Day 2 Pre-Show Banter


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Day 2 Pre-Show Banter

Hello internet good morning and welcome to creative lives photography brand makeover with sarah petty and aaron burr beck my name is lorraine lobdell I'll be one of your chat host this morning or today along said can a cluster written I was renamed this morning you got a new name what is it can a car dash therapy but he said that is what she's been calling me in the background and wanted me to announce that they did go to my high school however which is pretty pretty funny they were I was there after me but you know what I mean anything at first go l a way we're gonna have about five minutes a pre show banter which we kind of already started so so let us know in the chat rooms if you can see it and here is and please let us know where in the world you are joining us from and we will try to give a shout out to you so sara and erin how are you ladies this morning way slept in a holiday inn express last night with good kidding it wasn't an express but we fucked good we feel good everybody...

else great accommodations we had to walk across the street to the hidden secret door all right creative lives so no one can find you I'm guessing that's the plan will secret we want to keep you safe yeah, you know crazy here e going on cannick our destiny and how do we not know about our cameras and every corner older sister no I knew about it the right way want tio reintroduce our students all of you who might not have been here yesterday and so please go down the line and say your name and your website and your twitter handle if you'd like where you're joining us from and what was your biggest ah ha moment yesterday I uh I'm gonna start a ha moment actually but I have to think about the um it was amazing how much more we got out of the logos when she explained why she had done when she had done I think that you know that that really helped it's sinking for me so I liked the reasoning why? So I'm clear trotman were from jefferson, oregon um and my twitter handle is trapped in photo and the web address is trymon photo dot com think well actually introduced myself today rather than just blow past it I'm the camera monkey a traveling photography on my biggest ah ha moment was I don't know it was something resonated pick a pick a pony and write it that really resonated with me because we have been afraid to just commit to anything and that really helped us out so from washington on my website is acclaimed photo dot com a c c l a m e d and twitter is at acclaimed photo and I think my biggest ah ha like big takeaway from yesterday was that it got me thinking ten to twenty years down the road like what am I gonna be doing and um one of my biggest passions is traveling and so um I've kind of started out on new venture of doing trips overseas and combine it with my photography so I'm just thinking branding wise you know over the next long haul but that's going to look like with doing the photography here and leading tours yeah so just really made me think and yesterday I think erin said something maybe started I don't know but just having to narrow your focus to succeed and I'm like what am I going to you know set aside yeah so to expand you need to contract a integrative let's doom or if we want to grow we actually grow by focusing so good yeah good so you just have to decide what what what to kind of push to the side while you focus on what you do and I think going back to your passion and really digging into what do I really love I look at the ideal session for me is three kids under five or one child that's my passion so I always try toe think about ok that's hard build everything is how do I tracked that client how do I create everything for that client thanks, thank you. Uh matt roland roland studios from st louis, missouri website is rolling studios s t l dot com twitter handles at rolling studios I guess my biggest ah ha moment yesterday was probably erin when you said uh that emotions of oak our brands of okon emotion um and really thinking about some of the brands that really evoke that emotion and thinking what do I need to do to start making my brand of oak that emotion? Yeah that's what makes you worth more when people will pay anything to come to you? Absolutely fabulous! I'm angry about scott and my can I have is camera gypsy dot com and my twitter is andrea value scott um biggest ah ha was probably actually doing the boards, I have pinterest of course you know and I've been pinning things but it's kind of funny because I don't really go back and look at them once I pinned it, so I think the actual tactile experience of doing the board's itself was really helpful and then also just knowing that I really do need invest in an actual graphic designer to design logo great great I think that opened for a lot of people when they saw beth and those amazing designs and how she really got to know what they were looking for and then had reasons for why she did everything she did and I think that's something that we felt like opened up for a lot of people that ok, now I see the importance it isn't just someone who could make things pretty but it's someone who gets who you are and what makes you different and can communicate that visually that's, right? Yeah, we had a lot of people online who were having that same ah ha! And so thank you, guys, you guys learned a lot yesterday. I love it. These guys were the best students best audience. They're taken it in there, they're sitting in the corner, it breaks, like, you know, working on their pinterest and sharing and that's what's great about our photographic community is so much sharing and people meeting and helping each other and you guys will probably be lifelong friends, you know, being able to share ideas over the years and and grow together. So thank you for bringing us all the guys. All right? Yeah. You guys need to come up with a name for yourself too. Thie join team. All right, so here is away from him. I just want to read off one comment, and then we'll read off some more where people are joining us from but studio twelve smiles says hi, thank you, sarah erin my ah ha moment was being nudged to think big and in the future, thinking how to grow include others in the process of updating my image and brand so perfect timing. My new name is aspire photography. And since I have too long of a personal polish name watching wisconsin, and this is the part state up until five thirty a. M to see the re watch. Fantastic. Thank you. Oh, wow, thank you for your dedication. We see that a lot, so awesome.

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