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SEO: Application - Demo Part 2

So she had a way photographer specialising full of journalism rustic been your romantic events this is where I think about the other keywords in there your subjects bride and groom those were already very good ones so bride and groom's we haven't finished a sentence but what can we say about them? You want to help out? Well, I guess it could be based on like the portrait's what they did so like I had an enquiry based on a vineyard wedding I had because they saw this some flair and this one pictures so it's like that was heavy on a pretty sunset you could do like bride and groom sunset pictures maybe no, that is only if people like sunsets okay, but yeah no, there are just people doing this post okay, so I'm glad you brought that up because we haven't used a lot of other keywords yet portrait is one you mentioned sunset is another bride and groom. So even though it's not going to be coherent we can say we can make use of words like beautiful we haven't said that yet beautiful portrait o...

f bride and groom in sunset there amount in syria. Okay. Nothing's khomeini. Right. Okay. Okay, so we're right at one fifty five so I can actually start making up words and it wouldn't matter because google was going chunk it beautiful porch is the bride and groom in sunset mountain ranges and see once it gets to one sixty one I could actually just go like this and it wouldn't make a difference but we'll just keep it at ranges because at one sixty two it wouldn't make a difference what's after so let's review this really quickly we have the words seattle wedding photographer ah follow journalism rustic vineyard romantic events beautiful portrait bride groom sunset and in a rare occasion you might want a mountain wedding but mountain ranges you know it's how almost all the key almost all the words are key words there only some propositions and a couple of conjunctions in here but those don't really matter its source still makes a coherent let's copy this and paste it into the general settings and this is about it for this global setting for the all in one asio update now let's groups let's refresh this hello world now if we go to hell I'm sorry there's one part I forgot to mention war press is very part allows you to customize so much that allows you to customize both the main page and so pages for posts so let's look at the main page right now it says see otto if I roll over seattle wedding photography rustic vineyards romantic perfect that's exactly what we wanted but if I clicked on hello world and I roll over it says hello world pipeline lawrence chan blawg what happened to my rustic seattle waiting for tell everything it's all gone that's one additional settings you have too set under settings general right there now we can be lazy and copy the same thing which a lot of times I do that too so let's just grab it so lawrence masebo wants to know are we doing this every time we create a post no, this is the one home page okay, just clarifying that so we can put wedding photography rustic vineyards romantic again this is one time for your global settings we'll going to get into the individual every single post later on but let's go back to hell a world and refresh us it's now said it reads hello world pipeline seattle wedding photography rustic vineyard romantic now wow that's good now this is the part where you have to be attentive to him order of the key words and he wrote a script rule over us again so for most part you're going teo include ven remember if it for the post names we're going to put in the venue location and craft for example my alexis hotel wedding photography that's in itself with a post name but wedding photography is already included so what I want teo have it gold pipeline seattle wedding photography after that repeating so tell a bit redundant do you see what I'm saying? Let me give you an example so this was the original it's the other way for toffee if I used alexis won alexis hotel wedding photography pipeline pipelines out it automatically to separate for those who are just tuning in right now I did a post on alexis hotel way photography post and optimized for it and it's ranked number one right now so I want to demonstrate how you can manipulate the global keywords so then you can maximize it so right now we're eighty nine keywords or characters so if we were to start the leading I want to see what google reads google reads up to there so ilri alexis hotel wedding photography pipeline seattle wedding photo grab not quite photograph so we're actually repeating photography wedding photography two times if I'm going to structure all of my posts saying wedding photography or weighing photos every single time maybe I should switch it up maybe I shouldn't have seattle wedding photography here and instead change my general settings and moving around by putting rustic vigna romantic in front so instead my blog's sight my blog's area will raid rustic venue romantic pipeline seattle wedding photography the reason for that is because this is the beginning of the global site setting when you go to your posts it will read post name pipeline the global site setting that's how it works well I'm sorry your perspective is post name pipeline global site setting so it will read a lexus hotel