Photo Week 2015 West Coast Tour

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Welcome to Photo Week Bus Tour


Photo Week 2015 West Coast Tour

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Welcome to Photo Week Bus Tour


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Welcome to Photo Week Bus Tour

Get started so jasmine star we are so excited to have you on the bus tour thank you tell us about the big stops that we're going to make we're calling them many conferences. Yes, many conferences will happen in portland and sacramento, sacramento being first portland on saturday in the best part of those is that we're gonna be having hands on teaching instruction and for those who cannot join in person although we would really love to see their we broadcast live and intermittently throughout the rest of the day. So we're very excited for thin sort that's, right? So sacramento is tuned day and that's going to be in three hours. So if you are in the sacramento area, we have hundreds of people who we expect to come and meet us there and these guys are gonna be teaching way are giving away big prizes. Somebody is gonna win all of sue prices catalog of classes. Oh, my gosh, tio, how crazy is that? Somebody is gonna win. All of jasmine stars catalog somebody out there is gonna win phone a we...

ek, but you've got to come out and be with us in person. Macros. Kowski very good. This is so excited to have you on the bus tour thank you. Tell us about some of the other things that were going to be doing along the way so since we haven't ungodly amount of time with each other I can only imagine the conversations are only thirty six hours come on it's that long I can only imagine the conversations that will happen but I think one of the cool part about it is you know, I was getting your questions I'm sure you guys always get your questions so it's like four very different photographers and we have all of our gear and it's a good time where we can actually sit down talk about it since a lot of this is live, people ask questions and everything so I think you get a really good look into what people use and also you know why they use it in some different things you might not have known about we're going to be doing some gear demos were going to be doing some many stop along the way we're supposed to see that that's all right? Yeah no that yes random stops where I see photo challenges coming absolutely let's talk a little bit more about that we have vic they're hot filmmaker victor hot welcome teo the west goes a bus tour victor the hollering about these little mini stop throw down that we're going to do so if you guys are familiar with any kind of like uh reality tv competition type shows I'm a fan of all the shows that kind of happened on the food network so if you're like a fan of cutthroat kitchen we're going to do things that are kind of a hodgepodge of cut their kitchen versus kind of like hey, what you got in your bag sort of thing and it's gonna be me and mad or me and jasmine and me and susan and we're just gonna mix it up and like throw it down and be like, hey your children just to photograph a squirrel and every photograph squirrel you're gonna pick a piece of gear and go with it oh and by the way we're going to kind of be like hey ps you're gonna have to do it wearing a monkey half I don't even know the monkey lying folding no no idea it's going to be awesome and honestly it was kind of cool because we kind of just like power while yesterday and had this great idea and a lot of fun oh that's what this trip is all about is fun because photography can be fun and we are kicking off what is our biggest event of the year vote a week two thousand fifteen now we are gonna have a lot of bus time because we're driving from san francisco to seattle as we said so what are some other things that were going to do when we're on the bus itself so when we're not shooting and when we're not teaching and when we're not stopping and meeting people and giving away all of these incredible prices were actually going to be teaching and talking on the bus so you can stay with us all day we've got two questions het that they've prepared for us and we have no idea what's in it but I can imagine some pretty, pretty hilarious and harry questions we decided to answer questions that were typical teo you know when you're cheering with your friends and and I actually only came on the bus because I thought we were going to never valley but apparently we're not we're going to sacramento, so I hope to see their lunchtime now ceo I don't know we're gonna making some pit stops maybe we can do a little side trip to napa I don't know about that uh well see well the way that's my job way air so excited we never like I said if you're just joining us now we have never done anything like that's it is groundbreaking way are kicking off vote a week two thousand fifteen here on crete of live want to tell us how you can participate while we're on this west coast bus tour because wherever you are in the world just like always that creative lie when we're live you can join us and you can join us for free, so we're going to be broadcasting from nine a m to five p m it might be some breaks along the way but we are going to be live full on fund that's today as well as tomorrow we're going to start like I said nine a m pacific time to about five p m pacific time and it is going to be a blast you can just watch right here on creative lives but we want to hear from you as well so you talked about the bus we're gonna be taking q and a if you can go to creative lives facebook page that's we're going to be taking some questions from you guys in the morning we're going to start talking about gear we want to know what these all these folks brought on the bus with us and so we're going to start with that we are also on twitter we're going to be paris coping behind the scenes so you want to follow the hashtag vote a week two thousand fifteen followed creative live on twitter we're gonna be interacting with