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1:00 pm - Dog Days Shoot: Cat, "Terry"

Lesson 35 from: Pets and People Photography

Vicki Taufer

1:00 pm - Dog Days Shoot: Cat, "Terry"

Lesson 35 from: Pets and People Photography

Vicki Taufer

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35. 1:00 pm - Dog Days Shoot: Cat, "Terry"


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1:00 pm - Dog Days Shoot: Cat, "Terry"

So let's just let's change us up because I am going to leave this floor and background up as the standard goto I pick something very neutral so that way I know it's going to go with everything I did that on purpose but now I have all these other things we've purchased they guess I want to bring in so I'm looking to terry and right now I'm thinking, um for sure the target rog would be fabulous military in the fur on dh then probably you know what else might be kind of fun is one of these backgrounds potentially like with a couple people holding it up so the floors that are used his background so like maybe the brick wall or something kind of cool so let's go ahead though and I definitely want a photograph and I'm so sorry would you care for someone ashley, ashley and terry together first and I would do the same thing with the kid if the kid was a little shy are clinging on to mom I wouldn't separate them I would get the shots together first so um go ahead and, um let's bring you what th...

e stool let's there was on this just oh yeah great and then as faras the background can I get two people to help hold this? So what I'm doing with these backgrounds um the reason I'm having people hold this is because my background, actually, it would be on the stand. I'm not a stand. I have like, a a roller system, so I can just grab all of these, so I actually wouldn't even be clipping him to a background stand. So I'm just gonna people hold him for sake of time because I can quickly change them when I'm in the studio. But if you have the assistance, they could do this the way we're gonna do it right now, too. So when we're ready, you guys can lift it up. It just goes straight up against the background words at, um, again, this is just another white house backdrop. Perfect. So you were shooting a one twenty fifteen f ate, um, and so, mrs ashley, I'm gonna be come on over here, you gonna just sit right here and you're just gonna snuggle, terry, get him, posey, is there anything I know? Cats are different than dogs and the squeakers, and those things don't work. I do have a couple of cat toys, but what is there? And I do have cat treats, but is there anything particular terry tends to react to our that sounds great. Um, so I'm going to actually have got some cat treats, which I even opened up, so maybe they'll smell a little bit, but what I'll probably do is come right up here if I have somebody assisting the way I've got my camera lights set up you guys can see that where my oh this one goes up like this sorry john way switched him on every switch I chose to switch up so I'm going to raise this up a little bit and then what we're going to do is I want the subject if anything looking this direction towards the light not away from the light on dh so we actually if we're doing treat squeakers things kind of hiding right back behind here and that's gonna be beautiful and so you're out of my way but the cat looks at you is going to be looking at the camera basically so yeah, I'm kind of student volunteer toe hold the background yeah, great. Okay, so miss actually, this first image is just going to be more up close so I loved how you were like you had terry snuggled up against you a little bit there we go. So hold it though what's most important is that yours far back against the other background is possible. We don't need a huge space to work with and pull as straight as possible so that it looks gets rid of the wrinkles that's beautiful okay is ashley look right here we're just gonna right there and I want your beautiful smiles let's see some action but I've got you doing right now you won't like this yeah there you go that's ok there you go that's better you gorgeous right there okay perfect now it's a real smiles there we go I know there's only what like twenty people watching you right now beautiful smiles as gorgeous okay terry terry try just going with those treats low that's beautiful yeah, I love it oh my gosh I was so huge that is so few beautiful ashley look right here does terry ever sit on your shoulder like this now okay I was gonna say sometimes like you could get a shot of the animal looking over the owner shoulder is kind of cute I don't know yeah that's what I'm thinking yeah so yeah just like that beautiful yeah. Beautiful yeah, thank you just like that oh my gosh. You look gorgeous right there now do me one favor terry's tending to hide your face just a little too much there you go. Beautiful pool terry back just a little bit after that we'll take our time and well yeah there yu look gorgeous, terry terry and sometimes I like the quiet smiles to you just looked down at terry that's gorgeous just looking down terry look right here again ashley, terry, terry give, give, give this's what happens with every single gas so you just gotta be patient there we got beautiful. Let me get my little cat toy let's just try that. I know it's