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On-Location Shoot: Family Portrait

Lesson 25 from: Pets and People Photography

Vicki Taufer

On-Location Shoot: Family Portrait

Lesson 25 from: Pets and People Photography

Vicki Taufer

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25. On-Location Shoot: Family Portrait


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On-Location Shoot: Family Portrait

So I'm kind of envisioning maybe you're sitting like here, curren with the puppy snuggling and then steven khun b sitting right here next to your kind of using him to, like, lay back against would be nice and he could have a puppy then I think family and maybe be like here and one of the boys sitting here so she kind of holding and a puppy and then one of the boys I'm envisioning and what kind of this made justin change one studio like legs crossed holding a puppy and then the puppies that were left with I'm thinking we can put in the crate or we'll just see where some people might hold multiple puppies if that's not working and we can put the crate over uh, that's the plan, we're gonna try it, um and so we can add the boys at the last minute I mean, they're doing great, but these I had the kids at the end so they don't have toe be listening for his long so and then the big dogs are gonna be by you guys just sitting hopefully so yeah, well, adam at the last second so that's, what? We'r...

e gonna up that's gonna be the plants we could do that at the last second to oh yeah, this is gonna be gorgeous so yes so stephen and I would still probably to go barefoot I loved the idea so so steven you're going to end up in here and so you can definitely help ringle one or both of the bigger dogs um and I'm not worried about the kids and dogs yet we'll get everything else position he's got puppies let me light meter I just to do give me one more of reading so I'm set up and ready before we get everyone um can I have an assistant to just be squeaker feather duster is somebody that's next to me? I'm just so dogs kids everybody's looking so if I want to shoot it I s o four hundred what am I looking at? Okay, so this and we've got, um it's the feather duster around anymore we may or may not need it but I'm actually going to be at this angle guys shooting this way um so I was kind of checking out the lighting and I like this the best so yeah, let me show everybody who it just showed up what we're doing so um so yeah okay, you guys, as soon as I'm probably gonna need you back a little bit like you guys can end up like right in the tree line will be good and out of the way um once we help with puppies you could be up there and then one down one up so stephen I was up there you go that's great I would love that barefoot would be great I would really yeah I do pretty much always have clients take shoes off yep than everybody else's barefoot so amalie um or you know this is good so family I'm envisioning you with one of the boys struggling here holding puppies are the works and then who everything will do better with you and then someone else was sitting with their legs I'm criss crossed on top of the box and then whatever puppies are left we will put inside the crate possibly and let me like said I'm more concerned what makes sure the post looks good with everybody else before we do all that yeah kind of I want you a little bit lower yes I actually like that a lot so but one of your boys needs to be in front of you so you're not gonna like having your leg cropped off right there so I'm scoot him all the way this way that's it oh and right sorry and actually what if your legs forward I think maybe just sit well what we don't wanna hide the puppies well that I got think through this bow needs to see what this legs crossed if we're really gonna put puppies in the crate because otherwise we won't see the puppies yeah and then what do you do this family can you sit with your legs going away for me and just sit on your hip but you can still kind of turn towards me so do this school as much as you can this way then both good as much as you can this oh no no you were good but just turn a little bit and then we're going to get bo actually get bo school got him all the way this way next o in and I'm can you say like your brother crisscross applesauce because we're going to put a puppy we're actually gonna put that just turned right up towards me good back. We're gonna put a puppy right here hopefully so we have any but are we okay with him holding the puppies air we're ok so it would be one two, three, four five way could do six seven eight in there um so we could try two or three in the crate hold on um and we have the squeaker okay? I'm gonna be just hanging out by me okay? So we need to get big dogs situated um yep I think that would be great and I really liked oh, no, I'm sorry I was thinking this one land out yes, I liked actually no, I liked brinkley up there sorry it's totally my bad and then as faras I'm do you think huntley will just lay down in front okay so do you guys who have the poppies do you know