weighing photography rustic vineyards romantic because this is the global setting and then he'll read pipeline wedding seattle that that that but it doesn't matter because it's very truncated so if we actually start the leading this to see what google sees, google sees this alexis hotel way photography rustic vineyard romantic there is no repeat, which means that you get to plug in more keywords and diversify so in this case it someone will rustic alexis hotel wedding follows it works if someone typed in romantic photos at alexis hotel that works, someone write wrote it's not a vineyard, of course, but vineyard vineyard at alexis hotel pictures photos that works as well versus having to repeat the key words of wedding photography. I'm only pulling this out because what you the order of the words you put on your global settings matter greatly not the index page with under ali one asio but under general settings for sight to title I personally like it this way where we have the adjectives in front pipeline seattle wedding photography so let's actually save this and move along do we have any questions for right now about the order of global keywords versus site keywords? Because this is a one time setting and there's really no point to go back to it don't think about this key word specifically so I think we could keep going and okay tio just a segment question q and a perfect so let's close this for a second we're going to refresh this so going back teo the main page as a refresh their main page on all in one s ceo it reads see other wedding photography pipeline rustic vineyards romantic fine we go into a post the adjectives come first so again sye title pipeline global setting style so it's hello world pipeline rustic vineyard romantic cielo thought that that could be a junket so that's what the general settings allows you to dio now once we have all of this ready we can start adding a post let's go back to here you know just for the sake of convenience let's just do it on a lexus hotel how bout that? Okay, so the very first thing you want to dio is to check the category so in this case will be wedding photography for the title you want to have a very catchy name to attract the viewers remember you want to hook them in? Okay it's the title what's a cool title we can have anything but what's a title format that you like to have on your site but some people like to have all lower case with plus I no like jerry and you know so what's your type with your format yeah, I'll do like the couple's name so give me any couple of names um oh, I am walter you're right nice today so so easy can you spell your name with a chain tio h u a y right so do you use all lower case I capitalized their names all caps no no no just like the h but then the rest would be yeah, I do that no amber sam usually one person yeah, well that's just what I do but okay can change it I just want to warn you for am present it's a very tricky thing because technically when it comes to h two mil one percent is that your code command so you want to call it app that's how you actually do it with a semi colon which is why I would suggest you to not to use an percent if you could help you if you help it. Okay. So plus sign if anything or simply and but close sinus finds you and walter right? B a l t e r okay. And what do you normally put after? I usually like right like the description of their wedding in the venue name that's usually what I do give me an example what you was right for this one um so if it was what we're talking about alexis hotel room now, right? So I would write um elegant ballroom alexis hotel wedding or something like that okay, I made that up because I have not donna wedding at look so tall so I don't know what weddings there well it's okay you can optimize for and still skating but I do want to emphasize that now actually I'll talk about that later so about optimizing for locations you've never shot it so I mean it could be like you know laurence you're not being fair but this is business so that's how I see it but you can't disclose that you've never shot there but you've been there you checked it out and be an honor to shoot there and here is some grateful those that I shot from previous weddings and then here's a call to action hire me you know something like that so oi walter pipeline or deeper dust yeah now I do a pipeline okay perfect and then you say what's rule elegant ballroom wedding at alexis hotel so elegant ballroom it's alexis hotel once we click away the perma link is created you know it's right here on the perma lenka says http creative lives that bp engine dot com for stash wedding photos okay words replaying their great because I fit the category you don't even have to say wedding or photos and then you have hi oi you know dash walter dash against dash ballroom dash dash dash at alexis hotel now let me ask you this is hoi and walter targeted keyboards no no so I'm actually not to offend delete that what keywords would you say that's going to work for this now you really have wedding photos in there it's okay to repeat it because you know it's a post game versus a category, but I wouldn't say repeat wedding photos again so pictures, photography things of that sort is cool and you can even use tier two key words such as elegant or ballroom so I would say to me, elegant alexis hotel