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Brand Loyalty and Q&A

Lesson 6 from: The Photographer's Guide to SEO and Online Marketing

Lawrence Chan

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6. Brand Loyalty and Q&A

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Lesson Info

Brand Loyalty and Q&A

So all of all this positioning, branding and understanding your traits your qualities is to really build loyalty, but when it comes to loyalty there there are three different stages that I want to emphasize the very first one is brand recognition so and his example would be if you were to drive you're going on a road trip, you exit an unfamiliar area you see teo it's late at night there are two restaurants are open, there is x y z restaurants and there's mcdonald's even though I may not say it would be mcdonald's all time. But would you rather go x y z or mcdonald's it's a hard choice? I know you look very hesitant, but as for myself, I because I recognize it you know I don't know anything about x y z, so I might choose mcdonald's and this is the reason the stats a strategy in terms of recognition is to simply be everywhere constantly have this presence, which is why you can't have this long hiatus will be defined as a hiatus anymore. You can't have ah, a dry spell you constantly have ...

to be active blogging, social media, etcetera even terms as a search engine optimization being inactive is actually not good for you too it's a statement in itself, so the next step or in next type of loyalty is brand preference so brand reference it depends on how much prefer the brand to go out of your way to get a brand so my examples of a mcdonald's again versus in and out because I'm from california or five guys, if you're from the east coast or shake shack from new york, the point is you're willing to go out of your way to get your preferred brand so how you become the preferred brown is a constant connected the target audience bill that report the last one is your brown insistence this is the highest level of loyalty this is where you would rather starve than not eating and out french fries so you'd rather not be to take you now have your photo taken unless it's by you so you this is the highest level of insistence and how you can only do that is by building a very strong relationship because I can imagine for myself, you know, going back to my whole engagement story, I have one photographer in mind, you know who had told her I said if you're not available in three, four years, I'll wait until you're available because I can only be photographed by you, and even though I've never been photographed by her, I have built this relationship with her starting online to a point where I've her vibe with me is so connected to the so synergistic and congress that I don't know if anyone else could be a better compatible match for me and that's what you want to be able to dio is to create this relationship with your target audience but also made all of these things that were doing is to create top of mine awareness this or in a abbreviated form is toma tomo the goal is to be the first to mine so in america and I know it may be applicable in differently in other countries but if you think about ketchup you're on mackey think of heinz in america if you think of you know luxury cars think of mercedes in other countries and think of taxis, you know, so whatever that may be you want to be the first thing that comes to mind. This is where we talked about unsolved products earlier where you create cool solutions to people's problems if they constantly see you they read about you, they get all of these great solutions and they built this relationship with you so the moment that they are ready to purchase and to higher you'd be the first person that they consider and this is going back to earlier I don't know why this slice here but I talked about area your brand has to be short and memorable you cannot still top of mine awareness of anything if your brand is complex and hard to remember seoul short and sweet clear but member is on ly it's twofold that's only the first part second part is really about branding you which is why you have to in a way put yourself out there and you can't fake what you're not because it's going to you're eventually going to falter and the most important thing is to celebrate what you believe maybe a um and not a great quality at first but if you change your perspective on it it can be it can be your strength in fact so I want teo take this opportunity teo leaving for questions but I'm going to give it a few minutes for you guys teo to formulate them but I want to talk about the next section so understanding of photography is a luxury I'm going to elaborate on how you create this luxury sprint and the types of content I do wanna produce because even though we only talked about unsolved products so far you know with the whole path photography and halloween costumes and things of that sort there are different types of content you can work on as well as the content platforms to be on and more than you think of even it's not on ly about twitter, facebook and instagram there there are a lot more than that and about creating relationships how do you ultimately create that doing online forum and to create evangelists not based on incentives but based on valium so I want to leave it to questions and then go from there latest you have any questions to start I have plenty from the chat room so just one comment really quick I just wanted to say we had a comment here from there someone in the chat room and they said I'm gonna block about this conversation so I thought that was cool even talking about anything just get that content out there yes but I would say wait today too I'm kidding just going like that could be another block clothes for tomorrow well that's true technical all right go ahead um I have a question about being top of mine for a wedding photographer normally my clients aren't even thinking about wedding photographers until they decide to be getting married so I was up kind of work for a photography well let me ask you this how long does wedding planning take ah long time like a year or two then during that time you want to be in top of mine awareness in every way possible so even if you think about okay you're not a florist obviously that's obviously but you're obviously a photographer there from expecting you not to be a florist um but you can talk about floor work I see so like you could have blocked posts about wedding aspects that aren't necessarily photography that way they'll gravitate towards it yes so then they can not only