not your not coming. We'll get in real close, but, you know, not gonna d'oh, you're not a toy. You happy? I can tell. Okay, that's. Okay? We'll just try one more here and then we'll try a couple just to terry on that white white rug. So and don't worry about the hair for yet. I'm just getting can you turn your backs to me and I can see terry looking at me possibly. Yeah. That's the seattle he may move. Teri, turn a little more towards me. A little more right there, terry. Oh, terry, just yep. Do that again. The treats shake those treats one more time. Shake those treats one more time. No let's. Go ahead, that's. All right. You know, I actually have a good one. I know the two of you let's. Go and try the rug. Try a couple. Just terry, do you think terry actually would sit on a chair on his own? Or would it be like because there's a white chair, that white tall stool, um, well, you know what I'm talking about? Yeah, we can lose at first I I could just use this background actually that's up for one second or even no you know what that white stool with this would be great yes so here's the plan you can literally be right here next to terry even holding teri and we'll just go one, two, three we'll see what happens it may or may not work but try so going to stand up there is going to switch positions here so I'll need two people were going to actually do the rug this way just holding this as the background right back here so if I've got we're going to just bounce around using different people here so awesome that you're doing good so and you don't have to hold it up really till I tell you just because the sake of your arms being out there for so long um let me just say up test and see what that looks like then ashley up you just uh you know kind of hold that okay? Pups are hold that hold that broad you guys what you going to do with both hands to try to pull it lower it lower because the cat's not that tall you can lower it are you guys okay right there? Did we lose terry to be this here and that has happened before with cats a backdrop at the studio various crises paw and if if this ended up in all we got, we got it. So, um, I mean, we wouldn't be plenty good for what way air promoting this special is, and we'll have something really nice, but I I would love to try to get this one shot, so I'll just work this a little more, um, okay, so, ashley, if you need to hold on, madam, we'll just do the treat thing whenever you feel like you can let go. What? Wait, I don't know, I know cats don't usually maybe no carry on, we're off. We'll try and it actually is there anybody? I'll tell you the one thing I would do it, we'll try to get the one thing I would do it studio is between the assistance and how it works. Somebody from my staff or volunteer would let me know if a dog was there because at the same time where I say it's a ten minute session, if I'm shooting or we're having a problem session in the next client's not there, it's, not like I have a timer that goes off and it's like, oh, ten minutes you're done? I mean, I would keep I would just keep shooting, um, to try to get the shot. No I have my bird actually I have my bird hold on anybody see my bird? They one dog ate it the other day but we've got it back let's see uh here it is oh, you know what else I have but I don't know terry ever it's a little laser point that might drive it might drive but I don't know exactly what we could do with that um let's wait to the last second hex he might be doing okay you can lower that rug a little bit great okay okay okay try the bird with wade way might be actually the very first one with the lights fire the very first one yeah we've got a really yeah we actually have a beautiful one is the next animal here do we know what the next animals okay, I actually think I'm good the next animals here I got a beautiful shot we're good yep thank you so much, ashley thank you, terry. Can I ask you a quick question? Um mg hewitt asked viki provide information to the pet owner in advance about what to expect lights, noises bring your favorite treats etcetera on her website or does she wait until they get there? I actually you know I don't think that's a bad idea that's not anything we do being its like this quick session people questions we dancer we tried have all that stuff on hand most owners actually bring that stuff. If they know that's, how their pet reacts. So and if not, we usually have so much stuff on hand. It's a non issue, but, um, I don't think that's necessary. A bad thing like that would be a good thing to have. Maybe a like a little ethnic. Q and a on the site for, you know, for someone to do that, you could direct people to.

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a Creativelive Student

This was a great topic. I tuned in thinking I wouldn't be interested, and then, wow, it was fabulous. So fabulous I'm holding an event in two weeks time to launch my own pet photography and raise food for local homeless animals. Thanks so much CL team!

Carolyn Himes

Vicki Taufer is Brilliant as a person and artist. What an honor to experience her for the last 3 days. Thank you to Jed for your expertise and reminder that technology can help us all have time to play more and enjoy life more! Thank you creativeLIVE notch!

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