Perfecting Environmental Portraits in Photoshop

Lesson 1/4 - Perfecting Environmental Portraits in Photoshop


Perfecting Environmental Portraits in Photoshop


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Perfecting Environmental Portraits in Photoshop

So perfect environmental portrait or perfect you can read that either way way environment reporter it's khun make very powerful images thank you the viewer a chance to learn about the subject through your choice of a background in these images the environment is just a cz important as a subject and it should be treated as such when retouching and this is it's so helpful to be ableto understand retouching when it you know in terms of your subject but also in terms of your background and what that may mean now when it comes to actually editing backgrounds in photo shop you kind of have two camps of people one camp is the purest camp and there you know I want to take this picture I want a crop in camera I want everything to be you know, just as is I don't want to remove the trash can in the in the back of the image I just want it how it is and that's totally cool there's another camp of people who you know are a little bit more focus may be on the artistic side of the image they want the ...

image to maybe say something in the trash can maybe in the way it may be distracting from from the message of the image that they want to get across so no matter what side you're on, if you guys are on the pure aside then you'll have a lot less photoshopped to do so that's a plus, if you're on the other side, we're going to show you howto identify some of these distractions and how to get rid of some of these distractions as well. So there are a few teaching points that we're going to be covering in this class. How do we touch your background? Basically, what does that even mean? Like what are you going to do to your background? Most people think retouching they think, pours, you know, they think making eyes brighter and, you know, they think making hair shiny and that sort of thing, there are a lot of things you can do with your backgrounds. We've got a few different sample images there were gonna be working through. The second is how eliminate distractions in your background, your photo drawing more attention and to your subject, and that ties together pretty well with the first one so there's some concepts in there for removing and eliminating distractions to up, we're going to show you how to manipulate light in your photo. We're going to show you how to add some light race, which is super cool, super popular and actually have the background, enhance the light of your subject a little bit more and make the image as a hole a little bit more interesting. Ok, then we're going to jump in I'm going to show you guys how to independently color the background and the subject tad contrast and interest in a photo this happens a lot sometimes you'll take a picture of a person and they just don't stand off the background a lot, right? It's like the the person in the background look like they're almost in the on the same plane and if you could make your background maybe a little bit darker some of the time you're subject is going to stand off for that background a little bit better so learning how to do these things they're going to really help out and make sure that when you get into photo shop, you have these options for making your images look a bit better. We're gonna be doing some basic subject retouching show you guys some easy like down and dirty easy ways to do it, a lot of it using like the brush. All we said in the ten tips class that the majority of what I use in photo shop is the brush tool and the move tool. So we're going to show you some of that retouching with the brush tool and then also combining multiple images of backgrounds to create the perfect image as well so you can create and combine different backgrounds together as well in case you didn't capture them perfectly

Class Description

Environmental portraits make very powerful images – they give the viewer a chance to learn about the subject through every aspect of the photo. Learn how to expertly retouch the background of environmental portraits in this Photoshop class with Aaron Nace.

Aaron will help you eliminate distractions and use basic retouching so your subject shines through. You’ll learn how to manipulate light and independently color the background and subject to add contrast and interest. Aaron will also show you how to combine images so you get the perfect backdrop for your environmental portrait.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2014.2.2