find you but share the topic, share the post and keep your top of mine awareness for example, if you shot for two years or you have a a collection of archives of boat nears herbal case make this entire post on this cools boot there is I've ever seen you smiling because I have a block close that's like practically drafted I'm just in a whole bunch of pictures I'm tryingto put together to go with that exact block post you're talking about even though it's a fun that's great you're thinking around right along the same lines and the whole point is you're not a florist you're not trying to promote flowers, okay? Because it's still wedding related because it's a problem that they're facing and you're giving them a solution you're building the report becoming authority leader well them before so you want to maintain a toma so then they can always remember you and then they always reference back to you and they even tell the floor so you know what? You know I like this one and still fork so that's how you can do so many they're all doing okay? All right, well, let's ask some questions from online here so these are going back to kind of the beginning of the segment just a general question from trixie dee how much time and energy should I expect to invest in pursuing the branding branding and marketing efforts as much as you need. Teo that's a very hard question to answer because everybody's parties a difference. If you have a work floor ready, then you can apply more time. But if you'll have a workflow, then you should learn from creative life and then work. You know, time on your branding. But it's always about the whole, you know, chicken before the egg type of question. Which one do you want to focus on more and it's about prior tories. And your resource is your limited. You want to have fun? You still want to relax, but you want to success. You want to have a successful business, so you just gotta prioritize. There is really no answer to that. Okay, um, I want a lot of people have been talking about all the food photos that you have in your presentation. Runner wondering what that's all about everyone's getting hungry and the roches lerner said those examples to rope in clients were so good. Could you please give some ideas for food photographers? There's. So many people that are on in the chat room going. What about this type of photography? What about this type of photography and I know we can't touch on all of them. So I'm not sure how you want to deal that deal with that. She'd go and ask those questions and you weaken examples, you can try my best, ok, we'll do it a cz many as we can, so okay, so as my role as a consultant, I haven't done actually a lot of things, I only understand your business model and by carris e thinking your perspective and think, more importantly in your client's is perspective. So to answer the first question, why do I have a lot of food and travel for this? So I have traveled for those I'm sorry travel photo, I only have two types have chosen travel folders for all of brakes food for those foreign between and the reason why it is I do have boudoir photos as awkward as that may have been for amanda shoot, you know, women like that which has only happened twice, and that was that, was it? I don't want teo segment into one type, but if you think about my whole instagram feed, how am I able to relate to people? Because I want to build a rapport with people I want to engage and encourage conversation what's one thing that everybody has in common food, I don't know anyone who doesn't like to eat. If you see if you can find that person, I'd be loved and be happy to meet him or her but I think is that I use food as a way to connect people and everybody, even though they may not have travelled a lot or it may have but everybody wants to travel and to see the world so that's why I used travel, its strategic and how I'm doing this. So the other question is, how do you bring your, you know, creates unsold products for food photography, and again, you have to position yourself in the minds of your clients. What problems are they facing? And then? And this is the next section for a section three what platforms to use to put it out there. So determine who your target audiences because when it comes to food photography, it could be all the slough it could be restaurants. It could be magazines for editorial, it could be a whole number. I mean, it could be anyone cookbooks could be number things soul I can't give you a direct answer, but for some of them for certain places you khun definitely first, right? The recipes you shoot your food, shoot everything. If you're a fool for tougher, you must shoot all of your meals, put it out there and if you have recipes included out there, too, and I know you're not a cook or a chef, but if you branded that way, you're still everything food related, and then when it comes to social media and there are tweaks to it, I mean you, if you can't put your local party on yelp, that's one great resource people love to look through the photos for food. I actually got a couple of enquiries in new york for food related photos for commercial because I just shot the food and I tagged the restaurant at using foursquare. I wasn't intending to be a foot foot offer, but the restaurants have contacted me because of that I mean, I may not do it, but the whole point is and using the right media, mr right tools, the right platforms and putting content out there, but in a way that is attractive to your target audience. So, again, it's tricky question you got to know your target audience and what they want and what problems there facing and what solution should provide? Ling ling photo said, how do you brand yourself if you find you're attracting too different kinds of clients, for example, edgy and sweet, I don't see why you well, that's a good question it dependent how you want to segment this you can create two different grounds or just mix them together with a one unified topic, because if you think about how use apple again hapless, think different. So how is it they were able to have music players and computers and phones and no tv? They're all very different products, but there is a unifying vision that collects them that ties everything in. So if you can somehow tie all of that in, instead of being so segmented into edgy and sweet, but to be something even higher, like stylish and all the senate, makes sense, stylish seniors, you know, it could be a gene that could be sweet. It could be shy. It could be sports like, you know, whatever the case. Now, they're all under one roof. Just expand the roof or segment the business.

