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On-Location Shoot: Adult Dogs

Lesson 24 from: Pets and People Photography

Vicki Taufer

On-Location Shoot: Adult Dogs

Lesson 24 from: Pets and People Photography

Vicki Taufer

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24. On-Location Shoot: Adult Dogs


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On-Location Shoot: Adult Dogs

So that chair cannot tip right? I wasn't really paying attention is this solid okay if you get him up first okay oh I know what do you think so a couple things we're gonna do here well see now you know I wonder if he's not allowed on furniture sometimes that is one thing actually I try to ask clients I did it yesterday too but if they're aloud on furniture or not because you'll run into like I might be sitting there saying jump up jump up and if they've been trained not to jump up on furniture and these are very well trained dogs hey may not do that plus it may be too small that's still a pretty swell chair for a big dog so you and I don't think you want up there uh that's can't go can it? I know that there was a hand motion to get him said I just don't know what it was hey john I need to get a light meter and I could just hide behind it ok you hide behind it well photoshopped legs if we need to oh no wakened just well if we want to get back in there we don't have to though would you s...

ay five hundred five six waken in it ok that may or may not work otherwise we could just let him we can't just let him tio okay try it this's is this huntley family this is ben lee frankly why did I yeah okay jai you know what let's just try this let's just try no chair I think that's a bit much maybe what make sure that doesn't go back brinkley jumps up I don't I'm not necessarily sold like we have to have the chair so well you know what actually dad's here it might work I was just going to try or actually now if we both a bomb that um probably since he's a little bit bigger maybe he can sit and get her up here yeah I just make sure it doesn't tip so come on I'm kind of with the angle here oh my gosh you're just accepting yeah okay so that I'm seeing if we can make I'm peeing sitting like right here okay this's just like yesterday's session did you want to come make the dogs do you want to get the dog so I'm actually I like sitting up right now okay come right over here we're gonna make the dogs look like dogs look like I'm look at you you can call him oh yeah blaine down's fine okay so I need um hold on we're gonna have the here well they come running at me if I screwed something stay if I tell him to stay with him okay okay I'm just trying to put there maybe put their tongues in the mouth or talked their heads so I've got this well, there we go okay, that no, I got what I needed. I got what I needed let's do this so that's how it normally works actually, if you guys saw that they stopped just a second but the heads up tongues in the mouth um, so we're gonna actually try to use this so I mean it's beautiful out here I buy no wings would have to add anything to this environment but for sake of showing you guys I definitely have brought we're keeps him different drugs or I talked about like, the bedspreads or backdrops that you can actually have somebody hold or if you had background stands I haven't really done that outside but make a background outside if you want it to look like a studio and also sometimes I'll shoot it purposefully we'll bring like my tin wall outside and have the grass in the shot so it looks purposeful that you have the grass floor and the background so I'm just envisioning maybe a shot of the dogs or if if karen's out here even curren with the two dogs would be really nice um okay, that would be actually maybe two we didn't get her with with with them, so that might be a nice way to do that, so I do need a couple of people to be a background people we're gonna we'll just see I I'm not I just opened this up for the first time so um oh ok ok, so we're gonna just want to get it straight so we want on the ground though so I don't know we'll just see how this will work and typically I'd want this ford a little bit so we wanted to look like drywall so we I don't really want much of a gap um much of a gap which I don't even remember, huh? Five six okay, so karen, I'm envisioning you this time I will probably start to take shoes off, but I'm envisioning you this time sitting forward in the chair and snuggling one of the dogs and then, um whoever you don't have is kind of laying down or sitting next to you so okay? And then the other shot after this I'm gonna do is actually way can either go back down with a ladder, bro, if someone wants to bring the ladder up is the shot above just of the adult dogs and the rug is the background so I'm envisioning right there you can put a leg over actually would even be possibly maybe maybe not no yeah that's actually cute are kind of like that that's cute and then we're going to bring frankly, no, I'm sorry, yeah huntley um scoot over a little further back for me and I don't want you here we go I just yet because the background we're working with sire your arm's killing you you can heathen dropped for a second if you want okay I love your legs yup does soak you okay can you um yep let's try this hold on see what we got going on here beautiful okay karen that is gorgeous you know what lighting wise I need a reflector or something for current and her face yeah because we're yeah I liked it out was kind of cute you can drop the background if you want for a second sorry you don't know you're gonna get your workout today so um so currently up you're gonna turn your face towards john a little bit see if we can get any light in her eyes a little bit how shiny that is yeah oh yeah yeah yeah there we go beautiful no no no you're fine yet you're fine you can even get a little closer you could even get a little closer try to get as close as you can to get that light right pop it in her eyes beautiful okay gorgeous current loving the puppies I love it it's beautiful pulled on looking right up at me again gorgeous smiles that's really fun that's pretty can you guys take make the top of that tighter that's actually the area I'm working with the most and then lowered a little bit sorry right there okay you know what I need thio here I'll give you this that worked really well for them turn your face a little more to your left karen uh that's okay, I know where did you doing a lot of things okay and then you kind of laying kind of lean on him you're kind of snuggling and laying on your dogs I love it perfect I love it fun looking at him interact with them a little bit maybe oh that's right let's lose let's lose the rog and just get this shot without the rug I know you'll be happy to drop that rug okay. Okay, now the reflector