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Portrait Critique Part 1

We're now entering the portrait category. We've got lots of beautiful portrait's to look at and talk about in educating critique, and I have got two amazing women sitting with me. I've got michelle celentano. Did I say your name right from phoenix? Michelle's been a photographer for another fifteen years or your life, but you shut waiting forty seven years? Yeah, twenty stephen, you don't look old enough on dh also, I've got the favorite of spoke shaving now both of these skills are accomplished. Creative life instructors broke. Just finished his segment hints the pain. Tell us another pain. Yes, well, you know, I thought it would be a good idea to very quickly paint my model entirely white. So it ended up more on me, though. That's so cute it's such a beautiful dress now michelle, you're on creative life tomorrow. Team forty five on what are you teaching? A family portrait, posing groups so posing that's really great family portrait is one of the hardest things to lean. And I also fee...

l like it's one of the most untold posing genre. We'll be doing it tomorrow. That's also broke you being on this morning. You've been a guest appearance with indiana yeah, today and you have a creative life coming up ideo yeah, it's all about the most basic techniques for advance compositing, so I'm just going to put out there all of the editing information I know and that I'm teaching myself right now and sort of wrap it up with a bow. So when I started to do any fine at work throughout my career, finance was my way of not being such a business person. You're kind of the paradox of me because you're the opposite you more into the find out then you aren t working for portrait, I needed to build a business and make money they needed to learn it, but I needed to be an artist, and I needed to escape from being a businesswoman, right? For me, leaning compositing was one of the hardest things I had to link. They had to teach myself on photo shop there. I also was very bastardized version ofthe cutting, pasting, flattening and working in one layer in illustrating on further shop. So I would love to sit through how you compass it so beautifully because you do it if a sleigh and you have a really good eye for the depth of field when you're compositing, that makes people look like they're really in their good will hear it, that is in november seventeenth, the nineteen watching you thank your, maybe creative libel, let me be a student wait you know I've been a photographer for twenty five years and you are never too old to live you can teach an old dog new tricks I'm differently proof of their I've always had a saying throughout my whole lifetime in this career that if you do not evolve, you die and the truth is is everything changes so fast technology changes for the shot changes you know cameras change, everything changed so quickly that if you don't keep up, you get left behind so it's more than just following your heart it's following your heart with your technology and always nearly seventy new I always want to learn something and that's why I love critiquing because I also get a chance to learn something and teach something as well. So I'm going to start this category first image up beautiful portrait obviously first thing I'm going to say is congratulations for saying something different it's always think when photographers take a portrait that's just a little bit out of the norm, you could have done a million things and you chose to sing inside that towel and I think that that's really gorgeous connections grave is saying anything either if you want to say about it this is great expression like there's a beautiful image is that something you would publish something you put on your website? This is obviously something you'd sell I noticed for the some of the critiques people just put in images to show off clearly because this is beautiful and well, what can we say? It's perfect oh look at this all right? I actually feel as a general this is one of the hardest ports to take this when you got the tablet and the pregnant ballet sure, because often they make it about the belly, but this is the first time I've actually seen it where they've made it about the toddler sitting on the belly, which I think is really cute I love the fact that she's in a bikini I love the role of feds and what would you have changed about it or what would you do to improve it? Because it's a great shot, it feels very candid to me, so I'm not sure there's anything portrait wise, I would improve on it, it just feels like a day at the beach and, you know, a chance to make a great portrait of a candid and what I think it's so great is that it does feel so candid and yet at the same time everything is sort of in its place, the lines are all really straightened it wasn't, you know, turned at such a way that where they were just sort of swinging the camera around to capture it, so I really appreciate not about it I did tell you I'm not a big fan of holding the head because I feel like when she hands or doing something contrived it's taking away from the moment that they have created that looked very candid it is kind of now hold your head then but you know, ultimately his photographers you're always trying to create a candid moment by directing the most candid you can be and then trying to catch something that looks like it was evil if the if it this list but it wasn't here so well done, you know, this is your it's them really go to pose I've seen it it's raphael's angels really isn't heads that little head tilt but you've got good connection with this kid in the eyes and there is an appearance alive that wouldn't love this shot play around in your posing if you're gonna live people down with the role of forty five, we just pull a little forums around just a little bit more or maybe you rotate or they rotate, but you're always going to have a winning portrait image when you can get