Photo Week 2015 West Coast Tour

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Photo Week Bus Tour - Clip 14


Photo Week 2015 West Coast Tour

Lesson 15 of 20

Photo Week Bus Tour - Clip 14


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Photo Week Bus Tour - Clip 14

All right, welcome back, everyone. We're on the bus. This is the creative lime photo two thousand fifteen bus tour way. We're just paris hoping so you missed that. It was so much fun that we wanted to turn onto the live stream. We are on our way to portland for a little bit outside of there, but to tell us, what's going on, and I really hope that you're doing safety first. Got a hot iron going on right there. It was very hot. I and, um, you may have heard it's, not a room at the creative life crew and no one to be the best looking crew in the state of washington. And when you don't have a model to do your live broadcast, I can portland, you just ask one recruit to be your model, and she turned to me and she goes, do I haven't done my hand? And I said, well, I just happened to a fault, my straining, I'm so there were sitting on the bus, and I'm doing denny out here, she's going to be my urban glam shoot in the park and portland, we'll be there in about half an hour and way look, to hear...

that the pictures of high it is nowhere issue there's, not trees, so I but stuffed in my bag I have a backdrop so we're going to rig out my backdrop on to lighting stands with gaffer tape and I'm gonna shoot any hour I had a dress in my bag um that she's gonna wear but she doesn't fit it so I've just got to try it on and I hand stitched it with the hotel stitching kitsch from the hotel the little portable and I have stood staring to it and now I'm doing here and make up on the bus I like that she's because it is my guy ever you are the glamour my guys I want to talk tax because we're out field so many people whether it's d I y or whatever like tell me about a recent hack that you've had to dio with regard to getting out shooting I think like in my past being a photographer uh I always had gaffe david a clamps in my bag because you never knew when a wedding dress you need to be clipped up when a guy's tuxedo needed be taped down you know for a wide variety of things number one time I was photographing a wedding and the bride uh class at the top of her dress kind of like popped off into whatever wouldn't go back on and so we know we had a selling kids we sew that up I mean like my best friend has uh ah bad but he calls the kitchen sink and in that kitchen sink our every little quick fix solution that you could ever think of from rain jackets disposal rain jackets to heating pads too a clams and gaffer tape the guy is a genius when it comes to having you want when you have it exactly right it's amazing what he's got in there he's got is coming by hard drive's he's got hard drives geltex I mean it's an incredible bag and it's crazy because he's gone through every sort of scenario and he's gone through every sort of thing where it's like oh my god, I I need this so just puts it all into a bag and he carries with him to every little shoot brilliant brilliant okay, but let's get real let's talk about zombie apocalypse what she just said is a real thing yeah screw hacks hugs all these if you have coming barry's you're good I didn't expect that things don't be apocalypse that's a great one what would be your choice of weapon at is on the apocalypse daryn go yeah my freedom firearm because it definitely be a shotgun absolutely at shock and if you can't find that baseball bat I have thought about this I think my my first thing project that will be across because you could be used that bolts gonna be accurate with shot that is great have you seen him with a cross and then like my not my non we have to be like a machete or a ninja blade catanha yeah jasmine in your face looks like I have no idea my weapon of choice is like cyanide I choose not to buy I choose to play my own game I just I don't want you reason that I was actually thinking about boys and myself and wondering if that would work because I was watching game of thrones recently and like in the last episode where they use it don't talk about how he's going to survive so it was here you know join the massive they want their weapon of choice okay uh definitely I catanha or two short sword or maybe a short broad so are you for going out getting just got black guys scythe double jeopardy but I know what I'll do nobody knew it from the trial or like e o throwing having whitman and its defeats equipment as well because you can block with it you can throw with about mercy you khun stands on these in the forehead all right danielle who just said don't ask me as I put the mic up tio I would probably say sort sorts yeah yeah something that you could reuse right alright pull out start all right favorite television show that as we're on zombies what what's the latest thing you binge watched er orphan black what's the good yeah bbc america is it is it oh ok I guess I could understand but she finally got the emmy nomination shit desperately deserve because she's playing like six or seven characters an episode you don't think so I think she's outstanding I saw the first season and I liked it that way can agree to disagree on that one doesn't um I probably shouldn't admit that this nice even show at the time but I really love looking valley e was reason like really conservative family and so every episode I'm like this is so wrong so wrong it's so right like everything about it is home larry is that it's inappropriate and he ran a reverend and they just do yeah it's it's really well done no no see another really what's it about and is killing it is simply based on like the technological booth and how companies were kind of like blowing up like the internet played a lot of things have happened in the companies and move move tio silicon valley all of it is just so well done so well all right, well we're going to go off lining in everyone sues going to continue to in daniel's hair tweet us what your favorite new show is that you're watching that you're addicted to using the hash tag soda week two thousand fifteen about that apple's alright guys, we'll see you in a bit we're signing off way. We'll see you all in portland at one p. M pacific time or thereabouts reflects. Well, all right, see you guys later.

Class Description

CreativeLive is kicking off Photo Week with a West Coast Tour and you are invited!

Join Sue Bryce, Jasmine Star, Victor Ha, and Matt Kloskowski as they begin their adventure in San Francisco – meeting up with students in Sacramento and Portland – while making their way to the Seattle CreativeLive studios for Photo Week 2015!

Online viewers can stay tuned-in to their adventures by watching the On Air broadcast and following the hashtag: #photoweek2015

West coast CreativeLive fans are invited to join us, in person at the San Francisco, Sacramento, and Portland stops!

San Francisco - CreativeLive Office
444 De Haro St San Francisco, CA 94107
Friday September 18, 2015
8:30 AM - 9:30 AM

Sacramento - Cesar Chavez Park
910 I St Sacramento, CA 95814
Friday September 18, 2015
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Portland - Jamison Square
810 NW 11th Ave, Portland, OR 97209
Saturday, September 19, 2015

We are kicking things off in San Francisco with an early morning meet-and-greet. Join us in our Potrero Hill offices for coffee, donuts, and fun with your favorite CreativeLive instructors.

In Sacramento and Portland, you’ll get to watch the masters at work and take part in our exciting and educational Photo Walks! Sue, Jasmine, Victor, and Matt will be shooting and exploring – while our awesome partners will be out with us, ensuring you leave feeling educated and inspired.

If you love CreativeLive and have always wanted to get some face-time with our incredible instructors, don’t miss out on your opportunity to join us on the road.

BONUS! We’ll have some seriously awesome swag for the first 50 folks at each location!



This has been a fabulous way to introduce Photo Week. We have had a chance to see the masters working in real conditions, and making the best of the conditions they found themselves in. Well done.