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On-Location Shoot: Mother and Children

Lesson 21 from: Pets and People Photography

Vicki Taufer

On-Location Shoot: Mother and Children

Lesson 21 from: Pets and People Photography

Vicki Taufer

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21. On-Location Shoot: Mother and Children


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On-Location Shoot: Mother and Children

Guys, we're gonna play just a little bit on the heavy. Sit on some of my fund chairs, and we have these grates. My name is vicki. Can he do you ever like to go barefoot? I love seeing your toast. Do you like to play barefoot? I loved to be barefoot too. Do you love that? You love the puppies? Do you like to play with, um, do you have a favorite one teller? Who's? Your favorite puppy cookie? Yeah. One of the puppy's name is cookie down. That is such a great name. Awesome. Wonderful. You mooned one luke cooked cookie dough on luke that it's so much fine and so it's bo and oh, in ok, so family all we're going to dio I'm actually going toe try a couple shots just with them together, maybe by theirselves. And then I'm gonna add you. Maybe I actually start with you in it. That might be better to start there. And then we'll remove you and at the at the kids in um, in fact, what I'm gonna probably have you dio and what I'm gonna have mom dio I have the feather duster. I kept referring to that ...

I use in shoots with kids puppies or not um that were kind of kind of used for a fun little game interaction to get some fun shots of the boys. So what you'll see what's gonna happen, but I'm gonna kind of tickle him, get him laughing and just kind of play back and forth. But when you're out of the shot to give it to you and you're going to do that to me, and so I'm just shooting and they're reacting to you. Yes, so that's the plan at least so let's get let's get everybody situated. So a lot of times, like I've been saying, when I'm posing somebody, um, I'll show him, I'll show him what I'm trying to do, so we're gonna actually come over here. Amelia. I'm gonna let you sit here. Me and you could just even hide them right here if you want, you're gonna be right there and then I'm gonna have bo, can you stand behind mom and hold her up? You okay? What's months. Mom sitting here. What's mom's sitting here? Yeah, well, I'll help you kind of get there and then always going to sit right here in front of you. So we're gonna so bo, you're going to actually stand behind mama and yeah and I may have to go just this once I set him up and I looked for my camera angle so I'm just kind of going to quote feels right right now can you hold mom and he can actually he's gonna snuggle up against you so and actually can you say like this can you sit just like this boat hermano in can you turn around and say what you like criss cross applesauce so mom can just snuggle you back you're just snuggle on on on love on him yet and then yeah you're gonna help hold mom and when we're ready you're gonna come rest your head on and then what we're gonna do amalia you're going to make sure your seat nice and tall and turn your body a little bit this way yet amelia does not need to be hidden she's tiny she's beautiful but this type of posing would actually work really well if you were trying tio hide parts of mom because we know we're all our own hardest critic so even though you know I think she looks amazing she might be oh I don't like how this is you know looking here there said I mean that's typically we all in yourselves room you've heard I heard the moms say that so I've really focused on trying to make mom look really great the kids comfortable I'm gonna actually start shooting because they look really comfortable right now. Um so I'm shooting right now at I s o five hundred um four hundredth of a second of five six then when I dropped down to photographing all the kids individually I'll go back down to two eight okay, hold on so what? I'm going to dio it looks nice so what I'm actually I might see I don't know how much if we're gonna build there's not really much to reflect but that real shiny one actually was giving some nice light just a little bit pop in on uh bo o k oh in keun you snuggle and mama any broken you snuggle on mama I love it oh, my goodness is gorgeous have us in big smiles oh, should I come tickle you should I can tickle you where's that tickle stick wei go well, I'm gonna grab this no it's okay? And I don't want oh, mike that's going to you know what? Well, I'm kind of liking I'm getting the grasses in the shot so I don't know if there's any way yep, just that. Yeah, that actually still helping a little bit. Did you see this is my tickle stick there? Would I do with it tickled people's uh, their ears or should I take you should tickle tickle mommy, should I tickle mommy aah! Wait I bet do you think I can tickle you from way back here? No way do you think I can get you always counter three with me let's see why to always stand up oh my god bo I'm going to get both no oh okay I'll get you okay, I'm gonna leave it right here snuggle on mambo counted three with me and I'll come get too I love it I love it that would be the outtakes that love it perfect can you guys all right her hud's on each other but your head's down on each other I went straight your head up a little bit with mommy can you guys say fuzzy pickles what's that is silly could you say miss vicky has stinky feet do have stink easy, haibo ah, very gorgeous. Hey, I'm I'm elisa I know I've got your son leaning on you yep, there you go. In fact, right there one, two, three should I get oh, I'm gonna go get teo. Okay, you better watch. I'm gonna come in closer so I can actually, um, interact with them a little bit more. Okay? Okay, who should I get? Who should I get okay, got three me anally right there, beautiful one I'm getting closer, I think I can get teo teo mama okay perfect amelia I'm not you come back for me let me get a shot of the two boys together you guys stay there and we're gonna involve mom this is my talk about making the parents part of the session okay bomb have you sit down and put your feet let your feet just dangle down you guys could just gently wrap your arms around each other yeah okay get that tickle stick okay do not let your mom tickle me right your mom is my friend she's not gonna tickle me ok you tell me if she's gonna put that on my head don't let your mom tickle me oh and sit up nice and tall okay don't let your mom tickle me oh that would be that would make me lost only your way oh it's a nice and decent oh there we go to school for just a little bit and then we'll bring some puppies over with you right there o don't let your mom tickle me I'm so scared of it don't let her put it on my head do you think she's gonna put it on my head no you're going out to get him I think mom to come to kill you perfect perfect perfect bring it right back for you okay tell me where is it where is it? Wrap your arms around each other one more time one teo gentle little hugs, little hugs right there. Perfect

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a Creativelive Student

This was a great topic. I tuned in thinking I wouldn't be interested, and then, wow, it was fabulous. So fabulous I'm holding an event in two weeks time to launch my own pet photography and raise food for local homeless animals. Thanks so much CL team!

Carolyn Himes

Vicki Taufer is Brilliant as a person and artist. What an honor to experience her for the last 3 days. Thank you to Jed for your expertise and reminder that technology can help us all have time to play more and enjoy life more! Thank you creativeLIVE notch!

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