what we're doing here I want what we'll be able to put a couple in the crate I have a feeling so um I'm just gonna do a quick shot see if that's really looking good here okay okay I think we're good I'm actually um can I come this way a little bit okay, I might have you just be my ladder holder I feel like I want a little higher angle so I'm gonna just see what this looks like from a little bit of a higher angle maybe you got a okay I'm just saying a hose in the background um all right let's go ahead and well sorry sorry okay let's go ahead and try okay that's good that's good let's try t get huntley laying down in the puppies to everybody so dog I'm dog wranglers maybe you guys can start headed over there to just see blood and you know what? We're going to school honey if we're gonna put doggies in the crate and we're gonna um I'm gonna take this shot I like it we just might make a quick adjustment let me get a couple because everybody situated but sense since it is cloudy we actually have a little more room to work what then we did earlier I think I I would prefer to shift some stuff this way does the background will be a little better but I say we roll with this real quick um or the boys can hold him too they said so and now I'm ok with some of the puppies feeding a bureau yeah so yeah if we can we can put him in the crate too we can put yeah I would love it if owen and bo what he told one but I love it working so we're going to take this but we are going to make a little adjustment if that's okay um so let's take a couple like this and yeah I say yes I say stephen you could have one two there we go okay all right everybody look up here, okay? Where's that feather duster I'll do the squeakers father nestor's on both lean closer teo and clean yes I'm only I can't see your puppy wait everybody stay there nobody move nobody move I'm gonna get you one of this puppy right here. Oh, no shoot come on somebody just grabbed somebody just grab that little puppy it's let me just grab it and bring it about five feet in front even more even more even more like yep, I'm due that squeaker yep, there we go there we go way back, okay, okay okay let's let's just call him back color after here we go you guys all look at each other you guys all look at each other we need to get call call huntley currently you guys call huntley there we go. Okay, we can just see you when I get the big dogs back there. Okay? Leadenhall party that's actually great now that's good that's good let's let's adjust what is going to do if they're probably going to go party um we're going to do something you know, I let's have um way couldn't do no crate s and you guys just all standing holding hands holding puppies and they're all just running around you too but it's easier sitting and okay yeah, now I'm yep yeah, I really dio I do I do I do just background wise I gotta cool shot here, actually with what? Just if that's okay just got cloudier and the way it's working I think that will work to our advantage and this one's asleep but yeah that's the guy we were actually just going to shift these boxes over a little bit so you can shoot a little more this way so what I'm what I'm doing I got a great shot, but when I'm shooting this way I rejoice at it this way because of the lighting and the backgrounds fine it's just a lot of dark green so if I can actually bring it out here and shoot this way we have a little more open sky and color variation and depth that I think it'll just be a little prettier so so I'm actually we keep on coming are we good I don't wanna get okay you're going for a ride I'm gonna actually sorry I'm gonna want to zoom out more with my seventy two two hundred we'll make the background a little prettier yeah I love it yes this is great this is great this's better soothe okay I'm gonna be pretty far away you guys because I'm actually wanting to shoot with some of these grasses in front of the lens so what's going to change about this I'm at a lower angle so I'm not going to see the puppies that are laying on the ground so we're gonna want to bring the puppies probably up higher um but other than that this will be awesome and and wait I'm is s o five hundred what's my shutter fated to fifty okay okay, so amalie you're gonna end up sitting on the other crate no actually here yep on that on this on the far right crate but it's close to the family up and said so I love it I don't know if we can get one of the big dog sitting next to you steven but if we can I really like that this I love this shot the only thing I'm shooting this knowing there's like in two seconds I may see the power lines a little bit that I'm gonna just photo shop out but everything else about the shot I love so um we're going to still do it and I'm steven's hiding it but if he moves it shows so I'm not sure oh my gosh I love it so puppies puppy wranglers we're gonna have tio puppies need to be up actually wait here actually that works better sorry thank you and I moved here so I eliminated the power lines okay so we're almost there guys this is the last shot