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Dog Days Shoot: Lab-Great Pyrenees Mix, "Jackson"

Lesson 36 from: Pets and People Photography

Vicki Taufer

Dog Days Shoot: Lab-Great Pyrenees Mix, "Jackson"

Lesson 36 from: Pets and People Photography

Vicki Taufer

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36. Dog Days Shoot: Lab-Great Pyrenees Mix, "Jackson"


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Dog Days Shoot: Lab-Great Pyrenees Mix, "Jackson"

So the plan is we're into a couple shots um two of you together jackson by himself homes jackson do as faras off leash or tell me what you're feeling right well I mean we can try off the leash but I don't know quite how willa hilda and then as faras reactions to things are there any key words are you squeakers you confuse treats us weaker so he actually decided to forgo breakfast this morning so I said yeah he seems like a very treat motivated so I actually my start off a shot I would love to try to get the two of you would actually be jackson it's just gonna be your legs okay and jackson do you think jackson lay down at all like you're envisioning under your legs there just to the side of your legs just laying down if we're lucky we can even get across his arm's okay so so I think this sounds like this might work good dog good boy yes please so yeah we're gonna lower the lights was that a good spot on and I probably have you know a great spot and so I'm gonna have you lower that light...

and even bring it over and over and you know what wait one second but go ahead and get him back down just a little change of light that will be all the way down okay so that starting today go ahead a little bit so and so the leash in this case I do one of two things we can lose it or you could actually just drop it down so I can't see it yeah so bring your feet actually it's just your legs in it so I want to see your shoes a little more so you bring um right they're jackson retreat one hold on one second let's go you're a good boy actually bring your can't bring your hands up just a little bit for me um very go jackson you're a good boy you know let's get a couple just of jackson for a minute and then I get the two of you together stay that light's gonna come out with more just roll the whole thing stare at those shooting through here yet overexpose is a little bit more just with his dark for jackson you're good boy good boy one treat you hungry? Are you hungry? Okay, you know what? I was starting to see the collar on there anyway. So ok, what I'm going to do? I think instead of that big ladder I'd almost rather stand on this trunk shooting down think I'd feel more comfortable. So um let's get in fact, you know what let's use that as a prop to sit because I'm just with the big dog like this I'm thinking just so I can see what we're doing here um we're gonna let jackson beyond this side closer to the light exposure wise and then can't you're going to be sitting on the trunk and instead of in jackson just be sitting in that tall thank you forget him just to sit down next to this trump sounds good we'll do that then I want to bring in may be an element something we haven't done yet in fact you know what we'll do this might be a good couch one so that would be great so jackson's gonna be right about that ship this little john thanks. Ok, so my vision here can't is that great period you're going to be hanging out right about here and we're gonna let jackson sit here or maybe jackson will you sit here? Maybe you can lean down in jackson this way we can kind of see what ends up looking the best second roll this round again okay. Company jackson's on the side closer to the light you know what my reflector reckoning to move things around or whatever you think would feel a little more comfortable sit a little closer there you go and leash wise and once he's positioned and I think yep sit right next to you jackson sit. How about squeaky toys is that um yeah e jackson step back a little more so he's kind of on the same plane with you right now he's a little bit there there you go. Good for pulling toward me a little more towards you. And toward you are you can scoot over yet. Erica jackson. Boy, you like this weaker looking. What is that? Good boy? Just a boy. You're beautiful. Okay, you know, another way I would use this piece of furniture? Actually, I would like, I don't think I'm gonna bring them couch in it. I don't want the dark arts with the dark dog, but if I had a lighter color couch, I actually would use a lighter color couch with jackson. But that's okay, let's, do something else with this set up stand up. We're gonna pull this, john this way and what I'm gonna have you do? You can't. If you're okay with it for comfortable, we're going to use this just kind of as a wall or a prop for kent. Now countess can yes, yes to sit down and then everybody kisses. And then however you think in this scenario jackson would sit with you, whether that's if he tries to do your duty behind, he believes he's a lapdog. What I'm wondering. So we can see what happens with that. I might need to ship us over a little bit, I'm thinking, then your big done is it? So he's half a half lab from what we understand he's half lab have great tyrannies that wasn't on the rescue records where some of us were kind of more conjecture that he might be half great. Dane well, that's what I would have actually I would've actually wondered. Yeah, let's go ahead, get all the switch to the shiny silver. Okay? And then I think all we will do it for that well, and so you're actually on the ground after this. Everybody want to come