a little face to look at you like that, right? Um michelle's eyes get that let's talk about eyes I'm a big connector in my images brooke I feel that you connect to more through body language because you're often doing a full scene is opposed to eyes, eyes I'm all about this close up shot you're all about moving bodies how do you get it? I know how she gets it. I know how I get it how you don't richt and telling photographers out there for beautiful expression from children how do you get there? A conversation one hundred percent conversation and being at a child's level and being able to talk about what's important to them I feel like if we ask children for smiles we get that sort of yeah, that fake smile so sometimes I'll ask kids just to be really serious let me see your mad face let me see your sad face and in between all of those funny faces I asked him to make somewhere in there gets a relaxed face or for little girls who's your favorite princess and if you don't know while the princesses are and you're photographing children, you need to get educated on princesses because that is this need dot com my friend yeah, no joke. So who's your fair princess why she favorite princess? You can sing the sound check to frozen pretty pretty much made you do that? Yeah, the cold never bothered and well done beautiful image connection is everything commission is everything. This is a beautifully lit image um I don't know if it's a portrait portrait but what I love about it is I'm going to choose any portraiture that goes towards anything fashion for may, and it actually looks like really high fish in light. I'm going to kind of push the barrier because this is my genre where I'm going to say if you're going to make a girl looked like a model, you make it look like a model this to me is a friendly pose as opposed to one that could be I'm a high fashion model, you could have pushed this go to that she's beautiful this is beautifully lit, it looks like a vanity fear lighting scenario and well done uh, I'm not feeling a lot of attraction to this image and attraction for me is what we were talking about in the winning category when you see a beautiful bride and you want to be like here, it's, when you see one of brooks images and she's running through a field with better flies in here where you want to be that girl women look at other women and want to be them, they want to, I want her body, I want her address, I want her attitude, so give me something that's going to make me want to be here, give me the flowing gown or give me the attitude or give me the sixty body where I look at here and I imagine myself being here it's like when you see an image of a mother and child, you want an image of your child like that because I had that killer image of this mom and two daughters on my wall in my studio and every mother that walked in my studio said, I want that so when you're creating portrait, if they're going to be sixty or fashion, give me something that I want to be like, make me want to be here just like you look at fashion magazines and want to be that girl that's how we work so too may there is not enough attraction and who she is to make me want to be here, but I'm going to commend you, tina routine for how beautifully this it's mitt, I think it's right in between, you know, it's like way could have slipped her hair back and made it really sexy and five fashion or we will live in my further with, you know, sort of like slouchy I'm in my boyfriend shirt kind of look, yes, I could have been like just six he rough, but it still would have stated the mode of lines I almost think it's two different images that her face is actually incredibly beautiful portrait and it sort of dies here, so but mean beautiful two thirds view her face gorgeous light from above so oliver face but then her body sort of dies for me and ultimately in order to have a controversy enough that we would still be talking about this means that that the dichotomy ofthe good and bed is so great that you've got outstanding qualities as well as otherwise we just be like me yes absolutely beautiful a love it is a portrait I'm going to pull that make up I don't like it all it just here sadly but you know that could be the clients make up I don't know that in terms of what you've captured in the background beautiful she's touching beautiful hands well done um if you style this image way need tio more I think about what's happening and make up right now because the here at the moment is to look on done in fashion and were really the black island is coming off in all of their fashion images it's more julie again and just be careful if you are doing the make out that you're not pushing the makeup to I mean the client could have requested this kind of teamed up with this to me this makeup just stops us from being as beautiful as it could be but everything else I love yeah makeup competes with the softness of the rest of the image it does because it is soft and you've gone with a pink tone and you've got broker and flowers and daisies and then this is kind of strong structure in this trace, which doesn't say the top as much but it's interesting and then all of a sudden it's got this hard and make out which age is here and so it stops it from being really beautiful but it's a beautiful kesha yeah it's nice to see a background that's really consistent to where there isn't something happening in the background where you see a tree over here and maybe some sky over here that really detracts that had to do right? So that hill yeah, so they're obviously shooting down here little, so maybe it's like, yeah, I'm always searching for locations like this they're hard to come across, and I think she was that sort of consistent decoration that grain beautiful, you know, I love this what a neat moment you've cracked it too tight, though, so if itwas a ll feel frank for frame, then you just got a moment that you loved and I'm sure her family will treat you that for the rest