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On-Location Shoot: Children with Puppies

Lesson 22 from: Pets and People Photography

Vicki Taufer

On-Location Shoot: Children with Puppies

Lesson 22 from: Pets and People Photography

Vicki Taufer

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22. On-Location Shoot: Children with Puppies


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On-Location Shoot: Children with Puppies

What is your name? Day hey dan can you actually take your shoes off kick your shoes off real quick no can you hold up the popping of the puppy kisses that is so nice that you wipe your mouth off did you get a kiss can you smuggle can you snuggle the puppy gently? Yeah ah so cute love it okay, let me go back to my subjects I'm shooting thank you dane her hate puppies everywhere everywhere I turn there's puppies um and you know what? Actually let's do this let's lose the chair for a second. Um actually, let me keep one side of each of the boys with one puppy by themselves using the chair. Sorry, sorry, sorry, john. And then I'm gonna let the boys have no, um no chair and let him just kind of run around and play while the puppies are running around him. So yeah, that that that it's I'll give me yeah meter reading again if you don't mind so I'm still I s oh, five hundred. Okay, that'll work. Thank you. Are they just you know you're unless it's sorry lose the chair and I'll let the wife jus...

t play their plan and sitting that's cute, okay, so I'm just flexible with what we're doing here. Can you hold your puppies? And why will probably try to dio and that if they come towards us that's okay, go ahead go ahead let him go let him go let him go where's the booth okay let's get let's actually want to shop where they're holding poppies everybody's in focus um we're kind of done that shot so so I'm just changing my um aperture so that my depth of field is better when I have multiple subjects so now I moved up to five six and I wasn't up for it okay you guys hold up will they let you hold him? Will they let you hold on? Uh ah there. So can you guys look here uh perfect should I find out if cookie now is afraid of the tickle stick oh, here we go. You know what let's try this. I have an idea. Could you guys will you guys lay on the ground? Um can I get this ladder? I think let's try shot with the boy's laying on the ground looking up and we're not all the puppies around. Um I'm thinking I could be an hour I'll need at my other lens too, so I'm going to switch to a wider angle lens so I'm envisioning kind of the shot where you have the puppies looking out but I'm thinking all the puppies on top of the kids running around and I'm just looking down on them when they're looking up so um we can just be or what I think so I'm thinking all puppies actually so where do you everything is the most stable whichever angle we're just gonna have people hanging on to this but I have a couple of students to hold the ladder and you want probably need that yeah I'm guessing up that'll work this is gonna be so fun so actually you guys they're gonna lay on your backs on were just got all the puppies be all over you that is gonna be so fun thanks thank you thank you matt for making tryto boss okay this karan are you out here at some point I saw a really cool white rock is that supposed huh how can we use it okay okay I just don't know if it was accidentally in the trunk or we could use out so okay so we're going to try to get all the puppies all puppies no no no we'll just use the grass right now yeah I mean I don't know but I guess it depends you know we can use the rog if it's yeah I don't know how big it was waken try it yeah yeah let's try it well you know what can we just switch the angle so I'm like it makes more sense to me yes rather than like leaning back as long as you still have it yeah, yes that feels much better waken do it I don't even mind it depends maybe we can try the grass first guys you know what I'm going to show you not miss vicky show you what I'm thinking you know will be so fun I think this would be so cool coming look this can you guys lay high my independent of the latter because the light can you guys like back you count how many do you think you can count here let me put you this you think you can count how many leaves there in that tree I'm gonna have you actually lay the otherway can you put your feet up mia's on your brother whoa yeah and then you know it's gonna happen we're gonna get your puppies by you can we get your heads closer? I want your head's kind of doing the opposite ways in your heads closer but you know what's gonna happen I want you guys to see how tall I can climb up this ladder make sure I don't fall okay? You guys can put your hands on your hips or cross your arms or we're going to try to actually one of the two puppies so we'll just see what the puppies do I might kit squeaker does squeaker I got one I don't know if