Photo Week 2015 West Coast Tour

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Photo Week Bus Tour - Clip 18


Photo Week 2015 West Coast Tour

Lesson 19 of 20

Photo Week Bus Tour - Clip 18


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Photo Week Bus Tour - Clip 18

Welcome back everyone to apply but we are not gonna watch mr mack laskowski eat more gummi bears yes that's what we do here on on the photo week do that's fifteen bus way have had such an incredible two days it's less than forty eight hours we started off in san francisco was less than yes less than oh, you don't mean that like that's ok, unless the thirteen, forty eight hours and we are heading back to seattle we had an incredible time in portland again thank you to everybody who came out to meet us in person and it has just been a wild ride so as you do as you're like winding down in a trip you start tio perfect on things so I'm sure those reflections are a good thing. So let's chat let's talk a little bit about some what has been pretty exciting for you guys as so far or some already memorable experiences on our drive jasmine will start with you I think there's just like a level of camaraderie like you could just like make fun of everybody and no, that is like in jest and everybody ...

just, you know, thirty six hours together and I'm just making fun of each other so awesome it's awesome I will second that because I just met suing jasmine forty eight hours ago or however long that we had not even but it's fine because susan calm in kawasaki the whole trip because she can't say my last name but it's more she drinks the worst because that has that water inside that that blue solo cup there but no it's I think no but jasmine's absolutely I think you develop a karate among people and uh good friendships I detect there's something going on so it's just call attention to it do we have to switch places? You guys need to switch places just because victors victor's mic is not working to share the handheld okay, thank you weigh just quick it's like family you just like you know what something's going on it's got the crap what what's going on? Okay let's face it talk about talking fix it be done. Thank you. What do you have to say? I think the most normal thing that I've kind of had of this trip was obviously being sick the entire time outside of that just sitting and listening, teo the instructors kind of talk and learning from them you know, it's it's very rare that I get to sit back and sit with counterparts that know so much about stuff that you know maybe I'm not so fluent in or I'm not so so well versed in are very comfortable in it's nice to kind of hear different perspective and it's nice to hear like what their perspective and what their thoughts opinions are some on some topics and we got a chance today and yesterday to talk about a lot of different things that weren't getting never make it on camera and you know, just to sit and listen and hear about how each one of these instructors approaches photography and approaches their business and approaches how they really want to connect with our clients and not just a client but the students they teach was was really, really great for may probably my favorite thing is hanging out of the crew hanging out the crew for me has always been fun because I my background I mean I majored in theater like that's kind of where my heart said so whenever I get a chance to hang out with a crew of people who are in production who are already tight in it and they opened themselves up to someone like me to kind of be a part of them for like, a couple days that's always the best part for me so I let out a lot of fun with that so who is the best at the video games that were playing in the back of bus not gonna lie? I think I am just saying I mean because it might be just hereditary or genetic, but I don't know like those guys get a lot of work on button mashing because evidently I mash buttons on a lot better than them well, then I think there's gonna happen. It is, I think, there's going to be have to be a rematch after we after we get and today it won't even be a competition. There's a challenge for you? There is a challenge for you. Well, we wanted also to talk a little bit about oh, dr. We're all really tired right now are a little bit loopy. It's good. No crazy thirty six hours. And I think, as as entrepreneurs a solo preneurs, there are days where you I just don't want tio get up and do what you know you have to do do what's on your checklist or what have you so what are some things? Sue? You are always always busy. As your friend. I know that you push yourself so hard. What what drives you? What drives you to keep going? You know I am. I can honestly say that if you're a competitive person or and I mean competitive with yourself, if you just someone that dr driving, always to do something. Business, is probably one of the most addicting things you can grow because there's a very obvious return, usually money. And, you know, I was a struggling creative for so many years. And then I, lind have the start valuing my product and getting paid for it. And then I wanted tio, build that and building and building, and then refine it. And I feel like is a creative. You get really good at shooting, and then you second business, and then your business comes up, and then you refine your shooting, and then you go back to business. And between the two, I always want to be a bit of photographer and a bit of business on. And then you get older, and then you wantto. By house and in order to do that you have to work harder and before you know what, you get stuck on that wheel like a little hamster and but what drives may what or what excites me is I'm just sitting myself goals I'm a big gold see they're like if I want something, I've never looked at somebody else and thought that's not fear I wanna have what they've got I always looked at other people and said how did they get that? So if I've ever seen something and I mean I grew up with nothing so I saw people with money and I saw people with successful businesses and I live that that wasn't something you were given there was something you work for and I'm a hard worker so I would always think, well haddaway get there so I make a goal and I said it and I went toward the and every time my goal list drops down I redefine it and for me