you're doing awesome would hardly sit up next homily on top of the great ok she doesn't need to change he would she sit in the crate kind of underneath you kind of sitting up like you have pulled back okay let's do that brinkley next next family or steven either way um and then do we have enough hands to hold puppies or not well she said up michael ashen what is that a sock awesome that's awesome sorry guys will try to yeah so yeah if we can get yeah we're doing all right yep so brinkley haps up awesome I love it so stephen yeah you could be on the other side of brinkley maybe and oh I love that love it love it can you hold a puppy still holly holly's the only one I'm a bit concerned about um did you say huntley will not sit up next family you don't think it's so cute yeah huntley you can huntley be squished back is far towards you it's possible I don't want her laying down I want her sitting up so um okay alright camera guy's very good everybody look here oh uh wait I stop with squeakers for a moment only you guys all look at each other look at each other just laughing look at each other look at each other looking each other look at each other oh are we losing a puppy clips? I really want to go back to this angle okay waylay fill you in can everybody say and I say stephen has thinking seek no he does it no that's silly we know is this I wonder bow bo can both stand up or is that too could he stand up? We lost somebody that was kid I actually think we have one that's just try one more setting we're done making weaken d'oh oh just poppies okay everybody snuggle in just puppies okay oh enzo and sent all boasted talk only bobos didn't really talk there we go okay one, two, three oh, and it's so I love it bo bo bo there we go way look right here oh, awesome I love that that's perfect stephen let's do that can you scoot next to watch the puppy up puppy puppy puppy okay, I love it so this is more fun leaning on each other plane snarling poppies owen and I need don't involve okay wrap your arms wrap your arms around stephen there you go everybody looking right here one, two, three oh, bo gorgeous look at each other laughing, laughing, laughing so cute everybody look right at me one last time city nice and tall looks straight at me yup, we need you own and follow looking right here beautiful standing a little taller you stand a little taller there you go there we down for effect that's great could look at each other guys like me jay I've seen if they would come towards me. Okay, I love it, you know, let me just do one close shot these were on every just snuggle in and this is it. Okay, let's sap on me gorgeous way, way, way down let's do this all the puppies they're just down and you guys get together as a family everybody has to be touching no wherever europe every get as close as you can so bodies are touching your sally's everybody one time try to put all the puppies in there just one time just end it whatever they do they do that I'm not worried about it but just one time try starting him off if they come towards me great okay all right one two three how much you guys laughed me leaning on each other having a ball this is so cute so fun perfect curren that's gorgeous beautiful beautiful hope we got a puppy family bring bo back towards you a little more there we go there we go there we go wonderful gorgeous smiles bono in don't hide don't hide your hiding you're hiding there is on beautiful perfect oh there we go get in there get in there yeah lassie looking at each other let me get oh yeah that one you guys were called you want to call huntley and brinkley or do you think they're done? We're gonna drink white brinkley come here and I got I think I got one but if you want to try you know your dogs so if you think you want to try and then we could be good I think what are they always this way but leaving their living there for a second to fighting come here. Wait, wait okay. See if we can get the two big dogs were just going to do the one last wrangle a mall in there and whatever happens happens just tell us it right here you know in my gut is telling me is what why don't we stand up we've done the crate thing like why don't I give you another option or or even better yet just the chair the white chair with you guys is the dalton and everybody else around you because we've done the great thing so I'll get that okay sweetie calm peaceful sleep awesome I love it let's bring the chair over here actually just right about here we're gonna go for a ride in the chair and actually you know what I'm thinking keep it here I just have all the dogs like that's going to get two models I don't want to get the mulch and stuffing it just here's fine this is great so I want corrine you get to sit in the chair legs over straight and you're gonna lights over you get ahold like four puppies ok legs over four puppies great in fact actually you look so cute well I would say you know what would be cute if he wants to stand up behind you you can be on your shoulder kind of here so you're gonna stand on the chair just stand right