you guys there for questions as well so we also have I want to introduce two very special guests are coming with us on the bus now let's meet sally stargate and jan schneider let's give it up for silent way all right well we have two very special guests this is sally started good from an emoto sally tell us about why you're here and what you're gonna be doing on the bus wow animados platforming upload oh sorry I thought that they were it might but nobody's a platform you can upload stills or video clips, add to music and make a really great video slideshow so I'm going to be doing behind the scenes photos and taking some clips of life on the bus so the things you won't be seeing on creative live but at the end of the day I'll be making an emotive videos of everything that we have it happens on the bus fantastic that is not what happens on the bus stays on the bus would have done the bus you see it on an emotive video we're in trouble with that way. Jared schneider agreed to have you here jan from resource mag daryn what are you gonna be doing on the bus? So what I'm gonna do is I'm going to find some time to talk to the instructors and I like to make films that's what I do when I'm not writing I'm not a journalist. So I'm going to focus on making a film that I think people will enjoy watching and I don't want to give away too much about what it's gonna be about also because I'm not one hundred percent sure what it's gonna be about yet but when I do know you guys will see it will hopefully be up by next week and I'm going to take care of it on this bus well, I'm also blogging if we do anything fun and cool, I'll probably block so where can people follow you? They can follow me on resource not photography and resource, not travel those are two of our sights I'm also on twitter at journey's uniter and on facebook at journey and I think national like endtag karen schneider everything's like the same with me so it's pretty easy to find there's going to be so much social media going on everyone you are going to be virtually here with us, it's continued. Fantastic so jaren thank you for joining us fantastic to have you both before we get on the bus everyone we want to meet some of the folks who came out here tio join us as we kick this off so we've got a lot of creative live fans who are watching out there let us know where you're joining us from but let's meet a couple of our creative live folks amanda let's start with you come on out and we have a wheel way have a wheel now if you guys are going to come out to san francisco are to our sacramento stop or to our portland stop once again you can find out those details on the creative life facebook page we're gonna be at sacramento today at noon and people are going to be able to win in this wheel prizes and win some incredible prices. And we're gonna we're gonna show how that's gonna work right now. So, first of all, amanda, tell us about you. How long have you been created watching creative live and tell us about why you're excited to be here. I've been watching creative life for about at least two years, and, um, I mean, I wanted to come here anyway. I haven't. So she just around the corner from here, so the timing's perfect. I wish I could just skip there and follow you and dr behind the bus, and you can follow us on night take you to napa suit, but, uh, yeah, creative life is amazing. I've been a photographer for thirty years, but having said that, I have a lot of experience, but I still have things I need to learn. One of them is pricing, and I mean created life has just been so great helping me to figure that side out. Fantastic. So let's spin the wheel. And see what you're going to win all right ready go for it spinning the wheel everyone let's say I feel like we're on a game show have created live is right brianna vibe is right okay tick tick tick wario one hundred fifty dollars and creative live education I just I just happen to have one of these in my pocket so this is for you thank you for coming out. What do you think you might buy with that? Um you don't have to tell me that I'm kind of interested in one of the head show. I have all of sue already, so I I can't die soon but maybe something to do with head shots or business plan fantastic. We have all of that here on creative live thank you so much. Amanda percent out I want to meet chris chris coming out with that crap. Chris tell us who you are and what kind of work you d'oh and we were talking about creativity. So I want to hear a little bit about what create today means to you originally an engineer. So I have a very technical background and I never really thought creativity was a part of that and uh but I've always been a photographer and I recently started up again in doing it and I thought that was the place to hit the most uncomfortable space was creativity, so um, I feel, um I've gotten a lot about creativity here in these classes I've learned a lot from from many of the art this year and and that that that there's you most about creativity, um, I think, well, I think the hardest thing for me is to be present actually did actually be president, what you're doing and looking at what you're seeing and not be thinking about something else at the same time, it really helps to is actually the essence of of, of making being successful photography's he actually where you're at when doing what you're doing at the moment and it's such a such a life affirming thing too, I think it just says a lot about where you are in life. I love that being present, it's the heart of what we do here, let's, spin the wheel all right, chris let's spin the wheel we're gonna be giving away all of photo week to somebody let's see let's, see and um oh, no alright, sally so we're giving away on the full year, right? You just want a full year of an emo no pro and we'll have you talk to sally but that's really exciting and thank you for coming out already gave you one hundred fifty dollars gift card for everyone that came out we're in here okay all right. Thank you so much let's do