of their lives and and she will too. But if you set that up and you took more than that, you could have given me a little bit more because it's just not quite enough, but but big props for again connecting yeah in filling the frame see now this is prepared the butterflies being put on there and this is being more prepared and I love her little freckles I've got a nice with those freckles absolutely beautiful who lived hand is outstanding your right hand is too curly ok remember just watch with the watch with the girls that they're not doing purely rigid fingers this hand is so beautifully placed this hand could have just been here just open them up a little bit more remember with hands with securely hands we don't do flat henson and killy hands we don't do the claw we don't do the fist the cloth or the thunder bid no fist no claws no thunder bid okay so sorry office cloth underbid where belly hands she's got this beautiful touch here she's just a bit curly here you get away with it christi's young if she was a woman she needs to be more framing and touching I just mean the belly fingers belly hands say ballet hands but what a beautiful portrait it's going to look great in your folio it's gonna look great on your website there is an appearance alive that wouldn't love it and those little fickle surprised yes I adore it this is so you brought these this could be your children I wave bands and the long gorgeous here this'll looks like a children's fashion magazine toledo's I like that about it yeah yeah I mean it's that's just joy in a candid moment that's you can't fake that and you've got great talent it's kind of like yeah look at the little details with the now in the truth you've obviously prepared this client if this image is anything, it is a lesson in teaching your clients have to own up to a photo shoot it's the if it's in the details to teach them about the dress and the choice of outfit in the denham and a callous game but they're not overdressed than not to pet and you know they've just enough and then they've got to the effort to really capture something really and highly committed there's a beautiful image on dh I hope it's in all of your advertising it's differently publishable and it's gorgeous you know I watch kelly brown do this and the difficulty in this is making is unbelievable kelly doesn't pull back a little bit more, which is so incredible but for the effort that you made that newborn that rap this child, the expression on that child one hundred percent beautiful do do you shoot you point with kids like yeah and it is incredibly difficult she looks probably maybe two or three years old and it is so difficult to get that age to close their eyes gently and to get that expression with it without being two forced it's just perfect their their facial expressions are just so beautiful well done. Yeah. That's a great image, it's a really strong. I almost would have just like to see the other hand pulled together. Yeah, and a full wrap. Imagine that and I feel like if they pull back a little bit more and framed the bottom half of the image, it would have been awarded. Yeah, because it's that beautiful, the pace in the faces is prices look and and in terms of if you are shooting you bones with children, there was an appearance on this world that wouldn't take this home I can teams of I'm buying this if my children wow. Wow. Yeah, sir, this is the day of the dead, right? That make up for it. Is it what he call it, dear deal. Smarter. Yes, incredible. Pretty incredible. Um, this is part of may there find out photographer me that wants to take this to a team more levels on terms of it being a portrait I don't know that anybody would want this is a portrait, and if they ahead, it seems to me they wanted more of the finance portrait. So my instinct would be to disengage the eyes from being a portrait so that it looks more creative and then creatively working at imposed to make it something that is so magnificent I mean, this is beautifully shot it's sharp it's well lit I can see the light and everything I don't give that she's looking away and she's having a camera but that's ok if the eyes were down or we're doing the same thing it still would have had its own vibe going on beautiful makeup that you've captured but I want it's like this thing inside me is just like oh, I wanted t I would want to shoot like that I want to take this too he had broke yeah, I agree and I think that for me I would react a lot so more strongly to this if we almost removed one of the girls the one that's looking away and I can imagine the other one just in the same pose with the same connection to the camera with you know, chris lips like that okay, I think I think it would be a little bit stronger like that because the other one I don't feel as much as an actor and I see these people not as people having their pictures taken but as actors in the seen and so when the one is looking off it's it's almost like that pose where you're taking a a picture of yourself with a friend and somebody is kind of like looking off my students and that's the sort of feel that I get but not from the other side I think it's beautiful yeah, and you know, I see this make up it is a beautiful makeup on the extraordinary work that's gone into the image you could just take it for that I'm sure they took lots of images and hopefully individuals as well. So to may the distinct difference between a portrait is a portrait somebody will buy so maybe their makeup artists maybe they celebrate may be the actor's maybe they're doing a show so they wanted a beautiful portrait off the makeup you got that? But I also now want to create something as an artist I want to create something that I can block show shia that I can put on my website that is creative art and you could do this with what you've done so I would love to see you take this for them watch brooks compas it workshop on seventy eight the november if you don't have the skills, maybe you're not