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Dog Days Shoot: Part-Maltese Mix, "Teddy"

Lesson 38 from: Pets and People Photography

Vicki Taufer

Dog Days Shoot: Part-Maltese Mix, "Teddy"

Lesson 38 from: Pets and People Photography

Vicki Taufer

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38. Dog Days Shoot: Part-Maltese Mix, "Teddy"


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Dog Days Shoot: Part-Maltese Mix, "Teddy"

Oh who's this teddy because you look like a little hey where you're so sock did you get your hair done for this so cool how old are you teddy he's have between foreign five you're just happy what was your first name? Rachel rachel rachel in teddy so what we're going to do for a few shots is the two of you together but also teddy my himself okay so I can tell you right now one shot I want to get this would be a great shot of just the um maybe even keeping the leash I kind of like the whole fund shoes fun dress and teddy may be off to the side so that being said I'm just trying to think what we have is options for backgrounds and things that might look nice with this um I mean obviously the one I have up kind of goes with anything I do have a greenish background I'm thinking that might be though that's gonna be classy so I don't think that's probably the best option we may try teddy we could this rug up with just one shot teddy we've got to use something like this you know what? Teddy wi...

ll be great on borns chair way might just do that first so I'm teddy will look fabulous on the orders chair and so I'm not going to do the shot with the feet yet we'll get to that but I'm thinking orange chair and trying to get back up we have have we used this one? No, I don't think I ever use this one so I'm thinking we'll do a couple shots just teddy first in the final his chair in this background is that weren't just kind of ah color into it so that'll be nice and a soon as we're ready way will get a couple people to help pull that wonderful still have a price tag on here there you go oh, you know what other chair do we start that white chair that white hair would be incredible with the two of them together yeah, yeah, that would be gorgeous with ashley and teddy together, so okay, so actually, I'm going to go ahead and have you come around did I say it is actually rachel rachel, I'm so sorry I've been prouder nothing pets like every ten minutes out problem. Rachel okay, so you're gonna come over here and what's going to be great about this? And now is there anything rachel that teddy responds to better than other things that my okay to give him treat your thumbs are better or going well because might be better because treats monty knows they're there okay focus hardly smelling this yeah, so okay, so rachel, what you're going to dio is in teddy is it a boy or girl? It's a boy so teddy seems like he's going to do really wonderful and you don't have to stand right here but I am gonna have you just kind of stand here because you're not in the shot right now you're just going to help help teddy yeah he major poppe I'll do little squeaker yep thrown back out but you need to um I could take that if you offer a second the leash so but you're good on the night john I'm going to actually end up needing another card here looking lower their lower the background lower the background of the background wade got one one at a time one at a time here, folks okay okay uh we're gonna just try that again have any gaffer's tape? I'm just going to tape up the bottom that chair and I love the beat up chair but it's starting to really fall down that damn angle it starts to be but my treat was was it pretty honey you just wanna be with mama hey, hey, way actually got a couple of really nice ones there. You know what? I actually got what I need with that chair. Yeah, but just because if I am at a lower angle it starts to look funny, so um let's go ahead and we're good with that that could go, um so you know I'm good to go back to having to keep the light floor with this wall now and oh I know what we have we can use maybe hopefully it's a big enough piece and we're gonna put the white couch in there but here is um creative live made me a quick little demo of what those floorboards look like that I use and so this is just a scrap piece of wood this wilbur gray for a smaller dog smaller session a kid I do tend to in general if I were going to make one of these probably wanted to be you know, a couple feet longer just because then you khun you know get a fuller length shot without you know shooting off of the trim but I wouldn't have liked the white with the dark floor dark background but right now with the white chair this actually look nice this transition works fine for me because I'm shooting it that it's kind of blurring out the background anyway with this floor but this will just give it more that look up wallpaper um or just you know more like possibly a shot that was taken in a home let's just see see what that's looking like hit his animal nature okay yes let's just do that now before we even go farther yeah great will you come home with me be my face his hip a studio you're awesome. So um um that put it to somewhere where you know where to tell me so I don't like reuse it or something that would be terrible just going to get my card formatted all right so I think what I want to dio right now you know what let's do once one more shot actually this would be the great shot that I want to do with shoes do you think teddy if I give you know he said no necessary no if I gave it to this I'll show you what I want might not leave their side rachel this is one thinking and I mean if you lower the lights a little bit so you'll see I'll make this work if I had a little more florida work with I'd have a little more option to shoot wider but we're gonna make this work so I want to show you guys what I would do so I'm envisioning so one way I can take care of that a little bit it is if rachel stands closer to the background I do have a little more to work with and if she's way far forward you're going to have less less baseboard to work with so I'm envisioning you rachel standing right about here with this line is on the floor and we're gonna just try and if you think it will be better I can give you because it's just gonna be like right about here I don't care what you're doing their hands are so if you having squeakers or treats or anything you think would help or if you want to just first steve teddy teddy will lay between your legs next to your feet we'll just see what we get okay and then we're going to a shot where you're holding them just like that that's