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Brand Evangelism

Lesson 12 from: The Photographer's Guide to SEO and Online Marketing

Lawrence Chan

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12. Brand Evangelism

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Lesson Info

Brand Evangelism

Brown evangelism as I mentioned earlier it's about korean, your personal cheer team they're people who are willing teo spread the good graces of your work senior praises all without money and I re emphasize because of last topic, when I say without money that becomes social the moment you introduced money, intrinsic value, intrinsic motivation comes in and that satisfaction is gone people won't be so motivated to talk about you, so in order to create brand evangelism, I am going to need to do some topics of different icons in the industry, not in our industry but in the world, one of which is religion and I don't and I have to re emphasize I'm not trying to be blasted monsieur you khun technically use any religion, but just because of the western world I'm going to be using christianity I'm not being sacrilegious I just believe that religion and evangelism and cult like not that really ginger cult okay being very gentle here china welcome their shells. The committee is very they're ver...

y parallel if you think about it we believe in the system whether it be icons or apple you know, because a lot people do believe apple to be parallel to religion because I am a fanatic of apple anything they sell by so it's they say jump you ask how high that's up a deal so we're going to break down the components of it the main components there many parts to brand evangelism but the main goal is to understand the strategies behind it and how you can apply it to your own businesses and I think is that you don't have to play every aspect of it and one of the brands that we'd be talking about is to put away you don't have to play all of them but some of them and for those who don't know which poli is it's the best mexican girl restaurants in the world started in denver all over the nation now okay so the very first thing to understand is we assimilate because the consequences of violating strong norms at best embarrassment and at worst exclusion or alienation from the social group threatened our ability to survive in an interdependent world we need to be part of other people it's part of our culture the moment were segregated I don't care how introverted you are if you're not connected to others our society you will you're compelled and obama's you're compelled to be with other people and in fact you almost sculpt yourself to avoid embarrassment so then you can fit in I mean we all can probably admit to it as independent as we may seem and want to be or imagine ourselves to be way make exceptions we want to fit into the social norm because people want to be unique but at the same time like to find other unique individuals who are just like them and that's very oxymoronic but you're being individualistic but you're finding other people who are like you to find your own group and then you're no longer in the visit individualistic anymore so it's sore oxymoronic and it applies to schoolchildren as we mentioned earlier we find their own cliques are groups and those people are most like the like us and because of peer pressure we don't want to disappoint so we fit in so the very first thing that you need is your belief system what is your doctrine? So what is it that you believe in and it could be about your brand philosophy? It could be about your personal philosophy and I'll give you some examples so then it makes more sense later but just write down for now understand and it because ultimately it gives you a purpose it's the guiding compass but once you have taken a position because of your doctrine, you have to have a doctrine of difference which is your identifiable opposition if you believe in something you also believe in not of everything else, so I hope that makes sense so by taking one position you also have to identify what you're against and I know that it's very difficult to create an enemy in a way but you can make an enemy of an idea winston churchill said it best you have enemies good that means you stood up for something sometime in your life and I'll even give you a story you don't want it to be a very specific person it has to be a concept or a business I can take the hit so I will my stories. When I was dating my fiance, we went to a comedy club and back then I'm not saying it was a silly haircut because it wasn't silly back then but it's I'm in retrospect it's not exactly my choice now I had one of those asian thuggish haircuts where it's shaved super close inside and I had spiked her here and my bangs or super long it went over on top of it there are bleached orange oh my gosh exactly right? And our asian culture is like wow he's so cool you know, outside of that mean okay, you two get it outside of that it's weird even in retrospect, I find that I call what was I thinking? So we went to a comedy club and this guy was just talking about asians and all these other types of ethnic groups. No problem. I was laughing my butt off, but the moment he picked me out and said, you, sir, look so silly because of x y z all americans like that's messed up juli let's go we're going we're going right now I don't care how funny he is we're going to think we're never coming back here again. All the manically he created an enemy you can always demonize a concept talk about the general rule. No problem. George lopez says it all the time, but the moment george lopez is you specifically are silly because of x y z then you have ostracized in enemy and that's when you draw the line so when you create a and antisense you must make it off one there's a concept, not a person the next thing is you have to have a relatable face so you gotta put your face out there, especially if you're a small business so no more photos off your clients on your profile father's no more photos of a dog no more photos of a flower okay gotta put your face out there and it's because of a face were able to relate to it. The next thing is to have is an icon or a logo one that is recognisable clear, simple, recognizable. The next thing is assembly it's a place where you can gather in meat and I even give you all of these examples how relates the photography in a second but we're going to talk about main business is first and colts and apple cults and all that next you need to have a universal able to round up all of these people label for everybody next you have to nurture these relationships same thing on the promise over deliver same thing with the hole hourglass effect once they get through once they become a member do you shower them with love so let's talk about four different identities so in terms of the belief system we have christianity apple, lady gaga and tripoli now I'm not saying I'm an expert religion in any way and when it comes to religion there is no simple answer with his christian I believe in there's no simple answer and I don't want to say I could answer that too but the bottom line is that if you think about any western culture relation religion it's about a general compass the direction is basically to not sin am I correct? So the thing is to just do good I'm just using that as a very general thing I'm not saying that that's the board do good and where is this doctrine written? Where is all of this exactly the bible the bible is reduction everything's written there all of the police system now let's think about apple where is apple's written if you want to guess but otherwise it's very simple, distinct different everything about them everything all their products, the reasons that wasn't how they act is all about thinking differently so I'm not sure if you've seen the commercial, but there is this powerful video by apple called the crazy ones yes no no oh my gosh okay, anyway, I really want to play the videos here and I have a number of them commercials are very powerful because they sculpt how people in envision their company, but I put a link there I've been vetted all of the videos from youtube so you can just go watch them until fierce dot com start secretive life the crazy ones is their doctrine I I like the commercial so much I'm gonna read the script to you but the region one was written or was read by steve jobs and this is their doctrine here's to the crazy ones the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes the ones who see things differently they're not fond of rules. