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SEO: Application - Demo Part 1

A lot of people had concerns about pay, drink and the fraction and I told lily forgot to mention what the fraction is about and when it comes to a fraction it's a total pay drank out of ten so it's zero ten being lois ten ten being the highest so as you move up it goes from zero to one two to the three to four out of ten and so forth so don't worry too much about the fraction but ten is the highest that's all you do need to know thank you so much just give me one second I'm with passage here so the other question that was asked was where do I put all these key words and that's a wonderful question because I will explain in one moment where all of these key words will go because it's there are many parts on the website where these key words will be used and there are some parts where you should not repeat them. So it's going to be I'm trying multitask minus the one second I'm excited to see the photos that you are going to be putting up their lawrence because they must be important well...

I don't even know well that's another thing I don't know which for those to use because there's so many crafts of photography I just in case I got boudoir, I got pet I got wedding and I'm going to get um I think those are the main ones, right? So I'm just going to focus on those right now another question that was asked was about the usps box or ups box now it is true you cannot use a peel box or a united states postal service box for your google places they won't allow that, but you can get away with it ups box from what I can tell because I use I've used it the code worked they approved that I'm online so until they catch on I hope god is not listening then you ups boxes work on top of it even if it doesn't work then you have a box we can send all of your amazon stuff tio and you had a question to get links to your site does making a comment on someone else's balog count like when you can put in your name you can put on your website leaving putting her comment does that link count towards the follow that's? A very good question because and while I'm trying teo process that for the most part all all websites with wordpress by default the links are that all of the commentaries links so whenever you go onto website your comments you put in your name, your girl and your email and in the comments the comment the commenters links by default has a no follow which for clarification I'll sauce all this as a concern on the chat room no follow is good and bad because that was the main question is a girl there is a bad when it's someone else thinking to you no follow isn't as helpful because you want that link follow to come to you when there you don't mention anything that means that by default means to follow but you want to be able to execute no follow four sites you don't approve up or you don't want to share your pay drank with that's the other time you won't do it one second we describe this one for going to hear now I did want to point out most photographers websites because we all use work for us or some form of it blogger all of our side I don't have linked backs or follow link backs on the commentaries thanks however there is one person I know of in the full industry that has been very gracious and generous in willing to share her powerful pay drank with everybody in the photo in the street and you all might have known there her name is jasmine star her website has a rather powerful pay drink and she isn't trying to encourage engagement through a conversation so she has a paging for and all of her pay drink all of her commentaries I don't know um thes people but let's just use and the steel for example lawrence, before you dive into that are you do you have the photos that you need to transfer? I'm sorry let's just do that and then we'll dive into this and and while we do that, I just wanted to ask you guys all the ladies in the in studio audience so a lot of people have been asking with regards to whether they should have their own name their personal name, not a business name in as there are l or as the thing that they're linking so I don't know how many of you guys have your name, I think all of you guys have your own name as your business, don't you? Yes, I thought it was important have my name as my business because I'm branding not just my photography but myself, right? People are hiring me, so I wanted to make that the focus okay on all of you kind of have the same? I mean, my name is part of my business, my was just because it was punny I guess I'm just I'm just I'm just wondering for asio ous faras ceo is concerned how important it is to have your own name as far as as part of the as part of the leg, I think that's the challenge because, you know, people aren't going to search photography by betty elaine unless they know me right so the challenge with seo that I'm trying to learn here is how do I get it when they're searching for photographers in seattle? Because I want them to still find me, right? So but yeah, that was a factor in choosing my biz. Okay, but overall, I still decide to go with my name because branding myself absolutely, I think that's. Good. So before we get started again, lawrence, I wanted to ask you, what do you think about that? People saying, is it's absolutely important to have your name as part of your link? It's part of all that your your oils and everything or is a business name? Does that suffice? Very good questions. And it depends. And I know my answer's always depending. But in terms of branding, name is very important because you and yourself, you and your business are inseparable. The second thing is that if you can it's better to have the word photography somewhere in there. So, lawrence time photography, my camera photography. You know, whatever the case have become photography ward in there because I'm going to explain later on terms of search results if you have the word in there all the time it's automatically included because otherwise you're gonna have to include into your category perma links or into your post from a lynx and if you have no idea what that means right now don't worry I will explain that very soon it's the very next section where we're going to actually start typing a little bit of codes and stuff but it's nothing like mind boggling I hope that answer the question yeah no that's great okay, so