Optimizing Graphics for the Web


Optimizing Graphics for the Web


Class Description

With so many file types to choose from, it can be hard to know if you picked the right one for your project. In Optimizing Graphics for the Web, Brian Wood will help you make sense of the vast world of file types and how to maximize them for the web.

Brian is a web developer and an Adobe Certified Instructor. In this class, he’ll demystify the world of file types and prepare you to make the perfect choice, every time. 

 You’ll learn:
  • The differences between JPG, GIF, PNG, and SVG
  • Two methods for optimizing web content using Illustrator CC
  • How data from Photoshop CC can make your image more relevant
  • How to work with mobile graphics
  • Advanced tips on optimizing assets
You’ll also learn about the common features shared by website graphics, mobile graphics, and graphics for HiDPI (retina) display.

Images are an essential component of web design – in Optimizing Graphics for the Web, you’ll learn the best way to prepare them for display.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2014.2.2, Adobe Illustrator CC 2014 (18.0)


Debra Bianchi

I appreciated this short, but informative course very much. I work in Illustrator but hadn't considered using .svg on the web (it just wasn't on my radar), so that was a great takeaway. I also appreciate the instructor's teaching style. The only question I have is how (or where) do I get the PDF that he refers to in the first video? I thought it would be available on the site (I purchased the course). Thank you!