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them but a thing, but the only thing you can't do is ignore them because they change things they push the human race ford and while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius because the crazy ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world are the ones who do, and at the same time they have all of these video clips of richard branson and you have it's a very powerful and I mean I'm not even seeing it, but I remember in my head and it's sending shivers down my spine right now because I love that video so much it speaks volumes it speaks to me because I feel like I'm a misfit I'm a rebel I haven't done anything according to the norms and if anyone feels the same way in a way you are sort of being converted into the whole act the apple doctrine already so let's think about the next person lady gaga she is all about equality everything about what she says is about equality, lgbt rights things of that sort to pull a is full with food, with integrity it's written on the brand on their bags, on the burritos on the foil, on the paper on their you know everything about it, its food with integrity and I'm not sure you've seen this commercial called this scarecrow. Yes, you have no it's really great because they even have the song from charlie and chocolate factory. Oh my goodness is such a great commercial. Go watch the video I re embedded it, but I know I'm not gonna wait two minutes until you're finished watching audience self there in internet, but watch it it is so good because ultimately they're police trying to cultivate a better world with food and the scarecrow are usually planted in the cornfields to scare away the crows and the cruelest I'm just telling the story right now are taking over the food world industry by injecting chickens with additives or growth hormones and, you know, pumping callous full of you know, pumping them full of milk and all these things it's really tortuous, inhumane and ultimately a scarecrow you know who is trying to stand up against the crows and the evil industry starts by cultivating good quality food, food integrity one step at a time to change and make a better world and it really even though it's all about good food at the end because that's the real proof but the social part and the brand philosophy makes me believe that when I actually have choices between eating one restaurant, another one I picture partly because I believe even if it's not organic, I choose them because they're a little bit more organic than others and help support the farmers and the world over off. So check out the video it's really cool next thing when we talk about identifiable opposition so christianity what is their demonization? I'll even give you a hint he lives in a lake of fire he has horns okay he's the devil okay, so that's the demonization so you khun demonize him and he's a strong of concept that won't retaliate and how he said you can't demonize a single individual it's okay to demonize him so apple what is apple's demon is it a shin any idea if it's not to think differently it's to conform now it's very interesting for apple because at the very beginning remember the commercial like hi I'm apple hi I'm a pc and all of that goes back and forth they were attacking pc with pieces big enough to handle the opposition so that's how they create the enemy and all the apple fanboy fan girls had person because if I am ex it also means that I am not why you need to have an enemy before you can have a clear position that's just the rules otherwise you don't have a clearing of position but the moment pc or microsoft went on and did something else apple did apple went into ios games so it's all about itunes and games like that microsoft went into concert games xbox they're no longer enemies so what did apple d'oh who did a demonize apple van demonize adobe flash right how does it relate? Who cares got demonized somebody and when that wasn't really even the feasible thing eventually steve jobs before he passed demonized enjoy because it's the mobile market head on you making an enemy so when steve jobs the book by walter isaacson steve jobs claimed that he will spend every penny of apple's forty billion dollars in the bank to right this wrong I'm going to destroy enjoy because it's a stolen product I'm going to go I had to go thermonuclear war on this and that's curating an enemy and you have to be able to create an identical viable opposition is not correct this one really fascinates me too just because it was such a global movement when apple came along and android and it's kind of interesting it is very interesting I think it's awesome to be able to see all of these things so think about lady gaga what is her opposition if she believes in equality, her opposition is inequality anyone who's against lgbt racism generous um ageism anything like that so chipotle if they want to cultivate brother foods or food with integrity the opposition is simply destructive foods this check the farming practices destructive x y z and so far and it's not on ly these brands I mean every brand if you think about the all have done the same thing there is a video of very cool video that, like it was a twenty ten or twenty eleven super bowl commercial by alley it's called released the hounds have you seen it? Where it's these really rich millionaires and billionaires are in prison and they're all trying to escape prison right it's really funny and again go watch the video of the re embedded but about these two prisoners who escaped and then once they were able to escape their two cars to choose from is like oh there's my getaway car and then he hops into mercedes benz and then the younger billionaire milner that's a trick like nonsense my father had one of these and the new ties is you know, whatever it isn't it he gets in and he drives into a parking lot which is back to the prison like I've been hosed and then it's an end the younger one took the audi a eight the quattro and drove off really fast and then the entire thing was about new luxury. So what was audi demonizing? Hear how the is all about luxury german engineering to mercedes is also german engineering, so they're demonizing if you want to have old luxury you will be old old people by marseille is young hip you know rich people the new luxury by sally that's their entire model but when it comes to marketing warfare, you don't exactly have tio go head on with people. Opposition is a tricky thing because especially when it comes to small businesses, what do you what happens when someone creates a conflict with you? You get really riled up right emotion always if this person and when the whatever the case I don't want to me, but you don't want to get cop in all of this harry mess but it's okay because we are humans were not robots we respond to these emotional triggers but they're very strategic ways of how you can approach this you don't need to attack your enemy head on sir like microsoft in pc I mean no apple in pc most recently it was in march actually sort of april last month taco bell introduced a waffle somewhere you call him waffle breakfast sandwich whatever it was weird I thought was really maple served with sausage and but the thing is that they're trying to enter the breakfast market which was dominated by mcdonald's so they made a commercial that had real people named ronald mcdonald's have testimonials saying I am rather mcdonald and I love this sandwich this breakfast sandwich and it was those be communiqu but they made an enemy with mcdonald's which