Photographing Fireworks


The Fourth of July is almost here! It’s time we all learn how to capture great photographs of firework displays. John will explain the best preparation, the necessary equipment and optimal settings to capture explosive Fourth of July images. John will also give tips and tricks for point and shoot cameras. Register today and you’ll learn how to experiment, make multiple exposures and which accessories work best for capturing exceptional photos. You may recognize John Cornicello as our go-to lighting assistant from many creativeLIVE workshops, including Jeremy Cowart, Bambi Cantrell, Vincent Laforet, Zack Arias, Penny De Los Santos, and more coming up!



  • John you're the best. I love your friendly & relaxed style. Please present again. Chase and all the guys & gals at Creative Live! Thanks for doing what you do and know that its greatly appreciated. I've benefited a lot from your workshops and living in the UK, I'm grateful for the catch up sessions. Looking forward to using this workshop to photograph Guy Fawks night in a few weeks. One day I hope to return the favour. Thanks.
  • Love you John and this was great! You are a wonderful teacher. You really explain things so very well. I hope you will do more of these and/or the Q&A that was mentioned. I hope everyone at CL has a great 4th of July! Thank you much, Michelle Stark :D
  • <p>Took this class July 3rd and went out on the 4th and got some wonderful photographs, thanks to John&#39;s excellent instruction. NOT JUST FOR FIREWORKS...any action type photography you want to do can profit from watching this course...and the price is right!!!</p>