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Testing Stamps

Lesson 4 from: Photo Transfers for Mixed Media Collage Work

Stephenie Hamen

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Lesson Info

4. Testing Stamps

Lesson Info

Testing Stamps

So I'm doing the same thing that I did before, and I'm just taking my pencil and rubbing it across here, so I can kind of see what I've got done and what might still need a little bit of finessing and also had to go out and do the outer edges of this, but you can see you can get really fine little lines with this as long as you're as long as you're careful, you can do a lot of really cool detail with these. I just wish I had a study your hand, so that my lines were all a little bit strange, but then it wouldn't look like a hand carved stamp, I guess got that done. All right, so when I put that one to the side, I'm actually gonna miss wanted you guys to see some of that detail I'm gonna make sure that this one is all done here is the big one. I'll go back to where I started, finish it up quick, and then once it's done, um I'm gonna take my scissors and cut out around the edge and get rid of the little bit of access that's still there? I feel like I have pencil on my face right now, so I...

usually do when I do this at some point, I'll go into the restroom or something. I look up and they'll be this big smudge because I've got, like, rubbed the paper and I've got like, pencil everywhere, and I'm a total mess I'm going to go now you can actually use these in several different ways. You can take this, yank it later or something on top. Breyer it I still come from the old school of, like, actually, I I mean, I started out using actual stamps, and so I still feel the need to put them on some sort of a block or amount when I use them, but there's, lots of ways if you don't have that, you can just you can you can do them um but I'd sheet I don't actually mount them to a single block and just leave them there forever. I just peel them back off and put a little bit more adhesive down, and my blocks and amounts have layers and layers of sticky adhesive on them now, but that seems to work well for me. I'm just gonna cut off the excess big chunks on the corners here just like that and, um, there's lots of different types of blacks there's look, you could just get, like, clear acrylic blacks and use those to hear them tio some of these they ran through like a those sticker makers don't because I've seen those I've actually run this, and I'm sure that people who make that are really upset with me for saying that this is a way too thick for those super makers, but I run it through there, put it, he said on the back and then play down it works really well, but you can also just take and that's what's on these two is that stuff um and this long is I put it upside down and I'll get stuff on it, it stays really well. The other option you have is just taking tape runner and just putting that on there and then putting your stamp on it and peeling it off. Um, which I like to do sometimes too, and so I usually just use that good archival inc and give her one last tap down and then I'll test it on a piece of scratch paper and just make sure that I'm not getting anything weird that I don't like when I do it. So I've kind of got a few little bumps out here and down there where the ink got on that are just pieces that are sticking up that's what I'll do is take it off and I will just go back in and clean up those those little spots so I could just get that one with the scissors. Or if I feel like all those lines, they're still a little too thick that gives you that really like you can get a good perspective with the pencil when he put the ink on it and you actually stamp it down that gives you that really like this is exactly what the stamp looks like this is it this is the final product and from there you can kind of go in and really get the last bits and make any changes that you want to make to it. Plus then you've got that nice black guide almost to make your changes because when the blacks gone, the ex con, which means that space is now there make some friends man and this is where it can get to that point of like you just let it go on the line or do you his keep messing with it and that kind of comes down to what you really want for your final final product. How detailed, how thick the lines are, all those kinds of things is up to you it's fun because sometimes you want to stamp and you don't have it and if you have this stuff you could be like, you know what I want to put an anchor and something and I don't have an anchor and I have to do is dry and cut it out in your good where a few otherwise you're running out to the store and buying yourself a stamp listen, it's got your own little unique twist to it okay, try it again put it back down put some ink back on it someone will re stamp so I've got a little bit of a thinner lying knew and I got rid of some of those little extra dots that kind of showed up so you can kind of see a difference here just in a little bit of change I made it's not huge but it's enough that I'm a little happier with it and that at the end of the day is what I guess if I'm making it for myself that's what matters I want to be happy and I know that sounds very selfish but it's so you could dio all sorts of fine things with this but this is just really basic idea to just get you guys started on stamp carving and then after that you can just go crazy making all sorts of of course okay I seriously have to see her right there say like she liked edwards and all sorts of something you have to share what you just stand what you did because that's gorgeous I could tell from here but it's going to be fantastic she's not a newbie of us but I do love stand carving its fun really because you can make your own set of letters and stamp out words with your own funky font and your own handwriting. And it's. Really it's a good way, tio, do you totally? Yeah.

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I like the class overall and it was nice to see a process with easy to find materials. It would be very useful for the students taking the class to have a list of materials needed. Clear Gesso, Decoupage and matte medium were mentioned... but which ones specifically and what brands? Also, I didn't see the use of watercolors (only gelatos). I wanted to see watercolors being used as mentioned in the class info.

Becky Holaway

I've taken both of Stephenie Hamen's classes on Creative Live. She's a great teacher, and I thoroughly enjoyed the class.

Lana Wright

I really liked this class! What I was wanting to learn is how to do photo transfers and I learned that and more. It was neat to see how stamps can be incorporated into the project. My 8-year-old son jumped in as I watched and now wants to give this type of project a try too. Perfect for our new homeschool life.

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