that's my drive like I love the drive of having a big goal and achieving it what I don't do I think has probably celebrate the goal when I achieve it like I'm one of those people that have been achieved and then I see it three more goals but I don't take the time to just get myself on the back and go you did it and it hits it yeah and just and somehow enjoy it and if you get criticized people are criticizing your personal goals, your values and it hits that someone has a saying what you have created for yourself for that they do and I guess if I could give myself the biggest criticism is that I don't just honor there and myself and go you achieve this but I don't know how you're supposed to celebrate that yeah, I did it so it's like next that's what drives me? I just want to come back to just keep sitting go what about you, matt? Um I think think part of it is I like to sue whether it's from a photography stand porter from an educational standpoint, I like to see people get it you know, if if I'm taking a picture for someone there's a link incredible amount of satisfaction when somebody really likes that picture you know, um and then from an educational standpoint to me that one's almost that one's almost easy because my favorite thing is just when you connect with somebody when you connect and they get and you can see it's like that's why you have to me the best part of the bus trip is when we were in sacramento and portland today because it's like, you know, you get out there and you know, we're in here we're kind of talking to cameras you were talking to each other and you lose sight that there's people listening, and we can't always see the comments on dh learning and you can't always see the comments on. We can't always see if we connected with somebody, but when you get off and you're actually talking to people when we got off in sacramento in portland, you see it, you know, they're just coming up to like, oh, my god, it was awesome. I saw this, I saw that it was great. You help me connect you, help me get this. I never thought I could do this, you know? And you see a lot of the stories and that to me is is like, whenever I get to that point where I'm like, I'm busy there's a lot going on and that's that's kind of what pushes me over to the top very, uh, coherent themes here going on. What about jasmine? I think everybody touched on what we all deal with collectively, but you and I were having conversation this last night. They think that it's important not to shy away or look it's important to look at others and think that's so it's so great that they have that. So part of the difficulties that you face is an entrepreneur. I think that I wouldn't want it any other way. The things that I'm having difficulty with, I think it has been all turn easy alternative was presented, I don't think I would work as hard for the things that I want, so if for instance, I want to start a project on and I had endless amounts of money than okay, I would do it right when I wanted to, but I want to start a project, but I really have to hustle for the money to actually fund it. It takes on an entirely different note so I could look at it as a disadvantage. But I think in all actuality, its name advantage is an advantage to hustle it's an advantage to be at a disadvantage because it makes you much hunger and you were carter and work smarter, leaner, and I think that as when you have a lean business, you could be really adaptable and is on entrepreneur. He put words run your success as I had nothing and this is what I ended up with its at the end of the day, I wouldn't change it sure, I would like to win the lottery but other than that, I think I'm really happy with the fact that we have to work so hard for what we want and what happens, though, when you wake up in the morning and you turn to j d, you say, I just don't want to do it today, what do you do then? Don't then don't do it said it, then don't, and I know that when people are going to see this, they're gonna say, well, that's so easy, and we tell you, it's, not it's so hard when you're hurting or you're in a funk or you're just not there because what we want to do is you want to throw ourselves into doing more because we think that if we do more, if we do more, we're gonna hit it the way we wanted. But the work that we produce is such an awful representation of who we are so happy people satisfied people produce satisfying work, and when you're unhappy, you can go to that place, so don't fight it, take to go to the movies. Go get inspired. I'm going to read a good book seems to get the day off but I feel like the disparate energy would just drive it away for me anywhere that drive away and people way new desperate nobody wants to hang out. Nobody wants to be a woman just walked up to me important. And your name's, theresa, I hope she's watching she was one of the photographers and, you know, you bring it back to this for me. She just said to me, I just want to thank you for all that you do. You remind us the value off having photographs taken and I thank you that is more important to may than anything else I could teach a photographer she said that I lost both of my children five years ago in a car accident nine in twelve it both from the children, were killed instantly. And she said, I have taken so many mothers of my children. I have done with my children and I just looked at here. I thought if I was a disparate photographer, if I was struggling to get work or that would have brought me back right down to what is really about what we do like I wouldn't have been looking at it going, I hope to make money off him. I pay my rent, I would have just looked at here and connected to the heart of what I do, and the value would have bean talk back to me. You have to reconnect and it's very hard to reconnect for the love of what you do when you feel desperate and you feel and you're struggling and but pushing yourself had it does not make their re connection come a conversation like that just before she just exploded my heart open toe what I do, and then I just realized that what we do is just so valuable, and I honor their they want to honor them, and I want to also honor that by getting paid for it, not just giving it away. I want to honor it by having a good day that deserves to be paid, that that is an equal exchange that makes me grow, and