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One Flash Splash Photography

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Gavin Hoey

One Flash Splash Photography

Gavin Hoey

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1. Introduction
Who this course is aimed at and examples of what to expect

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Hello. I'm Gavin, Howie and welcome belong to my Creative Live Class. One flash splash photography in this class. I'm gonna show you how you can take amazing splash photos at home using. Well, just one flash, I'm also gonna be using pretty much everyday objects as well. So water food coloring, glassware, paddling pool and a towel. We'll cover what we need as we go through. The idea with this is that you can take great photos using kit you already have, or at least inexpensive kit at home and when it comes to splash photography, every picture you take will be unique. You cannot take the same picture twice. That's one of the things I love about splash photography. It is unique in nature. It's also quite relaxing to do. Yes, there will be a little bit of water splashing around. Yes. Things may get a little bit messy, but you have a load of fun in the process. I'm gonna show you how to do basic techniques right from the beginning of how to do the standard splash photos, right the way throu...

gh to some advanced stuff, such as writing with water. Stick around for that. That is going to be great fun. We'll be throwing water will be dropping water, the whole thing is connected by splashes and just one flash. So let's go right back to the beginning and start with the essential kit that you're gonna need to take your own splash photos at home.

Class Description


  • Capture the hidden beauty and random nature of splashing water.

  • Use a single flash to light shots with both black, and white backgrounds.

  • Find creative ways to combine everyday objects and water.

  • Understand how to enhance splash images in Photoshop.


Photographers are often looking to capture images that are dynamic, exciting, and most importantly unique. If that sounds like you, then this class opens the door to creating eye-catching photos that will never, EVER be the same twice. Best of all you won’t have to leave home to find them and you probably already own everything you need to get started.

Splash photography is the art of taking something as mundane as water pouring from a glass bottle and turning it into an image that’s packed full of stunning detail. Water turns to glass, tiny droplets appear frozen in the air and if it’s done well, the closer you look at a splash photo, the more detail you’ll see.

This class takes Gavin’s years of experience photographing splashes and condenses them down into easy-to-digest segments. Starting with his essential gear, props, and backgrounds, Gavin will help you take your first splash photo. He’ll then grow that knowledge, improve the basic technique, and show you how it can develop into some amazing and colorful splash imagery.


  • Any photographer who’s looking for an exciting and fun photography challenge

  • Students, teachers and photographers who have a water-themed project in mind

  • Photographers who love simple, graphic images that are packed with fine detail

  • Everyone who is big on creativity but limited with gear


Adobe Photoshop CC 2021

Adobe Camera RAW


Gavin Hoey is a freelance photographer, Olympus UK ambassador, and trainer of all things photographic. Primarily focusing on photography education, Gavin was an early YouTube adopter and created a popular photography training channel before joining forces with Adorama in 2012. He’s now the most-watched presenter on AdoramaTV where his videos focus on the art of lighting and portraits. Gavin is still creating at least one video tutorial for AdoramaTV every other week and the channel has grown to 1 million subscribers.

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