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Lawrence has done a great job in trying to simplify SEO and marketing in such a short course. He's obviously a clever and well clued up guy, and he comes across well if a little nervous and bumbling at times. The course itself felt quite fragmented over the first day. At times I almost felt like we were going through a business studies book, but in a disjointed way not knowing what direction we'd go next. Having said that the course is worth watching as there are a few nuggets of gold in there and it's a great general overview of both marketing and SEO which is an incredibly deep topic. There were a few questionable area for me over both days, but I've studied SEO reasonably well, for example he told a viewer to keep her old site and not move to a new domain as she'd lose all page rank. In actual fact the lady could quite easily move from one domain to another, and using a 301 permanent redirect she could transfer between 90-99% of her old pages link juice (ranking power). I understand going through deeper areas like this might have put fear in some people, but I think a few areas could have been better presented or explained. Would I recommend this course, yes I would. Although I saw faults in it, the amount of information on offer is pretty extensive and will help most photographers who run their own websites. SEO can go so much further than has been explained here, but for most small businesses this will be a great starting block to getting your business out there and ranking higher than you ever did before! Note to all: Anyone using wordpress please make sure you get it hosted on a decent host. After hosting my wordpress site on bluehost, and getting incredibly slow load times, I researched extensively to find out that the host plays a really important part in this area and going cheap isn't a great option. If your pages load slow you run the risk of losing a lot of potential customers and hits, so do yourself a favour and pay a little more for a decent host.

a Creativelive Student

I have been looking for a course like this to learn more about Online Marketing and SEO and randomly came across this course playing live. I usually decide within the first 5 minutes whether I want to continue learning, and Lawrence Chan definitely had me hooked. I wanted to continue watching his engaging presentation and listen to what he had to say. His quirky and nervous disposition was handled well as he broke into a smile or laughter from time to time, which made him funny yet relatable. Like everyone else, I was impressed by his thorough knowledge of Online Marketing and liked the examples he gave as he progressed with the course. Hopefully Lawrence Chan can be featured in Creative Live again!

Corrie W

Brilliant ! Great content, well organized, practicable, understandable. I felt like I had a good handle on SEO and really thought I’d be getting a refresher. I am amazed at the new things I learned. Great resource that I’ll go back to often. Well done!

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