inclined or you don't even have the skills to do it yet take what she teaches take these images and make them crazy beautiful because I could see that going on a whole new different though absolutely and the thing is that it it's inspiring us, you know we're looking at and we don't know who this was intended for, but at the same time I know I want to go create because of it and that to me is a sick stressful and you go I now want to go and create because of this image and that is what creativity is in its purest form it is catchy and it is just you know it's it's magical it's creativity is when you see it it stimulates something so deep inside you you actually don't have much comprehension with it comes from but you just know that it's coming in that's what that has done so that is the magnificent what a gift beautiful beautiful shot jim ford good hands great dress good movement I don't even need the flick it's just perfect there's enough going on glamorous I'm sure the this beautiful girl this beautiful pregnant girl is absolutely right with that it looks like it's come out of a magazine it's exactly what I love about glamour in portraiture and well down yeah yeah I have the strangest reaction to this picture because I actually I look at the whole thing and I think it's beautiful it's beautiful and then I get to the bottom and I love that even more which is really strange but I love where the fabric blends into the background there and I love the texture in there and I think that makes it just a little bit different it's wonderful so you know well done I love saying stuff like that yeah again this is a sort of photographs that you take is a senior photographer or family photographer we take a shot with mom loves that she's a beautiful girl you know it's a good shot is it a great shot that's a good shot of here and it's lovely shot! Is it something that you use on your folio? I'm sure is you're leaning. Yes you will fundamentally at his great connection remove this here. Okay thiss it'll amp it flame nobody likes it it's horrible it's easy to remove on photoshopped it makes you look down these to take it out I think you can actually do that right in camera by pulling those shoulders back and that would almost alleviate that right on the spot so pulling those shoulders back and having her arch a little bit will completely pull that away right in camera and turning her body a little bit more to the camera. I have a lot of control on my posing and I still get it every now and then you get it, you know it's just something that doesn't need to be there. Also I find really significantly with armpits is anything that draws me away from her face you're going to have to deal with it's also easy to les eaux copy and paste in war path that the top that sometimes when we do hip it on but hanging down and you can't find it out it's actually easy too cut and paste the top out than it is to remove rampart lines. But it's a good, solid image and it's a pretty standard image from a shoot that you would take now, I don't understand this image so it's not telling me a story. I don't know why they think this child, it seems more documentary tomatoes portrait to may need to hear more backstory on it, which is not a good thing because it means that the image is not telling me on dh. I would I need an image to tell me a story on tim's of obeying mohr documentary style or let's, say, travel photography. It might have more of a story line in its context. Yeah, I think we just need to see the rest of this. You know, it seems like the kind of image that would have been taken alongside a few others, and maybe those would have shown a little bit more of an expansive story, and that would really help. I think in that context it would. This would probably take my breath away if I could see more images to go with it. Because I love this point of view, and I love the, you know, dis saturation and all of that, but but yeah I agree I don't I don't understand what we're looking through therefore I don't understand where we are and what a story as you do a psa family portrait total for michelle do do candid portrait so families or more day in the life of or are you more post video traditional portrait photographer adding some of that candid movement into the actual portrait session but you're not ready day in the line oh something totally you know so this doesn't even speak to me is a day in the life time start confused there's a lot of negative space here and there's I feel frightened looking at him like I don't understand why his eyes look like that okay we just can't pull it elbows away from the camera what's away from the camera gets smaller and what you've created is a very short distorted on that look stumpy you've got a beautiful expression beautiful profile you have nailed this profile I'm going to do a little posing the my here I feel like this like this here like I'm not a big fan of he lights I was around in the eighties so I didn't think they were good being and then I think that that good now but okay I get it I'm a poisoning my doc he had disappear into the background and I'm pretty staunch about it but look at this she has such a magnificent profile on this forty five that you did not need to stumpy out this top half of it by bringing it here. This could have been long, it could have been here, it could have been here, it could have been here. It could have been touching the front of her head that could have been here. It could have been here, it could have been here, it could have been flowing, it could have been doing it could just mean here. It didn't need to be across here, and unfortunately, I call that up on the league of him because we've short met, we felt that we present it, we make it look like a league of him. I don't know many women, no matter health, and they are like the liga ham. Um, so please be very considerate up one's on because we're funny braid and we don't like it. I can't criticize anything about her expression