appear and lean against them and so you're gonna sit down and perfect yeah yeah they're right here yeah can you do this? You would look so cool like this and then we're gonna puppies you can help with all the puppies. Yeah and though so stephen stevens gonna be right back here yet and then you and mama good to be right here on this side so just standing in front of mom okay yep and then we're going to try to just move puppies dogs so even then stephen you can help like hold one of the bigger dogs by you we have one of them wants to lay down so I'm trying to eliminate the hose in the background even though it's photoshopped I don't like to rely on that so I guess like shoot right there okay yeah I love this this looks great perfect okay, so then steven you're going to be kind of back behind the arm of the chair and some of them could be on the ground if there's too many so we can see him yeah, a couple of them let's put a couple of them under the chair at the last second and that though yeah. Okay, so okay um ross when you're ready you're going to throw that one under the chair too and that somebody was going to hold it but yeah, okay, I'm the big dogs the big dogs that we still have to get both of them huntley and brinkley huntley okay, um well, I've been changing things around I s o five hundred okay, okay, if we could get one of the dogs in each side if they won't do that so that's fine, but wait just have okay okay well guess hold him like that that's awesome stephen great job okay, I need oh when should I tickle stephen ah bo should I get stephen who should I get pushing I get there pretty lasting fine look at me look at me you went to very great smiles we'll get again stand up nice and tall I would have been an ambo that's good, beautiful you guys all look at each other again for me one time beautiful beautiful okay, we're looking back at me one more time wonderful gorgeous left corinth when you face a little bit to the right perfect laughing smiling thanks, miles I need to come get somebody come tickle tickle let me just try one big smile when I think I should get e t a should I get your mom wait okay, okay here we go way okay, okay countess three with me bono and counted three with me and then I'll come get you okay counter three with me what everybody else will get a lot of data that's good three smiles hold on. I'm gonna end it with this little guy walking at me you guys stay there going party okay, let whoever come towards may see if anyone will come towards me you just come home with me I got it, I got it, it was accorded you might take one picture of your family okay ray laughing smiling we got one puppy missing but he's helping me ok that's great we got it way you guys did amazing that was awesome you guys are incredible thank you so much for letting this spend the afternoon here today did amazing amazing when I was little you can hold it actually this one is one of the ones that might actually be adoptable cause I would love to hold in that mine hover everybody put your puppies down everyone because we're going teo give a big round of applause to vicky tougher it was fine could we just do that again tomorrow? More puppies? Yes actually that stuff tomorrow two totally different scenario tomorrow it'll be great. Okay folks steven and karen you guys want to come over here and join us for a second way? Just want teo won over steven seaman's grabbing his shoes we just really want to say thank you. Yes, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you for the puppies and thank you for opening your home to us and it's been amazing. So we're wondering if you could just tell the people at home maybe given your website or tell him a little bit about what you guys do as faras in the photography industry they're referred to as well wei have a studio here in wooden bill um washington we've been here for what twelve, thirteen years we photograph seniors, corporate commercial families. Um, we're quite busy. We're an old firehouse, right in the wine district. My husband and I worked together, and we played together and, uh oh, our website is www. Dot photographic essays, dot com, it's, allah vecchio, photographic essays when we just we love what we do. Very cool. Well, thanks again for sharing. Very excited to be here. Great host. What a great crew. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much. This has just been precious.

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This was a great topic. I tuned in thinking I wouldn't be interested, and then, wow, it was fabulous. So fabulous I'm holding an event in two weeks time to launch my own pet photography and raise food for local homeless animals. Thanks so much CL team!

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Vicki Taufer is Brilliant as a person and artist. What an honor to experience her for the last 3 days. Thank you to Jed for your expertise and reminder that technology can help us all have time to play more and enjoy life more! Thank you creativeLIVE notch!

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