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Dog Days Shoot: Blue and Gold Macaw, "Tiko"

Lesson 39 from: Pets and People Photography

Vicki Taufer

Dog Days Shoot: Blue and Gold Macaw, "Tiko"

Lesson 39 from: Pets and People Photography

Vicki Taufer

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39. Dog Days Shoot: Blue and Gold Macaw, "Tiko"


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Lesson Info

Dog Days Shoot: Blue and Gold Macaw, "Tiko"

Who is this what you go tico he's busy eating high teeth oh hello commissar I know you talk you want didn't say hello on cue yeah um let's see you say hello I know you love him is she pretty cool no she pretty cool she pretty great I think you're pretty cool um can I ask you a few questions so I'm super excited about this I haven't photographed a I was gonna lie a ton of birds I think that photo one bird before so this might be number two for me I'm really excited about it. Is there anything I have to know or like yeah he'll have it is is own personal bubble sometimes so I wouldn't necessarily touch him you have me do the touching of him but he does uh let me do just about anything okay? So as far as like we could place him somewhere and I get it okay I want to get a shot where your hand is just in the shot and he's hanging out on you for sure and after that then we can play around with like having them sit places on his own but I was he may choose some things if we live in there too l...

ong okay mostly stops from like goodwill so I'm not worried about it uh um okay is there anything in particular when I said it was something it needs to be like have a spot from the roman take on these tables and okay, awesome. I love it. Okay? And I'm so sorry. What was your first chet? Chet seo jin yoo shi okay, now okay. Wow. Okay, so what we're going to d'oh we're gonna actually yes yep we're gonna try one shot just one play that I bought this we're gonna use it. This is a good subject to use it for. So, um where it's just gonna be chats arm. So, um, you know, we're just going to see like, I'm envisioning actually visioning just using the stripes. So no it's a cool dress. I know e awkward there. So this isn't a very big area to work with, so I don't know may or may not work. We're just going to try it, so I'm gonna have you guys hold it back. I'm gonna be guys back up a little bit. You are so smart. You're so smart. Yes, just for this one shot way connects to pride taper pin it, but it may be funny. I don't know that may be weird. Um because I wanted to be straight. Yeah, general fixes in photoshopped this line straightener action. Oh, actually, that works pretty darn well, okay, can you guys so chat yet that's gonna be great you're going to can you stick your arm out a little bit farther and actually can you come towards can you guys back up a all I wanted that more but okay wait wait um check you need to go back home but um yeah he's doing great hold on I was gonna see here hold on what do you know what let's re three meters we've moved everything around a little bit so I have it here if that's okay um all right I just it was just a little dark and examine it drop it down okay. Beautiful bird because your arm doing okay yeah are you guys doing okay in the background okay let's you know what that actually works for me for just I wanted to see what that would look like with the rug that was cool but let's do something else so how about what he said on your shoulder like I'm envisioning a cool shot with the two of you he's sitting on his shoulder so let's do that with the neutral wall and then will completely change it I'm thinking would be cool with orange chair like kind of hanging on the back of the chair walk by slowly you're going I'm sorry no one is on my shoulder yes okay okay so we don't want that this stool is there another one I was gonna have that brown stool back same sort of thing and then get set you're gonna just sit there and it's just me more clothes so this is just for you to kind of be comfortable oh this got yep there we go that was bumped up toe aah higher shutter speed ok cool. So that's great we're just a little over fate probably let's go ahead on your right shoulder e actually here can you bring that reflect a little bit without scaring the bird or roll the light back on I don't want to scam just it just needs to back up a little bit just cause of this tale and everything it's limiting that's okay it's okay we're gonna just he's hiding there it just looks like you were at a carnival and you got a really big feather for your hair that's okay we'll work with what's that look I what's he look like from there oh he's coming around with uh oh he's fighting you can you cross your arms turn a little more towards that light nice do one where you're not smiling to cyril quit can you look at it look at each other okay let's try this let's try turned this way I just actually I'm not gonna look at me just kind of looking down just kind of go ahead and look right at me perfect hi hello thinking big smiles what he said on your head or is that totally just can we try that love well that's why I'm asking I definitely don't we don't need him to sit on your head I just got you there huh you uh you know do you oh my gosh hey um and then I'm going to still sit down if you can't on that chair can you make your way over there it's just the chair it behind you and