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Day 3 Pre-Show Banter

Hello internet good morning and welcome to create and live day three of photography brand makeover with sarah petty in the aaron burr beck my name is lorraine loved oh, I will be one of your chat host today alongside the amazing and lovely kenna class human good morning the rays good morning everyone or afternoon or evening way are going to have about nine minutes a pre show banter please let us know in the chat rooms if you can see us and hear us and do let us know where you're joining us from around the world we want to know where you're from and and what kind of photography do so drop that in the chat rooms and well, he should have shown it out and and sarah day three ladies three it's kind of bittersweet it's like being in summer camp yeah talking but I am you know, like like this is our are set now way change it around all the time wear anything we want it happens ok, yeah, yeah orange zoologist I love anything it's pretty we should use more writing on the chalkboard. You should j...

ust chop, right? Yeah, if you guys didn't realize this which I didn't realize at first that this wall back here is chuck board, you can actually write with chalk on it with the pain so we have our lovely in person students today and thank you all for being here and representing the folks around the world so we'd like to introduce you say your name and your twitter handle your website what you're joining us from and what type of now we're not the photography we did that before that was about your experience here creative live and what it is that is going to has changed for you and that you'll be taking on to your business from here we'll start with you, john my name is jennifer robinette I'm from vancouver, washington right down south and I my website is jalen portrait's dot com a company is jalen portrait design and my twitter is jalen beauty and this is my first experience with creative live in fact, I only really known about creative life for a couple months and I love sara and erin they're just the best and so I was really honored that they asked me to come up here and be part of it and you know, I think that I just I take away the same thing that I do from them every time I hear them speak on dh get to meet them in person it just a lot of inspiration and that kind of like you go back home and you you go through the regular rhythm of all of life and, you know you know you have these things to do and then you can come to these experiences and it's just really refreshing because you can go home with some new inspiration and I hear them speak a lot I follow them quite regularly and every time I take away something new and I know I've heard it before but I'm in a place in my life now where I can really apply it and so it's just it's always something that that better bigger better that I can go home and really apply and do and it's just it's been awesome so thank you ladies it's been really great hi I'm claire trapping no we're from jefferson oregon and we're completely re made over thiss weare new people well I guess I just be herself but thiss has been awesome I can't get over the logo I cannot tell you how much how unstuck I feel now that we can move forward with this new logo and apply it and just be you know like actually be able to express who we are as a company because we really haven't been able to so this has been awesome you're on your horse now home again yes this is so nice right daniel dropping uh the other half of traveling photography on dh thiss whole experience has been fantastic you guys are great but the creative life team here are just they're fantastic and they know how to throw a party and that's not going on facebook don't wear here at night I'm carrie kirshner from seattle and my website is acclaimed or my company is a plain photography and I think um well it's been great being here with you to a I wish we could do this for another week and the creative live staff has been amazing I'm going to try and figure out how come to all the shows it's really great but what you want of you said yesterday that like was like write yourself a paycheck and if you cannot cash it tape it on your mirror and I mean everyone should hear that like people that are under selling themselves and you're cutting the whole industry like wow like that's you know you don't just anything you put that up there you're not cash in it you're you know you're working for free and next time someone complains about your prices you're not going be so shy tio justify them and also along with pricing you know if if you don't charge that you're not going to be for them next year when they need you or when someone else does and that's kind of something for them to think about too hey oh well oh yeah I guess she doesn't need to make a profit yeah anyway I can't wait to come back I am matt rolling rolling studios from st louis missouri website is roland studios spl dot com twitter handles at roland studios on just we've only been here two days this is the third day we don't we haven't gone through the third day but it's just been so transformational already like my wife's already sending me e mails of graphic designers that we've we're trying to figure out I mean it's just it's it's given us the direction we need to take our business to actually get it off the ground going if you have about the course yet buy it it is well worth the ninety nine dollars that it is now and its amazing thank you creative life for for putting this on this has been awesome thank you guys for sharing hi my name is andrea about scott and um my block is going to be changing so I'm not going to say it out there to be honest, I wasn't the one who is getting the remand makeover but I feel like I have so thank you so much for that um this is my third time on creative live and you guys are missing out you don't have to do a fancy video to be here like my video for you guys was literally on my laptop it took me like three takes you know when I was just like hey please you know I really need this put your heart into it and that's all you need to dio um and if anything looks interesting at all to you submit you never know I love creative life and I'm going to keep coming if you guys don't start so many more video thank you great of life thank you all I just I just get I love hearing about people's experiences here and andrew thank you for saying that about submitting a video because I know that a lot of people out there when I talked to them and ask them where they haven't they're scared and think that they have to do some big production of video as they seen some people have done and that's wonderful but that's not exactly what we're looking for. We're not looking for the best produced audition video it's just about getting to know you and who you are and why you want to be here. What it's going to change your life for your business so we do have opportunities coming up for for you to submit videos to be part of our audience so stay tuned for those we just announced lindsay adler who's coming back to creative lives if you go to that paige she is there's a video and that tells you how to apply for that workshop think the videos are actually do really soon on october thirteenth that she's coming back to do a retouching and create a post processing class so really excited have been ze back so much fun so let's, without where people are joining us from so we can let karen erin no ray, what we have we have q gallery from new zealand and it's five a m they're so thanks for getting up early. By the way, I got your email last night. Q gallery so we're on it. Hopefully our staff will be contacting you for something extra. Getty he had already purchased the twenty one days branding and he wanted that's, right? So he re donated it tio us to give away today to someone else and we're going to take care of him on first getting something else. Wait here, tio personally deliver one twenty one day weight dio wait didn't carry a little bag. We have our jack bank top u nice clothes and we're good marianne says it's nice to see sarah getting more colorful from day today with out you look awesome today along with valerie says thank you on five from kansas city way have a pt from new york I saw you can texas on by dawn's light from south texas gina marie photography from granite city, illinois.

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