you can put waiting again we have waiting for those, but you don't have to seems like would you put it like bridal portrait so they're sure we can do that bridal portrait ce and then well okay it so right now it'll read creative lives that w p engine dot com fort stash waiting for those ford slash elegant alexis hotel bridal portrait was a really great he worked by the way and an end slash so let me just published just just for fun. I know you don't know republish it so quickly, but I want you to see the changes as we make them. We're going to view the post, then go here currently it's going to read on top now you have to ignore all of this stuff, okay, so you can actually change that out later on that theme, but this is just a sample theme from war press right now we have from the title we have oi and walter or high plus walter pipeline elegant ballroom at alexis hotel pipeline rustic vineyard romantic pipeline cielo wedding photography now it's okay to have all these key words it will be chunk ated after sixty characters including spaces and then we have home walter elegant ballroom at alexis hotel but on the perma link so wimmer we have to be concerned about the title which is here which is not a good title right now we're going to override that with plug in we have the plug the permal ink which is here which is the earl remember in the right here we have the title the green part is the earl the black part is the text so we're work we're going to work on the blue part which is a title very soon right now is his toy and walter we are we re finished working on the green part which is the perma link which is wedding dash for those four stash elegant alexis hotel bridal portrait that's done now we have to work on the content itself. This is where we talk about, you know, the um what they call it something first sentences okay, but basically you have to have a very attractive for a sentence to grab people's attention it well, you have the hook for the title I was set the tone you set the tone with the first sentence so this is where you can be descriptive talk about the setting now it's going to take me to have tio actually compose everything so I'm not going to do so I'm just going to copy from uh existing one I know it doesn't really apply because you guys are not same gender on this walter is a very masculine name so that's just copy this it doesn't matter what's in here paste but you have to have some content alexis hotel is a proud lgbt supporter which is why gary and nathan but we're going to change this to and walter celebrate their union in seattle however the two of them mets on opposites other side of the coast new york it was during a mutual wedding event them made sparks fly and they were going to change this to oi know this that gary uh I was really tired from a whole day of endless designing and coordination using coffee as an excuse to chat the to kick it up, kick it off immediately from paper cups too snazzy glass where a week later oi and walter have been inseparable and then so forth blob of law actually she don't use at present again etcetera, etcetera, etcetera okay, so that's basically, you know that's really good for right now but content is just as important as the permanence titles um met a description all that you have to have keywords in there. So what key words do you think are important obviously the craft and location so let's read again really quickly do we have a lexus hotel? Yes we do have in the first sentence alexis hotel and if you're targeting same sex or lgbt same gender hello gpt supporter perfect seattle keyword in there even though it's never important because there's only one alexis hotel in the world and it's in seattle which is why it's not important to emphasize yo unless it's a franchise has multiple locations then we have to make sure there's the word wedding oh, perfect. We got waiting sara too tired from the whole day of coronation coffee sparks nothing, nothing? Nothing. So we're missing actually a lot of key words here we mention elegant ballroom so we can put, um elegant wedding in a grand ballroom dot dot dot wells is there? Whether keywords are we looking for? I took bridal portrait of the stunning oi before the ceremony. So ceremony is another one now other keyboard you want to keep in mind are actually brand name keywords such as the dress designer the shoes so jimmy choos christian toby time very weighing nine con I knows the santo marquesa the list goes on so mentioned these key words because if you look it up, you can get your image search to be found for those target keywords. Another way is to mention keywords of other vendors, which is good because first you're not really competing with the light designer guy or girl or the florist, so it's okay to mention him or her, but in the event that they're looking up, I say calling qawi preston bailey, you know, someone of a celebrity status or even non celebrity they're local designers who are very desirable, so if you have the key word in there, your site might be found for that key word, jeff name I mean, question, yeah, does it matter? So at the end of a bog post, after I post all the pictures, so I I usually do like a little bit of content pictures, and at the end of it, I have the link of all the wedding vendors and links to their site. Is that fine? Or do I need