really cute um and so let's see if we've got you've got left squeaker just and then once teddy's in position we'll let you know okay I kept hearing you it let's do it I said I might have just caught a really cute one there um so go ahead and collect a moment one more time and I'm afraid if I give you one just gonna be looking up at you I'm assuming or do you want to try having taking one hard like this makes this makes like a little bird noise no that one's not it's cool this one is about acting like this one okay oh you found something out that's why okay you done with us already. Okay, so see eh? You know excited teddy okay, what dog? You know I'm gonna you know I'm a terrible mother mama ball go get it okay try city no that's okay that's okay, because we can even move to the shots with the two of you together as well as I think we got we've got a couple so that might be a better option so let's just okay let's just go and try the two of you alright perfect okay, so what we're gonna do yep. Hey and kind of a hit I need to take two steps towards me yep, I want youto we gotta raise a light up light up okay, perfect so right now this would be I've got you straight at me I actually juanito actually put teddy on your other arm then do the same shot but teddy on your other arm yep. So hand your right hand still going up turn your body right now you straight to me kind of turn a little bit away that's too much coming right up just cause I'm not seeing the cord uh because you're wired you're good okay, so then body stay just like that teddy stays like that your face comes back a little more like this doing favor do little swipe with your hair gorgeous hand back on your head you were beautiful, teddy perfect. Oh, my gosh that's beautiful you look great working it, working it very okay do me a favor would teddy ever would you just like hold teddy just kind of we do cute like oh, look a teddy they called him in the air just face him towards you like I don't know would you like to hurt him no there yeah I'm going to get I don't know we'll just say care right? What about this a face shot where you just let him lay against your head and come up with me with that toy that squeak it all on you know he's hiding your face we need to turn your body a little bit or look down at him look down at him just lina know teddy I think we got a good one right there okay? All I do is I sit on the couch and then I think we're good so um let's bring that chair the white chair why chairman wei has some really beautiful shots I'm really excited so um you know what? Maybe we'll see if the baseball world works we may also lose the baseboard so I'm envisioning kind of ah um I don't know if this is a little too weird but I think this would be cute if you're willing to kind of sit fun like this and kind of snuggle teddy up to you like this or if you'd rather if you think you'd be more comfortable if you got your shoes on you could just say kind of towards actually that's my kind of fun actually like leaning towards like this and letting teddy I don't have anybody put paws up here snuggle up to you this way we could just try a couple a couple options and see what works okay and rachel what kind of breed us teddy so I'm actually just gonna crop kind of it the chair I want to get just enough of the green dress so I'm not going to worry about the baseboard the shoes were going to just go for something a little bit closer okay, so you're rachel you're gonna have to leave but you can't be back here soon once it nice and tall and if anything were to slightly leaning towards teddy o actually I like you keep looking down a teddy we might I'm just wondering what the that chair in the way um the lighting well actually hold it keep looking at it teddy kept you ok try to get teddy up on the chair leaning over it yet and then you're going to come around and lay your head next to teddy a little bit too um can you scoot your body a little closer just right there right there and then yep. Shoulders back o beautiful now looking at me not your head tip a little bit to the right yeah study a little bit of hair out of the ice this would be a great shot we don't own a fan here, do we? This would be a cool shot like I love the laugh ceo that's okay city teddy bring that hand around teddy to your left hand just kind of underneath get just bring it around we can just try if not it's okay if it's not worth it oh yeah can you get any closer or not can you bring teddy any higher can you lean that you can catch the fan any better for you I'm just I'm wanting it to get your hair would be cool okay sad yet beautiful I would love to get a little more but and actually can let's see the rika that's ok it's ok it's just fabric with the wind okay they're for big steady do a serious one and you really just stack your head right on top of teddy that reflect ready to come around a little more yet we lost teddy teddy bring your faces right now you're hiding mine and bring your face to the side just a little bit chin up chin up chin ups you're not hiding chin up there you go teddy I know you're mad at me they're your teddy teddy teddy teddy teddy teddy I think we've got a great shot yep let's do this let's get um we've got two other dogs so I think did I get teddy by himself? Did I get any the one chair I got a killer shop you want if you want you think teddy will sit in that chair for by himself one second on the way out let's just do one shot if you think he'll stay there otherwise either paws up on the chair or john, can we slide the chair, turn its stool straighter at me on and turn it, get a little closer to the light, right? Yep, right there, that's. Great. Okay, daddy, teddy. Okay, that's, good that's, good that's, good teddy. Oh, shoot, shoot way. Uh, try one lesson. Okay, teddy, teddy, I'm going. What is going on? What? To treat me to a treat back up just a little bit. Rachel, don't you want to? We'll stay. Teddy, teddy? Yeah, that's, right. I think we got one in there, so I think we're good.

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a Creativelive Student

This was a great topic. I tuned in thinking I wouldn't be interested, and then, wow, it was fabulous. So fabulous I'm holding an event in two weeks time to launch my own pet photography and raise food for local homeless animals. Thanks so much CL team!

Carolyn Himes

Vicki Taufer is Brilliant as a person and artist. What an honor to experience her for the last 3 days. Thank you to Jed for your expertise and reminder that technology can help us all have time to play more and enjoy life more! Thank you creativeLIVE notch!

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