Photo Week 2015 West Coast Tour

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Photo Week Bus Tour - Clip 17


Photo Week 2015 West Coast Tour

Lesson 18 of 20

Photo Week Bus Tour - Clip 17


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Photo Week Bus Tour - Clip 17

Good good I thank you guys for being here it is a little bit warm but it's fantastic portland has treated this so stinking well because we have a limited time together I'm going to bring you guys up to speed creative life bus pulled up in front of this rather small park ninety percent of it is in full sun it is really warm I would not shooting that on any given time of day when it's full sun so then we walked the park and I had to think what can I do and where can I go and then I really on ly space for me to shoot is along this walkway because I'm getting good light and it's not too green from the color cast in the park so these are my considerations so I want to make us as applicable as I can't see what you do on a wedding day on a wedding date it is very common for the church lady to say you could stand here in our concrete parking lot for twenty minutes for your photo shoot and so in the back of your mind all you can think is oh my god how am I gonna make this work helping me with t...

his work so that's what I did I seriously walk in park and I was like, oh sweet baby jesus where am I going? I don't know what I'm doing and I have about a time of people to do this. So now I'm gonna say is my job. My objective is to create a portfolio from this shoot that looks as diverse as possible given the scene geographic location. So if you can learn this, if you can learn mastery and posing with in this small area, then you can have and was possibilities. When you have more space to work with, a shoot in and of itself will be about twenty five minutes we off five minutes for q and a. If you guys have questions as I go along, please ask me. I also encouraged if you guys beforehand for you guys just to simply say one board settings settings people want to know my settings, and sometimes I forget I will also be talking about how I prefer to shoot with wide apertures. You proved to kind of distort what's going on in the background will talk about how we do that entirely. So first and foremost, we have seen this space now what some of things that I'm taking into consideration as I want to look for light first, give me a mediocre location and beautiful light instead of a beautiful location and mediocre light. I think we have some pretty good like today, but some light along this way is going to be better than others. Why? Because there's pockets of light that are illuminating the floor in front of me now it is a tendency to be a darker floor I usually love terra cotta or white cement, but I'll take any light as long it is bouncing it, but one thing to take into consideration is large buildings up above that a riff collecting nice color light back in I also chose this location because we have a brick wall to the right and these are the things that I think even noticing because if you have green and yellow tones a red wall will kind of make skin tones look good this is why I chose this location and this is what I would do all day every day. So having said that what I'm going to do is I'm going to look for pockets of light that hopefully could produce rim light and then I'm going to expose for their faces so let's see, do we have room light? And I'm gonna introduce our beautiful couple today they're phenomenal week way evil that this morning and said, hey guys, are you ready? And they were so this is nathan and emily they're both photographers and a chiropractor and they are a husband and wife so we will ask them to kiss and the chemistry they share is natural, so if I hear anybody saying, hey, look at me, I'll call you out right, because we're here. We're trying to practice about how we talk to our clients. We would never say hey, so emily and nathan, however, please don't call to them unless I'm shooting. If I've taken a break, you guys can take it so not all light is created equal. We have beautiful light on nathan's head, but we're missing it on emily, so I'm going to see if I can work them a little bit deceived to get what I want also given the distance that I have so instead of pulling them towards me because I have more shaded area here but what's right behind them more light so I'm gonna have them back up to be right about here pause so now we have a little bit of a shadow light but also take that I think any light will add a little bit of dimension, so every shoot that I started, I did this in sacramento and I'll do it here again. I start every shoot on a wedding date the same way, because right now on the inside I am all kinds of nervous I make no joke about it. I get all kinds of efforts on a shoot, I get all kinds of personal wedding day, so what do I do to get my feet underneath me? I go to my safe zone whether or not that photo makes the edit doesn't matter but it's safe and it makes my clients feel secure, then I get to understand the dynamic between their two bodies. So that's, where I'm going now I'm gonna have you guys turned towards each other beautiful now emily, can I have your hands over his next? Yes. Now relax the elbow just happen here. So what? I said, can I have your hands around his neck? And she went up like this? What happens is that it doesn't make her arm look all that great and it's five seconds urchins what? Relax the elbow. It brings it down opens this up here. Now we see that there's a gap between their bodies and what I like torso to tour. So because it shows a chemistry between two bodies is un replicated anywhere else? You would impose a brother and sister this way so we want to do something that's unique. So what I have noticed here is go back to where you were good. I made a mistake because I chose the side of emily's hair that's bisecting her face which is going to cause more problems later so I'm just gonna have him flip there it is now I see her face now I see the ring, right? I'm talking through my mistake ok this is good now what I want to do is I want to save time and photo shop and I'm going to save time and photo shop and I do this often I will get a bra strap because I'm comfortable with my clients by this time obviously I just met emily today and we're going all close and personal but anything that I could do to save time