Photo Week 2015 West Coast Tour

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Photo Week Bus Tour - Clip 9


Photo Week 2015 West Coast Tour

Lesson 10 of 20

Photo Week Bus Tour - Clip 9


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Photo Week Bus Tour - Clip 9

Good morning, everyone or good afternoon. Good evening. My name is kind of carson ending. We are here on the creative live tour bus that we are kicking up. Photo week two thousand fifteen this is sue price. This is mac laskowski. We've got jasmine starr and victor hot as well as our entire crew here on the bus. And we are having a blast. It's a beautiful morning. We're somewhere in oregon. We're on our way to portland. Where somewhere in oregon, right? We're eleven miles outside of winston. Okay, there you go. Anyone and winston, give us a tweet photo week two thousand fifteen we're kicking off again. What we said is an incredible road trip. We wanted to talk a little bit about what? Gone on this our little coffee chat this morning. So effective poising ok, let's, just start off with that. Victor is a back feeling fantastic about yesterday, so I flew to san francisco, uh, and my mom drove down, saw me and had a great meal time whether we went to dinner and then, like right around you s...

he went home later on at midnight. I kind of, like, sort of feel weird, and then I was kind of just like food poisoning like gross from opposing all over the place from like, midnight about seven I get a phone call and it's aaron just calling you going victor where are you? What are you so I run downstairs I'm just all adrenaline cold sweats all this kind of stuff and it's from like a midnight the previous day all the way till about like maybe six o'clock last night where I'm getting ready to get on camera to whatever he's going to do and then just running around the corner and she was vomiting all over the place and it was like truth so it was funny because I was none of the photographs yesterday on the bus because I was passed out on that couch like all day little frog and the problem in the box and you take the front and back seat saying hello behind ways would turn on their victory be like three tio hey guy going on all of us are like, what is he doing sick and he's like I got this guys I've got a minute to camera turns off he's like it was cold sweating all day so you win the u n the man up or try because seriously, it was like, I mean, you would get off the bus and we don't be like it was like it was like somebody was sick and they went off in a corner and you're like, oh, I feel bad for them this was really I'm trying to say your name this kind of thing a bit of a joke and the bus I like the way you pronounce obama sake kawasaki way even close that's why I like you had to do an inter and I was like and you're gonna myself and testing star think tahar and met mackel cool cool here that ceo forced we're trying to do the fun ones well matt matt gets the one liner awards like literally what your interview yesterday you said you were dead inside yeah e I totally get it my best friend and work says like he just has a small heart he's dead inside because he feels nothing so I totally get it it was asking a notable moments you were asking me about how do I feel about certain I'm like don't ask it was kind of quite dead wait a little bit out brought a little bit of it all right we're talking about road trips here, right? Because here we are on a road trip jasmine tell me a funny story about a road trip a funny story I've been on like one major road trip with my family growing up and we grew up like I just I don't know we were up for whatever it is and it isn't my dad borrowed a car and we made our way tiu somebody and we had no idea what we're doing and so we had we had no idea what concept of motion sickness and so driving up through the hills and every ten minutes my dad had to pull over because we were just car six throwing up over everything and we pull up to this camping this camping area and we realize that people had rvs and campers and my dad pulled out for a family of five pulled a two men camping tents and all of us had to pile in and it's like it kind of felt like it was in the movie it's like all these fancy people with their barbecues and my dad my little mexican dad trying to start a fire with like newspaper and matches people have like their coleman like stoves in a big king eggs and really eating cereal so I mean that's like my first experience of road trips there saying how we're on like a bus and we slept at the holiday inn yesterday and like that's fancy living plan a lot ideo fancy andoni well, you know it's like it's like orange county has represent but I'm in portland so it's like the marrying of the two but I'm ready I'm ready to shave I just think it's right run chaps are chips right about now I'm going to go defer to you I can't tell any of my right all right so let's talk about richard it started from yesterday ready and come on people these residents at that park and they all the crew is standing still when we're walking around and next minute they started to go out the league's and his crew are all running on this by listening from whites yesterday a turtle bay and I see danielle who's working camera two right now she sits down and out of the corner of my eye I see your studio e o just by any means so she's like standing up sex in your legs and one what the heck is going on video footage of the crew outside picking all the cables and you're all running with that like running well they're running out there luckily we were right next to ah river flowing and so we all were able to run and put her feet in the water from resource magazine I see him come up and he has like pants world wall with his knees I said what happened is like I ran into the lake because I was covered in red and I was like I can't believe this seven so every just walking around to doing jumping into the bus so I mean I actually just got off a road trip earlier this month um I flew to san diego men it was and friends and we drove from san