actually I'm well let's scare a ri would we be able to get people in the background holding a different background uppers can you thiss one that's down here guys has in beautiful blues and things in it I think with that gorgeous yeah no I don't think that's perfect yeah just be careful guy just moved slow um the height might be tissue so we're going to aim for this we're gonna try let's just see uh I don't know how okay huh? Yeah ok then from the sides can you pull it at all? Okay that's actually gorgeous can you give me a big laughs and smiles? You know you've a bird sitting on your head turn a little more towards the light yet there you go beautiful. What if your arms were crossed again? That same shot awesome awesome he's checking out the background audio so beautiful okay that's I actually would love to get a couple of where he's just by himself on the chair that would be actually great background I think for that yeah well I'm thinking that well I'm envisioning yeah this one I like hanginout perch in with that background so you tell me I don't they don't like your touch so I can turn him okay so he spake so if you want to turn if you didn't like that what you doing buddy he is so cool yeah let's know let's go and try I think we're good let's go and try yep we'll let you know that he is awesome you know what I know the shot I have to get for that but he let you hold him kind of out towards me so you're like behind him and guess okay so we need to lower the lights I want a wider aperture on this so you have to hold him out yet wait to the last against your arms just tough too he out there do what really okay okay so my hand I'm envisioning you just homos far out towards me as you can and you're just kind of gonna be in the background so I'm gonna back a ways can I go a ce faras I can teo that's okay um so again I don't want you totally hit and no just step uh um you said before I think it's a little more grateful and a half yeah okay okay okay can you look off to the side just at the unlike chet look off to the side cool okay, I like it let's go ahead and bring um bring the charon do that same shot with the chair do the shot with the chair I'm hoping he'll you can sit in the chair he can perch on the chair which would you like? We could try both whatever you think he'll d'oh okay maybe perched on the chair be kind of fun. We've had lots of people sitting in chanters but nobody else perching in chairs yeah, I love it be less likely to want to get a start in the chair. Ok, so how is that gonna work with? I'm just, um well I guess thai state like with his tail for um I just wanted to make sure if his tails like lower that we're able tto gett it's right now the floor is kind of for the backgrounds yeah, kind of the kidney could be kind of on the chair with um okay, let me get totally ready. Yeah, for stole from the crime four and a half is what seemed to be working here. Okay, so let's get set. But then I definitely think perched on the chair is going to be my shot at so yeah that's just that you're kind of right where you're out that'll be great just back it's that little bit so yeah let's try it first yeah, what is hey, no way john I think it's a little bit less than before okay let's pick him up that's ok I just manually did it I think the light just might need to be lowered those amazing I mean I've got a good one but just pull that actually love it let's do this let's get let's get I'm sitting up on the chair I've got a great shot there was purchased you um can we do you started start off with them face or you tell me like yeah that I wanted and liking his tail I mean that's obviously like kitties I'm not exactly sure how that will work but then I mean I want to see oh yeah because I want to see his face though so we can turn the chair of the side I guess tio well maybe I'm gonna go home with a bird and a puppy I am from seattle let me come in I'm gonna try to get her yeah well I'm right now he was getting his face licked the tail scored this much oh my casket I just was calling to thank you herbert tio okay all right I got it I got what you needed this was gorgeous perfect yeah yeah used it amazing okay we'll do this one shot yet and then he is good train no way paul moved the whole background like banana yeah wait you okay? Hello wait for me e I like it better but, yeah, I think we actually got it. I think we're actually rocking this. I think we got a great shot, so you did amazing, nice to meet you and my cool yet down. You forgot your trick. Wow, thank you so much. It was such a blast, what a great, great bird bye bye bye bye, us day. Hey, you like it here. Too much going on. I think I get treats when I'm here. That's. Awesome, nice to meet you, thank you so much.

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a Creativelive Student

This was a great topic. I tuned in thinking I wouldn't be interested, and then, wow, it was fabulous. So fabulous I'm holding an event in two weeks time to launch my own pet photography and raise food for local homeless animals. Thanks so much CL team!

Carolyn Himes

Vicki Taufer is Brilliant as a person and artist. What an honor to experience her for the last 3 days. Thank you to Jed for your expertise and reminder that technology can help us all have time to play more and enjoy life more! Thank you creativeLIVE notch!

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