to, like, mention it in a sentence at the beginning, content like I was taking bridal pictures of horror in her beautiful vera wang dress or whatever, both both I would still say, but now there is one everything you want to you can consider, including just so that you can emphasize the lexus hotel how you couldn't actually included the address so into the post itself again it's not necessary I didn't do it here and I'm still number one so I'm just saying it I can probably help it's not going to hurt you so include address right there she had a washington so for war vera wing I got a very willing and jimmy choos okay, okay we're very wearing and jimmy too or choose I I'm not really sure I don't buy it and then you have vendor one linc vendor to link vendor three link now again when we're talking about links to outside people if you want to share your pr go for it if you don't want teo you had no follow I'll just put the link to my site so makes sense so currently it's um a treff equals quote cheers dot com and quote and this is where if you don't want to send linked to me are you l equals no follow do we have any questions so far so far makes sense. Okay, now we have to add one very important thing photos photos are very peculiar because there are two steps to adding photos to this. Let me see if I can open window here I'm not sure how to get a full screen, but give me one second I'll figure this out susan, can you check with the outside chat room for a second and then I will have to get backto on the photos really quickly and may look on how to get us onto this. What made it just what do you mean check in with them? You want me to ask him questions? You're asking questions? Well, we have quite a few questions I've been trying to break him down. A lot of people are come overwhelmed. I know there's some people in here that really understand everything you're doing and they're saying, uh I feel sorry for all the newbies in here who have never done this before actually, that was just one person, but I feel like if you just do this systematically step by step it was simba, I think that you will be able to figure this out. So do you want to take a question? Yeah. Between time I need someone to help me. Okay? Okay. We'll get it sorted. Yeah, just some what's. One question that I can answer right now. Okay. Well, some of the questions that have come in specifically are with regards to I guess people are asking if we leave. Hearst had asked should we be concerned with over using a particular key word like the same phrases in the h one h two title meta descriptions, images, naming schemes, etcetera. How important is it to sprinkle in similar keywords for our primary phrase okay there is a point of over usage again I'm not google I can't tell you what that point is but there is something called keywords stuffing and you don't want to stuff your entire post with keywords you want to keep on saying alexis you know hotel waiting for toffee waiting for those picture is alexis alexis you know follow picture wedding portrait alexis that's in itself is a big no no so what you want to dio is make everything coherent the bottom line is my rule of thumb is if you can read it good enough so you don't want to over saturate because it will hurt you because it is keyword stuffing is considered black hats I mean I'm going to talk about black cat practices or basically practices that would definitely you know get ding you you know in terms of google and it would take you off of search results so but I wouldn't have reserved after later on but when it comes to head of tags for h one h two eight threes for the most part all war press themes your your website title is great one your block post title is general your ace too or you're headed tag excuse me and you can add your own age threes or h force but it's not exactly important I didn't do so for this alexis hotel and it still works but if you want to add emphasis then do so and I'll show you what I know about you demonstrate how to do a head a tag and later on I only use head attacks because they're very easy to use when making title designs so in terms of tile stylistically it's a very simple way of doing it of using it I hope that answer the question. Okay, let me add the photos really quickly. Now the very first thing you have to remember that everything about everything is searchable and you have to repeat all the keywords in every aspect of your post so that it is repeated but only in its own category. So photo title perma link you all have to have the keyword alexis hotel wedding photo photography somewhere even in a content body. So these are some wedding for those that I used from another post, so we're just going to rename them really quickly. Teo alexis hotel wedding photos now, if you recall based on this keynote image search results, this is texas search result yeah, one roll photos and all text. But the moment I put in a lexus hotel waiting for those it becomes three rows of photos same goes for pictures three rows of photos versus a text, which is one roll photos and then text so it's really important to focus on the key words, photos and pictures and yields a different result so we're gonna go back to hear alexis hotel wedding photos but of course you can't have multiple file names multiple fouls with same name so this is where you can