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Brand Consistency

I want to talk about the difference between your identity and your brand and then we have a little project you guys at home I'm so excited you're still with us because we everyone can do this okay? We hear words all the time marketing, branding, identity and people need to be branding and that's what that means but I need to be branding and it's like ok, I would make your really simple okay, so if you look at your business like your personal self k your logo but let's hear your you've got a logo for your business it's your face and it shouldn't change that's the problem the trotman's have been looking different every time they go out of the house people are recognizing you they're not sure who you are one day we got off on the harley outfit and one day you got on the preppy outfit and you're just like a lot of things and you know you very, very much know who you are and you're clear in side it's on the outside what you're showing people that's not as clear so you've got your logo that ...

is like your face then you've got your materials, all your emotional pieces, your identity marks the colors, all the things you you guys were gonna be working through and we're going to be working with everyone this twenty one days of branding all of those things that's like your clothes in your hair and your makeup it's part of who you are and that's why I think people get confused logo is face stays the same, but over time, you know you're always probably gonna like bright colors. I'm gonna like bright colors, but are we're gonna have, you know, skinny jeans when they're in style and wide leg jeans and low rise in high rise and we're going to evolve, but our logo in our face are going to stay the same. Okay, so your identity is how you look it's your logo it's your face it's your colors and your symbols in your elements and everything you're marketing pieces. So it's your outfits in your clothes that you wear so you might wear a mom outfit to the mom group and you might dress differently for the senior party. It's okay, your face is still the same. Ok, so michael jackson, if that's why people came down michael jackson because he started doing plastic surgery and they don't trust him, they don't recognize him. It's a perfect example of why changing your logo hurt you because people don't recognize you, so your identity is how you look your brand is how people feel about you, okay, we want people to fall in love with you guys. If your commodity photographer and they don't know your name, they're going into the mall, they don't care who they get or whatever they go in to get their photo taken. They pay thirty dollars, they go home, it's a commodity, they don't care about the person, they don't know the person, but we are a brand people love brands. Back in the day of the corner grocer, people would walk in and they'd say, I want some flour, they'd reaching that scoop out flour, put it in a bag and you go home and it was a commodity was the price two dollars, whatever for the bag and then brands came along and people started caring about brands we care what what your runner, what are some of your running brands that you love? So I'm I love being up here because I'm a diehard nike person and a lot of hard core runners aren't, but I am and yeah, absolutely, I mean, it says something about me and so my when I go to the running store, I always know I'm going to buy a pair of mike. The shoes I'm not going to buy, you know try to get me to try on something else or you know what? Me but I'm going to buy that that's something that is very important to me and I know a lot about history of the company I've seen I mean, so I really like that it's a it's a running company that's important to me and we all have things like that that were that were loyal teo and you want to be that and you don't you don't have to be a million dollar brand toe have that you don't you could be that as a small business owner and that's what's so cool, so every single one of you has had the experience you guys at home tio of someone who's like you the best photographer you still create you're so awesome could be your mom, okay? But to that person you're a brand because they think your greatest how they feel about you and then they tell their friend and your brand to two people and then your brand to three people you don't do that by putting half off ad in the paper that does not make you a brand it may get you a client may get you some short term cash flow, but it does not make you a brand so a strong brand starts with a strong identity and that's, where we're going to start with all you guys while we're getting ready to present right after lunch, we're going to be having a reveal of logos are you guys excited? They're like, all right already. So part of this process is for everybody to figure out what your face is going to look like and what's really cool is we don't get to pick this face, right? We get to pick this face, we get to look like whatever we want to look like, we get to look slick in contemporary, we get to look romantic, we get to look distressed, we get to look playful, we had to look whatever we like, whatever we want and we can wear whatever clothes we want, we just have to be consistent, so we're going to figure out what those are can you reach down there? So here is what our audience is going to be doing here, along with our trotman friends we've made aboard a pin board for everyone to find their joy. Ok, so here's, what we're gonna be doing over lunch and everyone at home started pinterest page, get out! You