Using the Dodge & Burn Tool


Advanced Photo Restoration


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Using the Dodge & Burn Tool

Okay, so I do dodge and burn a lot on my images here's, the radiant there and that was linear burn at thirty percent. So with dodge in bern, I don't want to do it right on the layer. I want to make a separate layer, you can't really do it as an adjustment layer. So what I do is hit shift have ten because I do it so often I have recorded it on a, uh on an action function key. So what it will do if it will make a blank layer and it names that dodge in bern for me, and it puts it in the blend mode of soft light, and then it tells me just start painting to burn and switch to dodge press x that just saves me time. I do it enough that I wanted as an auction. So what I'm doing is I'm painting with a big soft brush at on ly fifteen percent and it's black, so if I paint fifteen percent black, then it burns it unify xto white and I paint fifteen percent white. It dodges it so literally on this layer I was able to really refine and it's very soft and forgiving and it's completely non destructive.

So blank layer, soft light painting in black and white at fifteen percent is a great way to do dajun burns. And it should be in action. By the way, if you're gonna, you're gonna be using it a lot.

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Learn the vital tricks you need to restore photographs and add a new profit center to your Photography! Photoshop possesses power to magically repair and restore damages images - IF you know the secrets! Suzette will show you the super fast and easy ways (that are somewhat hidden!) to tackle tedious repairs and restore the color, texture and even missing pieces of images! Everything from masking & adjustment layers, to liquify, healing, patch, colorizing, rebuilding, and blending! You won't want to miss this invaluable class that will show you how to do "impossible repairs" and tons of applicable techniques for ALL your imaging projects!

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 14.2


a Creativelive Student

Love Suzette's teaching style and she was very thorough in her explanations of each thing she does. I also bough Matt's restoration class, this one by far has more information although his was great also. Would like to see Suzette back on creative live again :)