put a one o two o three if you have adobe bridge or whatever program light room you can export them all with the different key name I mean keyword since I don't have it on here it's not my computer so we're just going to do it manually really quickly so too oh three oh four no five never called search results only allowed up to to search results and to search images is parasite so in order to take over all ten searchers all twenty five websites so at the very minimum each of these wedding posts must contain at the very minimum two follows but if you have more than two for those there you're leaving oppa too to google as a gamble to pick out which two they deem to be most relevant so I only picked out five of course if you have a very wearing shoes named the file name very well instead or meeting a varying shoes vera wang dress we're going to upload the photos right now by default if you don't include all text remember google doesn't know what these photos made they're just photos but if he had to tell google exactly what they are so in this case it has a lexus hotel wedding photos zero one if you have time I personally like to remove the numbers and if you don't do anything you'll automatically paste it into your altar text but if you don't have time which sometimes I'm lazy to I just leave it as is and I answer all five for those that once and then here you can see image location that j p d ault text this is what's very important all equal quote alexis space hotel space wedding space for those end quote but this is actually wrong side so I don't want that someone into this full size I'm sorry heard media so that was the fifth one I personally have a preference where I don't like the images to link to do anywhere but you can if you have a mobile site it's really helpful because people can click on it and then zoom in because anyone you in the mobile sites you can't really because you only doesn't allow you to it's a matter of preference I just don't like it so I'm removing the links but I'm going to publish this just really in a moment just so then you can see how everything looks like let's update this we're going to go to here refresh so we have the title everything still same title is something we stuffed override cause it's still raise toya walter which is something that's not what we want to be searched for whoring walter elegant ballroom at the lexus hotel content with keywords alexis hotel wedding um we have a dress elegant ballroom grand bridal portrait ce stunning ceremony and we also very wang jimmy choos and we have vendor names and so forth now we have photos here of brides or a bride and groom if we were to look at the page source you can see these are the photos names alternative is alexis hotel wedding photos this's how when someone types it in the father will come up on the image search results so let's close that we're almost done so we have we vote the post we added the photos we change the file names for the photos we added all text but by default it's added because of the file name itself now we get down teo the alimony seo this is where we can all wait override the title of the post currently it reads hoi on walter elegant ballroom not searchable or not what we want to be found for. So what would we want to be found for? Definitely the location. So alexis hotel wedding photography we f you can keep it at that let's just see what happens really quickly so if you recall right now really hold on walter let's refresh this now it's changed teo alexis hotel wedding photography rustic vineyard romantic so what it really read is up to eighty nine so it probably removes up to wedding photography and it goes up to seattle or so so lexus hotel way photography rustic been your romantic all of the key words that you're looking for the tear to keywords which are adjectives that describe it and you have the primary tea or tear one keywords, which is venue and location and craft the next thing we want to work on is the description now if you leave it up to google, google would just sort of pick outwards from there and make up its own one sixty characters, which is fine, but when I'm lazy I'm lazy I just leave it, but if you really want to craft the message if you're paid drink isn't very strong I highly recommend that you craft this message but there is one thing you have to keep in mind when it comes to war press we're pressed automatically adds this little preface prefix in the front four days ago one week ago one year ago one month ago that's part of your meta description so this eats away on your one hundred sixty characters, so don't aim for one hundred sixty characters. My suggestion is to aim for about one forty one forty five has depending on how long wordpress wants to spit out that prefix that's how much space it's going to take up? So in this case we can type in alexis hotel wedding since we rewrote photography and in permanent we have wedding photos remember that under the category let's, try weighing pictures of beautiful bride and groom at grand ballroom elegante vera wang dress and if you don't know when to use and put it slash stunning jimmy choos up window slashed with a square foot preston bailey he designed your wedding. Okay, that's, the one for you too that's in itself is a very effective one. So let's, look at the key words really quickly. Alexis