know you're you're scissor your papers and we're going to get literally tacked on, we're going to start putting things on here to show where you're going, what you're gonna look like, ok, we have you guys bring images, we have images of yours and we're going to start by putting images on so our audience at home can see they heard you talk about what makes you different, but now they can see oh, but look at her style, look at his style, look at her style and see, okay she's bright and whims of colon flowers and earthy she can't possibly use this big manly font or maybe she can, so we're going to start to look for disconnects we can pull if you guys want to pull any elements from your current website and we can talk about is there a disconnected these? Is everything consistent? And is it you? And if it's not, we're going to take steps to get you there, okay? You guys are we've got your style that we're going to put on your board and then we're going to be picking your logos you actually get to take that next step, ok? And of course at home, everyone can you gave directions for them if they want to have a logo critique because we're going to polo goes out after lunch and we're going to start by looking at pin boards and we're gonna watch thes pin boards evolve. We're going to get into colors we're going to get into shapes we're going to get into kind of garden it's all that's everything we need to know in life that are you know it flush be nice to others so we're going to get our our scissors and are pins and we're going to create these looks for all of you guys in our audience at home can see because visually you'll start to see ok, this is clearly not right or these colors are not asked their cool but they're not as one of my friend's dead well walled in good friends, timid beverly and in kentucky they said one of the hardest things will ever we do is knowing what to pass up and I think that's brilliant because we're going to see things of each other's and go that's so cool but I can't it's not for me you know that's a cool color that's a cool font that's a cool look that's a cool design element that's the cool profits a cool shot but it's not for me so our job is going to be to get you excited with you back to those rules it's finding setting these rules that's what branding is about it is a lot of it is setting rules for your business and getting that look down so then you can you can have some restraint when you go home things come up you khun can practice that restraint yeah and it sounds I always I've done this in workshops a lot and it sounds like oh it's not really going to do it you know I can just watch others and people start doing it and I'm telling you everybody at home do it do it because you will start to see things that are right in front of your face that you've looked at every day that you had no idea was there, so I encourage everyone to do this exercise with us start putting stuff out while you're eating lunch put out screenshots printout things you like I have a huge bulletin board in my production space that serves is this for me and we'll talk about graphic standards this afternoon two which is when I was a coconut had a big fat binder for every product coke, diet coke, sprite diet cherry coke off the rules is it too much to ask for us to have a couple pages? No no so we're going to create those rules and do we want to take a question too? Because we have a gift for the trout mints a question from uh bucharest, romania do you think there's a brand disconnect if your brand is all about bright colors but your clothes are all great home no necessarily that's interesting because I'm kind of that person I am bright and playful but I pretty much dressing neutral probably because I'm so tall I feel like if we're looking at closed a while back into you know the bright colored jeans aaron and I'm like I just feel like gumby I mean I'm six feet tall I get green jeans I just think there's some weird so my personal style is really pretty neutral and I wear a lot of fun jewelry that brings the bright colors in but if you I mean I was kind of going to the extreme if you literally wear all black and you're more introverted and whatever I mean I don't know I think you can have it if you're if you love the bright colors and your photography is that way you kind are who you are but what I've seen is there's typically a connection somehow between your personal style in your business style so if you know who you are and you you're you're you know how you dress and you know your business doll you're good for the people who are struggling I think it helps them or to look at your personal self and say, you know, this is how I am and I'm going to move that into my business because that's just it's who I am and this is what I'm selling very cool said one more question that we we do see quite a bit and that is from amanda are left who says I have a passion to serve lower budget families who truly can't afford high prices, especially in weddings and family photos? Is it better to focus my entire business and brand on that market to be consistent? Or should I serve two different markets, high income and low income in order to make profit? We know that's really a a bigger question as far as but I mean a ce faras why do we create a business? I'm creating a business for profit so that I can be with my kids and part of my passion is doing alter creative stuff and being able to spend a lot of time with my clients, I could never be the place where there's a long line and I have to shoot, shoot, shoot because I couldn't do it. Part of how I get the images is by