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Photo Transfers for Mixed Media Collage Work

Lesson 9 of 9

Adding Final Doodling

Stephenie Hamen

Photo Transfers for Mixed Media Collage Work

Stephenie Hamen

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Lesson Info

9. Adding Final Doodling

Lesson Info

Adding Final Doodling

So now that I have all of this done, the last thing that we're going to do is just a little bit of doodling if you want tio on here and in that your spot should be one of the pens there is a title behind the scissors and this is by far my favorite doodling pen when I'm doing work I'm not going over a lot and I'm doing it primarily there on paper or on really dry jess oh, I love this because it's just such a fine tip that you can get some really fun fun detail so I'm going to do is go in and kind of frame her out a little bit maybe write some words or you can add a little quote whatever but we're just gonna give her a little bit of extra framing in a little extra love right? Well I'm doing is just making simple scallops you can do any little sheep that you want I tend to use these a lot as you may have I noticed okay, I'm just gonna that's um, godson, the other thing you can do is if you wanted to head stems to all your flowers, you can do that, you can do all sorts of fun stuff knox yo...

u've really got a blink space out here to work with if you really wanted to, but I'm actually gonna just hand draw some stems on there you can't even go in and add your own little leaf shapes if you would like at this point it's really just kind of adding those last few little finishing touches bless you she might want I'm gonna frame her out with cem squiggle lines the thing is that remember when you're doodling is just imperfection is fine it's a doodle it's not meant to be necessarily the perfect representation meant to be artistic don't do that he's doing ok it's when I add that in a little bit more just debating on what's right I want to write anything okay alessio thank you very quietly doodling and finishing up here the other fun thing is if you wanted to and this is really dry you could go back in and add a little bit of doodles to where you stand but you just want to be really careful that that's really dry before you put your pen in there so that you don't ruin your pen but that adds another a little bit of texture to your piece so this water and I just love this how fine and tip this pen is it just makes doing so much fun but I would love to test and try pens and I if you like to do till I suggest that you do that because you'll find different pens or really great for different things and so just give it a world test it out so it's nothing overly fancy, but it just is a fun little project that you can dio with photos with postcard imagery, any of that kind of stuff. And I mean that's another thing that I find all the time, antique stores and at thrift stores are all those great vintage postcards, and they just have so many great projects that could be done with, um I love giving vintage things new life, so if you haven't noticed over the course of the last two days, we've done a lot with vintage materials, so just also why it's in the name of my block? Okay, I'm just gonna have a few more little dots in here and just finish this up. How are you guys doing? Are you doodling? Are you still painting? We're still painting that it's fine. Anybody online have any questions? As we get finished up? We're really good on questions right now. Everyone's just really focused on what you're doing because we're basically to this point, we are just going to finish up with a little bit of doodle, um and that's. Really it? I mean that's. How simple this this khun b once you know how to do it right? It's just it's a lot of fun, but it's it's an easy process. I think people just get really scared of the idea of doing photo transfers, and so they don't want to mess it up. It's just it's. I find that a lot with all these mixed media projects, I just don't want to mess it up. And so, um, but it's actually a various simple, simple process story. Any last final words before we wrap up, I think that's a just give it a try and just don't, you know, make sure that you're using copies and not the originals and and all of that kind of stuff, but I think it's important to just put yourself out there and half fine it's all about having fun, and I think people sometimes take it too seriously, or they get too wrapped up and not doing it as good as other people that they might see online. And I think you just gotta let that go and stop comparing tio what everybody else does and just find your own groove and do your own thing and just be really happy and happen. Three well, thank you so much for being here with the stephanie I want to take the time to show our online audience what you guys have created, I know they're not fully done yet. But again, if we could just show them out to the world because you guys have really spent some nice time on these, and I just think they're amazing. They look really, really great. And stephanie, the last and final question. And most importantly, where can people find you? They can find me at the vintage perry dot com that's, my blogged, and I'm on instagram and twitter and all that stuff is crafty. Stephanie so it's buying me. They're awesome.

Class Description

Photo transfers add detail and interest to your work and, best of all, they aren’t difficult to produce. Learn how its done from Stephenie Hamen in Photo Transfers for Mixed Media Collage Work.

Stephenie will teach you all about photo transferring and demonstrate how you can add color and alter the images within the piece. 

You’ll learn how to:

  • Create a transfer using gesso, gel mediums, and paint
  • Use Gelatos, markers, or watercolors to add color
  • Integrate transfers into a mixed media piece

You’ll also learn about using clear gesso to create a writeable surface for doodling and journaling along with some basic stamp carving techniques.

Photo Transfers for Mixed Media Collage Work will teach you how to add a fun, unique element to your work and inspire you to get creative!

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I like the class overall and it was nice to see a process with easy to find materials. It would be very useful for the students taking the class to have a list of materials needed. Clear Gesso, Decoupage and matte medium were mentioned... but which ones specifically and what brands? Also, I didn't see the use of watercolors (only gelatos). I wanted to see watercolors being used as mentioned in the class info.

Becky Holaway

I've taken both of Stephenie Hamen's classes on Creative Live. She's a great teacher, and I thoroughly enjoyed the class.

Lana Wright

I really liked this class! What I was wanting to learn is how to do photo transfers and I learned that and more. It was neat to see how stamps can be incorporated into the project. My 8-year-old son jumped in as I watched and now wants to give this type of project a try too. Perfect for our new homeschool life.