is what I'll do on the front end I will adjust here I'm going to go they're not looking at me so I'm going to start shooting at a two point oh because I can't if they were both get me I'd probably sent a letter to two point eight or three point five good now what can I do you guys can't do the kid stuff yet okay you guys gotta look really offered to make me look a right thank you nathan exactly so my settings right now I'm gonna goto f two I'm at one sixty I'm gonna actually go to two hundred s o an element was going to get a marker for where I am and this is exact what I like to go out thousands of a second you guys look at each other so I'm gonna thousands of a second two hundred s o f two can I have you guys been your foreheads together beautiful good you'll peel away from each other take a deep breath relax that left shoulder emily add a girl, no, bring your foreheads together again, beautiful emily, bring your left hand underneath nathan's chin, add a girl beautiful. Now, emily lean back a little, lean back, lean back, me and nathan go down with her go down with they're going on, whether making board for it, make it work for making more good leaning more, leaving in a limbo limbo limbo limbo. Good, great. Now pause, do I sound like a fool? I know you are so sweet. You're a liar. Goa hale know what I want to make sure is that I have to give my client's everything I want from them. If I can give them that energy they will be. They will stand there like this, and we can see tons of photos. People often ask. How do you get natural posing? You move them into a pose and that's what I'm talking about right now I'm going to talk about where I want my clients to end and then I'm going to work backwards to work them into that post because eso often can you turn your shoulders towards me and even if you don't relax him is that I am already sure in your name a bring your shoulders towards me nice come in this way have your hand in your pocket I'm sorry nathan hand pocket in your hand here take this right here you guys with this way so this right here is a pleasant pose this works good it looks good nothing's wrong with us I will shoot that but how then can I make something that's like standard and still look like a little bit more adventurous? Well I will tell them this is where I want them to end with that I'm going to give motion or give emily something to do to see if by any chance the curb pictures of their body will reveal something different so what? I'm going to do something to shoot this safe shot because mom and dad loved safe shots right and there's a good chance one thing else tio notice sorry I'm just a chatterbox but I want you guys actually walking away with like legit stuff there's a vocal considerations people often ask how do you shoot wide open and get a pictures and focus all the time things that take it note up there isn't ex focal plane and there's a wife focal plane when you find your focal point in your camera what I want you to do is on ly move that focal point left to right or up and down if emily was on a nathan's shoulders you can shoot at a one point two and they're standing this way because the focal plane will lying if there are the same size now she's slightly shorter than east nathan but if he killed his head so lightly there go and she comes in this way look at his friends were good now if I stood good close to them and I took a picture of one point two there will be a lot of ehlert but the farther I stand from my subjects the larger margin of ares and I can't vote folks to focus now why wouldn't you just had a one point two I'm going to shoot it in a two point oh you're gonna see they're the photos after you're going to see how in focus they are so I'm going to do this show I don't have to change my settings unless the light has changed and I like where I'm at so relax that front left shoulder dialing nice bring your fingers together connecting the ring finger in the middle finger at a girl beautiful that's what I called princess fingers way to go, cinderella nice, nice great. So now that I have this safe shot what I want to do give emily in action to see if I can create something else take a couple steps back court you know what? I'm going to have to come down from three, two one and wrap your arms around me I think you are going to turn your right shoulder toward me point your feet toward me and when she comes to wrap your arms around you I want you to end up back where you were the instructions the instructions I just gave them right now was that I want emily to walk up to nathan and then I start him off this way and then I when she comes him he'll turn his body this way I gave him two actions I gave her to actions walk and hug I've never done this I don't know how it unfold I'm gonna give him their actions and see what they did well then I'm gonna capitalize on what they did it but I will never talking to negative I won't say no no let's do it again I'll say that was great I love it perfect let's do it one more time but this time do this okay, here we go and I'm ready for you my focal point will be on nathan nathan when she comes up to me up your arms around her make sure that you're looking at her and is there any possibility of moving that sleeping bag just over no behind okay okay yeah that was that was thank you ok and so when you see there's a lady walking behind making right now right what I'm going to dio she looks like she's about to us if that was in the case I would just move my body I would put nathan in front by subject so that I could save time in photo shop later do I sound like I'm kind of manic these are all the thoughts that are going to my mind all the personalities inside me are talking are talking all right nathan I am ready for you on I'm ready for you emily in three two and one that's good good good cause perfect now let me tell you what I would tell him that was perfect I love it can we do that again but this time I had your legs were here and then he went like this and we take top right now what I want to do but I would never see the tick talk I'm sorry he's they're so beautiful and wonderful I mean I'm going to tell what I would what I would do is I would show him first so then I would say I love everything you did but instead of bringing your arm on the inside of his armpit I want it on the outside, right? And then when he opens up his body, I didn't give him enough instruction. I