Photo Week 2015 West Coast Tour

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Photo Week Bus Tour - Clip 11


Photo Week 2015 West Coast Tour

Lesson 12 of 20

Photo Week Bus Tour - Clip 11


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Photo Week Bus Tour - Clip 11

Welcome back everyone to the creative lad west coast bus tour who we're somewhere in oregon I still have no idea where we are my name is kind of custom and I am would boulevard there we go there were signs is maybe we find out jasmine can you find out where we are please all right I am here with mac laskowski way are on our way again if you're just joining us we've been down in san francisco went through sacramento you know springfield eugene oregon way are on our way to portland for partying all right so we wanted to take a minute to talk about on one and learn a few things from matt close casket here very fitting because on one's based on a portland so that is actually good passes through there for hours on end hi. We should roll by the office on a saturday these people will be there because there's a new version coming out well that's pretty sure they're working let's talk about that let's say so tell us what one what on one is and I know a lot of people use photo shop a lot of peop...

le use light room for the post processing why do people use on one um so the way that I explain it is light room light for photographers like kind of home base yeah there's really nothing better out there for for exposure shadows highlight nice noise reduction lens corrections if I mean adobes really fine tune so I think late room is home base for photographers um photoshopped well it is kind of like the swiss army knife will do everything to me where on one comes in and just plug ins in general is plug ins address the things that light room for photographers won't do so a lot of finishing affection people have a style right? I think that's the biggest one is people have a style to their photography and most people are getting that style from some type of ah a plug in or at that's out there they're not necessarily getting it from like remind one willing to tweak colors and everything but I think overall style is these days is coming from so so style uh one of the on one aps is a portrait retouching up you know it's your your high end fashion rita cher's and your high and magazine people can't they take pride and how long it takes them to retouch a portrait longer if it took seven hours it's like that's a badge of honor in the industry most of us where you know wedding photographers portrait dog you're not being paid to retouch photos so the faster you can make it easier you could make it on dh that's where I think the portrait up comes in on and then they really on one's got a great browse app that is kind of like think of it as you get back from a shoot light room is awesome for it does so many things, but there is a little bit of a price to pay up front you have to import, you have to go through that process inside of light room. Um the brows app and on one is literally just plug your computer and your plug your photos and look on your desktop you look at where you want and it's just it's for that immediate gratification like, I want to see my photos now I want to see him, I want maybe do a quick end it or whatever. So this is part of your workflow and making it more efficient? Yeah, because what it does for me is, you know, when I get back from a shoot, sometimes I just want to look at the photos really quick, right? And I look through and I can tag a couple of five stars in the cool part about it is you want to do the important a light room? All that stuff comes with two, so you're saying that you're not like waiting for all of these big raw files tio have tio import into light room they're able to see right on? Yeah, because if you think about what like rooms doing like he's got a gather all kinds information to be able to do all the raw editing, writing all that so it takes a little bit of time and I'm going to go through that process but I should say I'm eventually going to go through that process and light room like as a photographer but this is kind of like the quick fix I want look, I didn't even say I should mention that what your role is what is your role at on one um my role on one is two annoyed that developers so you know I mean it's it's on a couple different things um title is bp a photography which means everything I think but I think part of my job is is is education so the private biggest part of my job is education around the on products but also education around photography because people that use on one our photographers they use later amuse photoshopped I want to learn how to take better pictures so you can kind of get that all in one place so we we can help, right? So not just on one demos and what have you on the on one site but a whole education platform where you're going out there and you're filming videos and doing certain kinds of geography stuff to teach what's needed when when and where it's needed so it's like not every not everything is going to fit into the on one foretold it's like, you know it's more photography in general. So I hear that there's a new version or there's you right here. Right? Alright. You just told me that they're gonna get its peak. Really exciting. Tell us what is what's new what's fresh. So I think the cool part for me is that this is the first version that's come out since I worked there. Thanks. So you know, adobe adobe has always been good over the years about getting advice from photographers out there that use the product and that's great and first big of a company as they are, they always do a really good job with that, but at the same time, there's always a lot of feedback that comes in it's like I can have an idea and sixty other people have different ideas and only so many ideas get in there so that on one it's kind of, like kind of become the resident photographer, so my ideas have a higher likelihood of getting into products. So it's pretty cool because I can kind of have an impact on what you're saying. What you're saying is, if anybody out there wants a new feature for on one, that they should go directly to get it yeah, they come to me and it's slip me a twenty and we'll see if we can make and then if it's good. So if it's so if you like the new version than it was my idea and if you don't like it and it wasn't fantastic well let's see it let's let's time in. All right, so you're gonna show us so let's take a look here. Um kind of lessening s so we'll take a look I think part of the, uh, part of the big new thing is going to be inside the brows modules. So if you look through here, uh, let's take a look at a folder. One of the things that you'll see is is you get like instant instant thumbnails. So if you ever thought