can't say enough about Maggie and Keith. And Sophie, come on over here. So Sophie's been ...

running around. We also have had a fantastic model. Come on out Sydney. And Sydney has been baking out here in the sun. It's about, I don't know, it's dropped. I think now it's only like 90 degrees or something. So thank you. This is, I don't know how many videos we've done together but I had a blast doing this today. And then we have, come on out. And so Christopher Barry is, well you've been a fantastic, not just assistant but friend and helped me out the lenses that we used. Well, they were his ads. So yay, thank you for that. Make sure you check out his stuff. And then we have a production crew. So you guys come out here, all at once. And so Alexi Penn, Matt Madrid, and super Sierra Olsen. And you could tell which one of us has been in the shade in the comfy, non baking all day. And so Sierra down, she works at Block Studio which shout out to Block Studio. We love working with them. This is a community of people. So we have two people from Tucson, Arizona. Everybody else here is from Phoenix, Arizona and I love how we've all sort of come together. Matt Madrid on camera, Alexi on camera. Matt actually figured out all the camera positions. Sierra has been switching everything today making all the graphics, all this stuff work, all this animations. And so thanks Sierra. Thanks everybody for doing this. You guys could go away now. Sophie, you could stay here though. Sophie is a good friend. I don't know if you know, but I love dogs and Sophie's been keeping us on our toes all day. So we're very, very happy to have her out here as well. You can check out all the other Mark Wallace classes on CreativeLive. They are part of what we call the essential training series and that I highly encourage you if you have the subscription, check out these classes because we've done them so that it's an entire universe of classes to teach you studio lighting, lighting with speed lights in the studio, constant light in the studio understanding light and light modifiers, Photoshop Lightroom, Lightroom classic, and now on location, light and lighting as well as my legacy classes about light and lighting. There is something for everybody. So if you saw something today and you thought, "I wish we had more detail on that." There is a great chance that I do have more detail on that as part of my essential training series. So just check it out. I think there's 20 or 30 hours of content there that you can watch. Thank you so much again for watching and I'll see you in the next CreativeLive class.

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Ratings and Reviews


An excellent real-life exploration of basic lighting techniques that can really make a difference. I especially appreciated the explanation of high-speed sync and the outdoor demonstrations with light modifiers. This is a perfect add-on to Mark's Understanding Light course.

Bill Johnson

Marc created a great class. Early on in the class things went slow and methodically through the basics. This is important. He could have told us but instead he lead us to discover...a much more powerful learning method. Then came all the different approaches and problems, Plus if you don't feel confident, it's here to go through again if you purchased or subscribed. I give the class 100%

Thomas WIlliams

This is a great look at methods of using natural and artificial light on location. It is very informative as well as entertaining to see Mark on set as a working pro and making a few mistakes. This is a practical and easy to understand course. We’ll done!

Student Work