spending time, so to accomplish all of my objectives I have teo, I have to be I charge more, and I have to charge more. But if your passion is to truly help those who aren't able to afford, ah higher end product, then there's, nothing wrong with that just know that you're not gonna have possibly the profit margin that you have in a more boutique business model. It doesn't mean you can't make profit you're just shooting more people in a day so your system has to change your product mix has to change everything we're working through here today you you use a different filter to make those decisions you're not offering these gorgeous frames and these gallery wraps you're probably doing smaller collections of little things so that everyone can have images the question of can you serve both of those markets it at once that to me that's where you start to have a disconnect? And I think that if it's you and you're offering the same service basically I mean the same images to both markets I think that that's where you start to muddy the waters and things get unclear so I would say pick a pony and write it I love that pony but I think that's such a thank you for talking about that and the way you did because I think that such an important question even before talking about what your brand what is what is your objective? What is your life objectives like you said so that's cool I have to think about that one yeah, because I am building a business to serve my life I mean some of my clients obviously, but I made that decision that so I showed you guys my life because I had these two new babies at home and I knew every decision I made was to get me home right right way look at it and maybe this is wrong, but if we charge more, then we can do free things for this I mean and that that's how we do, you know, nonprofit work right? And just don't charge right? But we have we can't afford to do that unless it's a really good point, you know, it's not that you can't get back your community exactly you just have to think about how you do it. Yeah, exactly and we do the same thing I have a charitable fund called the petty cash run that I'll talk about and we do a lot of that same kind of thing and you're right, you can't do that if you don't have the means whether it's because you're working day and night serving three thousand customers so you don't have the time to donate or you don't have the funds or the staff for the equipment because you didn't make it. So I think erin's advice pick a pony in, write it you can accomplish financial and charitable goals with whichever way you go, but pick one I've already seen that he tweeted out a village it's tio so let's go and do the giveaway way goto so this is really exciting this is our favorite thing we work with you know, we don't work with ten thousand vendors were really picky. You know, I talked about white house custom color. If I give it was deserted with my business on a desert island, I would take white house, custom color e make sure that they delivered their there anyone down, they take great care of me. But then along our way, we have all these other fun little companies that that make our life better. And one of them that we met a couple years ago where the folks at the jilly bag company and they have this line, they have camera bags, little camera bags, pro camera bags. And this is their jackline get it, jack and jilly I know. And they've sent us these. This is my ipad bag, which I love, but this is my all time favorite that can you guys see this? It is the workhorse, so it might. My seventeen inch laptop fits in here, and then inside I can have a camera so far going like out of town on a shoot or whatever I can have everything I need. They also make a camera bag that matches it that has a pocket on the back that sits on the top. So when I travel, I have everything I need in these two bags, and it matches wait didn't have them shipping here because they're shipping it directly to you guys, but they're giving you want tio thank you weigh like this van so you look good and well in that actually match smile it's actually that looks like what daniel likes to wear exactly the way apple that's not everything our audience here it's going to get a gift certificate to julie for a bag as well. So you get to choose what you will it's an amount that fifty bucks to put toward a bag julie so you're going to get that and then everybody at all um you have we have something great for you don't you get twenty percent off when you use this code through the end of this month, so use the code and get a new bag for yourself and also we've been giving offers throughout, so if you want to catch the offers that we gave earlier, go to the joy of marketing dot com forward slash day one and you can get all of those so we've got him all typed out for you, but this is the one for this hour, so you know when you're going out to sessions and your schlep in like twelve things and you look disheveled that reflects on your brand, so get your stuff together these three pieces actually, I have the three piece set the ipad for opposing guides and things that you keep on your your ipad when you're when you're shooting this, that holds everything, and then the camera bag, and I look so sharp and put together and it's awesome. Andrea, you're probably watching andrea back at my studio. My studio manager, she'll pack me up like if I am caller and I say, I've got a shoot or whatever, and I'm coming to go, and she'll have me all packed up in my jack bag, and I'm set to go. So congratulations, you guys.

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