it's magnificent, but the shoulders of competing with her face targeting, actually taking away from her face, which is kind of with, you know, um, the color and this is beautiful, and I instantly taken with it these two things that I write instantly, and I say I was going to say two things I hate and the recently said hate is because I get really bombed out when I liken image so much and then there's something that takes away from it being just brilliant in the back this is a floating out right here they just bumped me out straight away I just saw it and I was so bummed out her faith her expression the red, the flowers and then for me they're hanging background at the top you could have dealt with then post production and just got rid of that but where you're going with this is really beautiful and if it's your style and then you know that line they can go and you could just nip those in post production but I'm bound because it is so close to being perfect for may and making me go well and I hate it when something so simple just makes me go yeah actually I am thrilled to see this kind of framing I absolutely love any image pretty much that will put the face right in the center and of so much space that I got slate for that on facebook recently putting the damn line whenever our sights to price doesn't know what the role of states is and I was like stick you full of fits with my place wherever I want that person is yours truly view yeah and the fact that the hit piece fills the space and is even better but the truth is as I look up I'm I'm I'm like oh, I'm disappointed by the top of the image but they could be fixed in part it could use some fading or yeah something take it out just keep rid of it I'm actually wondering if that arm is holding up that headpiece well then that bums me out even moderate shouldn't be but you could get somebody's hand and they're holding you know and then removed the hand I've done that before but you know it's all about smoke and mirrors and we don't hold their own heads on somebody else to hold the bottom then we re does amount but just break that down right to her face and a slight turn up to create two thirds view and a woman that likes jill I would spend my whole life repped and pink children my big dream and flowers and I everything about this makes me think this is pretty and beautiful and I like it so well done you know you can't go wrong with the connection of children eyes it's a beautiful shot images very standard pace well done I don't do well it sells gold cropping yep good nice shop and I like the little lips tucked in it's so funny you photographed a woman like that she'd hate it you photograph a child like that and appearance by because they can pull a stupid face it wouldn't matter but that's so sweet here well done I just watched your crop. This is ok, so we're talking about rule of thirds this morning and there's a role of fear right there and tim's of the iving almost in the top food, and then here it is right in the center. Now what broke just cedars are level that space is not the same thing with this because what this is is crops to it's cropped too high and low, so basically the whole frame just needed to come down a little bit. So if you're going to keep the headband and you just needed to pull back enough that you could see the top of his shoulders said, just wash that your eyes onto center yeah, but you know, can I just say shop sharp, beautiful natural light? I can see it beautiful times in this image and love those blue eyes um, magnificent shot I don't know if this is portrait category necessarily it looks more commercial to me than a portrait, but it's beautifully shot and I get it. I don't know that a client would buy this portrait, but if we're talking about portraiture but is a portrait of someone or a shot of someone I love this I love high key and I love dax get on high key always to me is so textured the I especially love the texture and the skin and I think that I would actually kind of wish that the sweater didn't have so much texture to it because I would love for the texture of the skin to stand out more than the sweat shirt but at the same time I love this image very much you consider when you get somebody this beautiful that the first thing you want to do is get him to take the clothes off yes, that is exactly what I wanted to sign and even his shit up like I mean you know really robert this is a great shot but switch it is a little busy why don't we take it off and just do a skin shot? You know that the idea is you just want to make these suggestions and rolling this leads out what have they also made a beautiful cause? The teacher and the skin is amazing. Yeah, I wish it was just a little like either higher up or cut at the fingernail because we have just one lone finger now so I almost wish I would have seen a little bit either more of the top of the fingers or come down just a hair more gorgeous yeah, you know, this is beautiful sellable portraiture it's connected I love that you've taken the time to show her beautiful long here she's a little girl with long long lux and it's beautifully done and I like that he took a prop outside and it's well lit good contrast I mean I don't look at this and think you could have improved it because I know that as a portrait this will stand the test of time classic so well done classic beautiful portrait this is magnificent I have such an instant reaction to this that wow you know what this is so beautifully done I love the tonal range I love the way you let this high I've loved the shadow around his chin and on the back wall the choice of shoot is here but his expression for may is a one hundred percent this is outstanding girls you almost don't know what to feel looking at it like at first I was like you slumping ian but then that's a portrait of what he's representing right now you know what to me this is really fashion portrait that's what I love we do it with women we make them look