one more let's meet one more person michelle come on out to spin the window from the show all right let's sure yeah let's just start spin the wheel going for it all right, all right. We've got t shirts we have got photo week we've got matt scuttle out what size t shirt do you want to hear large? Okay, stay here. Stay here tell us a little bit about yourself, michele so I'm just sort of starting out huckabee again and tasca and really enjoy creative life because of all the different perspectives from different photographers that you could get, um and the way to be able to download it and re watch it and relearn again, you know, learn a little further ahead and then come back and restart is so valuable rather than just saying it once and being done, I can watch it again and learn more every time I see it. So have you looked at the schedule for next week for front a week two thousand fifteen? I'm not completely up to date. I've got my schedule at home for what I want to do. I know I'm really looking forward to him or photo shop work because that's where one of my big weaknesses right now we've got a class or two about that I know, I know thank you so much for coming out here joining us really great to meet you as well really appreciate meeting everyone in personal way let's get you your t shirt over here t shirts everyone criticized t shirts aaron anderson our producer um all right is it time to get on the bus everyone all right, everyone once again this is our photos for the week two thousand fifteen west coast bus tour come on out come on out and we are about to take off keep watching us online on hashtag photo week two thousand fifteen we're going to do a little bit of a bus tour to follow me because we're gonna head into the back and thank you guys for joining us all right let's get on the bus suit jim thank you so much for being with us jim is our bus driver he good he's excited let's say you're telling that again very exciting to be carrying creative line all right awesome we are putting our hands our trust in the hands of jim now sue we're going to come to what we call the studio our little rolling studio here in the back and this is where we're going to be doing are on on the bus content we're going to be talking to people starting off with about what they right but let's meet some of our tech crew here we've got kellen armenia smile callin we've got mike over here and they are coming along with us. They are making sure that you guys can see everything so adam bowers got the camera on right there. You're going to meet everyone sue let's go have a seat kick this thing off I can't believe this is actually happening everyone we are driving on this tour bus all the way here from san francisco to seattle we're gonna be stopping again in sacramento. We want you to be here noon in sacramento. Ok, everyone let's get this asserted I'm gonna put this down now sue here we go. What are you thinking right now? What's going through your head? I really can't believe we're doing this today three days on a bus but it's a pretty cool back I want to live on way could make that happen now where is cooking us every with e this big day to save it we could make maybe when folks out alright everyone, we're going to start up like we said we want to find out what everyone brought along with them for the best because this road trip the whole theme is road trip having fun so let's start off by going through your bag what what did you bring with you? This is a two day road trip what do we got? This is my think tank travel kid and it's pretty much taking a bettering I do love it it is the lightest camera bag I could find and when you travel a lot I would rather been the weight of my bag on shoes and make up and closed and wasted on camera but on the front is my laptop and I learned a long time ago that I this is my favorite all time favorite thing it's my alexander mcqueen let tug faggots is it'll razor blades I love him he's such a neat designer and this is basically fits my market price my way come tablet if that's everything so it's the smallest little travel kit now when I fist at a tripling I was always about the seventeen inch mac book and it was just so cumbersome and heavy this is the little mecca and it runs for the shop like a dream and when I'm traveling it's got everything I need so keep that in the front and you travel with the walking tablet yes I don't always think that wake up my walker I say way come okay it's like nick on in that car I know you know tomato um basically, I feel like I have to because if I had to reattach anything or I have the whole kit that and it's really easy to be able to do it um okay, so the first thing is I'm sugar free so I travel with eighty five percent doctor in my camera bag I just lost because I thought I think and I for my camera vegas facing you're going to see it food in our trip you know, those people that were all day and forget to eat yeah, I'm not that I'm like a fight if I'm if I'm angry I can't shoot so I'm like ways his, uh no sugar next in my camera bag where I can play eat discreetly this is my spider holster goes everywhere with may I feel like a bit of birth, cowgirl yeah, I have it um it's that he loved my health down I'm currently rocking to cannon five d mark three bodies I take too because you know you never know when you're shooting at you something happened so I do carry two I carry two primary lenders and two bodies, so I'm a thirty five and I'm a fifty the reason I carry two is I often want to shoot video behind the scenes video I love my thirty five one point four and then that's my main portrait lens, which is my fifty mil one point two and everybody wants to ask me about there because everyone isn't the eighty five a bit of portrait lens I think the fifty miller's a brilliant for chitlins I don't get too much distortion from it I don't shoot in big studios, I shoot mostly in home studios in the eighty five just never fit, so those are my four go to things and obviously you don't go anywhere without five batteries