if you have ever seen like you open up whatever program your you tend to wait for all the thumbnails to draw on all that um you're gonna see instant thumbnails you're going to see everything kind of rangers on the screen instantly. And even if you know if you hit the space bar, I can actually zoom in and I can get a better look as I'm going through and you could see it renders almost immediately so that's that's probably the big part uh, jump into a different folder here can I talk for a second all right, why does take the I did my my favorite fall by the way I'm working my way seeing what you're seeing when we're not you know so that's that's why I left okay talk first take take the focus off of me so I could just go to different holder here well I was your full gear files down that you're really you're not everyone just bring it up today where we are we are here this is mac laskowski and we are talking about the new on one that is coming up going to be released soon we're here on a bus we are driving from san francisco all the way to seattle kickoff photo week two thousand fifteen you just let me know when you're ready already okay why you're talking wait so here this is this what I really wanted to show is going to click on a folder here that's got like hundreds of raw files in it so hopefully the speed comes across but see that yeah like this is this is probably the better part of like six or seven hundred raw files that instantly rendered that doesn't happen in every app so now with him in leyte room I go in and you can say like you know just save the tiny tiny you but it still doesn't more so and again that has its place that has this place in your work flow when you're ready to get that deep into it but for the quick fix I just want to look at the photos so and then if you look at I mean it's like I know I'm into uh I'm into a zoomed in view of the photo and I'm not waiting not waiting I'm not seeing a little spending things so that's pretty cool I'd say another another neat feature that and that's not this I knew it's just faster but another very cool feature is so I put I put my poor five a portfolio folder this actually one of my favorite features on dh ten is I have a portfolio folder and inside there I've got all these sub folders of like categories in my portfolio places people, whatever happens to be so if I wanted to see everything in my portfolio what I'd have to do is go into every single sub folder, open it up and then go back and then go into another sub folder so they added this little check box that's disappeared on me hold on a second it was a little check box I wish I could tell the camera not to show this because it's just one of those there was a little checkbooks are swear guys I'm not lying it's disappeared on me oh I found it never mind all right ready can you see so there's a little check our it's a little menu item I could swear it's going to be a check box if it's not going to find a way to make it a checkbook show sub folder contents so want to click on it it shows me all the stuff that's in those sub folders so I'm still able to organize the way that I want to but then I can go through here and I can see everything that's inside it there and I could go over here and just turn it off so there's all the sub folder that's got everything in it if I want to see what's inside of it, I just go to show and it shows everything inside so that's pretty cool because it's just it's agent time from digging through every single folder when you know you're in the right direction, you can show everything that's inside so making it more efficient as you're working through trying to get ready to go yeah, a couple other things and browsing and we'll move on to some of the more fancy stuff there's watched holders so it's like as you add things, it actually watches your folders for you so everything automatically like it will get at it in there you don't have to wait for it I mean watch so like my portfolio folder anytime I add something into that portfolio folder it's being watched it's automatically generating all the stuff that it's got a generator so everything's gonna be fast and I think I'm not wait I'm not taking that hit on time when I do an import that I'm actually able to see everything when I want to um got it something called smart albums which is basically I could make an album I could put photos inside of it smart albums or away from me to say hey, any time I hit a five star rating on a photo automatic we put it into an album so not necessarily going to that work he's nice that's pretty cool all right, let's take a look here I'm gonna go jump on my desktop and, uh let's take a look so one of the enhancements this is s o a buddy of mine he's way we're talking about um the portrait module that's inside on one and the idea behind it is it does a really good natural retouch and so a buddy line dave cross took took this photo and you were talking about nellie her name tonality she's a beautiful woman I think over retouching is is done and played um and so we were talking like she doesn't need a lot of retouching beautiful women but a little bit of shine a couple of little blemishes, whatever you know sometimes we want to whiten teeth and just right in the eyes a little bit so it's not super super fake retouching we're just trying to make things better so uh what do you do to one of things that they've changed here will jump into the portrait module there one of things that changed this is if somebody like was on their side or somebody was turned a little bit sometimes it wouldn't detect the eyes the right way so what they've done is is when I say you know, I want to go in here and I want to edit a photo number one and it's it's a lot faster but the way it works is it kind of gives you a little direction desktop you just click in there click there like there you click there if they're not smiling you can actually skip those points so won't even try to detect the mouth and then you just tell it to go to town and it'll protect the eyes in the mountain for you we're going to see how it does sometimes it does awesome sometimes it messes up a little so it's done pretty good on that eye but you can tweak it um it's missed this I a little bit but it's really fast to go in there and is it looking for brightness or those some of the things that affect what it's actually how it's finding that yeah I mean it's it's basically I I wish I knew how all that stuff works. Brian the scene, but it's it's face detection so really easy to tweak if you need to, but the idea behind it is once you tweet, you're done because the basic retouch has already been applied to it. So if you go down here if I click on the preview and I'm gonna zoom in just a little bit more by click on the, uh, if I click on the preview but take a look that's before that's after