that makes my house, so you just have to walk away from the stress and walk away from the desperation, even for one day go on, walk on the beach, go and talk to someone about the value of what you do and do you feel it in your heart instead of think about it and you get thank you, I think it's so important, because when you're in that moment of of that desperation or whatever the case may be is when you don't want to go out and do something for yourself because that's sort of you whether you feel selfish, guilty, whatever you feel like you're supposed to be doing this other thing but you can't help other people or you can't support or what have you unless you are doing that self care as we like to talk about what do you do? What do you do, victor tio maintain that for yourself to keep yourself sort of center I think keep myself centered and allowing myself to be driven I surround myself with good people ah community I have great friends I've got amazing people that are part of my life not just professionally speaking but just from a ahh friendship level and so when I'm feeling tapped out when I'm feeling just down I can tap into that community and then that community can lift me up and really be supportive and I think like we've touched on it as a group so far but what keeps me on the go all the time and those of you know me know that I'm always going on always going, going, going, going, you know? And so um the only reason I can keep you keep that pace up is by separating timeout for myself um I love you on the bus pass your days but being on the post the past few days, I haven't had that time to kind of be alone and recharge my batteries and really reflect and stop for a second and think about, hey, what was my moment today that I enjoy, you know, and really start to to assess on the day basis, you know what I'm doing in if I don't have that time, I get to be a really crappy person, and I know that that we all worked and we all want to be successful, we all want to do things, and we all want to work twenty four seven, because that's kind of like the american culture, right? But I think that when you look at and I've had the benefit of working with people internationally who are from europe or from, you know, john under in new zealand and stuff like that, and whenever I meet someone from abroad, they talk about their vacation time like it's gold, like it's treasure, and they don't give any of it up simply because it allows them to step away and recharge and stop, you know? And for me, that is so important, and I think I've made a lot of mistakes so far, personally and like my personal life where I've just completely walled myself off because I'm so addicted to work and it's only been in the last like four or five years that I've realized that, you know, I can work as hard as I want to work, but if I don't don't stop for a second to recharge and to stop working some thinking work, then I'm not going to be a good as good at work. We're not going to be good at what I do at all, because I'm always going to be trying to rush the next goal or trying to rush the next item and never taking a second to stop, breathe and think and assess what I've done because you don't stop and assess what you've done. You continue to make the same mistakes, and those mistakes will continually happening. No wonder why, thank you, I think it's it's interesting to talk about like that self assess self assessment, but I'm wondering if people have other people that they look to for that type of remind you where you are, where we're going or where you should be or what, what are ways to kind of not seek out sort of that praise, but that sort of encouragement, I guess anything from you, it depends largely on the person's personality I not a person who does well when someone's like you're doing so well great job I'm a person who really thrives when someone's like good job but here's what you need to get better and I know that that's not how every functions it's how I function and they think that soon I soon moved to los angeles how many years ago eighteen months ago and her being in l a we've been able to see each other a lot more and when we get together we go through the gamut of conversations but there are times where she could just look at me and just say you could get better this is what you need to do and having people like that in your life is justice valuable as having somebody who's really supportive so between those two things that's what I would prefer hands down you need to find I'd say everybody needs to find that and I think we touched on it this morning when we talked about our communities and our group I think everybody needs to find that person whether it's an online friend whether it's you know somebody might shooting what whatever it is but you need to find that person that wants to see you get better you know and again it sounds it sounds so you think oh everybody wants to see you get better and it's not it's not and it doesn't mean that everybody else's bad it's just it's human nature is weird like that, you know and you have to you have to find people that genuinely like I will never I will never put the photo mine out there and say, what do you think? Because if you're going to tell me what you think, I want to make sure you're qualified and I want to make sure you genuinely want to see me get better and then I'll take I'll take whatever comments that you have on it so I only I only put photos out to people to a group that I know will help me improve not necessarily to say well, you know it feels it feels crunch like I don't feel like I'm that really they say they give me somewhere comment only it doesn't home there's a feeling that are purple yeah yeah so I think like when you look at a community and people to give you that feedback I think like for me I'm lucky I worked with a group of guys you are my own age who do what I do and when we want to sit down and talk marketing, we talk marketing and we want to talk sit down and talk about like books about, you know, marketing or selling or branding and like that it's just finding a group of like minded people who are willing to share ideas and most importantly aren't selfish with the things that they know and that is so important. Like I was a member of p p a, which is a professional photographer of america, and I was a member for, you know