in here a couple of shots, just jackson, come here, buddy. Come here all the way down and then you have the big thing is gonna be the least we're going to actually want to hide, so I'm gonna just take it off. I'm john, we'll get back to something a little more for me just a little bit on that somebody grabbed at least somebody grabbed that now it's okay, just somebody I grabbed at least I'm gonna do okay. You know what you want what happen with your leash? Come here, buddy. What's going on because I'm right there. Just laid your heads together. You bring your hand down and around him. Well, good boy could lean yeah, you know what pieces said there you go, just get all right, buddy oh my gosh so just make sure it's not too far in front of you like blocking used now dear you go really just sitting on your way out there they're behind you that's better like that I like that jackson you gotta stay gotta stay buddy come here jackson no you know what then do one more just I can crop it on your faces I'd love that where you guys were just like we're against each other over here but he doesn't have to sit and just just faces you're hiking actually rest on top of it back okay? They just they just laid right on top I'm just gonna yep proper writing and then there we go bring your face a little bit more over jackson just a little more little more let's do this perfect one more time stephen get those years treat I know it's ridiculous isn't it? Ok let's get try one last thing jackson himself and then I think we're good all right so probably probably wish again I since the little anxious that's great jackson wait so let's try one of the things we bought a value village what do we have? Oh, you know what let's do this jackson will be great with the brick wall so I need two people assistants wait so what? I'm going to show you really quick? I'm thinking up close just a great shot of jackson's face um so it doesn't really matter um really what else is going on in the image? The goals was to get a great shot of jackson's face so um I want you guys to be on john we really crank the lights down side rather when I'm shooting with backgrounds like this rather than make him look so literal in if I'm just with the dog now are not dogen owner I'd rather have a wider depth of field uh, so that background blurs out that gives it its going to look more real than if it's like the subject's right up against the background and it's all in detail it may not look israel so that's kind of the look we're going to go for here so this will take one second you could just kind of hang out jackson are gonna walk maybe even just getting a little break everybody so I do this when we were like with kids or dogs if I'm doing another set up, if I'm changing from window light studio lights, I would just say, oh, you guys can just go walk on the gallery for a few minutes, step outside and it gives them a little break and they don't feel like we're on top of it, you know, on top of each other so way lowered the lights so let's see what we could get him to hear so again, we're just getting face so we don't need this whole thing so you guys can just whatever feels whatever you feel like you're able to do so right now let's try so just any yet so um right now this background is going to be about four and a half between fifth, second hold on yeah, it needs to go down because if I'm going to try to get jackson write about in this area and I also lowered my lights since we're just working with jackson so it's just it's got to go down okay now that's actually a four and a half so this needs to be that's perfect that's like two eight quarter let's try that. Okay, so it is jackson stall round, okay? And actually I'm goingto try shooting four and overexpose it a little bit for his dark fur and so it's just a space john so what we're going to do we can bring that reflector and more and so you can write imagery jackson for the most part right next to him so they've come comfortable so I'm going to be on this side so you're not in front of the light we'll let jackson sit right here I don't know if you're facing this way he's going to face me and I don't know if you want to have anything that will help you checks what's this what? So you're gonna be just side by the trunk and you can t you need eventually? Fast, eh? Steak. Good boy. Pull that brick wall a little more. So, um, I trying to take off the shirt. I mean, go ahead. Go ahead. If you don't mind, stay, stay. Jackson it again. No, over here. Did you want him up? I'm assuming checking up. Coming up. Sit. Stay now. Your big day. Stay perfect. Yeah. That's. Gorgeous, let's. Just do one. This one, and we're good up. Jackson, sit local boy, stay. Stay there, buddy. We're going. What up to a treat? One bird is there the big chicken there's. A large exit is that way. Got it. Good. All right, great, beautiful coming. Thank you. Thank you for yeah, food donations for the shelter, and we'll see you in a couple weeks.

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a Creativelive Student

This was a great topic. I tuned in thinking I wouldn't be interested, and then, wow, it was fabulous. So fabulous I'm holding an event in two weeks time to launch my own pet photography and raise food for local homeless animals. Thanks so much CL team!

Carolyn Himes

Vicki Taufer is Brilliant as a person and artist. What an honor to experience her for the last 3 days. Thank you to Jed for your expertise and reminder that technology can help us all have time to play more and enjoy life more! Thank you creativeLIVE notch!

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