Fixing a Torn Image


Advanced Photo Restoration


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Fixing a Torn Image

Okay here's a typical tourney image okay so putting the pieces together can be easy or or not so I'm going to make it simple for myself and go to my magic wand and click on the blue and just delete it about that double click and then delete it there we go and what I want is for these two pieces to be separate layers right now they're on one layer somebody using my lasso tool to select whoops went crazy there there we go and then control day or command j duplicates later by layer but shift controller command j cuts it to a new layer that's kind of handy you can remember that so I want this layer over here but the way it's torn it needs to be under so I just move the layer under and how do we get this to be a line just right well if I move it to where I have one point that's aligned perfectly like right there I can do control a command tea to transform and I moved my point of origin to that point now that is the pivot point so as I swing it it'll swing right into position because that pi...

vot point was moved right there have you ever done that where you go to move something you're like blips that's not what I meant that's what that's for wow got reaction out of you guys on that line that was good so line up any point and then it swivels on that point because they're happy over that it's a little okay so when we get close then we can still in transform I can use my arrow keys to just nudge it one pixel at a time to get it really refined right where I want it there we go and then of course the simple thing teo fix the crack is healing brush the spot healing rush describe the easiest but I can't do it on the two separate layers like this so what am I going to do any ideas stan visible now I try not to flatten it because what if I didn't have it quite right his glasses are off like they are uh something you don't realize till later you don't have any options if you flatten it so yeah I do stand visible which is shift command option e r shift control option e and I pulled up to the top so that is my new conglomerate layer and I go forward from there j for the healing brush and I just feel these now sometimes when they're over certain areas I might have to clone this is a little bit more of an advanced uh class I'm thinking so I'm not going to get into details on cloning and healing is okay is anybody have questions so that you could okay uh all right but that was a nice little turd for alignment

Class Description

Learn the vital tricks you need to restore photographs and add a new profit center to your Photography! Photoshop possesses power to magically repair and restore damages images - IF you know the secrets! Suzette will show you the super fast and easy ways (that are somewhat hidden!) to tackle tedious repairs and restore the color, texture and even missing pieces of images! Everything from masking & adjustment layers, to liquify, healing, patch, colorizing, rebuilding, and blending! You won't want to miss this invaluable class that will show you how to do "impossible repairs" and tons of applicable techniques for ALL your imaging projects!

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 14.2


a Creativelive Student

Love Suzette's teaching style and she was very thorough in her explanations of each thing she does. I also bough Matt's restoration class, this one by far has more information although his was great also. Would like to see Suzette back on creative live again :)