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The Benefits of Automation & Where to Start


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The Benefits of Automation & Where to Start

So why do we automate and organize our lives? Um we automate are dated a life to preserve the important mental strength required to run your business and I think this part of my presentation might surprise some of you but this is actually the key to everything else that I'm about to teach because if you aren't automated and you don't have routine in your life then it's going to be difficult to actually implement everything else that I'm going to be talking about so the very first part that I want to talk about is how to automate your day to day life um you may have heard about decision fatigue basically it the concept is that you have a certain amount of energy to give into making decisions and, um into your willpower each day and if you use it up in the morning like making decisions that aren't really big decisions for your business day then you're going to run out of steam by the end of the day when you might still need to be dealing with a difficult client or directing a shoot and y...

ou're just going to feel exhausted so here's a little quote from the new york times that kind of explains decision fatigue a bit more the more choices you make throughout the day the harder each one becomes for your brain and I'm not reinventing the wheel here a lot of really high up people have the same concept actually I've learned from them I'm not even going to take credit for making this up one of them is obama in vanity fair twenty twelve he said you'll see I wear only gray or blue suits I'm trying to pare down decisions I don't want to make decisions about what I'm eating or wearing I have too many other decisions to make so this is a guy like we watched the news in the evening and we're like, oh that's really sad that situation that we're witnessing he sees it and he's like ok, how is my country going to respond to this? Are we going to say anything? Are we going to send support? What like he's making decisions at every point of his day? So he's very intentional about wearing the same things each day um having his wardrobe work together so that he doesn't have to worry about like his time matching a shirt and he also makes his breakfast simple so one of the things that I've done I'm going to share three of them with you right now. One of the things that I've done is I've created basically a uniform for myself, so any time I'm dressing for business or like even going to a cafe to do work when somebody might bump into me, you will always see me wearing my business colors which our navy gold and white and that's why I wear this today as soon as I got the invite to speak on creative lives like, oh my gosh, what am I gonna wear? And I had all these fabulous ideas of places to go shopping, and I was like, ok, I'm talking about my uniform I really need to represent. So this is my uniform. I basically live in this denim shirt and my vest unless it's super hot out, and I have a whole slew of navy's for my bottoms, whether it kate skirts or I have, like three pairs of pants that are similar to this but slightly different dress pants for shooting weddings, I often where some combination of navy and white on the top or just pure white, um, and then my best overtop, you'll also see my trench is navy in gold, because then I know it's going to be coordinated with anything that I'm wearing when it's business related. The other thing I've done with my wardrobe is that I have what I call my branded color of leather, so this is the color it's, a color that I chose because it's versatile through every single season and my belts are this color my bits of this color in my deck shoes, my flip flops. Basically any leather accessory that I have I have in this color because then I look really well coordinated and put together but it's actually taken no effort at all aside from deciding what my color of branded leather was going to be and then starting to build back collection and there's another way to look at this and I didn't talk to jasmine about this earlier in the week when I saw her but I'm sure she'll be fine with me mentioning it and it's just an observation so jasmine if it's not intentional I apologize but one of her branded words this editorial so she doesn't necessarily address in the same colors every time like I think she really does but she always looks like she stepped out of a magazine and she always looks editorial because that fits her brand one of my words is timeless and classic so I tried aware things that are more time listen classic like maybe and white so you don't have to take it to the extreme that I have in terms of wearing all the same colors all the time but think about the brand of your company and what you want to communicate to your clients and somehow weave that into your your um your wardrobe the second way that I do this is again something that obama mentioned with eating every day for breakfast I eat the same cereal I eat a third of a cup of all brand buds, which I'm told like americans don't know what that is, it's just all brand and little round it kind of looks like rabbit food like a little round troubles it's actually in the back of the room right now because I had it for breakfast today. Um, so eight a third of a cup with a cup of milk and that means that I like I am so automated in the morning, I just go to the kitchen, I know where my cereal is, I even, like grab my utensils in the same order because it just is more efficient than having to go to the fridge and think, oh, do I want english muffins or eggs or cereal? Or what kind of cereal? I just don't have to make that decision so that I can put that energy towards bigger decisions later my day and I also know I'm a little low on iron and calcium and all brand is really high in iron and milk is really high in calcium, so I used twice the amount of milk just to get a bit more calcium s so this is my daily schedule and to the outside world my life probably looks entirely different every single day because that's the nature of running your own company, right? But to me it looks identical every single day so it starts with quiet time. I have my planning time. I have three email sessions first thing in the morning right after lunch and usually during my review and anticipate time if I have extra time at the end of the day. Andan I have what I call my work blocks and those air half hour segments of the day, and at the end of that, I d'oh so it's basically twenty five minutes and then five minute break and I got I'm going to get into a bit more detail about what might fit into these a little bit later in the presentation, but this is my schedule every single day. One of the ways that I stay on top of this is my app it's called focus time and it's free so I don't have a coupon code for you, but you can download it and I love it because it allows me to set goals so you can see under education here. This was from monday um, education, my star just has a little outline that's because every day I try to do one thing that's going to educate me whether that's about any photo shop technique or shooting or how to run my business whatever like just always growing every single day for at least twenty five minutes and it's empty because I was preparing for creative life and quite frankly, I didn't have time tio anything new that day or the energy to give into it the yellow stars are the ones that I have completed and so you couldn't see my creative life prep was really well taking care of that day my client time I e mailing and it actually I hit play and at times for twenty four, twenty five minutes and then as soon as my twenty five minute work block is done uh it goes straight into my break time and it gives me a little buzzer at the beginning of an out of both and that's really helpful because again then I don't have to make decisions about ok how long am I going to spend getting my education today? How long am I going to spend doing my e mails or anything like that editing? It also makes it a lot more tangible, so if I'm thinking maybe every single work block is going to look at the exact same like I'm editing all day it's a little less daunting to know ok, I just have to sit down for twenty five minutes right now and get it and then I'm going to have to take a break and then I'll start again and when I first started this I thought there was that fear of ok I'm a creative I get into my creative flow and I don't want to disrupt that but the reality is, at the end of the day, my back would be sore. I would have not have moved all day. I'd be at my desk all day, and I don't think that's really healthy. So this just helps to monitor that and ensure that I'm moving, and not just being a little potato on my exercise ball that I sit on. So again, I just wanted to reiterate this, because I think this is really key to everything that you're going to learn. Today, you need to automate your day to day life to preserve the important mental strength required to run your business.

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Are your profits being diminished not by the quality of your photography, but by the level of service you are providing?

Hannah Marie will teach you how to design and deliver a consistent client experience, and gain an understanding of how your day-to-day workflow impacts your month and year. You will also get a glimpse into the ways she has organized and automated her own business.

If you are ready to gain the confidence you need to deliver a level of service that commands higher prices, and frees up your time to do more of what you love, Organize and Automate a Better Customer Experience is the class will you've been looking for.