is very big so when they were about to launch it imagine it was april first launch date for the new sandwich instead of making a smear campaign like in politics, mcdonnell's took a different route very strategic route and they understood the bottom line of what taco bell was trying to establish taco bell was trying teo reestablish toma the top of mine awareness for breakfast if you think of breakfast don't think madonna's like a taco bell so in order to destroy the toma opportunity for two weeks straight before and after the launch date of that taco ll breakfast sandwich they gave away free coffee for two weeks. Any coffee you want? Iced hot, premium free soul? If it's free, you all go there for breakfast, and during the breakfast hours too, it took away all of the traffic it destroyed the toma opportunity by taco bell, so be agile, be strategic, keep a cool head and execute with surgical precision when you're dealing with enemies or competition can ask like a big picture question, please okay, there's conversations going on in the chat rooms and songs by hamilton. I was trying to sum this up, um, and they say that you need to know what you stand for and vocally separate yourself from those things. It gives you a purpose and something people can relate. Teo and I'm just trying to tie this into steve jobs also talked a lot about you create the problem, you talk about the problem, then you solve it for people, you know, so you're kind of creating that conflicts so that people kind of find they find a sense of relief from that. Do you know what I'm talking about in a way you're trying to say you have to have unidentifiable opposition? The reason for that is because it allows you to temper your evangelists because those were on the fence before they were like, yeah, paul with but we don't really have an enemy's like everybody just happy but the moment we can say oh we are this and we're definitely not that he'll then it makes sense then it solidifies their belief system it gives it clarity so then they know exactly truly what that believes that the minutes and those who were on the fence with other fall off or join them join the crowd so do you most mostly use that tactic to create those brand of angelus because you're really separating yourself and having those people be drawn to you? Is that the main purpose of doing that it's more on the belief system of so in a short yes okay you're trying to create fans powerful fans I'll re purpose all these examples for photography later okay so I don't want teo get too into it okay great the next thing we have to do is have a relatable face so christianity who is really the office yes jesus christ okay next apple steve jobs but what happens when the face goes away tough one we'll see with time so lady gaga lady gaga chipotle not applicable so the whole point is that you don't need to play every single one of them but you apply as many as you can so icon christianity cross right apple apple lady gaga anyone um close not little monster's claw right? Okay so claw and then shove polar chipotle symbol the next thing we have to, um, work on this assembly so assembly is where people can meet and re energize that concept so they can talk to you too are about the same thing about this commonality so christianity the place where the meats for assemble church apple wwdc for the apple worldwide developers conference where they did the view new products and sometimes I sometimes feel like that product is not so innovative but even though they just presented everybody class enthusiastically, I'm like okay, it wasn't that great but okay, since I am an apple van boy do whatever it is great but that's just how it works you need to energize him constantly for lady gaga concerts for tivoli restaurants universal label this is where you titled them give them a label christians for christianity apple apple fanboy couple fangirl lady gaga this is where your title comes in little monsters and just like the whole idea of the movie inception by planting idea ahead of time for lady gaga sight she has a subscription form where it says little monsters enter here you put me in jail, then you click it that's the button little monsters enter here and in fact when I had my photography business in order to brand myself apart, I haven't finished the whole story about branding myself against in the jasmine and the likes the whole ilk in orange county I had to position myself in such a way that I am very different and I was positioned as an edgy wedding photographer so even my contact by them was edgy prize contact here so before they even see me the contact form was already planting idea in the mines because you want them to be part of your evangelists so next one chip holy nun so again you don't have to play all of them so this is the whole thing belief system identifiable opposition relatable face icon logo assembly and universal label so I'm going to finish my story with how I sold this is the comes this is the sales part even though it's not marketing but it's very powerful a lot of times and I have had this opportunity where I had to use this very specific strategy in cells, rooms, meetings, in conversions, in market campaigns for different companies that worked with and even my own photography business when a client comes to me even at the door I don't let that client come in initially I open it was like hi the normal response to be like come on in right? I don't think I asked them very specific question which susan out you asked you guys are this morning of all places of all the photographers why me so automatically instead of me having to sell myself to them? I'm having them sell to me remember how I told you by adding barriers you add doubt you so I have to let them decide now they're saying senator, why am I choosing lawrence of all the photographers I'm giving them the hard question here and it's like, well, your photos are very dark moody a sick is it edgy because I'm planting the word in their minds already? Ultimately I want them to be edgy brides so is it reggie? Because if you're looking for the most backbreaking uncomfortable maximum maximum like borderline nude wedding photos the nam your photographer otherwise if you want prom poses I have a thousand of them I can refer you to an orange county oh no no we don't want prom poses I'm young I want to be I want different unorthodox it's like all perfect and come on in then I open the door welcome them give him champagne whenever they want. So the beer remember hourglass effect very difficult to get through my door but once they get through I shower them with love everything in the you want to play my kitten go ahead have fun with her you want food not a problem I'll order some treat you like you know like royalty but the whole point is at that very moment I made them sell to me I demonized what I was not I am edgy I demonized prom poses so I demonize a thousands of them in orange county so automatically I created a position in a non position. The relatable face will be myself. Icon logo's I had all of that and assembly I never really applied this, but I have a friend who did this and it's very clear in order to have all of your bride's unite or the people to congregate and have a synergistic, um, meeting is to have a preview party so well, my friend does is once he's done shooting a wedding, working me any event it could be a pet shoot or boudoir should invite entire family to come over or friends. Once they come to the studio, they reveal all of the photos, and then everybody gets to relive their emotions. All of the events that call my gosh is so beautiful they talk about and what's the only topic that they have in common the great photos. So who is the center of attention here? The photographer so that's, how you energize all of these clients? Because they're going to remember you much easier because they've been talking about you and throughout the entire process, even with the website to meeting in person, you're planting the ideas in their minds every step of the way constant remind them of who they are.