diego all the way through reno into interpreting men and it was a really really great experience because it was like nine of us packed into an rv about the half the size of lower in right now so it was really, really cramping they were like all city and son sleeping on top each other at one point but so that road trip was like to burning man which I found to be probably one of most like profoundly life changing experience I've ever had in my life and so all you pull a chipper burning both so it was funny because on that trip right I am I made the active choice and it's hard for me to not take a photograph that I would keep so I want I love I love hearing the sound of a photograph I love person the button I love creating photographs, but I knew that if I were to go to burning man and trying to take photographs I'd be a un observer I'd be a spy and I would be a participant and I wanted to be a participant I wanted tea experience that that whole thing and so I brought it in insects camera and I brought like three hundred shots and the coolest thing about that that experience was I brought this camera and when I gave a picture to somebody and this is like kind of like root and fundamental why were photographers is given the photograph and I look at them and say, you know what? This is unique it's the only one in existence and now it's yours and there is so much weight meaning to that because when you print to photograph in its tactile and it's the only one that there's there it people that get really really emotional about it and there's this one lady that was like I've been to burning man for ten years and this is the first photograph of me on the playa that have ever received and it was so meaningful to her, you know, in like I made it was just such a great way to start a conversation and I find out who these people were like where they came from and like that I was just very similar to them in the sense of like my core values and all that kind of stuff. And so it just brought me back to the reason why I love photography and it's because I'm creating something unique and it's a gift to give to someone else but you have to go to that last step and yet you have to print it because you printed all the sweating, all the tears and all that hard work becomes tactile and become something that that a memory that then becomes associated with that that image and it becomes so wonderful to see the reaction you know, like you think a picture that comes out and the crowd goes, oh my god it's so cool you know so yeah I get about three hundred uh like two weeks ago and right yeah I think it's kind of like a thing you know? We're like I wanted her I go I'm gonna bring it and I'm going to give people pictures just cause that it's a wonderful way to talk to people you know I love it was a great idea sticker on the back so that they can stay in touch with you yeah, you know I actually don't even think about I'll even be able to start like a secret facebook community that alone and original victor but I didn't even think about that I should tell us they're doing that well you've already created three hundred originals so when you blow up big the vandal original's been like whatever I have known stick a vision that's already never sure see we'll take something like this and find a way just to add the machine to that like let's take your idea ad one tio gets up to give a little picture things about now it's talking trash in beginning I do they everybody I did it that was talking to my white just waiting for someone the other day and I said, what do you do it just like I work here and I said what are you doing? I say what do you dream about doing this is like and the next minute she's sitting down and I'm like well maybe you should maybe sad student housing you're not is yeah I e I never even thought of secrets just because like I love the idea for that concept I love the idea of just creating a create an image and then giving it away never seeing it again never knowing and there's something kind of beautiful in that is that you're gifting something that someone's going really treasure for a very long time and that's all that's the memory that they have a view and before social media existed before all these ways we stay connected the only one you could ever talk about things that we remember them and I think there's something very beautiful in the fact that I helped create a memory for someone and I may never come across them ever again but that's a memory that they're gonna have a store they're going tell victor not many people leave burning men with much memory yeah you may be surprised there you might be surprised that I will say that it's an amazing experience and it's not for everybody but for everyone who goes it's for them I really love the concept of the insects and I definitely on international trips as well uh it's an amazing way to interact with kids on the street and just tio especially if you don't speak the language it's this incredible tour tio I've had it is where the kids say no no, no no photo and then you go over and you show them in stacks and then all of a sudden they're totally ok with you take not only you're taking their photos within all the kids down the street home and run and I think I just I really love your sentiment about though getting out from behind the camera and having that experience um you met I mean, you are out there in nature, in landscapes and on all of that of a kid can you tell us about a time when you realized that you were like, just behind the camera or well so I would say shooting the shooting the things I like to photograph um one of the biggest things is you get caught up and shooting and I think you have to stop and if you get to these great places you have to stop and just enjoy it. So there's a lot of time what's up ultimately yes. No, yes, almost everything. Champagne is like sometimes. Yes, that was a good movie. Great. Great. You will see that your true to what you say like yesterday we're driving towards mt, shasta and all of us on our phones and our computers I