and charges. Those are the most important things that I travel with many clips, yeah, many clips so the many clips I'm going to teach a class are natural life eight and basically in my in my big suitcase, I've got my travel scrims and I've also so the bus is moving way have taken off, I've got I've got the hex crim and then I've got the rial scream and they both breakdown. I always carry clint's because you never know when you need to come close here a scrim to a tree, you name it and I'm pretty much always prepared I've got always on me is at least four, thirty two gigabyte cards, so I've got lots and lots and I've got my card reader and down motor in my laptop, so if I managed to fill four cards, I can download them and retouch on site and then always I carry my indie filter my indie filter is in here somewhere somewhere and that's it I mean, I've got a pretty pretty easy kit um and basically indy filter means I can shoot in bright light white, open and that means I can shoot outside at two point eight on a hot day with the indy filter and you told into the filter eight stock mutual density filter there it is there and that's my whole kids and even though it doesn't look like much it's actually really heavy yeah, but you well it around all that yeah, so it stops of mutual density means I can shoot a bright light also I've bean introducing strobe to a lot of my portrait work and it means I can shoot strobe wide open did you bring any with you, uh, any stroke yet? No, no, no, it doesn't fit in the trouble but now it's differently strives not in trouble, kid, but I'm also the class I'm teaching his natural life, right? Right. Yeah. So that's gonna happen in sacramento again today for just joining us? Sacramento is happening at noon. So what is something that sometimes you kind of think about? Maybe I should bring this, maybe I maybe I shouldn't something that's like your gosh, I wish I had that with me. Anything that you've been in a scenario where you're on a road trip like if you had that extra room for something special, you know, at the end of the day the iphone is such an amazing camera and because I have, um you know, social media, I have lots of social media outlets, I have twitter and instagram and facebook and facebook groups, and I also exist my own website from my eye final duel of it from a high five then obviously that's taken the place of any sort of pointing to cameras, but I do have a polaroid and the polaroid really comes down to the clients just love them because they get to keep them and take them away. So these yeah, I do a heaven in sticks and I usually carry one with me everywhere. I didn't put it in this kit because I knew that I wouldn't be saying, you know, a lot of clients but you can borrow mine. Yes, I think it's a fantastic thing to be able teo you give to people fight it is a christmas basically prison I love it and before insects, I mean right back and nineteen ninety we had a polaroid back on the hassle bled in the studio. We would always take her test polaroid for lighting because she couldn't see the back of the camera. Obviously we shot film way would put the polaroid back, slide it out and then take a tee shot and our client always took I'm the polaroid it was really big twenty five years ago it's still big now remember, I sell my portrait based on the fact that it's a now generation, not a digital generation, people want something, they want to touch it and take it time has been my great stuff very much anymore either. Not enough? Not enough. Well, thank you so much, sue. I want to make sure that everybody knows they can ask questions out there. Do we have any questions coming through yet? Where should they be asked? Ok, everyone hashtag photo week two thousand fifteen we want your questions you can go to create allie's facebook page. Get your gear questions, I think it's interesting of that. Um, that let's talk about you don't do do you do wide angle all jobs? Do you do any there's? No, like zoom lens or anything that's? Not necessarily what you're looking to do. So my kit lin's was I built my business on a kid lands which was twenty four one five. Now we have this extraordinary glass, you know? Well, the l serious means is, um, and the prime lands is definitely sharper. Also, they have wider editors now, which means we can shoot a low light. And we also have these incredible digital cameras with higher isos, so I feel like when we got this glass this you know, investing in good glass is really the answer to everything, but I have two lenses to primary into the city five and fifty I also still have my kidney wins by twenty four one in five and because I do a lot of filming behind the scenes to show in my marketing and because I'm an educator, I use that twenty four one five is my wide lanes when I'm filming myself, but it's not a good portrait lens because it's not a shopper's these new primes, I mean, these primes air a really great, and they're also a lot more expensive. So the glass that you buy for your camera is priced in direct proportion to its value. I mean, these lenders and more expensive because they better sharper, faster and, you know, you have lower averages to them so there's a reason that they cost four times more and, you know, I don't need a lot of glass because I'm a portrait photographer, I don't shoot landscape and I just yet, so I do get a lot of questions as to how I use the thirty five and basically thirty five for may is a wide angle, and it does have a bit of wide angle distortion when you shoot portrait, but I actually use it to my advantage when I imposing kurds and that's something that I I teach on creative life how to use the thirty five to shoot kids because it has just enough distortion at the scene to frame toe actually make kivi bodies that really good so love of gearheads argue about it and stuff, but you just got to find what works for you and that's. What wakes from a absolutely what we might challenge you to be taken landscapes along this road trip. Maybe we can have matt new partner