fashion but boys and fashion are always very solemn but then he's a young man and you know the young men are very quiet they're not ray gricar's in front of the camera and then it jumped around I mean he's very still I love his stillness I'm very attracted to this portrait I feel like it's very hard to catch a young mean because they even look posey or they look dorky and this guy looks incredible and I big props to this author I don't even not question it like I just assumed that he's a fashion model you know, I don't even think that it's a client but it very well might be in so that's incredible feeling you might some be happy that was my partner, I'd be happy if that was my child are behaving like I just I love it all right? You know, touching the here is really, really great way of bringing hands into the image to make them do something, what don't what I struggle with us? Her face is turned off just a little bit to father the camera. I never go past the forty five because once the eyes go past that twenty five she's looking sideways as opposed to connecting with you is a beautiful connection in her face. I'm not a a very big fan like this is kind of good worry, which I teamed him not like so much, but you know what? This is one of those portrait's for me that's a kind of like it, but I don't like it and then say, I'm like, why don't I like it? This and something about it screams eighties lighting like I'm feeling just a little bit too gloomy shots nineteen, ninety it's not really fashionable it for may and I get that she's a beautiful girl and that you've got the connection good hands and I like the color but I feel like that low side light ended another light source coming from this way on his face it's very dated I feel very dated looking at this yeah I'm not I'm not I may natural life photographer so I prefer the uber it's mario testino spin on fashion portraiture because I come from an eighties claim a photography studio send my whole life I have defended my genre and modernized it so I feel this is a step backwards for may and it's not attractive to what is modern put two now so I need you to come around soften up your strobe opened at your lights was a little bit more and bring it to the front and be a little bit more any leader of it as opposed to being nineteen nineties glamour. It might sound harsh but is someone who spent a lifetime doing it that's what I've been trying to work my way away from you know there is a saying by coco chanel that says when you go to get really go to the mirror and take one thing off and we could have taken this necklace away and keep the peace or taking the hit piece away but that would have made you look older what a beautiful child. Simple capture. Nice and shop. It's. A little busy for me and watch how busy that is, right? Yeah. Styling is important for children. What we talked about what? Their one that you said. It looked like a campaign for children. Styling is really important. Don't get the parents overdo it. Guide them. Right. So the two big ears just too big, I think it's an adult's. Nicolas and she's obviously ring him mom's necklace and it's past the point of playing dress up as but it is a look at this kid. I mean, her eyes are just out of this world. Yeah, you know, it's beautiful it's. A beautiful portrait. I like the back like I like how shot you flooded her body. Like the diamonds are like triangles when these triangles and images imposes it's always interesting. I like it as a tip I can see the here on her arms and I don't get many girls that like the here on their arm. So just as a tip clone it out. It's, one of the most hated things that people think that they've got here I am. She is quite another black hair and get rid of it and I don't think you could have made this a lot better it's great shot yeah, I think the only thing is making me think about the heroin rooms is the fact that there's the lens flare on her arm and so it's sort of lightning the top part and darkened in the bottom part because of that and that's so maybe it does all right so you can also climbed it out and just watch that darkness because whether the lens flare looked like it was organic it doesn't look like it was put in there in hopes that just make sure you can keep your leans clear but just make sure it's not enhancing the depth of her arm and the here around people around this entire pose is just off by half a foot coming forward so basically you've shove it to low if you slide the front me forward so if you just bring the camera to me I'll show you something at the moment she's sitting up here into this position where she's here and she's up here and doing nothing for the league's but if you slowed him leap forward and just bought her badi forward so that his top half tilted towards the camera cheese pull back nice and curly model like really extend those arms then what you've done on the top half of the image is magnificent so you just haven't quite worked to body pose but you close you just haven't tipped forward enough. Secondly, when you see a dark triangle, you're going to go straight for that crash that's where the eyes going to be lied to and I'm spending more time down on the bottom half of the image in the top half. And yet she styled so beautifully for her face that I'm disappointed that I'm not looking up there so well done. Keep working your posing, extend the leg forward, don't let the bottom half off a person dominate the image. When it's the face, we need to focus on till four with the foot bringing her ford, and you would have absolutely now that the hands are gorgeous, by the way, very beautiful hands, beautiful face, infective, he cropped it. Then you would have lost the beautiful hand here, so unfortunately there's a halfway point where he just didn't quite get there. So you can't say that if you'd taken it right up to the face, you've nailed it. It's absolutely beautiful. You've now the top half.

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