mean, you know, it was what it was and that's like hey, guys this is gonna be the prettiest stretch of dry he didn't say put down your computers he just said this will likely be the prettiest part of the drive guys and I was like that are you trying to tell us that we should like put away technologies like no I told magic dad because he was like so loving about it right but not like demanding right and just totally watched everyone goes wait put it away then I mean that was e that way when I told you I got the wifi I think I accidentally build my injury what people don't necessarily see it is it's a message to a bus apparently pulled mccartney was on it that long ago and it's very hard toe walk because it lists and it moves very fast and it's very big so they have been more let dancers on this road trip then way ever back in for someone could be like walking past you and then they do a little bit of a stagger and then its cycle and then it's gone oh voluntary cattles and voluntary cuddling left sitting down saying just just about every just about every every camera angle that you see right now that camera person's ass has been in our some point you know literally literally sally was walking she's mad a motive and she was walking down the way and she kind of started to teeter I like rapture full on hand down her pants and make sure she wouldn't fall like my only intention was to keep from falling but my hand would gather sure, charlie, I want to say what say what happens on the best days in the booth was on the bus with me feeling them up. This is the way that relations told I just like to say, if you somebody that likes to grow people, airbus is definitely your mode of travel because you can do it quite inconspicuous. O except if you're in the new york subway there's like signs and sayings like a crowded subway is not a place to improperly grab somebody all over the subway because you know what? It wasn't moving yesterday wait sorry, I moved I think that people haven't seen is that we have some video games going on back and just because you were you were all over that sleeping or playing a video lasting like six o'clock I wake up and I'm like, hello crackers oh, water, oh, pizza, I mean anything all day and then all of sudden I'm walking back to the bathroom and I'm like video games what? So me and the crew were just sitting there busting out video games like the last hour, the drive it was so much fun I played against so long and it was like a game that I knew from my childhood I also hear us definitely was like frat living because the cameras are carefully curating what's going on the bus but what people don't see other bags and like their stuff piled around here and so then last night it was getting dark and bottles of wine were popped over video games they're going guys were like yeah and I was like and that in college way yes, we're classy up in these way should shelled out tio michelle balance I was thinking yesterday michelle actually turned up too many conference in sacramento with a box of wine and the crew were very in the last hour and we're all like it's being twelve hours imagine if we had a bottle of weii enjoyed your beautiful why not and I thank you that was such a generous guy was awesome they were very happy sixteen very happy people okay for the driving he didn't you know, so if you guys in portland want to try to step up your game a little bit, I'm just saying if you guys want all of it, do a portland wine taste testing versus a you know, northern california wine taste testing way we're not opposed most results will take up instructor pulling to be fine a box of one is is tough to be so suis game on you want pizza box of wine to box and gummy bears way had told you we're going to get a nap or not really gotta run by oregon wine country is incredible there's so many beautiful wine spark yes things like holding into the city carry talking about only they have these amazing once we're on the road it's a pretty passing by the vineyards waving at them we're not like here you g well, I want to talk before we go up there I want to talk a little bit about what we are going to do today so we are on a way right now to portland and we're so excited for the folks that are going tio come and join us there if you still need the details, you can go teo creative lives facebook page and on there you can look at the events and you'll see that one for portland it's totally free to come out we're going to be giving away amazing prizes yesterday there was a little boy that spun our little wheel oh my gosh, let me grab the wheel! We've got the spending we all we've got to put the up prizes backup on here, but she won the entire supervise catalog, which was pretty fantastic we're going to do that again today the entire jasmine star catalogue classes from these guys were giving somebody all of photo week two thousand fifteen everyone who comes out we're giving one hundred fifty dollars gift card for free education on crete alive that can get you almost too the entire photo week so it's going to be from one p m to two p m in portland, go to creative lives facebook page or you could just follow the hashtag photo week two thousand fifteen cs there let's briefly talk about what these four educators are going to teach when we're there in jamison park jameson park is that correct? Jameson park don't good. So what do you think I'm doing? Even going on digger glam shape in the park? Fantastic mac, I'm going to do something on filters long exposures howto get him smooth water and all that victor, I'm going to actually talk about filters to but more from an urban is perspective like making people just there. Jasmine I will be talking about how to oppose clients on a wedding day so you're writing room fantastic. So yesterday again was such a fanta magic day so excited for today we're making our way all the way back to seattle today, monday, two thousand fifteen photo week kicks off. Jasmine is going to kick us off in the morning to the two hundred fifty dollars marketing plan, right? Guzman? What they gonna