nice senses, it's just like like if you could see the blemishes if there's there's birthmarks if there's you don't want to remove those things, you just want to lessen the end. So it's really retouch if you want to go through here like she's got a little bit of shine on our nose and you can kind of go in there and bump up the show I'm gonna crank it up, you can see like that's if I totally get rid of all the shine, which we don't want to because highlights are not bad, but you can kind of tone down the shine. I can go to that crazy, crazy skin smooth area if we wanted to, but we don't want to back in the eighties, right, yes, yes! Nothing, nothing says nineteen eighty like glamour portrait skins on. And then you got eyes and mouth so I could make the eyes waiter or I could make the mouth a little bit later to again. We don't want to do that. It's you it's what I tell people is out of the box. It's it's! Good it's! Like once you get to find the features and if it takes a second or two to tweak it, don't worry because it's not like it's a good natural retouch, which is awesome. So all you're doing is identifying the eyes and the teeth and then it knows what the rest of your skin is. It's got cloning and healing tools if you need to go in there to a blemish or spot and, um, you know you wanted just totally get rid of something. You can go to the those tools and get rid of it. But that's uh, that's that's, the portrait. I'll show you one more here. So this was this is ah pretty cool. Because I I face this one a lot. So and we face it. So if you look like if you look off into the distance see how things get hazy? Absolutely right now we're not necessarily experience way see it when we're looking for, but overall, like just because of our senses like we don't miss a little look oh, yeah that's hazy what happens is we take a picture, then we see it and then we see the haze and we're like I said, easy what what was hazy in real life? I mean, that's just what happens in the distance but way don't say so way I think we want our photos toe look like we remember that, um, so here's an example, so I've got I've got this easy photo here alright, so sky looks good, everything looks good, but it's just kind of got a claire and a hasty gonna jump into the effects module because they've added a haste reduction. Um what's cool about it is it doesn't really mess with the color too much that's, there's, there's, some good heyes reduction out there now I mean, I say use it inside a leg room and photo shop. They don't really leave, like photoshopped unless I have to, um I'll use it in there. The only trick is is it does mess with your color a little bit. So if you really want to reduce the page, you're going toe it's gonna make your blues look a little bit oversaturated so there's a preset uh section called hayes reduction going to apply it and even got like I've got a warm option and they've got a cool option so if you wanted to bring a little bit of sunlight into it could use a warm wanted to cool it down but you gotta zoom into you really got to see what it's doing this's this is near telluride, colorado I forget the exact name of the town but um that's the it's out that way I am let's just say that yeah, I was like totally got lucky like fall color snow like everything worked out great. All right, so it's added some some hates reduction to it so we hit the preview that's before that's after so if you look like right in here I see the contrast definitely improving what is that? Some of the other things that it's actually doing to do so it's it's going with what's really happening behind the scenes is it's actually going in and it's working with a lot of the details and you can even like if you click on the layer that's got the haze reduction on it you can go in and tweak the details you can say, well, I want I want to really go after those smaller details more, and you could see how it gets more fine tuned here, let me back it off, and you could see a sea change here it goes a little bit duller, and then we'll get sharper so they'll go into small, medium or large details. Um, the way the haze reduction is built, it kind of it kind of tackles a small stuff because a large details are like clouds and different things, but what's really nice about it is if it ever does affect part of the photo that you don't want to, um, there is a masking brush, so I would just go and I can paint a lot of need to do anything down here. I could just paint it away from all those areas, so if you're doing something to your sky and you don't like the effect that it doesn't your sky, but you like it on all that crazy stuff in the distance through a good way to do it. That's one of my favorite new features inside of effects because it's something I run into, so that is that's that's, kind of like a quick overview of and there's others there's, obviously lots of stuff I would say probably best thing, um, if you're interested in just goto on one dot com it's a big time of year for us this october is like the time of year that the new version comes out, so if you go toe on one dot com, you will be smacked in the face with the new version and videos on the new version and features and all kinds of stuff on it. So that really be the best place to go following find out more about it and there's there's lots of pre order stuff too. So, um and, you know, obviously we love when people pre order, so in an effort to do that there's uh, you get I did a whole thing, like an exclusive training bundle for releasing on one magazine, so you're gonna get three issues of that and then we get, like, a family license. What is that being released in the next month? So so you'll get all that stuff for free as a pre order, so if you wait until that actually comes out, you don't get well something he's. So much for the demo very citing thank you so much for into the release for sitting here with you. All right, so yeah earlier just reveal the truth now we're gonna have you do it by yourself, come on, can I like tennis it with may I need somebody to talk two way radio on the right track. That's. What we do way big shout out to you guys, thanks for having us here. Yeah, absolutely. Lots of fun. Yeah, just head over down one dot com, and you can find out what we need. All right, we're going to go on a break again, but thank you guys for joining us. Stay tuned for more of creative lives. Road trip for photo in two thousand fifteen. Say later

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CreativeLive is kicking off Photo Week with a West Coast Tour and you are invited!

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This has been a fabulous way to introduce Photo Week. We have had a chance to see the masters working in real conditions, and making the best of the conditions they found themselves in. Well done.