I still am a member. I think I've paid my dues, but the one thing that they are so good at is that they do not hold their knowledge and they hate their knowledge and they share it, and they're so they they so believe in this idea that a rising tide lifts all boats, or if I'm going to teach you how to oppose someone, you're gonna take that and you're going in crude, improve the craft photography and everyone in your community that is it for talking for will benefit from that, because then your community will know what good photography is. Also a value system that people have this really interesting. So take my dead. For example. My dead is a hard worker and he's he's a hard he was a salesman. He was a hard worker, all his life behind a business in his later life didn't wait when I kind of business. When I was working really, really hard, I would go home and I would say to my dead, I've made this much money. My business is making this much money. I'm working twelve hours a day, and he could see that I was just working my knuckles down, and my dad would just always look at me and say you happy, and that would make me so furious because I I would be like, he's dead. I'm really happy because I'm successful. Can't you see that? I'm working so hard to be successful and you're any worried about if I'm smiling or not like, can't you just be happy for me that I'm doing this? And I realized a little bit down the track, it's, not that my dad doesn't want me to be successful. My dad's highest priority in life is to be happy, so he just wants to make sure I'm happy whatever I'm doing. So now when I talk to my dad about my goals, my business and working twelve hours a day, I do it really excitedly and happy, and then he knows I'm happy and that's all that he cares about, and I realized it's not that he doesn't want me to be a business personal driven, he just wants to see me enjoy it. And so he reminds to, yeah, parents just want you to be happy. Yeah, and I thought you were somehow against me, but he's not against me, he just wants to just kill what I don't just do whatever makes you happy and so I would have to like go can I built this? And now I'm doing this and and then he would see me excited. And then he realized she's happy it's all like here about I think it's so fascinating. I know you and I talked about this a lot, but that what? Trying to figure out what is your highest value? Sort of. What is that? If your dad's highest value or is or what he wants for himself or for everyone is to be happy, how do you how do people think they go about how have you gone about? Figuring out I guess it kind of goes back to what drives you. But what is it? That's? Actually what you spend the most time doing? It's? What? He's? What you spend money on if you look at your bank account, if you dine out a lot you obviously value joining out. Now if you dine out on your own you value beautiful food. If you dine out with friends you value time spent with friends over food. You look it where you spend your time. You look at where you spend your conversation with strangers with friends. I spend a lot of my conversation and bettering myself and self development. Self development is one of my top values. I talk to jasmine about self development because she likes to talk about herself development we talk about how do we get better? That's definitely who value system that's why we're a good business coach together because we both better ourselves together. If you had a partner or a friend that didn't understand that, like my dad would be like why do you always want to talk about being better? Can't you just be happy with the way you are, he's? Not against me, it's, just not his about the system. And the easiest way I realized this was my mom and I were talking. And I said, you know, when you come to my house, you look at all my photographs and what my latest business idea is when you go to my brother's, you look at his latest building. When you go to my sister's, you look at her drawings when you go to my mom, she looking his sculptures, and my dad was sitting there and I could see that he was thinking and he looked and he goes, I don't show anything like your whole family are makers, but my dad makes nothing and he looked really bummed out. But my mom looked at him and she goes, are andy, you show everyone a good time. My dad is the guy that you walk into his home in east, a teeny food in a drink, decaf he's, the great you talked to all night because he's, the most excited heavy prison in the rain and she's, right, his highest value is that everybody in the room is entertained. Fed drinking wine. A great time and my father has so many friends it's ridiculous so that his values it so what is yours and then sit your goals around through your values if that's really what you need to do and you will achieve great things because way do not need a reason to do our highest values we do them any way so it's recognizing them recognizing way just have a couple minutes left before we sign off again so I would just love to go around here what you think your highest values are because I think it's interesting teo for people again like such an amazing way for people to get to know you but also for force you to reflect upon yourself I think from being like my highest value is learning to own my own experience I think that a lot of times when things go right or things go wrong either give other people credit or blame other people and I think the most important that I can do in my life and moving moving forward or even just rips retrospectively is owning that experience you know if something went wrong what did I do that caused that or what did I do? It was my responsibility and that you know and if something did go well what was my responsibility and in making that successful and actually taking credit for that you know I think that you know there's there's a humble brag you know, and I think I get guilty sometimes, of the humble bragging, because I think that I was brought up in this like culture of will. You can't take credit for things that you do well, because it's too it's, boisterous, it's, it's, it's being overzealous, you know, it's being proud or hubris, and I think that there is a time to celebrate when you're successful. But there also is a time for you to celebrate when you fail, so you can learn from them, you