teach there about how any photographer, starting or seasons can take two hundred fifty dollars, revolutionize the way that they see their work, how they present their work and hopefully gain new clients as a result, all the while getting inspired as they go along. Awesome. So we're gonna teach on photo week tuesday morning, I've got net relying, mastering natural life inside in the anti clam studio, so still lots of people struggling with mental life, and I've done appreciate I'm gonna shoot live, and yeah, I'm very excited that said it's, just going to be one of those one owen classes that you just need to remember that I've got a class called landscapes and light and it's it's about howto handle all the different lighting conditions you'll get going out there shooting how to come back with the best the best soda monday at three ish around then I think it's one day the same one. Fantastic. Now, victor, you're not teaching on a photo weak this year. We've got here on the bus, tell us about the class that you did teach on creative, lithe class I taught on crude live was hds, laura filmmaking for basically beginners, and what it does is kind of just spans the the idea of using a dslr to create films and we go from every doing for everything from looking at mobile, using our iphones to really learning a storyboard, tio learning a little about, like sound design and music and all kind of stuff, you know, even touch a little bit on lighting and so it's more like a nuts and bolts general class, and I had a lot of fun teaching that's what I always say everyone is I had a lot of fun teaching in, I felt like it was a really wonderful experience for for me, and I hope that anyone who watched it or anyone who department found this thing in front of the same it was so much fun such a great class wanted to let everybody know out there that all of these instructors classes are actually on sale right now. So if you are one of those people that's coming out important, getting your hundred fifty dollars gift certificate, you could go buy whatever you want on but all of our returning instructors that are on photo two thousand fifteen all of their classes are on sale, so we're really excited to bring them best of the best it's, our biggest event of the year. What I want you guys to do right now, if you haven't already is go our sweet pea for the event for the online conference when you do that, you're gonna be able to go and on that course page, check out what the schedule is. We have two channels that are gonna be running simultaneously, so we're gonna have to plan out your week. We have some classes that are master classes, those are two ninety minute classes and on the same thing, and then we have entire channel of ninety minute classes. Really? How to really jam packed? Check out the schedule. We have some of your favorite returning instructors. We have a lot of new instructors as well. So plan out your week. Of course, for all of you who maybe aren't able tio, join us and watch and take the whole five days off way always give you the opportunity to own the entire event. It's over sixty hours of classes, it's over thirty classes and it's only one hundred and ninety nine dollars. So for those of you out there who aren't really sure if you're gonna be able to join us the whole time, take a deep breath by the course by the entire thing and then you can sit back and relax and know that you have to watch any any time, so we are so come it's amazing that we're already like, I see it. Find a week has been coming for months and months and months we've been planning this for so long we've been planning this bus tour for so long because we've never done anything like it and way are what do you guys excited about for photo week um why do you come? Why here find my you know what I think this trip is kind of like what hooked me in is just doing this and yesterday it was awesome was like you think get on the bus and you kind of hear about it everything it's it's one thing to see it all on paper but yesterday was great like you have sacramento there was awesome crowd I think more people than I mean was hundreds of people are like more than we expected and and they were just like you pull up to this park you think what are we going to do but it's like the crowd just takes over everybody takes over and have an awesome so I'd say the uh the bus trip is what helped me in and it's been above above well above expectations I think like sacramento for me was so fun just because when you got off the bus and you started to kind of do teach your class or work with the individuals out there you could just tell and you could see in their faces the appreciation, the level of appreciation that we decided to stop in sacramento because I must have had thirty or forty people after my class come by and say oh my god, that was so great thank you so much for coming to sacramento like and it was just nice you know, like I forget sometimes when you're doing things online there's a human element to that and when you can really tap into that human element it's so awesome it's just like you feel that energy and like the gift that they just being there uh for them tow us and like the appreciation that they show us it's such a gift and it's something that it really kind of sticks with you for for for a very long time stopped then I need to men all the time I want to learn I've bean shooting for twenty six years I want to learn more I learned something yesterday from both the boys I lend something incredible from jasmine last night we were talking about marketing and you know, she was talking me through this marketing strategy and I just went to bed last night I woke up about five video is the first thing I thought about him not I need did I think about it I got excited about it I got out of being a jump in the shower I thought about it in the shower I was getting ready and I just I just wantto keep leaning like leaning premieres this thrilling and when you'd be doing something for so long you get stuck in the running the business and every photographer