hotel wedding pictures beautiful bride, groom grand ballroom elegance. Very wang dress dress should not be capitalized. Not that any of this is coherent anyway. Stunning jimmy too is preston bailey all great keywords, and it still makes us that this is still a sentence, you know, sort of it's a fragment sentence. Now last thing you wanna add or tags tags act, you show up on search results too. So this is where you have to consider? I wouldn't say exactly put seattle and photography because you have to remember alexis hotel is a very small venue. It is specific to this area. If you include seattle wedding photography, you can on the saying you can't, but the bigger you get, the more global determined broader becomes an useless it really is, because technically I can say washington wedding photography why stop there? I might as well call it unites states wedding photography is anyone going teo search united states when a fatality or north america let alone the world photography so that's what? I'm trying to get up you have to know your limitations don't you can it's not gonna hurt you to throw an extra but it will look very ugly when you have a page with you no fifty keywords in there so I just like to keep it simple alexis hotel grand ballroom and then we have the key was jimmy choos preston bailey vera wang the main thing is to have a lexus hotel if you really want to you can even adam alexis hotel waiting for those and that's it about five or six those are the ones you want to really target. You want to make sure that waiting for telephone checked let's update this and truck here so let's look really briefly from the title tag we have alexis hotel waiting for tall cavity pipeline rustic vineyard romantic pipeline seattle this hold thing including wafer talitha tien is eighty five characters including spaces which means that it should be cutting off about seattle which is perfect for us. We have all of our tier one anti or two key words there descriptive and targeted next we look at the per melich creative life that bp engine dot com fort stash wedding dash follows which is nice we have those you know targeted keywords elegant alexis hotel bridal portrait all the targeted key words in there and even though this title is he boring and location based, we have this cool, catchy title that says home walter elegant ballroom at alexis hotel and then we have the description the content remember do not stuff it with keywords make sure it's very now you still have everything in there but all of keywords with us over stuffing in terms of minimum I would say make sure it's a few paragraphs there is really I can't say rule a rule of thumb because I'm not google but make sure it's you know has a good chunk of words so lexus hotel we have that celebrated union seattle wedding one word we didn't really write is love but no way and then we have photos the photos have the key words of file structure them that cells are c let's open this new into a new tab the file itself is alexis dash hotel gosh wedding photo stash one that j p j so let's close that and all tag I'm not going to go into view source, but if you recall earlier it has all of the key words alexis hotel wedding photos or pictures not photography because remember a year's different search results for google? Lastly, we have more keywords elegant wedding grand ballroom bridal portrait so stunning and then we have the vendor links and vendor name is very important. So jared very wang jimmy choos and so far and if you want optional throwing the address and lastly we have the key words here for the tags alexis hotel alexis hotel waiting for those grand ballroom which is spelled incorrectly jimmy choos president very very wayne the only thing you cannot see here but you can see on google search results it's one hundred sixty characters one hundred forty five the meta description that's the only thing that is not visible on the page you have to have to go into the code to see it this apartment here let me fix that ballroom we'll update this we'll go back to main page and that in itself is the perfect post. Now you're gonna have to repeat it for all of the different types of crafts pet family portrait ce with war and so far but you know, the main idea of strategy is their attack. You know, in terms of tactics you have to apply and repurpose for yourself. I know we have a question our city on its so if you wanted to optimize all of your existing blawg posts using these techniques would google reed I would google like know that you made those changes and optimize that pager? Is it useless to go back to old posts that's actually really great question and it's a slide already later on so good because that was the next question I was gonna ask about seven people have asked that question so that's a very good one but before that, as long as we don't have any more of main questions about this, I want to add one little trick to this. So how in the way would it be if you had to concentrate? Did I write wedding that I write photography that include seattle in this or a rustic shoot? I gotta go back and do a command f you know, so instead of having to do that included in your footer so that's always there every single post, you're going to see it. So that's one thing that I forgot to mention that actually I didn't forget tio my intention made at