Class Introduction: What are you going to learn?


The Starter Portrait Studio: One Light, One Reflector


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Class Introduction: What are you going to learn?

Today, we are going to be delving into The Starter Portrait Studio: One Light, One Reflector. Basically, taking you through what you can accomplish, stylistically, and with variety, and what you can get from one light, and a few different modifiers, and a reflector. So it's basically, without too much of an investment, what can you make? Again, we're gonna be looking at one light and one reflector to create many different lighting styles. We're gonna be using a variety of hard light, and soft light, and lighting in between. Then we're gonna be looking at blocking light, and shaping shadow, because light isn't just about where you put it, it's also about blocking it where you don't. The gear we're gonna be using today, for those of you that are interested in that sort of thing, we're gonna be using one Profoto D1 head. It's a Profoto monolight, goes flash. We've got a 3x4 softbox. We have an Octabox. We have, actually, a couple different sizes umbrellas. We have a beauty dish with a gri...

d. We have a reflector and a flag. I know it may seem like we have a bit of a variety in terms of the modifiers, but A, modifiers are cheaper than the light itself, generally. You don't have to have all these, but you can kinda see the benefits of a few different ways in which you can shape and control light. We are going to be looking at a few different concepts. We have using a variety of modifiers effectively. We're gonna be talking about feathering the light on the subject. We're gonna be using a reflector to control shadow density. We're gonna be using flags. And we're gonna be utilizing contrast for different moods. I'm gonna show you a few different ways to go about doing several different styles. A question I get all the time is How many lights do I need? And that totally depends on you. But, the reason I wanted to do this class was so I could show you that you don't actually need much. I love using many lights, and very complex lighting, but all these images were shot with one light. They're all pretty different, within reason. That's because light is light. It's all about what you do with it, how you shape it, and how you control it. Some of these are shot with high-powered strobes. Some of them are shot with speedlights. Some of them are shot with hot lights. And yet, you can't really tell. That's kinda the point.

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Masterful light isn’t necessarily about being complicated or having huge setups…it’s about control. In this class, Chris Knight shares some of his favorite ways to shape one light to achieve stunning results from some classic techniques as well as some surprising new ones. Learn to make light work for you to create your vision in the simplest ways possible and make your images come to life.



You can never learn enough about light. I loved this class! I recently downsized from a huge studio with multiple strobes and every kind of modifier, to a small home space with one large window and a few reflectors. This class was very informative and helpful with that transition. Chris Knight is an interesting and very knowledgeable instructor, and he was a joy to watch. I highly recommend this course!

a Creativelive Student

Chris's style was excellent straight to the point, I picked up what he was putting down and at the end, I loved seeing all of the different looks I could get from one light. This is my kind of tuition. To the point, full of great info, rehashed at the end. More like this, please.

Sébastien Nunes

Very instructive and the teacher explains very well and very clearly his point. Short course and perfect to have the hands-on quickly.