has something in could be a golden nugget that would just change the world sometimes you could I mean I don't shoot landscape and they don't shoot outside with speed lights anything I did but each of you said something that was just like uh great great great nugget and as it changes, may I no nothing and and she's she's not line like last night that you and jasmine sat there for like the better part of an hour hour and a half drinking wine and on her computer and show and I saw it because I was trying to listen but I couldn't like yesterday I was going out of commission but you know, my tears were still listening and it was really great because I think whenever you jump on a bus with a ton of people you don't know them well when you get on that bus throughout the course of the day you just kind of here how they speak and you kind of hear their philosophy and hear their approach to life and approach to like their craft and it makes you really humble because you're like in in the presence of not just the instructors with the imprints of the crew who really take pride in what they do and take pride in and how they approach what they do and it's really humbling because everyone here really really believes in what they do and it makes me so happy because that's that's the group that I hang out with right and so by the end of the day wear also exhausted but like this morning I was so happy to see everyone because like we just spent twelve hours ago on the bus and you just incidentally here how someone feels certain things instantly hear how how they would approach life isn't just appreciate a lot more stay stay open in your learning it's so easy to go no I do it this way and there's a million ways to do something on further shop is a million ways to capture something you know with the camera and there's a million ways tio market yourself but stay open because if you're open and you just really absorb what's working for other people it might not resonate with you but just listen there's something in there that you need to hear and sometimes when my reaction is oh no I don't like that I always say why don't you like that like does it scare you? Does it challenge he does it does it hit like this block in you that I don't that wouldn't work for me because that's an old idea and I have to constantly remind they're open mind to absorb it and listen and they go. I can use that. I could do that. It's. Always a golden nugget for me, particularly photo weak is when we have. We've all taught courses on creative life and they've been anywhere from three to five to thirty days and I think the photo weeks a little bit different because he coming in your approach and you have like a single stand of course and gets a mixed with other photographers so that in and of itself is like amazing but I think that from my perspective I wanted to do creative life because I felt like it was just a small tiny way to say thank you to everything that creative life has done for the international community like they give and they gave him the gift and so you know it looks like it's a lot of fun being on the bus and it is but it's also a lot of hard work like you're gone you could be at your studio there's a thousand things to be doing but I think to myself there are people who have this great and grand vision of what online education could be and they're trying to change it in the oven guard so I want to be a part of something like that photo we did was like I wanted to I want to be a part of it I want to say thank you and then I want to be a part of the change teo for sure it was like it's just a really really once in a lifetime experience to be a part of this not even the inaugural bus tour, right, but just to be part of something that ten years ago, fifteen years ago, we would have never have been able to learn half the things that we wouldn't want toe learn online because it just wasn't available to us. You know, the the idea of logging on to a computer and watching someone with the knowledge of matt or sewer jasmine and be able to really glean a lot of stuff in that that could be very applicable to our daily lives, is it was would not be impossible fifteen, twenty years ago, you know? So we're at the cutting edge of technology and just cause I know what goes into the production side of it, like the level of technology that is on this bus is top notch it's exactly what you would see at the most top little broadcast studios and crew that runs it is like the best crew I've ever worked with. The best looking wait, really, but not it not enough goes to the creative life production crew because they make this thing work, and it would not be possible about them and buy by foreign above. I've worked a lot of crews, they're the best crew either report what they just know what they're doing, I'm just taken way sure, guys. Oh yeah I want to say thank you as well teo are entire crew I think one of the biggest compliments I've heard so far not just from you guys is our bus driver jim who's drives a lot of people around including movie stars and including musicians paul mccartney and he was really impressed with power crews so shot out from jim as well and thanks to jim teo for keeping us all safe here yeah so yeah I think so hold it still just hold it still we're going to zoom in so that's that's what you don't see behind that's right that's right thank you. All right, so we do have ah live block where we have more behind the scenes pictures you can go to critical dot com slash bus tour and lindsay has been updating that she's giving updates about where we're headed and when we're going to be there is a good and about a video thank you yes on the crane apply what happens on the bus goes into an emotive that's right shout out to sally from an emotive goto our creative life facebook page it's posted their super fun if you weren't able to tune into yesterday so thank you all for joining us live and there is a lot more to come today we're going to take a little break and we'll see you back soon thanks for joining us thanks everyone cheers

