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A Little Inspiration

I want to just think creative life uh because you guys have been totally amazing I think it might have been wrong slide up here I'm really really blessed that you guys were here amazed at what's happened this week um it means so much that I touch people's lives and I've changed something for someone today or yesterday or because of something I showed you your work will be forever different or how you feel about certain things will be forever different I means so much to me uh when I used to take monty's classes I study with monty at least five times and back in the day it was a weeklong classes and we'd spent five days together and every every time it never failed when I was done taking monies class it was in a local area so I would drive home and I would cry the whole way home sob because he had changed my life in a profound way each time I spent time with him he taught me to be a better photographer a better person a better communicator every time I left him I sobbed sob sob the enti...

re way home because he just had impacted my life so much so it means a lot to me that I get to give back what he did so I encourage you to push your boundaries encourages step outside of that real comfortable zone we all tend to stay and take a risk try something different do something new do something unexpected push around grease learn to value the work that you d'oh if I can push anything on you learned to value the work that you do know it will outlast you know that it will outlast the client who paid for no that will outlast the children who were in it know that this work is a part of someone's history and you want it to mean something and to be important and you need to feel that in your heart in order to be able to sell to produce the kind of work that you want to produce to be the photographer that you want to be and to be respected the way that really good professional photographer should be do the unexpected to the unexpected don't do what everyone expects you to do so I'm inspired by football um I was not much of a I've always been a football fan but last couple of years is a girl in my town who plays football she started off in flag football and uh she played flag football for a couple of years on lee girl and at one point I guess she must have asked her parents can I play tackle and I think her mom was kind of on board with it but her dad kind of wasn't and but she wanted to play tackle football I think she was nine at the time and so they let her play and the coaches were pretty worried about having a girl out on the field and they sent her into practice and she had the helmet on and her pony tail sticking out and she was the only girl out there and at first they didn't do tackle practice with her because she was fairly new on the field but at one point there like okay we've got to start doing tackle practice with the new kids who've never played tackle before and all the coaches sort of stood waiting you know when she was in line to do the tackle drills with the other kids and she got tackled she got back up and she got back on the end of the line and all the coaches that day fell in love with this kid she plays tight end she plays offense and defense she's respected by all the kids on her team they all are like ponte like man ana needs to like shut someone down today we're talking about her on the way in line so she plays for weight class team so she's competing against kids that are generally her size and she is the only girl out there and she plays like a boy and they are afraid of her there was a couple of ah there was a game where she tackled some kid's pretty good and we're playing that team again and a future game and the coaches said hey is that girl anna here today and she wasn't like oh that's really good because she really laid out one of our guys last time she goes out and she plays football because she loves the game and what's fascinating to me is this nine year old little girl didn't care that no while the girls were playing football didn't care she never thought to herself this is a male sport I shouldn't be playing this the thought never crossed her mind to feel uncomfortable going into a male dominated sport and doing what she needed to do to get out there and play and it's you know kind of nerve racking because seriously now naked but she plays and she's all heart and I'm just so lucky enough that she happens to be my daughter okay now I'm gonna cry and I love watching her play because she's fearless and she doesn't care what anyone thinks I love football I'm gonna play football um she's an inspiration because she steps outside the comfortable zone how many little girls are comfortable getting tackled by a bunch of boys they're not there she is running running almost a man's own and she gets tackled and she was just so mad that she was steps from the end zone and I love her so we get her pink mouthguard you know mouthpiece and I taught her how growl it boys when she's in a three point stance and like when you get down there you growl with your pig mouthpiece are and seems like really want me to ground you growl I go really freak him out so she gets down there now so I volunteered to be photographer for the team so that I could be out there in case something happened because parents aren't allowed out on the field so like I volunteer I'll be photographer you know and I thought I would blast it was photographing these kids it was so fun and this is totally stepping outside my comfort zone photographing football hello but I was out there had a blast the kids were awesome they loved her and I met one of the coaches in the supermarket after the first season he said you know he said we so worried about her and we so thought we're gonna lose her as soon as she got tackled for the first time and something hurt and he said we were sweet like all jumped out of our skin when she got back up and got back on that line and we fell in love with her that day and uh funny story is she rolled her ankle playing catch with me I am playing catch with her and she rolled her ankle you know and she rolled it pretty good it was swollen it was bruised I'm pretty sure she pulled something never complained about it this is like tuesday she hobbles home right I'm icing it I feel terrible and you know she's limping on it and she missed a practice and saturday came I looked at her ankle and he said and I don't think you're able to play today she started bawling never cried because she rolled her ankle never said it hurt never complained about the ankle long please I don't want to miss the game we went that morning the coaches wrapped her ankle and she played and she scored that day I was like so proud of her so this she's my inspiration because she just fearless look at her a little girl who goes to play football on all boys team but and they were look she scored you see the kids coming out her I go whoa yeah she got the ball in her hand now she's throwing it to the raft I love watching this kid play football nothing else makes me happier she's my inspiration she doesn't worry about what other people think doesn't play by the rules she doesn't think that I can't do that because people say you shouldn't do it I'm gonna go play football you see that they've got her wrapped and she's still moving and it's funny because I can always pick her out in the crowd because she's only won with white cleats and the ponytail but if I can't see the pony tail I'm looking for the white cleats so over the year I became a much better football photographer I loved so do it don't worry about it just because they say you shouldn't step outside your box get uncomfortable do something unexpected go play football that's my inspiration thank you so much creative live thank you everyone at home totally gonna get emotional you guys have been awesome I could not have asked for more incredible experience I love being here I love the cameras it wasn't sure but I'm going to say I'm one of those people that likes to be in front of a camera mollica was great the whole team was great the three of you are awesome thank you everyone at home thank you everyone tuned in to watch mom if you're still watching I love you and if you're still watching l love you too and thanks for being my inspiration thank you everybody thank you so much

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Learn family photography from Michele Celentano! You'll learn how to pose and light groups, but to be a family photographer you also have to be a psychologist, director, sales manager, a marketing director and postproduction expert. Spending three days with Michele will help you find the style of family portraits that you love, learn how to create portraits that illustrate family relationships and learn how to work with people of all ages, from newborn to 99.