really quickly I want to look at judgment sites and how you can again check for follow versus no follow so again as a recap if you want outside people linking to you you don't want to know follow but if it's blank by default then that's perfect so I'm just going tio, can you just tell us again whose side you're on and why you chose this and kind of preface to start over with this? So by default all cms is or content management systems such as blogger war press square space you name it, they have they protect the user you guys they don't want anyone's commenting commenters links to be bad in any way so if you recall when you come into someone's sight yet to put your name your l email and common itself so the link can go back to your site so the question is those that transfer the pay drink to you and for by default, all of them turn it off. So if you go into my sight, it also has a no follow on all commentators links you can override that, but I never went you got the time to go do that, but jasmine star is one person I know of in the entire industry. I don't know anybody else, and I looked through a lot of sites too, who encourages conversation, you know, our elevation of the industry through conversation and she really proud, you know, she takes the time to manually approve each of these commentaries. Um, comments. So then she's actually generously sharing her strong page rank with everybody, and if you look at her sight right now, she has a pr for and I forgot to mention when it comes to pay drinks, it updates about to the three times a year. So even if you putting a lot of effort into building links, building your your page rank, it may not update immediately. You won't see it until, say, october and all of a sudden that's when it's a very scary time for me because I'm all like on pins and needles waiting and everything is like changing because it how will have a question mark like right here, for example, for a moment, which means that it's unknown usually when have a brand new site it's unknown so is his question mark it's not even a zero ten it's a question mark which is even scarier and then all of sudden it pops up the new pay drink it could be a four or five to three I don't no it's a scary moment like I said, but it only updates about two sometimes three times a year so don't think that whatever effort you're doing now it's not going it's not leading into changes it's still applying it just is an update so going to the common section I'm just looking at any steel because it's easier to spell out later when I do a search I'm gonna click on the view source so let's do a command fine coming so let's look at the link a h ref link title target blank which means to open a new page and bracket and he still closed tag that's it very simple jasmine has no um relevance equals no follow which means that because she has nothing at all by default it means to follow so she's sharing her pay drink with everybody which is a very gracious thing to dio so if you want have a conversation with jasmine and you get to boost up a drink okay help me and for that one it's a very easy way because otherwise you have to there's a lot of effort I mean, we talked about getting featured buying paid advertisements and many forms of other ways that takes a lot of energy so let's look let's go back to this really quickly I hope I answered most of the questions so let's uh we're going to start applying all of these everything that we've learned and how we're going to use um the key words that we talked about the tier one tier two adjectives descriptive words into the site how can you actually use this? So we're going to first talk about mention again the nuances of each ward so it has a recap we talked about location plus craft however when it comes to weddings it's very tricky because many types of locations venues with franchises so mandarin orient, old miami you know paris, new york and so far san francisco lots of things so what I'm going to have to do is exit out of here and go to a new site so this is creative live that dopey engine dot com this is my host company. I'm just going to close this really? We'll go to establish quickly. Move this trash. This is a fresh install I just installed this yesterday. There's nothing on there. Oh, thanks for the great presentation thank you, jerry photography by jerry dot com now okay, thank you. I'll prove it all right, that doesn't rule me off for a second but it's ok, I will move on so the very first thing as we mentioned earlier in search results there the titles what it could be concerned about the perma links which is the green party search result the meta description which is a hundred sixty characters and so for now we're going to start playing all of these things into your sight. The very first thing you want to dio is understand that they're dynamic blinks versus perma links so let's look at this poster really quickly hello world by default it comes with it on your press will click on it so on the your ellis says creative life dot dot com ford slash question the mark p equals one does that mean anything to you question mark peak was one it means nothing to google too because if it means nothing to us and were smarter than a computer, a computer definitely cannot be able to decipher what that means. So what we do is the very first thing is and before continue this is forward press again but it is virtually similar for aa lot of platforms it's just you just have to find your own way but since most people use war press and it is the most powerful cms out there, I'm using this as my example so under settings there is perm alexe select that so by default you're using dynamic links which is the question mark p equals one two three now we have to decide which type of permanent do we want now it depends on how frequently blawg if you blogged very frequently then you can include a year month and date and then the block post trial or just a month and date numeric which is like archives slash one two three which again google won't be will tell what that is or you could just put post name or could do a custom structure personally I like to do one structure that's a little bit different it's a custom one so I go to customs structure I wanted to have my category because let's just assume that I shoot wedding pets landscape but I want all the keyboard because right now it's creative live that bp engine dot com there is