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Lens Corrections

Lesson 9 from: Photo Editing in Lightroom Classic for The Photo Enthusiast

Jared Platt

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9. Lens Corrections

Fix Chromatic Aberration and Lens distortion and vignettes in Lightroom Classic with the Lens Correction Panel. Learn how to make easy auto adjustments as well as more specific and detailed adjustments to remove color fringes on high contrast edges.
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Lesson Info

Lens Corrections

now let's go back to our venice image for a minute because I want to talk about this, you see that green line and that red line that's going on in this photograph that is called fringing and that fringe is created by a difference between shadow and highlight. And so you'll always find it right at the line or the edge between something dark and something light. And so you can get rid of that by using the lens correction area. Notice that there's a checkbox that says remove chromatic aberrations. Let's just click on that and see what happens to all of these lines. Boom, they're pretty much gone, yep back on see how there's a red line on that pipe. There's a red line here, there's a green line there, there's a red line there, there's a green red green. If I click on that, remove chromatic aberration, they just simply go away and it just works. Now I can look all over this photograph and I won't see any more of those lines. However, if for some reason I did see some that were still there a...

nd in fact I can zoom in and see, I can see a little bit of purple still there. I can see a little bit of purple here. And so if that's the case and it's bothering you, You don't have to go in and look at 400%. But we are looking at 400%. And if that 400% is bothering you simply go into the manual settings. So click on manual and then go in and click on this little color dropper and go point at that purple and click on it and now it removed the purple. If for some reason you need to extend that out. You have some amount sliders, some purple hue. So you can extend how far that purple. See if I if I make it to short, the purple hue doesn't go away, but as I extend it, see that now I encapsulate all of that purple hue. So I'm getting rid of the purple hue. And so I think I've gotten rid of all of those edges and it's just by going into the manual area of the lens correction settings area. So you can do it quickly by clicking on that little checkbox, remove chromatic aberrations, but you can also go in and fine tune that to get rid of problematic fringes that are still plaguing your photograph.

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Ratings and Reviews

Byron Sieber

Jared does an excellent job at taking a subject and breaking it down step by step. He includes great explanations along the way to help you understand why he is doing something. His results, which are great photos, speak for themselves.


Excellent class with great detail on the new Masking tools! Thanks, Jared!

Michael Grosso

Excellent overview of the features included in the most recent upgrade of Adobe Lightroom. Very practical applications are covered at a very good pace. Thank you!

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