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Dog Days Shoot: Gila Monster, "Clive"

Lesson 40 from: Pets and People Photography

Vicki Taufer

Dog Days Shoot: Gila Monster, "Clive"

Lesson 40 from: Pets and People Photography

Vicki Taufer

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40. Dog Days Shoot: Gila Monster, "Clive"

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Dog Days Shoot: Gila Monster, "Clive"

This is a hell a monster and they are native to the deserts of southern united states in parts of mexico wow, how long have you had him? Uh, he's about three years old he actually doesn't have a name I have ah small breeding group of hell monsters but since they don't get handled a whole lot since they're supposed to be breeding I haven't named this one yet but this one needs a name, so I have a question. So what are there any concerns? Obviously I'm guessing doesn't respond to treats and squeakers teo so much anything at all and you need to be holding are like we can set in the past I asked his human monsters are very slow there there pretty much sit where you put them behind their warm and not afraid of something and they don't respond to much of anything drive to worry about like if we put him up on something too high that you could fall or get hurt hill hang on and all will be close enough to catch him if he decides to wander off some okay okay, give me one second I'm gonna figure ...

out what it is that I want to dio again this is a first for me so um venomous and have you been by venomous you mean where you get it swallows up somebody's branded with a hot iron for about six hours too bad I'll let you hold him um so I don't know I'm just this is our last one so I'm just like okay, what happened? We shot with that I bought up I want to do some things that are definitely more simple but I'm thinking he's pretty small so we could find a section of this really blurred out two point eight like I definitely am not thinking I want elegant background with the lizard but I'm thinking more you know, one of these sections of color we might be able to pull something off off I don't know so um I'm not exactly sure I'm a little bit stumped at the moment let's lose the yeah and actually one of these wood floors would actually kind of a cool background for him to know we can just lose that I'm thinking maybe we could like is this something like he would sit on and then maybe we'll start with just the neutral and then we'll move from there but you could be right here and you won't be in the way do you want since you worked with you breathe these. So do you want some photographs with him? Is that part of your brother that's? Not why I e give me one second I'm gonna have you turning up she looks pretty good I'm gonna have you turnem towards me I'm not sure what I'm doing here we're just we're just playing for the moment okay oh yeah yeah yeah yep nope you're okay well I want you can actually stand on the other side that we even grabbed him and they said they're not very fast but let's do this let's get since you said this background wouldbe action maybe work for you to try one of the two of you together let's do that is there a certain way you I would hold him you know the first shot will do yeah that's kind of fun yeah but I don't want to hide I mean my big things I don't want to hide his pattern and color and everything that's going on so actually I'm gonna let you just sit right down here because it's not gonna be full length so you can just I kind of hang out let's see I'm envisioning um I don't know I don't think you say like snuggle you monster but give me a kiss the poisonous tongue give me kiss some is that like a little bit hot let's go okay what about turning a little bit we'll see yeah I like see them from the side definitely your hands like like I'm just trying to get theirs away yes like a way you could be on your arm a little more actually let me I was gonna get your hand for a second just hold him how did you get into this? I've always been interested reptiles okay okay okay okay. You know what else I'm thinking can we raise that light up just a little bit okay this because I don't know what our different weight is that pretty much all you told them the couples like you don't like way just had the bird in here you know on the head on your shoulder but not so much okay okay okay. What about holding what about holding them out like kind of bored I wanted a cz muchas you can show me his coloring that godawful sit kind of sideways but out towards me um well can you turn a little bit sideways so I get a little more of his head uh uh oh that's like a baby pose raise raise the arm up just a little bit and I want to get one where you get your face somehow in with him I'm not exactly sure how we're gonna do that can you bring your arm kind of around don't know are you doing okay? Can you look at me for one smile oh is he going to close? You could get him I don't want it okay. You say points in this hole okay that's probably ok, how about this can you bring him toward your face like, yeah, yeah yeah, yeah, just something like that yeah looking out here and that one finger that's around him looks a little funny very good looking right here go serious though it seems a little hot okay right here one two oh, I like his tail hanging down that was kind of nice looking right here you bring him a little lower and a little closer to you and just right there okay let's do some just of just, um of the lizard if you look at this texture on his skin as well they have this really huge in touch with you they've got this really bumpy bony skin that makes for interesting macro photos to have their kind of pattern and texture it's actually beautiful you know what it would be kind of a cool shot just this floor I think with him s oh well he said he's not fast it's not gonna go anywhere yeah it's like photographing a turtle well and so we could just bring him back. I'm just gonna, um eventually bring him because I'm just getting the wood for so we'll find a company there please let me know if you need me to push him around. You know what let's bring him actually back here a little bit more oh turnem actually turning this way towards the light a little bit more bring him even like bring my foot this way okay, I'm just looking at the seams in the floor actually I don't want this you want between coming up this way towards you see that spot no that's still there we go maybe I wonder if I got it a really low angle