up mac laskowski I think that would be fun. So I'm going to tell men close kowski exactly what I told the last landscape photographer that I dated when he said to me, why aren't you getting out of the car and taking photographs? I said, well, there's, no people in there and he said, well, that's the whole point, its landscape and I said, well, who's going to pay me michael scouse key in the front of the bus just said it's on that meeting paper out of the car. All right, well, thank you so much. We are going teo for showing us what's in your bag. People always when I know what's in your bag. Yes, awesome, lots of portrait's that we're going to see yes my while sue packs up, my producer just asked let's, take a tour of the bus so in the back of the bus we have got there is like a little kitchen, but we don't need to necessarily go back there, but you could just show that we've got we've got our crew we've got adam bauer is on camera over there and there's a little pigeon I'm a big fan of these lights going on here this like I said earlier, this is going to be our photo with two thousand fifteen bus tour uh buster for studio back here that we're going to have all our rolling interviews I want to say we might need to do some surfing here but let's come on up to the front we've got our sound year I'm gonna cruise on through here and let's see what is going on at the front of the bus that's a big party wave that doughnuts okay it's a party so this is the front of the bus I'm gonna go back over here. Um you want tio right on your lap? Matt, come over here. All right, so here we are front of us. We didn't some social media over here. I were president. I was prepping for so few that's great way have we've put everybody stuff all together and it is going to be a wild ride cozy, cozy ride okay, so what do you think of mac laskowski about the challenge that has come about here from sioux bryce are you what kind of portrait work do you do? Um the poor family family kids whenever I do that so that's uh not just my family kids but family and okay okay so I won't have you watched a super class I have what's the super explains how she is but we're going to get her shooting landscape that's right? We're gonna well we'll get her out of the car and she will photograph something when you're look out like looking for landscapes we're going to see you do this like you did some some pretty research right about what it is like what are the main things that, um visually for you and your type of work might be stunning in between san francisco and all the way up to seattle. So what are some of the places that you kind of have thought about so there's thie shasta about valley tell us about that so I've never been but I've seen pictures and it looks awesome so it looks like if the stars align like will be there right? It's something so I'm hoping that that we get to see something there because you're gonna have mountains and there's legs and there's all kinds of stuff so I think you know if it's sunset and there's ah beautiful mountains like picture makes itself so so when you're on the road or you thinking about how do you like use a nap or something for sunset timing when you're thinking about like when is the light going to be great those types of things are you doing that research I do so way won't have that chance for shasta valley I've never been there but if I can go if I can go before like during the day before there's an app called sunseeker okay and what it does is like where you're standing you can hold the camera up and it shows you the path of the sun that shows you right where it's going be a certain time okay so you know what is the third year that sanders is like this singer every fifteen so the sailor trick is if you put your hand on the horizon you put your bottom your pinkie at the horizon line every finger is fifteen minutes so between like if you get stack your fingers for example if you put your hands at the horizon and between the your pinky and your finger if the sun hits your finger it's every fifteen minutes maybe stack your hands you get like two hours versus an hour this is like, you know, thirty minutes and it actually I was on a boat and I had a sailor teach me this and it works like every time you do it so you always know when sunsets about hit so if you're on a session you're on a beach just stick your hand out you've got to keep it straight put it at the horizon line and it's every and your fingers are in fifteen minutes I have never heard that they were learning things already people and for all anything and for all of our internet internationally is if you're in norway that does not work if you're a norway it's like the sun can be that far this is the sun's like down near the horizon and it's so alaska or that's awesome that I kind of use that sun seeker the one place the app helps is that like if you're going to want to shoot into the sun condition it behind a mountain or something it will show you where it's going to so you actually see like the path of the sun so very cool pretty cool well what we're going to try to do if that does work out of course it'll be after sort of our live broadcast so hopefully we might be able to do some also pre recorded content they're matching sunset we'll see what happens that is going to be the name of the game here with this bus trip is flexibility for all of us we have no idea what's going to happen so I think we're gonna we're gonna get a break okay fantastic well we are going to take a break everyone once again, thank you so much for tuning in. This is our photo week two thousand fifteen west coast bus tour. We are taking a bus all the way from sanford. Just go all the way up to seattle, stay tune, you could go to the creative liveblog, and we're going to be updating where it is that we're gonna be stopping. If you are near sacramento, be sure to head out. We're gonna be there at noon. You can find out everything on our facebook page. Thank you all for joining us. We'll see you back after break, thanks, everyone.