no word for your photography in the perma link so what I want to do is include the category because I'm going to customize a category in second so ford slash uh parentheses category parentheses and ford slashing the post name now you can always customize yourself and you can go into wordpress dot com to know all of the different types but this is what I'm using right here we're going to save changes perfect now let's refresh this post and see what happens so now it's creative lives that bp engine fourth stash a kn categorized because that's the category name forward slash hello dash world so at at the very least google knows that this post is about hello world the next thing we want to do is change the common name of the categories so under posts we go two categories so this is where you have to determine which type of work do you want to use photography photos, pictures or single words photo picture and so forth because you don't want to have duplication but you won't have diversity and the key words as well personally, I like to use the word photos you don't have to process my own preference it's short it's clear and google gets it and it's a lot of times people like to look it up first like beach for those who know so let's go in and put in a category name the category name and the permanent itself can be two different words it does not have to be a saint so wedding photography can be one category or you could call it wedding pics or anything like that but the slug is where the permanence come in but remember as I mentioned earlier capitalization changes the pay drink soto fears dot com forward slash lower case about is a p r three capital a about the pr zero because those are considered two different websites so why wedding photography as a category name wedding dash photo or photos as the slug parents man isn't there's a parent child like a hierarchy in terms of how you want to put the slashes so you can have wedding photography forward stash bridal bridle on lee so bridal would be your child of the parents it's a little hard it's a taxonomy um setting but you don't have to worry about right now just know that you khun change the word you have to have dashes in between and for the most part keep everything lower case after that's click add new category I'm going to quickly do us as well for the different types of crafts so let's talk about I'll try to remember everything but okay we'll talk about family photography so name is family photography family photo follows if you don't put a dash and yet a space work press sonically adds it for you so it becomes family photos or you can change the family portrait if portrait is a key word that you want to focus on so I'll use porch it's our baby baby photography baby portrait ce or other keywords that might be for babies newborn with us is their baby newborn infant written so we have baby portrait and then we also have pets hoops, pet photography and pets photos and then I'm just pleased with war now once all the categories air set let's adding come let's work on adding a plug into over the settings because right now I'm doing what we call the global settings this is you do it one time and that's it when it comes to the posts those air things yet to do every single time I'm trying to take care of everything you do one time and then you forget it so one plugging that I like to use there is a ghost all in when this joe stasio but I'd like to use the all in one so let's type it in into the plug ins only one the ceo and then install are you sure want install yes I do ivory backed it up and then let's activate this plug in I'm going to all the one that seo plug in when dismissed settings now for the most part you really only have to worry about the home title and home description so when we talk about titles but who remembers how many characters we have limits including perfect now we can start typing like this and start counting backwards but I'm not going to do so because that's going to take me forever so a shortcut is to go the post's add new and under the post there is the only one that cia plugin and here there is a plug there's a character counted for me so I can use this this is for your global site which means just your home page and one thing I like about blog's versus websites is because imagine you want to optimize from many words you want I'm using weddings for example you want to talk about paris to make a shanghai wherever you know greece santorini but your title is limited to sixty characters how can you have multiple pages? How can you squeeze in all of these key words when you only have sixty and the only way to do so is to add multiple pages every single block post is a new page every single page is a new page every single tag is a new page he knows how it can get going and going this is how you're able to optimize from multiple places and still get you no and still have it all in the one roof but meantime let's talk about post for the global site title really quickly so what's the main keywords that we want to be concerned about because we only have a limited number no malice time I will use wedding photography as my prime example if that's okay, this is three the one okay but again you can up you know you can a justice and mold it still then it works for you so the very first thing we only want to consider its location because that is a very important aspect where are you located? So since we have two from seattle we're going to use I'm justin you seattle s example seattle wedding photography now since the perma link already says wedding photos we don't need to say I'm sorry I skipped a step let's stick with the tail sienna waiting for toffee or photographer or you can say photos remember the words are synonymous so google still deems them all about the same now this is the part where you only have twenty seven characters that's halfway already if you had a space twenty eight almost halfway what else should we put there? Because we have potential space you don't wanna waste that space too what should we put there? Well, we had talked about here one with us is that your name? Not on ly if you want to push it for your main page, but would it be okay to put your business name or would you not want to do that now? That's a very good question do you put your business things normally speaking? If you're a massive brand say like very wang or I know the sound, I'm sure, but