with him he john yeah I just mainly I'm looking at excite obviously we're have changed things quite a bit no, I think we're okay now one more like that I'm just try one thank you. All right, I'm gonna try toe just lose this thing what happens if I do this rotate themselves towards the light do kick whatever that piece of food or something I don't know what that is and just angle on yep I'm gonna try to get some of the lower angle with him the lights always low then go write can you mean yeah, if you could go a little lower for me and if you need to get closer you can okay, well actually I'm able to zoom in pretty well, okay? Let's do this. I have to do this. I need teo to stand with your feet next to him e just kind of yeah, I got to do it on petunias turn on though so he's facing the light yeah, but bring your other foot forward too tokyo okay let's just do one other thing and I think we're good, so um no, I was said I was gonna use one of these crazy colored background things um I'm sorry can I interrupt yeah there's so many funny things have it's not because I was bending down lino like this okay, so I was like oh my gosh I hope my sure is long enough I just think it's so funny because we've never had actually a lizard on credit lie before what people are saying eyes to the light they're saying well what they're trying to name him patrick sorry they're naming him and that's a good name I'm open for okay we'll get it going then lemonade says where's his treat not fair somebody has a dead frozen mouse he's in the fridge I think I just wanted to pass those along that things are funny that's funny around the world just you know all we can do guys let's just try one other thing using something we haven't used or I'm gonna be kind of cool I kind of like even this like contemporary like white table would be kind of cool although the wood one we've been using would be nice to where the white chair would be cool mm oh you know what? Be kind of a cool color with him too. Yeah let's do that but then I think that's in that maybe with a little white chair and then we're good so kind of reminds me like sand or something like I don't know I think that'll look really cool good yeah look awesome and I may even with this when I'm thinking, since he's so tiny, I'm john, I want to make sure we get the lighting will get on this because of what I'm envisioning probably have to bring that reflector reckoned, but I'm thinking we put him right here and then somebody if I could get one assistant, um, I'm going to see what kind of an angle I can get it he's gonna be facing the other way, so we're gonna bring this up so I can actually shoot and just make that fool thing background way might have to do you know what I'm at bring him. Can you bring him back a little bit more like, just maybe a foot and a half a foot. We're moving back when you you don't just start him back, do you think he's going to just start with the back starting a little further back is going for a walk move! I'll get one from above to if he decides it's happy, they reckon. Spin him now I got one from above to here comes you come dead. Yeah, okay, let me get one from above and then I think we'll probably good as faras tries it with the white chair, but this looks probably better turnem rotate in one time the eyes of course when when you make them hold still then they don't have a nice natural looking posed with them when they're walking they don't intend to stop or walk more slowly yep he is in a roll now you know what actually let's get weak unjust we could try just the white chair and I think we're good so maybe we'll do this I'm thinking maybe just the white light just so yeah let's do that white rug and like white chair and just so's coloring he just kind of popped right off image and then we're good so obviously you guys if this were a real dog days of summer I mean I've never photographed a bird or a lizard I know it's the last one and pride taking a little more time we got the shot we would have needed for the event a little bit ago so I'm just gonna I'm just playing trying a few different things uh but then we're almost done so um that'll be cool is this so I almost feel like I know we're going to make it the background so I mean I was just envisioning actually that table ah white table sorry my bad so it's just white on white um see what we can do thanks john I guess I don't need this quicker yeah yeah he does like treats so if somebody wants to come hold this um just one person's probably fine but just being kind of right back here and kind of further back john have we metered at all I was just kind of guessing on a few of those but uh let's just just yet um and you could get this far back with the white blanket is possible okay, that should be dead I think you actually you know that's just going pretty just white um is there a ladder that little ladder I might want to just shoot down on him because that would be cool just be totally different. Look, I really like that things were going so good he's okay because he wants your offer jump I don't know I don't think there john that they'd slide on gracefully but could be ok from here anyway what's that I just wondered john I'm gonna have you just bring this almost right up against him clean it really oh he's he's on the move himself okay after I think I got it I think we're great we've got plenty. Thank you so much. Hi ho fun he's cool. Okay, patrick they want to name him clive clyde clyde fly next creative life e I think that was the consensus that's perfect. Also somebody named bananas in the chat room says that they're paradox albino king snakes as high okay over margo probably means something to you all right, what do you think I loved it. That was so much fun. I hope. I hope people enjoyed watching that. But that was really a lot of fun. Thank you so much.

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a Creativelive Student

This was a great topic. I tuned in thinking I wouldn't be interested, and then, wow, it was fabulous. So fabulous I'm holding an event in two weeks time to launch my own pet photography and raise food for local homeless animals. Thanks so much CL team!

Carolyn Himes

Vicki Taufer is Brilliant as a person and artist. What an honor to experience her for the last 3 days. Thank you to Jed for your expertise and reminder that technology can help us all have time to play more and enjoy life more! Thank you creativeLIVE notch!

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