said here to hear and that's exactly what I did, what I want to just kind of rolling to give me a little bit of slack in his knees, right? I want him to feel comfortable and that's the thing that I would say to him. So I'm just gonna, you know, you know how to do. Okay? My focal point is a nathan. I'm still the same settings. One thousand of a second f two o connected sums in your pocket. Yeah. And then you could take it out whenever you darn well, please, we have somebody walking background, so I'm just gonna pause and I'm ready for you. Emily in three. Two this is meant is killing you and one here we go tonight. Good, good, good, good. Good. Thank you. That was fantastic. Do we like that? Better. Do we like that? Better than the mom and dad? Safe shot. Same photo executed differently. So now what we're gonna do is we're just gonna do some more safe stuff up. People walk, couples walking or what editors really love because it's showing the whole elephant it's showing the moment this is what we're going to do want to talk about how we can shoot wide open given the same spot and have you guys walk back over here now I always position my clients the same way because I know that since I can execute it every single time I feel safe with it. One thing to notice that the light here is different than the light here is it not take into consideration? You will have to change your show your speed you will have to compensate for that. So you're thinking in advance let's put let's searching here beautiful now as a personal preference, I like when I could see the gentlemen's hands in front that's just personal preference now what we have is perfect navan has his nominees pocket now he's appendages they're doing something and what I want emily to do is just a touch the side of her shirt I don't want her grabbing it now, she's just given her fingers something to do that's great then what I'm going to do is I'm going to ask them to sink their walk with me they're going to start with their left foot forward why? Because there's a good chance that they're to center legs will be walking as one and the two outer legs will be singing and then what does that look like a three legged race so you want to think up their feet? These are the things that I have made mistakes for years, so I say start with your left foot first and I want you walking with me at a cadence of one, two, three tell them how slow we want them to walk because we've all been there really like, right? Like, I can't focus that best then once you have the cadence down and even instructed them, I think my feet up with them one, two, three and I'm locking in my focal points, every single photo isn't focused because I'm pacing with them, so the distance between my subjects will remain the same cool then what I want to have them do is I'm going to have them look at each other and because they're gonna be looking at each other, I could shoot it enough to heck, I can shoot it a one point off, I mean, at a one point two if I wanted, but I'm going to do is when I have emily looking at me, nathan will be looking at her, and when I have made him looking at me, emily will be looking at nathan wave about ten more minutes of this, so here we go touched the side of you just now cheek one step this way beautiful I'm trying to sender them to the frame of the trees are we are recalled that now whoever's behind me I might run you ever forgive me? Okay, so now what I want to do is going to take a shot now emily can you cross my foot over the other beautiful beautiful well that's cute that's cute we can do that all day can you lean it? I want profiles and lean in for kiss profiles in practice it fan ok, here we go. We're ready for you. My focal point is going to be on the on emily emma start under unfurl your feet I'm gonna start with the focal point on emily and three two left go eyes at each other I'm sorry. Slow, slow, slow, slow, slow, slow, slow slow emily eyes here beautiful beautiful pause pause pause pause pause nice and naked eyes here emily and ethan and walking with the left and go oh, sorry nice applause let's walk that on back. Okay, so do you guys see how my mistake anything a total benefit? Because I was supposed to keep the walking the whole time and they realize that they split up. I didn't give myself enough room. What did I do in that time? Pause cause guys like ok, and then I thought they were both on the left foot sink and they were not it went like that and then they started laughing all of the stutters death will not make the edit but them generally laughing will so that's the kind of stuff to take into consideration so now here in the same spot I have some walking photos I'm going to switch my lens because I'm honest to god feeling stuck and when you feel stuck I switched my lens I'm gonna go to the eighty five one point two and I'm gonna be shooting at a one point two michigan individual portrait of the couple I'm sorry the couple will be to get there but I'll be shooting them just focus on one person at a time you have any questions right now okay guys I'm so I'm literally sweating I'm so nervous right now beautiful turning towards each other in this way hands up here nathan can you turn your feet so that they paid fees the playground there it is nice and actually I have hot spots on their feet that I'm not really dig in some have you take a step back one more beautiful now you guys are not going to pay attention to me so I'm gonna try to the best of my ability crop out the cars but we understand that they're everywhere I find him shooting at a one point two I'd have to compensate so I'm now that sixteen sixteen hundred of a second so yeah this is really great thanks, guys. Don't make me look a beautiful vocal points he's on nathan right now and there is ah, light poles behind nathan. Nathan, can you guys get over this way now? Thank you. There's a light post behind him. So instead of me trying to photo shop it later, I moved them here, so to save me time later. Ok, you guys can do your thing again. You you pause pause spies plus process. I'm a fan of female noses instead of male noses, right? It's a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Can I have emily on the other side? So think about these things because generally speaking and I might be by its girls are better looking the guy's, right? Can I get an amen? Thank you. And the church has spoken. Ok, here we go. I'm gonna