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CreativeLive is kicking off Photo Week with a West Coast Tour and you are invited!

Join Sue Bryce, Jasmine Star, Victor Ha, and Matt Kloskowski as they begin their adventure in San Francisco – meeting up with students in Sacramento and Portland – while making their way to the Seattle CreativeLive studios for Photo Week 2015!

Online viewers can stay tuned-in to their adventures by watching the On Air broadcast and following the hashtag: #photoweek2015

West coast CreativeLive fans are invited to join us, in person at the San Francisco, Sacramento, and Portland stops!

San Francisco - CreativeLive Office
444 De Haro St San Francisco, CA 94107
Friday September 18, 2015
8:30 AM - 9:30 AM

Sacramento - Cesar Chavez Park
910 I St Sacramento, CA 95814
Friday September 18, 2015
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Portland - Jamison Square
810 NW 11th Ave, Portland, OR 97209
Saturday, September 19, 2015

We are kicking things off in San Francisco with an early morning meet-and-greet. Join us in our Potrero Hill offices for coffee, donuts, and fun with your favorite CreativeLive instructors.

In Sacramento and Portland, you’ll get to watch the masters at work and take part in our exciting and educational Photo Walks! Sue, Jasmine, Victor, and Matt will be shooting and exploring – while our awesome partners will be out with us, ensuring you leave feeling educated and inspired.

If you love CreativeLive and have always wanted to get some face-time with our incredible instructors, don’t miss out on your opportunity to join us on the road.

BONUS! We’ll have some seriously awesome swag for the first 50 folks at each location!



This has been a fabulous way to introduce Photo Week. We have had a chance to see the masters working in real conditions, and making the best of the conditions they found themselves in. Well done.