Advanced Photo Restoration


Advanced Photo Restoration


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Charging the Right Amount for Restoration Work

Okay, any major questions on that one? This is all so charges. What do you charge for some, like this depends on the picture of the detail time. Oh, yeah, in fact, I will never give a quote on anything until I have seen it because you just never know. You know what people expect? Describe what they have for you, teo, work on. So I always want to see it and want to know what's the final print size is going to be small is going to be big because that determines how precise you need to be in restoring things and did they want it color? Do they want it? Black, black and white? What do they want it printed on so on so forth now, it's probably a good idea to have a base fee for, like, simple restoration, heavy restoration, extreme restoration. I I used to have a priceless like that, but I don't anymore I pretty much just do it by the hour, and I just I kind of khun given estimate because I've done enough of this, that I give him a ballpark idea of how much it'll be, because I know how long i...

t takes me to do that kind of thing that when you're starting out. Talk to do it by the hour because you might not be really skilled, might take you a long time, and you, you just don't even know how long it's going to take until you jump in. You like, so far over my head way, we've all been there, so I just started by the hour for me. I would look around it, what competitive pricing in your area, and just come up with a basic fee. When you first start doing this, yeah, you're probably not going to do great hourly wage in the beginning, but the more you do it, the better, the faster you will be more efficient.

Class Description

Learn the vital tricks you need to restore photographs and add a new profit center to your Photography! Photoshop possesses power to magically repair and restore damages images - IF you know the secrets! Suzette will show you the super fast and easy ways (that are somewhat hidden!) to tackle tedious repairs and restore the color, texture and even missing pieces of images! Everything from masking & adjustment layers, to liquify, healing, patch, colorizing, rebuilding, and blending! You won't want to miss this invaluable class that will show you how to do "impossible repairs" and tons of applicable techniques for ALL your imaging projects!

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 14.2