know, that's, that's, that's, that's, what I that's my but that's, a whole other topic that we could spend a lot of time talking about is overcoming failures and learning from them. Matt let's, talk about going over there first, okay, jasmine, what do you what do you see what's important to you in the world, what's your highest values. I feel like a very much so anything that and in that way we're very similar in self betterment. But I don't know if it's something that defines me. I happen to find, for better, for worse my identity and the people who I allow intothe closest parts of my life. So where I spend the most time where I find the most value on a personal level with my friends and my family, very few friends, my immediate family, but myself in it when I'm alone doing self assessment, it would be self betterment. That's definitely makes people have five teen values, its right obvious here and it's, your highest state, like your family, is one. Your relationship is when your career it's just what placement there in jasmine obvious. How is your primary relationship with j d? She works with j d she's a very strong relationship. And also her marriage is a life marriage, you know, it's way work together. We were with each other. We work with each other on each other's marriage, you know so he's in her value city. So if your relationships in your top five values, then if she tries to do something that takes away from j d that's going to pull her from their values, but if she goes with dae dae it's going to work so the best way to help people understand what their values is my very best friend put on weight and she said I try to go for a walk but my babies need me I try to go to the gym but they could need me I try to leave every morning to do this but my kids need me and I said stop if your children are your highest thank you right now and you've got five values and your children are dominating then that tells me you're never going to get to the gym or go for a walk without them so why don't you buy your two kids a bike in every day take your highest values for a walk and then she now walks with her kids they get to come she doesn't have an excuse she has to do it she loves it they love it and that's called sitting a goal through your highest value that means if it's something you're doing nothing is going to get done without those highest values so if you can include those people it's going to get done because I didn't actually know how to take the question the flight took over there I'm carly dead inside still yeah there was a self confession but no it's it's actually it helps me because if you like it almost goes back to you so where do you spend your time where to spend your effort I mean, I guess it sounds like a cliche, but I mean, I'd say my kids are like, that's, you know, if I look so about it's, not about a year ago, I had you know, I worked, I worked at a different company and great company, great people, great everything, but it was a very, very high level of work every day and, um, now I work from home and there's still there's still a lot to dio I still work hard it's still do everything, but when I look over the last year, the biggest change for me is like, I'm like, wow, I missed so much in the first ten years of my kid's lives like I'm a maze and my kids even they're like, we love having you home, and I didn't think I spent a lot of time at home with them because they go to school and they come home, I go down say hi, you know, we play video game for ten minutes and then I go back up to work and whatever, but like that time really meant a lot to him, and I didn't realize how much I'd missed over those years, and when I look back over the last year that I've been home, it's been huge it's sze significantly impacted then and me because I feel like a way closer to them than than I ever have been very connected emotional man right now that scouts case no, I don't believe it and don't buy it pulling it out of me a lot of my kids and my wife so like that so it's just and I think the presence of your being there and the presence of that was what we share with each other is certainly gosh, a theme of this whole road trip that we are sharing with each other and just that human connection and we really, really thank you thank you to all of you for joining us we're going tio go off now but thank you want to say a really special shout out to our reducers kelsey, who is in our follow bus you may not have seen a lot of her because she is in our follow car and has been working so so hard to make all of this happened all of the logistics we've never done anything like this before and so she is put her heart into it erin anderson right over here who's been are some of us were able to just rock up onto the bus but this man has been a working really hard behind the scenes to put all this together now we're not done yet, but I just I really, really did want to say thank you to everyone and thank you to everybody who has come out to our sacramento to portland and it's just been really, really thank you to ken eras. Well, because tennis is hilarious, she she worked as hard as everybody harder when we're sitting down here, she's already talking with producers about what's having mixed and she's with them all the way to but we get off the bus to these crowds of people that were there to come and see us and kind of walked out and she's, like everybody meet men think they're ensue. And jasmine and I was like, just about everybody came to see kiner as well, because she is the face of creative live, and I feel like, you know, you just work so hard watching you work what we're sitting down here rubbing out, you're just wait really that's what you do for friends next, okay, wait. All right, well, we have we have more to come photo in two thousand fifteen has only just begun here on creative live this has been a wild ride and so keep tuning in, keep seeing what's going to be playing here, go to crave life dot com and check out the calendar for what is coming up on the party continues, right, everyone all right, that's all for now we're seeing a little bit

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This has been a fabulous way to introduce Photo Week. We have had a chance to see the masters working in real conditions, and making the best of the conditions they found themselves in. Well done.