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CreativeLive is kicking off Photo Week with a West Coast Tour and you are invited!

Join Sue Bryce, Jasmine Star, Victor Ha, and Matt Kloskowski as they begin their adventure in San Francisco – meeting up with students in Sacramento and Portland – while making their way to the Seattle CreativeLive studios for Photo Week 2015!

Online viewers can stay tuned-in to their adventures by watching the On Air broadcast and following the hashtag: #photoweek2015

West coast CreativeLive fans are invited to join us, in person at the San Francisco, Sacramento, and Portland stops!

San Francisco - CreativeLive Office
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Friday September 18, 2015
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Friday September 18, 2015
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Portland - Jamison Square
810 NW 11th Ave, Portland, OR 97209
Saturday, September 19, 2015

We are kicking things off in San Francisco with an early morning meet-and-greet. Join us in our Potrero Hill offices for coffee, donuts, and fun with your favorite CreativeLive instructors.

In Sacramento and Portland, you’ll get to watch the masters at work and take part in our exciting and educational Photo Walks! Sue, Jasmine, Victor, and Matt will be shooting and exploring – while our awesome partners will be out with us, ensuring you leave feeling educated and inspired.

If you love CreativeLive and have always wanted to get some face-time with our incredible instructors, don’t miss out on your opportunity to join us on the road.

BONUS! We’ll have some seriously awesome swag for the first 50 folks at each location!



This has been a fabulous way to introduce Photo Week. We have had a chance to see the masters working in real conditions, and making the best of the conditions they found themselves in. Well done.