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On-Location Shoot: Puppies on a Chair

Lesson 20 from: Pets and People Photography

Vicki Taufer

On-Location Shoot: Puppies on a Chair

Lesson 20 from: Pets and People Photography

Vicki Taufer

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20. On-Location Shoot: Puppies on a Chair


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On-Location Shoot: Puppies on a Chair

All right well um we have lots of opportunities to shoot today I feel like god has blessed this day because yesterday was so crazy if he just said cloudy skies and you have this whole yard and these beautiful people and um beautiful dogs to photograph so we're gonna have a lot of fun so I think we're just gonna start off photo even just a couple of the puppies to kind of get settled and figure out what we want to do and check out some of the locations and then bring in a couple of the kids and families and at one point we're gonna let the students shoot while I can actually be their assistant and talk through what we're doing so let's get started on one of my main concerns were gonna actually start with photographing a couple of the puppies on this chair and so we found a nice spot that's in the shade the sun's been kind of popping in and out so it's been causing us a little problem but we found a spot I think well work great and my main concern is that the puppies air safe so I actual...

ly have people helping to hold them and so really I'm going to do kind of a hole kind of three one two three back away just enough that you're out of the shot um and if one of them starts to climb up the chair, grab him so that's what I would actually do in the studio what I would do with kids and we'll just we'll see how they do we'll try it so if you guys say that what I'm sa goto upto s o four hundred and what okay so I can d'oh okay great let's try a couple shots here all right? Are you girls ready do you feel like there are they a little too dancy are we doing all right okay, we'll do a count of three thing and we'll just see how they dio one two three no okay okay and we're going to bring kids in to hold him in a minute so I just wanted try one shot like this first guy won teo we're going it's fine I'm gonna photoshopped john's legs out I guess here let me lower my angle see if we can okay, I'm ready when you are one two three grab my guess I've got I might end up having time wanting to shoot this offset but I'm getting people in the shot so um I may just change and do a vertical shot it'll give me a little more options okay count of three when you guys feel ready I want to know you wanna try it yeah I don't know if that'll work we can try it but do you think they'll say well okay, I'm probably too far away though, so I need somebody to come up closer that they think so you can get us close as you think you can where you won't be in the shot if you're just enough to the right you can get pretty close and don't go too far, right? Yep no, no john we have there we got perfect. Okay. Karan? Yeah. That's great. All right. Okay, perfect. One, two, three yeah, let's do way out. Just let me do one last shot. I love it or you have you think one of them's being more anti let's try that and I can just shoot with three that's. Fine, let's, try this if they're ready. Okay. All right. We'll try that again. On the count of three, I've got another one. I've got another one. Okay. Okay. One, two, three. Okay, great. No. Yep. Quran, would you like to be in a shot with all of them? Let me I'm going to set my camera down for a second. I'll show you what I'm thinking. So, um are all of them out here? Yes. Okay. Let's. So if someone could hold the puppy serkin situate corin how she's going to say it? I'm gonna have you in the chair, just have him all just pilot all piled all over you and are you cool going barefoot? Yes, I'm thinking casual barefoot so actually, how we're gonna have you sit? I'm gonna have you try one like that, but then I'm going to stand for a second. I'm gonna have you sit if your sit more like this with, um your feet kicked up and so I'm one of the things I want you to dio is watch how you're sitting because people will tend to sit this way and then your thighs to the camera instead of being turn just a little bit this way will help. It will be more photogenic. So, um and we'll just say we're just I want kissing, fighting plane you can look at him, you could be laughing just something really fun. So, um, if you want to start off that way that's great. If you want to just sit first that's fine too. We can we could even test and start with a couple puppies and then added more, um and so what's gonna happen. You guys want to adam since curren's got him stay handy in case one is going, but I'll get you a little further wakes I'm trying to get a little more of a landscape shots, okay, you look gorgeous, I love it, I know let's start giving her puppies start giving her puppies so I'm shooting I love shouldn't this lower angle cause in the foreground what's happening all this grass in front of me is just becoming a blur it just looks really pretty it softens up the whole image I mean, you have no idea you're in a yard you could be a huge park so well yeah we'll just kind of keep adam and I'll probably started shooting if you and progression um there we give keep on going you know you can keep it how many and we made how many area are you doing are you doing okay okay does somebody have a squeaker they khun or I've got here somebody okay you got it more poppies more poppies were still missing incoming we've got one more oh my god yeah. How many puppies are there oh my gosh okay and yeah you guys could stay somewhat close if we need him whatever yeah oh, okay well, I've already overridden that so we're good laughing I love it just laughing laughing, laughing somebody wow very good, very good. Everything okay says kisses laughing I love it I love it looking right at me for one if you can there we go. Okay. Let's help her out let's help her out this is what we're going teo yeah um I want to do one are you okay corrine with love it are you okay with can they just be on the ground right here? Cool because I want to do one shot where you're in the background just kind of blurred out and they're all in the foreground, so no s so you're going to stay in the chair and all the puppies are going to be up here and you guys can again be close if we need tio I don't weigh don't have to worry about him fallen, but you can keep a couple. Yeah, why don't you keep too let's? Keep two and then put six in front you're faster than I thought. This would be good, though, let's see, um uh see what I'm getting in the background. Hold on. Oh, my goodness. Keep adam. There we go. Some of these I'm just focusing up on one puppy. There we go, that's all so I just I'm sorry I photographed you going party. That wasn't very nice. Yeah. Okay, so what? Here's the plan? We're going tow. We might have to try to set him altogether. And if they just start going, let him go or I may just focus on one, a bomb or all of them, but if we can try one shot, they're all going out I might need some of you guys act we got a squeaker this way because of anything if the puppies coming at me that would still be really cute but if they're going this way and this way it's a little more difficult ok ok john I'm gonna book john give me some kind of come out here because it's actually brighter out here and I want to get the exposure right I think well okay I need them well, I just no no, no I just need a meter reading up here because they're gonna be coming up here in its brighter and I'm gonna go what I'm doing I so five hundred because they're gonna be moving at me so oh, wait, wait wait one second sorry. You know for that seems all right let's try this again. Okay? So just get in there and we'll just we'll get whoever's coming at me however whoever kind of back out back out back out back out of shot who's out I'm losing a couple in there we go come on over here! Who is that? What about a squeaker? Oh, come on. Oh, that tickle sticks in the way the father buster wait what's up there but it's so interesting way had the squeakers let's do you know why mama could be in the shot let's do that? I would just love to try to get one just they're bold, mattis, huntley. Ok, no that's, let's, try that, they'll be great, and then we'll set them all down. Let's, go after this, colonel. Probably still put you in some other ones, but let's, we'll move. We'll give the puppies a break and bring the two boys, and I just have him e no. Okay, mama, mama it's, a little dark, your babies, they're so pretty, mama. Oh, no, come on. A couple of them are checking me out. They are so cute.

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a Creativelive Student

This was a great topic. I tuned in thinking I wouldn't be interested, and then, wow, it was fabulous. So fabulous I'm holding an event in two weeks time to launch my own pet photography and raise food for local homeless animals. Thanks so much CL team!

Carolyn Himes

Vicki Taufer is Brilliant as a person and artist. What an honor to experience her for the last 3 days. Thank you to Jed for your expertise and reminder that technology can help us all have time to play more and enjoy life more! Thank you creativeLIVE notch!

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