get you in nice and close. Beautiful, beautiful. Emily eyes here when there's a little tongue action tang he's living on in nice. Good job, guys. People peel away from each other just like that. Nice, relaxed now, emily, now, if you guys notices there might behave I think this side might get hayes this. I'm probably not going if you get hey, hold your hand up in front of the camera that's, my boob hold your hand up in front of the camera or you simply take a step to the side because what? You wanted to use the branches to cover the nucleus of the sun the brightest point you want the light coming in but not the brightest point. Teo, teo, aggravate what's going on in the camera. So in a relaxed that front shoulder emily beautiful. Good, good, good. Can you look out towards the crew? Yep. Thanks. Now, nathan, can you get your left hand and adjust the hair? But it's part of the photo it's part of the photo so don't do it quite yet. The hair around her chin you're just gonna slightly adjust it. La la that's, right, girl good closer. I stand the more times I have to compensate so I was at sixteen hundred year I took a step here, but because the darkness behind the behind the frame is cubs just limiting my light I had to compensate with my shutter speed. So lastly, what I'm gonna try to do is we have a classic shots. We have some walking shots now, it's gonna be the hard part. Now we want to get some movement or fun shots, I'm going to try something different, I'm going to shoot with thirty five in the last five minutes of the shoot so is that five minutes till the chute ends here in or five minutes until cuny? Sure. Okay, great shoot ends in five minutes do we have time for q and a or did we do ok, look today off camera ok, perfect. So now what I'm going to do is turn your guy's body stores me perfect. Um I see anything I'll have you hear perfect and I will take you back so I mean, have you put your hands in your pockets? Um just times would be good times to be good gonna set my camera at an f two o two hundredth of a second, but because I'm shooting wide are going to get more light to do a test shot real quick and actually yeah, this is hang on one second. Ok, cool. So I'll be talking to nathan and I'm ready for you in three c one one beautiful, beautiful, lovely e I know you don't get it now. He didn't it wasn't right. I wanted to set up a national reaction, right? So I told them like, this is my fault I should've told you it wasn't ready. So I said, I want you doesn't want you coming from and I want you to jump on his back because nine of the ten photos I take a look horrible, but one of a malaka and so what happens is she comes and she stutter steps and he wasn't ready for her but the laughter photo actually might work so if that happened would like it to be like it was my fault okay, I get it step back let's try it again. All right let's see how this goes step back so now you're ready now you know what's coming I'm ready for you, emily three see when one she's coming and she's doubling it and be ready you know he was ready for right? That was awesome. That was beautiful. That was great. Perfect hurry, breitbart now we're going to just one more thing before we end this shoot and I'm going to have them walking away from me so sometimes have a wedding dress this is what I do classically to get the behind of a wedding dress I'm just gonna have them hold their hands you got to be facing that way and I'm going to give pause I'm gonna give my clients a story I usually tell the girl the bride how I want her to look back at me and this is clearly depended on her personality if I feel like she likes more glamorous style photos the thing I will tell her to look back in these I want you to look back at me as if somebody was flirting with your husband okay, you get that look right. So the ladies are laughing and the guys were like, wait, what? Guy's probably would not want tio share that type of thing or I'll say, look back at me as if you're just leaving your church he's here like the dichotomy of the things of the prep things I'm telling you, they're going to give you different looks. So what? I'm gonna tell emily I'm gonna tell emily because she seems like a good, nice, wholesome girl. I'm gonna tell her toe look back as if somebody had just called journey that's gonna be your cue. Did you hear that, garland? Ok, I just want you to look back to me as if I had just called your name. Sounds like family and you turn around your life. Hey, the girl next door kind of uncovered girl moment. And the thing that I'm going to tell her that I've learned from my mistakes is when they're walking forward. Nathan's head can be facing forward, but I lose him. So when I called her, I want her looking back and I want dissing nathan's profile but him looking at her. Then when she looks back I don't want to much of a gap between the two so walk and maybe it will be a gap on the second time they walk I'll have her bring her body close to him his so that I have two options because the closer she gets, the harder it is to turn her face so I'm going to see which one I like so we on the same page ok, ok we're gonna take a breather where to start with your left foot in three two one walk and then look back at me got good walk nathan hand in your pocket slower slower, slower and look back at me a little closer for good not bring your body closer anything's walk number to walk, walk, walk, walk turn into your body to add a girl there it is well, ok, good that was great that's what I would do we didn't move within probably ten, ten feet of worry where do I think that this is like the most ideal situation? No, but do I think I mean the best of it? And if I had a writing groom on the wedding day and happen to get married in this park, I would say I stand by the images and that's what I want just basically three guys to walk away from say I'd love to give a great a big round of applause for emily numbers are amazing. Amazing, really mean. They are photographers, so make sure and reach out because they really wanted to be a community event. Creative life is coming or not to bring creative life to you guys, but for you guys to create community within amongst yourselves, of like minded people on photographers, thank you guys so much. I will be around tio, answer questions, but preferably under the shade of the dirt, because it is hot, you guys, thank you, thank you, thank you.