they'll work with us you know what? Did you see that? What was that I've got a squeaky nose he was tweaking those silly squeaky nose let me see what mommy okay honey why does it just a little sweet just teasing you okay look it would appear you guys gonna look up look up with the puppies where's the camera cameron are you okay okay great all right oh my goodness and you can actually be closer you won't be in this shot it's ok ok ok can you guys get real close together real close get your heads right touching and we're gonna pop the puppies right back in there oh no no no do not like that where's the unsub get the feather duster actually I think I can actually tickle you from way up here do you think I can get you from way up here and actually see but no puppies are done you know let me I can just get the two boys I love it this is a beautiful shot yeah let's feed the puppies any puppies when he and I'll just get this is a great shot I do all the time the studio I'm going to see that and get the two boys can you put your heads together like your ears are glued together? Hey bo, can you glue your ear toe in like it's include together? Is it too bright for your eyes? Is it too bright here? You know what we'll do? We'll play a game close your eyes close on put your heads together keeping close and then it will hurt your eyes and on the count of three you guys are gonna look at me what to keep a close eye on the kind of three one to know that too bright oh where's the tickle stick where is it? Ah get teo uh teo there but you're here oh, and put your hands very good close your eyes close your eyes can you glue your years together room together looking right about me one tio okay, I think that's right let's do something where he doesn't have to look up at the sky your eyes are a little more sensitive okay um why you guys stand up you can stand back up you did amazing let me get one or two shots maybe just have the boys by themselves while the puppies are eating and then actually we could use them we can use mommy to weaken use mommy dog so um but let's go back tio the orange chair I think way haven't really used that yes, so I will do that. Um okay. Yeah. Um you know what can we ask karen? Are we ok to actually shoot where those yellow flowers are if not I'm completely fine but if we can I would love to but this quran way can we can I well, I can wait can't we can't okay okay let's go so john I'm going to give you this I won't have to go nears far yeah I can be pretty far back you want your chair back there are just no okay no well no go okay so let's let's um we'll just we'll know that yellow flowers are behind us actually no let's keep it here let's keep here so who wants to go first bo roo in you want to go first owen you know giving you guys mixed up in its own right yeah okay oh and you know what we're gonna do can I show you this is a really special chair weigh just bought it it's a fund here what color is that chair do you know what color this is it's orange awesome can you hop up in this year you know I'm gonna have you do make sure the hills I wanna make sure it's not gonna tip okay so when you look at me like this you try that you won't try one time you climb up there climb up there and try to tickle your brother with way help you get up there you got it. Perfect can'tjust rest your hands on here oh that's so nice okay okay okay get okay so let's get yep yep ok and I know there's some hand signals for the dogs so to sit what is the like this to sit or lay down, okay. Perfect okay. And while the oh look I know and now you know what the light's changing a little bit self um let's just get him back to salem it into the shade but you guys both want to be do you want to both be with mama puppy what's your mom the puppy's name what your mama puppy's name again? Bentley huntly huntley huntley huntley okay huntley okay, I'm gonna have you come right back here huntley wake up five hundred honey, can you come here and are any the puppies available or because then I'd love a soon as the puppies are already I want to actually try to get shot with all of them with all the dogs so, um if not if they're still eating that's okay. Holly holly okay, okay, okay, okay, so we're getting a dog so while we're just waiting, we're gonna add in um adam the dogs here I'll just take a couple shots and this is very much what happens in the studio. Someone comes for a family shoot but I'll start just shooting with whoever's available ready someone need to go the restroom different things are happening I'm going to use that time, okay? And actually I'm gonna shoot it to eight so there we go oh oh hold on a saying it's busy yeah okay okay, okay, so I'm going to actually come here can you bring me that feather duster haibo I'm gonna have you tickle me keep do you want to tickle me with vertical stick okay oh in oh don't let your brother tickle me don't let your brother tickle me what's your brother doing