for the most part since nobody knows who we are, we people who know who wants us will find us people who don't know us that's who we're targeting so that's where we're going to try to go with keywords that does not deal with our names, okay, since dad would it be like, could you put the style of winning. So if it was a vineyard wedding, very better word that's exactly what it's going for this is where you're going for the tear to keywords, the descriptive words about your style. So if you think about there's so many words when it comes to buongiorno there's intimate, sexy and all of that, but for weddings, what is there what styles are there? There's, vintage there's vineyard? I mean, these are all different types because if you're a vineyard photographer and that's all you do, you live in that valley and it's really difficult to get outside of. That is definitely a very smart idea to put vineyard as part of your title, but just because I know a lot of the moat, the boca photographers are in the two four thousand dollar range, a lot of them are d I y rustic allow those mason jar style so let's just use that as a key word really quickly. Now, if you want to be aesthetically pleasing, you can put a pipeline or dash and use a character or not, but personally, if it doesn't work, I just plug in keywords all over so rustic um how, though, in the vineyard to what else is there, you don't necessarily have to repeat the word photo photography and photographer because again, they're all synonymous if you can't think of it now it's okay we can leave it blank says just as it is right now well I was going to say like photo journalistic people that's a style but that use the word photo as well that is true uh in that sense I think it's okay because photojournalism is something that's completely different but only if your clients know what that is and want it so if they do so then we can but for right now let's just pretend that they don't classic romantic so lawrence yasmin ass what if you live outside of a larger market say I live in a small town outside of atlanta do target atlanta or the smaller town on your sites home page that's a good question and that depends on her because if you want to target atlanta or atlanta brides are brides in a long time sorry then definitely target atlanta but same time you have to keep in mind that there's gonna be a lot of competition for that and she was just yasmin's going tohave to travel out to atlanta to consult these brides so that's a that's a cost in itself time fuel time is the most important one but fuel and food and entertainment lots of costs involved so you gotto get a balance and you gotta weigh the options here so fifty four is good now that's fine we can copy this right now and put it into the general settings, the home description and we might have to modify that in a little bit so I will talk about that later on the home description, which is your medal description. How many characters do we have for that, including one sixty, including spaces? So this is where were we can elaborate a little bit about what we d'oh so let's think about this? What shall we put in here? Definitely norma speaking, you cannot repeat the keywords within each category, so in the title I can't put seattle wedding for those or photography for those seattle picture is wedding that's not going to help you, so don't do that, but you can repeat it if it's a different category, but if you want to diversify the keywords instead of using photography, used pictures or his photos, since the your health for our category name is already wedding dash photos let's use pictures in the description so let's formulate you, khun b how should I say this when you're looking in search results and be saved and pulled it up really quickly? This is how it's gonna look like gorgeous luxury of its carlson a ruby wedding pictures at the beach beautiful thought that thought you wanted to be a little cohesive, as if you're reading the sentence here, because if you're just going to plug in keywords it's a big bulk of the search results and it's going very funky now I understand you can make them run on sentences or fragment sentences. That's fine as long it sort of makes sense and cohesive. So seattle wedding photographer this is where we might actually put in the hole full of journalism specializing in photojournalism, rustic vineyard, romantic um, events, since when you mention the word weddings way we don't have to mention again now I understand a full of journalism is a noun and it should be an adjective to describe events like full of journalistic events, but it doesn't really describe events because it's a special style so technically speaking good manically the sentence is completely erroneous that's the bottom line but it's okay, just as long as you get the key words in there and so it makes sense, I think that's fine, they might think you're incompetent, it's something you have to sacrifice and live with. So we're at ninety seven characters we have about we have sixty three more to go. Is there anything else you want? Now? What else can we say? If we wanted teo include like neighboring markets, would you be able to also put it like also servicing block like that in a portland bellingham, etcetera? Definitely, but there is one little catch you have to have everything speaking about the same thing you want the title, you want the map description, you want the perma link and you want the content of the body and you want the tags and the lynx and the photos all talking about the same thing about the same topic. Now, if you have this one talk most seattle, this one time a portland, this we're talking about something else, not only is it not congruent and inconsistent, it tells google that this is a whole you're trying to focus on so many things that there is no focus, so you're trying to give, like one fifth attention to everything when you're paid rank in itself may not be strong enough to compete for portland to begin with. If you have a pr ten, I say go for it, you know, diversify the key words, but you're appear one, two, three you want to make it very surgically clear as to what this post is about, since this is about your main page and could be a bit more broad, but I would still say focus on different keywords you, khun do little towns nearby, but not like portland to seattle.

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