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On-Location Shoot: Owner with Puppies

Lesson 23 from: Pets and People Photography

Vicki Taufer

On-Location Shoot: Owner with Puppies

Lesson 23 from: Pets and People Photography

Vicki Taufer

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23. On-Location Shoot: Owner with Puppies


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Lesson Info

On-Location Shoot: Owner with Puppies

We've made we're missing a puppy we need a puppy losing we need the puppy that looks okay and just kind of maybe pull your hair around a little oh yeah I love your hair just like oh perfect yeah so that's great I love it and you know the little bit that shine will fix don't yep no don't worry about it so we can actually you can hold this puppy that's that's going to give corin this one we'll snuggle the puppet on the side and hides the tower yep and then were gorgeous that that is so beautiful okay, that is so beautiful you look awesome so snuggle just letter oh, there we go letter yeah oh, I love it you know to oh my gosh that's poor just bring your arms down a little bit more that's okay bring bring the puppy a little more away from your face just a little bit there there there oh, I like that with your chin up that put your chin up a little more again beautiful and you know what I don't want your album yes yes yes it and she's hiding your little face I love it very very, very good t...

here we go perfect oh my gosh for just laughing smiling do me a favor try turning that puppy so her legs coming this way and her face is snuggling up against you in a while oh, I'm just, uh, just like, literally just right down next to maybe even like just yep. Yep, right to hide the top. Just proper right down. Its yep. Just proper right down. There we go. There we go. That's pretty. And can you bring your arm down their ego? Beautiful. Turn your face to your left a little bit. Oh, that's it and I I I know it's. Okay. Bree she's had a little too much that's. A beautiful shot out there. We got laughing, smiling turn your face to the left to the left. There you go. Oh, let's. See, we got a tall. There we go. You got it, nobody's good. Don't worry about it too much. We will fix it if we have to. Don't worry about too much. Right there. Beautiful. Stay there for a second. So what we're doing? I've got corin all the puppies fell asleep. Eso I need if we have a talent or neath her neck to hold her head up a little bit because I shoot a lot from this angle above, but what you're in fine as if you'd just have somebody lay flat on the ground, you're going to get an unflattering angle on anybody. So I'm getting her to lift her chin up a little bit um we're seeing a little bit of the tall were hiding with the puppies it this would be a case where if I'm gonna lose the shot I'm just going to take it now we can photo shop just that little bit of the tell out if we have teo but I think she got it you are a good girl that's beautiful so I'm going to try one or two more here I already know we have some beautiful they don't have to overwork it but now that the puppies are all doing great we might well try it so just snuggle her back him yes yeah I love it and so she kept turning her face actually into the shadow which was giving getting her to be broad lit because our lights coming in from the side so I keep having your turn your face a little bit to the left and it's more flattering so looking right here beautiful beautiful gorgeous laughing smiling the puppy to your right is hilarious right now you know oh my gosh yes there the ball and I'm getting the ladder in the shot see if we can just slide this one puppy because I can't shoot it without getting the latter I just don't think rico it's okay I only think we need we're gonna get one or two more so okay there we go. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous perfect they're beautiful corin gorgeous smiles you and your puppies I love just laughing looking at on bring that right hand down for one just let it down all the way down that could let your right hand let it rest you up kind of over you have snuggling they're just snuggled other puppy there you go beautiful and one serious and then we're good perfect you look amazing in fact this is we're going to do you're just going to sit up and the puppies are going behind you so you just sit up yep yeah yeah yeah oh I love that I love that and so the puppies yet are just behind you oh my gosh I love to get one puppy up by your face though one puppy up by your face okay and then you know chin up chin up chin up chin up beautiful smiling and laughing way I may need the app uh what? Because the sun just up the sun just came out okay can you scoot back a little bit and just leaning on your elbow was amazing right there? Um yep try at one time so I have are now up on her elbows and this is a beautiful flattering angle this actually would be one of the ones that was asking about the money shot with a high school senior this would be a gorgeous gorgeous shot okay right here and look up beautiful laughing smiling right now you're turning too much this way see if you can help straighten out to me uh that is it that's the shot I was