what's he doing whoa why what are you so isn't that because ok I'm right now I've just moved in eh so three twenty and I want to be a two eight because it was really hot okay and my camera okay perfect okay mr cowan uh what's your brother doing oh what are you doing do you want to hold do you want to hold when the dogs no oh and look here for victor okay you know what let's go ahead let's go ahead and we need to get some dogs in there so let's try you know I really are all the puppies done okay if they are because I I really wanted to show I really want to get is trying to get um the kids with all of them or just all of them so we can just whoever we've got here let's try this so they wouldn't do I'm gonna have you can you get a picture with your brother corin is there um any specific grouping in your mind you're like oh I really okay okay okay okay so yeah just whatever happens happens yeah no I want to get them in the shot so well I'll tell you cringe a shot I really want to try to do and you can help me maybe because they're you know he'll sit for you whenever the show I really want to get is something we're there kind of off to the side like not really important like off the side like almost watching I don't know how that will work we can try one maybe where they're all together first but my thought is if we can get them to sit or lay down um and actually know what I'm gonna have you guys now that we have puppies I think we're gonna lose the so I'm sorry you know hop up and I was just thinking that when we're doing individual so thank you okay so you guys do you mind sitting down with the puppies and the dogs and we're just gonna have mall around you friendly come girl huntley is this part no that's not part of our property back here with you okay so you guys can you guys each sit down and hold a couple your puppies and we're gonna see if we can get all the doggies around so john um john I'm gonna need definitely more deaf the field here so um I'm gonna go upto s o five hundred and I probably want to try it I'm gonna private shoot it like f a a just cause if I'm gonna try to get people in focus, huh? Uh okay, I might do five six and a half three okay and we're going to just roll with this I might be kind of free for all with mommy and daddy in the background but oh my hi what is your pops was your pops richard pups and john just a heads up I'm gonna try from this angle but since we're getting everything out here I'm going to move to the ladder and try to just shoot down at him again so just yeah we're going to see what happens here first you guys wanna hold a couple of your puppies so I don't know if we can on this one we could just yet have um huntley and brinkley sit down together I don't know when you're ready I'm ready I'm ready I'm sure way if we can get brinkley any closer yeah hey, jon are boys you can do on this yeah keep on the poppies that's good they're all just sleeping I think now they ate this is not where I see not going for portrait here this is more just playing in the yard with the dog. So o o o o okay right there. Perfect and you have just sittings? Fine. Okay, beautiful I think that's great let's roll with it currently hey, boys, uh can you tell me what your favorite color great? What do you think my favorite color is orange I love orange how did you know that I love it is it because you saw that orange share maybe here you know what your current thiss or some somebody grab this for me oh okay okay can you guys pick a puppy happened snuggle it you hold one of the puppies if you hold one of the puppies drinking okay but lee brinkley ow and in both see okay there we go yeah great ok that's ok ok I I called you that's totally my fault you know what let's do this let's do this can we do this we're fair in the background the puppies and let's have one or both dogs I would love to get them actually even in the foreground just taken maybe about six feet yep like right about there and over a little bit yeah just like that would be awesome yeah sitting would be great and they were going to slowly start losing some of the poppies and that's okay way want both dogs over there adjust do we want both adult dogs over there adjust okay no no no no I'm okay for what I'm doing we're fine we're fine and it's okay if some of the puppies come forward I'm totally cool that so it's just to get the and then right from this john as soon as I get the shot let's try from above that one puppies asleep oh my gosh that's okay you know why and if one of it but you say no knife I mean if we get the get them to gather would be gorgeous okay you see if they'll stay I don't know um let's see I've got both boys in the background if the sitter lay down okay I'm ready when you guys are and it's ok some of the puppies come up I don't mind I don't mind okay let's try it now in frankly lately it's okay it's okay let's go ahead I got I got a q show let's try something from above on the ladder