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CreativeLive is kicking off Photo Week with a West Coast Tour and you are invited!

Join Sue Bryce, Jasmine Star, Victor Ha, and Matt Kloskowski as they begin their adventure in San Francisco – meeting up with students in Sacramento and Portland – while making their way to the Seattle CreativeLive studios for Photo Week 2015!

Online viewers can stay tuned-in to their adventures by watching the On Air broadcast and following the hashtag: #photoweek2015

West coast CreativeLive fans are invited to join us, in person at the San Francisco, Sacramento, and Portland stops!

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910 I St Sacramento, CA 95814
Friday September 18, 2015
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Portland - Jamison Square
810 NW 11th Ave, Portland, OR 97209
Saturday, September 19, 2015

We are kicking things off in San Francisco with an early morning meet-and-greet. Join us in our Potrero Hill offices for coffee, donuts, and fun with your favorite CreativeLive instructors.

In Sacramento and Portland, you’ll get to watch the masters at work and take part in our exciting and educational Photo Walks! Sue, Jasmine, Victor, and Matt will be shooting and exploring – while our awesome partners will be out with us, ensuring you leave feeling educated and inspired.

If you love CreativeLive and have always wanted to get some face-time with our incredible instructors, don’t miss out on your opportunity to join us on the road.

BONUS! We’ll have some seriously awesome swag for the first 50 folks at each location!



This has been a fabulous way to introduce Photo Week. We have had a chance to see the masters working in real conditions, and making the best of the conditions they found themselves in. Well done.