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Lawrence has done a great job in trying to simplify SEO and marketing in such a short course. He's obviously a clever and well clued up guy, and he comes across well if a little nervous and bumbling at times. The course itself felt quite fragmented over the first day. At times I almost felt like we were going through a business studies book, but in a disjointed way not knowing what direction we'd go next. Having said that the course is worth watching as there are a few nuggets of gold in there and it's a great general overview of both marketing and SEO which is an incredibly deep topic. There were a few questionable area for me over both days, but I've studied SEO reasonably well, for example he told a viewer to keep her old site and not move to a new domain as she'd lose all page rank. In actual fact the lady could quite easily move from one domain to another, and using a 301 permanent redirect she could transfer between 90-99% of her old pages link juice (ranking power). I understand going through deeper areas like this might have put fear in some people, but I think a few areas could have been better presented or explained. Would I recommend this course, yes I would. Although I saw faults in it, the amount of information on offer is pretty extensive and will help most photographers who run their own websites. SEO can go so much further than has been explained here, but for most small businesses this will be a great starting block to getting your business out there and ranking higher than you ever did before! Note to all: Anyone using wordpress please make sure you get it hosted on a decent host. After hosting my wordpress site on bluehost, and getting incredibly slow load times, I researched extensively to find out that the host plays a really important part in this area and going cheap isn't a great option. If your pages load slow you run the risk of losing a lot of potential customers and hits, so do yourself a favour and pay a little more for a decent host.

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