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Studio Shoot: One Dog with Studio Lights

Lesson 12 from: Pets and People Photography

Vicki Taufer

Studio Shoot: One Dog with Studio Lights

Lesson 12 from: Pets and People Photography

Vicki Taufer

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12. Studio Shoot: One Dog with Studio Lights


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Studio Shoot: One Dog with Studio Lights

Well, my plan is I'm gonna I'll show you if you want to come over here actually first making them I'll show you kind of what I'm thinking um to start off with we're gonna just start kind of the same same way we did with the last shoot so I'm just gonna let you sit right here if you're gonna bring paxton just sitting down to snuggled up right up against you so we'll start like that and then we'll try try something different with couch but let me actually do we have that light meter john I just need teo check that I feel like things got off so bald works better than treats and all else five, six and a half he's back should be like a five six or or less a little bit less even okay, that should be okay. I think with that background that actually works nicely, I would go with it off would be my choice if you're fine with it and then we're gonna and I'm in my ok to take the ball or we'll paxton be like totally okay, I just then he'll be watching me here with the ball and I'll throw it up in ...

the air for my mama call for my mom, my mama what's it doesn't do well with it yep set set stay sitting poem in a little bit more torture stay stay when a ball I'm gonna throw it throw it and morgan you're going to snuggle in clean right on paxton perfect a little more there we go. You want the book? Uh hey, um john I mean, if you bring that reflector in closer I was trying not to block people's view, but we needed in there a little bit for the light. Perfect. Okay, I've got the ball. What? The bird? Your friends like the bird. Perfect. Morgan. Snuggle in a little more and just hold your arm still and then bring your chin up and over. Paxton just a little more perfect. Okay, john, can I borrow you again? I'm going to just stand right behind me. There we go. Perfect. And a week that bird a little bit. Yep. Or throw it up in there is the booth. Get that tongue and, uh, with the ball with the body but the body beautiful. Okay, let's actually, um I've got a nice shot there. Let's go ahead and change this off a little bit. Um, I'm gonna let you morgan sit on the ground right here and we're going to paxton actually upon the couch allowed up on furniture yes, so we're gonna turn way go, so what my goal is, is that your back I don't know this may or may not work but try so your back is to paxton kind of lane against him maybe this arm can kind of lets just try let me look at lighting let me look everything here so scoot up a little bit towards me. So think of yourself as kind of being more little bit on the same plane. Actually, your arm could be down if he's not going to jump off. I'm good with arm just being down. Perfect. Perfect. What if your arms are crossed? Like your kind of laying against paxton? Like your arms? Like your arms are, like, kind of like your cross leaning against paxton. There we go. Okay, we'll get that tongue in your mouth throat up almost very good. Perfect. Perfect that's great out pakistan for a treat. My treat. What about you know what? I'm envisioning what it would he stop for somebody else? Like if they were holding a ball or a treat and I'm gonna have you, like, actually in the background. Um, so you're gonna actually morgan, see, back here just kind of hanging out and we're gonna bring tax in in front of you on we'll see when get somebody kind of on the ball but his head and then I'll get himto quick stop and look over towards me so we're gonna sit right here, okay and then um yep tonight wearing try it whether he lays down or working okay sit so I'm gonna have somebody can help me volunteer and you're going to do it kind of see how he's watching me kind of do what I'm doing and then I'll do something that he's doing good like that yep I may have to double check some lighting a little bit on a trip we got him he's getting you know what? We have to go back to the light yeah yeah well I'm just trying to get chief um pray right there he's doing good he's listening good boy. Good boy. Good boy. That's ok that's great. Yeah. Paxton no that's all right? I'm just gonna you know I'm gonna damn well gonna do get some put right above my head jackson put it right come to my left even a little more and then was that bird? Well, the bird you tripped to interest you set morgan. I let you come back and actually be helpful he's prime to respond a little better to you so we're just gonna miss heavy holding it if anything come on this side so it faces turned towards the light just a little bit erica, what about what I do with one? Yeah so just one more and then we'll we're going to switch to actually some window light so that was nice, paxton okay? We're gonna scoot back a little bit. He can actually give him the ball for one, maybe see what he does. I don't mind him playing down or you lay down your ball. We're going to lower the light, so we d'oh d'oh! D'oh! D'oh! D'oh! Okay, that's good that's good. But you know what? I think it actually would be really great if I could get that foreground right out there if you can that's that's? Okay? Yeah and well liked we can try. Um another scenario. Hey, stay like like gonna throw the ball in my head with the crucible. Where is it? Okay, okay, I think we're good let's, go ahead. I think we need teo let's take a little break, get a quick break. We're gonna set up some window light and then, um we'll try a couple different scenarios with that girl. Thank you. Good boy. Good boy. Good to entreat so good. So good. No, just the ball. So all right, let's, let's get a question from internet. Um, nan is is wondering what is your average shutter speed for fast moving animals like dogs? Um with window lighter outside it's definitely higher um with what I'm doing here um I guess it's yeah, what was that like a hundredth of a second or one twenty fifth? I think depending, but um yeah, in the studio lights since the stroke freezing the motion but outside I'd pride prefer like with these guys I mean and it's obviously and I say I mean, I would probably prefer to you know I'd be if I even if I had to go with the higher so to have a faster shutter speed I would so um maybe you know, two fifty at least, but the higher the better with moving animals honestly, yeah, question from and see clever who asked would it be preferred to have larger dogs exercises before coming in for the shoot? Doosan do you have some like things that you tell people to do when they come in as faras eating or exercising or now any of these things you know that no, you know, I have had clients on their own accord that knew their dogs were like going to be really hyper they actually breathe some prescribe and not on my recommendation, but they actually were able to get some prescription for their dog that they gave them before they came in that's happened a couple of times just cause they knew their dog like gets really antsy and wild but um no yeah, I think that it's just a combination I mean like big dogs and the heat you're gonna get like, a lot of the pantin and um but uh yeah no, I don't have anything specific that that we do you know, I think the difference um in the setting at the studio might be like just it's a little bit more controlled smaller environment like I'm really feeling that like, that definitely makes a difference um, just with not being able to wander and got like there's just, you know, even with kids like not having so much area take off and run and go too, but no, they're doing good that's fine, we can start with that. Um one more question a sasha sash shuffle is wondering, is there a format dark background for light dogs or light background for dark dogs? Um, I purposely picked on the darker backgrounds for these guys, but I mean, I'm going to shoot him against the white wall now, but, um not necessarily mean I'd say a couple of my favorite pieces that I've used, um that I did studio you've seen it in my shots but there's like a tan ish brown crowds that works for both um you know, the one thing I guess I would say that if I if I had here or if I was at the studio with these guys, I would probably have have moved to the ring light for some of these shots. Where just be some up close shots, the bright colored paper, possibly behind him. But, um, just to have that kind of flat look green, that ring light. Look. But I think the window lights going to be really pretty here, too. So.

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a Creativelive Student

This was a great topic. I tuned in thinking I wouldn't be interested, and then, wow, it was fabulous. So fabulous I'm holding an event in two weeks time to launch my own pet photography and raise food for local homeless animals. Thanks so much CL team!

Carolyn Himes

Vicki Taufer is Brilliant as a person and artist. What an honor to experience her for the last 3 days. Thank you to Jed for your expertise and reminder that technology can help us all have time to play more and enjoy life more! Thank you creativeLIVE notch!

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