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Tinting the Photo

Lesson 8 from: Photo Transfers for Mixed Media Collage Work

Stephenie Hamen

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Lesson Info

8. Tinting the Photo

Lesson Info

Tinting the Photo

So I've got my flowers done I'm gonna grab a couple more colors for her tent here grab some way pink they look like chopsticks, they're called jola does, but they're not an ice cream trade or a chapstick. They're just a great art to us it's like kind of like a grownup cran it's it could be used to paint you can use it to cover you can do all sorts of things with it and I just love using them. I'm gonna add a lot of water into my teal and then what I'm really going toe do is even diluted more and move it over into another bin and add even more water to that, so we're really diluting it down just a really thin light color when then I'm going to be really careful and I'm gonna tent her dress this light teal very gently going over it and again, if I don't like it, I can just take my my white and pick some of that up, but I can also go back in and add add more and this deal's got like, a little bit of ah shimmer kind of like a metallic, which her dress looks kind of sat me, so I thought tha...

t would be a cool effect ad to this part of it and then I just go in and lightly and my tent and because there's so much shadow and light and darkness within the photograph itself, you don't have to worry about doing some of that shading the natural of that image is going to take care of that for you, so you don't have to be worried if it's as long as you're in a consistent color level, you'll be fine we'll just get that on there is some light, it just adds a hint of color doesn't it's not bold it's an in your face there's just a nice little shine and shimmer tow that portion of her portrait and then because it's black and white and printed and redone, she looks really, really washed out, so I'm just going to add a teeny tiny bit of pink to her cheeks so that she doesn't look like a zombie basically on here, we're not zombie crafting today, I know that would be cool, maybe that's next time we'll do zombie crafts, but today we're not so I'm just gonna lift and mix again had a little more water to this some just don't take that in and just gently give her just a tiny bit of color in her cheeks and it's it's very subtle I do not want to have her come out looking like bozo the clown, so that was even a little too much so just kind of dabba nine when you can do the same thing to the lips, if you want a cz well and just give it that tiny bit of life I think I'm going to go with a little bit of red actually feel like she would be wearing I don't know I like red lipstick, so maybe I'm just channeling that, but we're going to do a little bit of right, right? All right. I'm gonna heat, gun that and get it set. And then if I see any spots where it might be a little bit too much, I can still lift it off. But this way, at least it gets settled in and I can go, because right now, it's like a big bubbles of water, so I want to make sure it gets down in there. How are you guys feeling good has the photo you started photos hinting it? Yeah. Do you like it? Yeah, I've done it with landscapes, and that could be, like, really cool. Like old postcards you've like scanned in and he put him out in black and white. You can add the color into the the greens and things like that. It's just it's. A lot of fun, all these are things that I like. Played with in my art journals and messed around with and things so her lipstick looks like she ate something and went like this. We're going to fix that. Like I said, it's all fixable, which is good. I'm going to be like her makeup artist and go, don't get that right there, every move a little bit. Take her a little bit more natural hats. Better, it's, just fun, because it just adds that subtle difference and that a subtle hint of of color.

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I like the class overall and it was nice to see a process with easy to find materials. It would be very useful for the students taking the class to have a list of materials needed. Clear Gesso, Decoupage and matte medium were mentioned... but which ones specifically and what brands? Also, I didn't see the use of watercolors (only gelatos). I wanted to see watercolors being used as mentioned in the class info.

Becky Holaway

I've taken both of Stephenie Hamen's classes on Creative Live. She's a great teacher, and I thoroughly enjoyed the class.

Lana Wright

I really liked this class! What I was wanting to learn is how to do photo transfers and I learned that and more. It was neat to see how stamps can be incorporated into the project. My 8-year-old son jumped in as I watched and now wants to give this type of project a try too. Perfect for our new homeschool life.

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