waiting to get stunning beautiful what if u turn can you kind of kiss up now it's too dark there we go right there john we got it good okay no I think we're gonna look up look up look up karen their ego can you do one where you're not looking at the camera and you're just kind of kissing puppy a little bit or like hold the puppy up a little bit you know if you can lean back a little bit holding up puppy trenches what about just lay the public writing in your face and look up at me so you're both looking at my camera okay, well actually that was great looks like you're laying on the puppy like a pillow that was very good looking straight up at me ah she's hiding your face just a little too much their america laughing and smiling you okay? We're good we got it we got it. They look like polar bears I feel like they look like little baby polar and sam there's soak you they're so cute. Okay, that was amazing. Thank you so much. All right, I think we're ah good. Does anybody have any questions in? Do you guys have any questions or anyone in the audience uh, taffy photo is wondering how many assistants do you usually have with you on a shoot like this? I've never done a shoe like this, so I'm not speaking from experience but a family shoot I just have one like I actually, um the only time I've ever worked with more than one assistant is at a wedding when I have other people, so if someone booked a session that was a family shoot dogs or not dogs, I'd have one person with me so and if I was concerned and if somebody doesn't have the people to help them, you know, a family like this that has all these puppies, like I would have no problem saying to them like, hey, diva neighbor, family and friends that just would come and help out just during the shoot to do the kind of things we did today, like, take the puppies in order, you know, do this or help feed and yeah, but just one, okay, um, question from photos by johnny from north carolina do you ever use studio lights outside for the shoot? It's, I I actually do not know I have been since pretty much the beginning. Um, I started off thirteen years ago with a camera with a flash on camera for about a year or two, and then when I started studying underneath some people I just started learning to use um some reflectors which today we didn't have to use too much because we had so much great lighting without we were using them more for scrims and things to block the light but I very rarely actually shoot with flash outside, okay vicki's so many people have asked if you could talk about your settings outside I'm not sure if you're if you want to get into that, but I'm yet no I can a little bit um so it just depends what I'm doing if I was just shooting one person outside, I'd pretty much shoot at whatever I'd need to to be at um to be at two point eight if I was just shooting one person um when I was shooting like the boys together, I was wanting to be probably more like it five and so in my shutter speed because we were involving kids and dogs, I mean, I was shooting with a faster shutter speed than I normally would necessarily in the studio. Plus I'm handholding and I'm running around so there's just all these elements that I might move and get some camera shake or the subject's moving so I think for most of these dependent how the lion was changing in the location I was I was pretty like it s so anywhere between s o three twenty and five hundred and then my shutter speed, um, was most of time, I think it was over, like two, fifty or three hundred with the exception when I was what did I shoot? I was shooting something, I was shooting faa I think when it was the kids with all the dogs, then I might have been like a two hundredth of a second great jen moser photography had a couple of questions, but you just answered one of them, so I'll skip to the end about focus point, do you recompose or change focus point? I focus and then recomposed, so I'm focusing on whatever I want to be in focus the subject's eyes, and then I'll recompose question from tough photo would like to know how many pets do you photograph a year on average? I would say, well, that's changed over the years because my whole business model I've changed, but, um, I would gosh offhand, um, including the dog days of summer, I'm I'm trying think last week last week, I actually with the dog days of summer two weeks ago, I think I had twenty five animals in just on that day um and then I don't know probably another fifteen or so because I'm only shooting right now I'm shooting less than a hundred sessions now

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a Creativelive Student

This was a great topic. I tuned in thinking I wouldn't be interested, and then, wow, it was fabulous. So fabulous I'm holding an event in two weeks time to launch my own pet photography and raise food for local homeless animals. Thanks so much CL team!

Carolyn Himes

Vicki Taufer is Brilliant as a person and artist. What an honor to experience her for the last 3 days. Thank you to Jed for your expertise and reminder that technology can help us all have time to play more and enjoy life more! Thank you creativeLIVE notch!

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