wait I gotta get a sleeping puppy shop heroin is there a turtle on my head? No is there a cow in my head now oh can you lay down with the puppies oh, you know what can you guys lay on your tummies put your heads right by the sleeping puppies that would be amazing but I can help you just your faces they're right here so you're gonna sleep just like ok so what will turn out just like this and actually leave this one leave this one for right now wait wait wait give me I'm at a four I said five hundred that's a little hot okay, can I get a reflector? Actually we need something just cause that we have to keep him there because the parkers you're sleeping but um actually you know if we can turn him emilia this is just so much better lighting so right now I mean, I was trying to work with how the puppies well, with this lighting so much better so if we can yep if weaken this is much battery up because they're facing the open sky so what? I'm looking for this way they're facing the trees and it's it's just funky shadows of stuff going on but here they're facing the open sky um so it's much prettier. Okay, can I take this one shot just since it's? Yeah, and then we can do the shot from above after breaking me. So see how cold my gosh, see how close we can get the boys waken try one with the boys and we can even try with just with the puppies so what? We're going to need somebody scored out of weight that's ok, this one can go no okay. And then corin, I've got one shot. I'm gonna have you do with this in a minute. But now it's hot area, you know and weaken I'm I even try. I say I can try mike and one shot just with the ones that are sleeping just for sake of like, it would be really cute it looks really sweet, okay, boys, can you lay by the puppies? Look at mommy, uh uh look at the poppies the owens can you guys owe on it bro you got the puppies can you do this and you guys put your arms kind of snuggle up and look at me look right here look here was mama was mama oh I love it are they all in there we missed someone okay it's okay I got a gorgeous shot that's fine we can try I mean to be sweet if we could try to get all of them and then I corin I have the shot I want to do with you next with them then we can go to break I know we go to break okay um okay and you guys can help hold them maybe since they're up uh we're losing one in the back losing one in the back there so sweet if you help hold the poppy okay we'll just go one two one two three three let's do it no you don't stink out okay all right we'll try one get it but this lens no okay let's get um yeah close with the shot I want to get with you current is the shot barefoot with your feet okay standing over the puppies hey booth right there oh it's always one see if we can hop one two three four five six seven okay right there there's one over there look I was zoomed into close your the same one that keeps running at me are you the one I'm going to bring home with you okay somebody throw another one in there real quick yeah well just count three will do it one what one two boys look at me look at me oh, I know I know it one two three let it go perfect okay let's let's do this you guys I'm gonna have you guys there's also sleeping can you guys gently gently get up oh, and look right here, okay gently get up and leave the puppy sleeping and then um karen I want to see if you can um and I don't know we're just gonna try it otherwise I might have you sit down maybe before even do that why don't you sit down with them holding the other one so we know we've got him all in the shot over here would you be okay lain down? I'm envisioning you lame to the side so there could offset with you and you've got all the wake ones you're kind of keeping them carell and yet yep I'm not getting your legs so you could just so the other ones you can hold all the ones who are awake that way we could get shot is what I'm thinking so I'm actually cropping mom's legs aren't innit? Yep there we go oh, I love it okay boys, you come back by me make her and laugh, make her laugh, make funny faces at her, baker make funny faces at her. Okay, there we go. Perfect. Oh, my gosh, it's, gorgeous current, I love it, looked right at me, great laughs and smiles. You a beautiful try, one where you're actually not smile over losing one, try one, just serious looking at me. Oh, there we go. Oh, you're on, when you actually could just stay like that, even if that feels better, kind of bring him in, okay, right there, I love it, that's, gorgeous there, yeah, but the's there, they're beautiful. I love it, this gorgeous.

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Vicki Taufer is Brilliant as a person and artist. What an honor to experience her for the last 3 days. Thank you to Jed for your expertise and reminder that technology can help us all have time to play more and enjoy life more! Thank you creativeLIVE notch!

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