might I need to come back a little bit back a little bit all right about there I don't know what see if we can still get what we need um I feel like john what happens if you come from this side and it all like yeah you don't fall shake that hair out of your eyes just a little bit there thank you chin up a little bit there you go beautiful smiles perfect looking at the dogs yep interact with um oh, you know what? I got a full card I was wondering if that was gonna happen okay and then, um we'll get the ladders up here let's well to get one shot and then let's go to the ladder that looks beautiful, karen they're beautiful. Shut up a little bit for me beautiful okay squeak that see if we get the dogs to kind of sure you can sit a little taller quran there you go. Oh, I have ever get that one more can you will they stay there and let you just kind of lay on? I'm like a pillow like this I'm envisioning your legs this way and you're just kind of laying on him leave the chair there and just kind of lay and I'm like a pillow and then jon will see you may need to come back on this side depending how she's angled er you don't have to actually I'm envisioning scoop further down even a little bit I don't know we're trying oh yeah yeah I like that on the arm of the chair is right behind you hold on no, I kind of like it actually I will move it in a second um that reflector can you bring it back a tiny bit more angular oh, I love that actually I love that you know what? Just keep looking at them, john you could move out a little more let's lose the chair let's do a couple just with the grass and I love that just snuggling and love and on him shown up a little bit but I love you laying on the dog john I'm gonna have you come back this way and bounce light just straight into her face yet there laughing smiling frankly what dreams have a lot of stay there karen god, that was cute okay, that was a great let's do this um so let's bring the ladder over thank you. You are a good score so I want either dog doesn't matter who have okay let's just get brinkley so this would be this is actually very similar to the broad I have in the studio so the shots that you see with the the white rug in the background um this is pretty much it what you want yeah and most of the time I shoot a lot of my images off set when I'm shooting with the background so I just took a shot okay, so my goal here just so you know what's going on I'm actually going for an up close shot it almost even looks better if brinkley sitting up rather than laying down and she's going to look up at me and so I might end up wanting a squeaker or something to just quit right over my head this is actually where that daisy group would be it would be good yes so the background actually is the rug so whether again this was ah child a dog this would be the way out to john what's my meter I want to shoot up five six probably and I'm still five hundred oh okay, hold on no, I'm going to go I s o do I s o two fifty a little forward more bored since the fifty and I'm effect six between two fifty three, five hundred no no this is perfect oh my god, I'm going to do this can you would do this with one hand while you hold it is close to the camera again okay anything you know that gets their head only no that's too no tricks that time's gonna go in the mouth maybe mikey it's crazy hot hold on e e what about you? I say what about a ball yeah, I throw it right oh, there we go you know you act like you're gonna throw it up there we go there we go bring bring lean forward a little bit sorry can you get brinkley anymore forward okay, you want the ball way we're gonna get you pretty excited just there you go frankly oh, wait yep. See if we can give it to korean yep there we go the grand just try to get a halfway towards the camera kes it'll be like frankly is looking right at me right now that we worked up a sweat. Frankly, you really don't please out loud who you have lipstick on your head brinkley frankly, brickley and that's not bad I mean she's not painting that you daft ad but if we can get me up there we're gonna fly it is whenever you can then you're gonna raise your hand up to me go quiet frankly something here then headed up by my head yet this way that's okay that's okay with me I can change I can come down a little bit if he's gonna be your number studio breathing breathe video ready day good, good. Okay. You know, I got a couple q's shots in there. I did I did yeah, you know how to do it their way and no other option it would he just lay down that's the other option would that be easier if he was if he would just lay down and maybe chill out because what we'll do let's try this. This wasn't what I was thinking but let's try this so lane towards the camera but then we're gonna lift that rug up in the back just enough that I can still have that as a background um yeah, yeah, so you lift that up as much as you can, right? Okay, wait. I went down I I so one sixty huh? What? I saw you there are no it's, okay, now I want to be there for five hundred afford and then still that reflector just picker in I'm gonna have you kind of that's ok ok so I don't know phil later just kind of can I get out grab somebody toe hold this right ok I don't like that they're weaken the up that's an issue won't you say do we want a puppy is their puppies out here the puppies are all inside no they're all here we should keep an eye on me I I just need a little further back there you go that's right that's great that's great so when I feel like that is really no that's really blown out but it's too fifty set it for four colleague nominal okay poppy what yeah it's really hot okay yeah I know yeah that's what I'm just adjusting it looks pretty good six forty four oh you know poppy oh wait wait, wait you just get e I got a couple I did get a couple of um there we go I did get a couple just to brinkley what did you say squeakers work with the puppies though too yeah people start you know what? Start him all the way back and maybe if he walks forward then that would be ok ok there I got it e e I think I got it I'm sweet oh my god I know I know it's like a big cloud where you need it hey wait great job guys that was gorgeous

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This was a great topic. I tuned in thinking I wouldn't be interested, and then, wow, it was fabulous. So fabulous I'm holding an event in two weeks time to launch my own pet photography and raise food for local homeless animals. Thanks so much CL team!

Carolyn Himes

Vicki Taufer is Brilliant as a person and artist. What an honor to experience her for the last 3 days. Thank you to Jed for your expertise and reminder that technology can help us all have time to play more and enjoy life more! Thank you creativeLIVE notch!

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