the young this is part of a global setting your global one time setting, so depending on your your your your press theme or whatever thing they're using differs everywhere. So in this case, in terms of witches, we don't have the main sidebar in the front widget sidebar I mean front page widget area, which doesn't allow me to adjust the footer, so I do not suggest this but go into your codes only if you're bold enough going to the further uh see worse is you know open bracket question mark php echo that means to put out tio echo means to like execute but you don't have to really go into page but you cannot just type of jobs you can type it in um I'm gonna use yours name okay. So betty simpson right betty simpson photography pipelines specializing? I hope I don't break this thing oh oh, sorry. Sorry. Photography by betty what e l a n e specializing in rustic um vineyard something photography okay, it doesn't really matter and if you really want to you can add links to multiple sites but saw necessary the main thing is you have this key words in there update the file I help them break this. We're going to refresh this now at the bottom it says powered by wordpress you khun delete that or keep it photography by betty lane pipeline specialising a rustic vineyard something photography I forgot to put wedding so so when we come back from our break is this post gonna be like at the top of the church is I'm pretty sure that's what's about to happen that would be fun but unfortunate this is a pr. Nothing so won't work in addition, there's one other thing I forgot to mention in terms of general reading uh this is checked off c search engine visibility it's still checked discourage church engines from indexing the site so it's not indexed right now I can do whatever it wants and google won't know it's telling it the robot that tell us google don't inject me big but this is only for new sights and I kept it checked so make sure it's unchecked otherwise no it's not going to be index and that would be bad for you but the point is is just so they can see how this works and I can have to keep this up here and us and analyze it dissected and go from there so application what we did was we set the category put the title change the formal inc added content other searchable content which is like very way jimmy too is preston bailey we fixed always into head attacks which is optional but I do have attacked by now I forgot my bed hello taxes basically stylistically looks cool so in the text you can't do in visual got it on a text visual there's something else where you khun change the font but in the text it's open bracket there's heather one two three four five dollars up down to eight I believe eight so h three see the title of the post hello I am walter is probably each to raise so amusing age three um how they met and up until the age three here their photos in fact if I want to make more keywords their wedding for those update refreshed this you see however here is building how they met their way for us this look is based on the css file where cascading stash it based on the steam you can go into your css and adjust it from there if you're familiar with css you can go to appearance and editor go down to the bottom style sheet right there so over here is all of the settings so you want to go to h three I know this isn't a design class but you can change it you see ray harris font size sixteen front line height which means how much space in between I'm not going to go into this but it's fun if you want to play with it the bottom line is that h three adds emphasis as to what this area's about so the fact that you saying their wedding photos and also tells ghoul like the following this will be photos of the wedding so here they are it's not pertinent but it helps too so let's go back to the keynote really quickly we added images and we adjusted a full file name as well. It added all to tag names to them title ties because we're not linking out it's only important for when people are linking to us so I won't even talk about this right now it's optional or completely relevant ceo title remember originals hoi and walter dot dot dot we changed it to alexis hotel way photography and left it at that because we added the site tile after which is pipeline rustic vineyard romantic. Seattle met a description one hundred sixty characters, but because there is a little prefix, you want to make it about one forty five war press tags which we added in this case will be alexis hotel looks this hotel are alexis hotel wedding photos pressing very, very weighing and jimmy too. And then we hit published. And then we added the further keywords, which is the one time global setting, and ultimately, I want to leave it at the slide before we ended. L'm not questions this slide, which is the checklist, so if you want to go back to it again, these are steps for every single post that you need to dio you check the category you write your catchy title, you change the perma lick, you add contents and other searchable content such as brand names, popular coordinators. You add the optimize images, you're just a ceo title and the metal description and you add wordpress tags. Do these steps every single time after the global settings are done and then you should be set.

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