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Photo Restoration Techniques

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Class Introduction

Dave Cross

Photo Restoration Techniques

Dave Cross

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Lesson Info

1. Class Introduction

Lesson Info

Class Introduction

photo shop is definitely such a great program that so many cool things you can do. But I got to say I don't think it's anything more rewarding than I've ever done than photo restoration. When you get the reaction you get from people, whether it's a family member or someone you're doing it for, where they have a photo that they thought was gone forever because was such a bad shape and you're able to give them something that you know looks pretty good. And that's the kind of thing we're to talk about. Obviously, we're also gonna talk a little about what I would call realistic expectations both for yourself and to pass on to the people you're working for. Because I have had people having an envelope with a photo in 800 pieces. They're like, Can you fix this? And so you know a little bit of that, But let's talk about the kind of implications of the way we can capture images and some of the sizing issue need to deal with, and then some ways to work figure out how to resolution correctly bec...

ause that's a big part of We're scanning something small and also something that I haven't seen any other person do this yet. But I love camera raw as it is, and I've discovered Camera Raw is an absolutely fantastic tool for photo restoration. There are things that it does that I would just like jaw droppingly Wow, that's like that would have taken me 10 times longer and Photoshopped So we'll talk about how camera rock and be a great tool. Now the expectation have to set up for you is that it's going to be, I'll tell you right now will be frustrating cause I'll open a photograph and started but never finish it because, realistically, anyone photo could take me 45 minutes. So no one wants to really watch me take away every single dot from a photograph, so we'll show you. This is the technique you would use for this type of problem and then not ever fix it. So it will be like anyone here watch big bang theory. There's the main character, Sheldon. His girlfriend's trying to fix his compulsion, so she keeps, like, sing the national anthem and then stopping before it's finished. And he's just like God because he wants. He wants to know the end, so they'll be a little bit of that because of times like and so on, so we won't be able to finish the whole thing. But just so you know, that's kind of where we're going to be at with this.

Class Description

If you have older photographs that are faded, scratched, torn, have pieces missing or otherwise in need of repair, this class is for you! Dave will share a series of strategies to help you restore family heirlooms back to their original state, using a variety of tools and techniques - including a couple you may never have thought of using for this purpose.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2017


Margaret Lovell

While I use Photoshop, I wouldn't consider myself an advanced user. I'm slowly, but surely trying to move in that direction. I've also been interested in learning more about photo restoration techniques to fix some of my old photos. But also because I think it's a useful skill to have, which could function as a side gig. I'm glad that I took David's class. I found his explanations easy to follow, and it's a great beginner's program. I feel as if I can start using what I learned today.

Beatriz Stollnitz

Excellent class for anyone who is looking to restore old photos. Dave's usual clear explanation style makes it an easy and enjoyable class to follow along.


Another superb class from Dave Cross. Well organized, well paced, very clear and extremely insightful! Voice of experience with wise advice. Thanks Dave!