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Day One Recap

Welcome, everybody so excited to be back for day two, and we covered so much on day one um and and I really hope that everybody was able to tune in yesterday for day one on dh today is going to be even more exciting because I mean, we've got a lot of things to show the trotman's we're going to get into some things like pricing and how you figure out when to make decisions in your business and how to master those numbers that seems so hard but really don't have to be and then getting back into the pretty cool stuff like the packaging and and what your price menus look like and and all of that, but, you know, so we've got a lot of cool stuff today, what I loved about yesterday was we talked about that foundation that we're building our business upon, and don't you guys have a different view now, after you've gone through the process and you see, see, you kind of knew a brand was important, but you didn't really know what it was or why it was so important, and now don't you feel like afte...

r being here and going through this that, oh, the bare minimum you really get the importance of it and how it can set you apart and everything we're talking about over the next two days this success of all these other pieces are reliant on this it's like matthew can't learn division until you know addition and subtraction going through that with my kids now and it builds and then you get into algebra and geometry people try to start their business by putting out the shingle print business cards and going out there and attracting clients and they don't have this foundational stuff done, so yesterday was really fun I was excited to have be able to bring a graphic designer I know you guys are excited cause we have another reveal this morning and that was really fun yesterday, so for this, if you guys knew joining us, erin and I worked together running the joy of marketing I have a boutique photography studio in springfield, illinois, and we're both marketing geeks mean, we we eat, sleep and drink marketing every business we go into work critiquing every aspect of their brand from the menu to the sign ege to the to the carpet tio every little detail we can't have help it it's sort of a problem of and I think the other kind of addiction and other things it's true it's your way that's one of our many sure the problem, I guess that's a good problem to have but it's what challenges us to always be working in my studio to make things better so we can teach everyone at the joy of marketing what we're doing in my studio and how we're doing it because I'm here for three days and I have to go home I'm shooting all day monday because it's a holiday and so I don't even get a chance to breathe and I'm back at it trying to make sure that I'm keeping my studio going for the fall and in keeping traffic coming in so it's really great to have aaron who's out we're both mba is and she also we were both strategic thinkers so we can think big picture and long term and how we can keep both businesses going and keep teaching all these budding cool things. But what was fun yesterday is we went through this process with the trotman's, the discovery process working through jumpstart your brand in twenty one days where we're figuring out who you are and what makes you different and and we're able to bring beth in our graphic designer who present of us six logo's which at the end of this segment we're going to review where you guys have been the logo is that were presented to you and then we have the next next step and everyone at home is still voting so we'll find out what they picked and see if it matches what you guys picked if not, we won't outcry because locals is very subjective and you could spend five years and you guys have already spent a lot of time doing the fred flintstone your wheels are running and you're not getting anywhere and I love that you now get you know there isn't sometimes there isn't a wrong decision with logo there's never a perfect one so pick one and we had neighbors with a bunch of little boys think they had through four little boys when we first moved into our house and I remember walking out in the neighbor said let's go do some boys even if it's wrong and I think sometimes that's we discussed yesterday one of my issues is that I want to beat the dead horse I mean I'm like well let's try this way this way this way and sometimes it's like I see a vision of how it all works together and I love it and it will allow me to keep going so hopefully we can be that for you guys today where were the ones saying, you know pick one let's keep it going, which I know you guys are already have clarity on where you're going, which is really fun that was amazing she really yeah it's got to be fun to be the be the ones still you watch reality shows you now you know how does he will feel camera in your face is your like reacting to things and and how did it feel yesterday being presented tio by such an amazing designer and getting all of that I mean that there's that there's that um all you know and then there's that oh wow you know and I think the whole thing is that it's very interesting a little overwhelming but a lot of fun and she was just so personal she was great yeah, she was way fun so you know, I was text here this last night late this morning early and you know, just like of course we could do that you know, it is just awesome, you know, like you have like I think three hours waiting so seriously yeah, I get it but it was it was great so she was just so much fun way we really appreciate it. What I also love about death and we have a graphic designer on staff who was able to come she just moved to hawaii. Hey, yeah he's fabulous. Also what I love about a graphic designer is that they can take critique so you could say I don't like any of these and they will go back and say, tell me, why give me direction? I'll go back for a second round but also that they will fight for what they believe like of you two said I love this logo but I want to take off this nissen's shoots that you know what she did say yes on some things but she's not afraid to say you know what? If you take this in this off it's going to ruin the logo it's going to fall flat it's not gonna work so there is a balance between finding someone who will busted to give you everything your vision sees but will also fight for the integrity of the design and the logo and the concept the way they see it and when you find someone like that it's you know you have the right designer and I think to the hardest thing is finding someone who is okay with your vision and not just their own yes, you know, because we all have you know you guys are artists were all artists, right? And so are graphic designers. And so you know, they work is personal to them in some regard but finding someone who can take your vision and make it a reality not just take their own vision, right? Yeah, and so that's great that the feedback she gave you is all yes, yes, yes, because she will say and I love that about her she will fight for the keeping the integrity of the design consistent with what her vision was and what's the right thing, because sometimes we wantto you know what I would do this and this this is like, ok, same thing with us, this photographer someone comes in with, you know, a sure with all kinds of rioting, and they have a vision that we're not seeing and it's not consistent with our style, they respect us for saying, you know what? I have an idea that I think can accomplish what you want, but in a different way, so we didn't have to see beth little best she's so petite to, you know, have toe have to put on her her hardball hat houses, she will do it, and but but not sensitive, and I think we have to be that way too, if our clients say, I don't love that image and it's one that we loved way got to get over because if that's an expression on their child that they love, no matter how much we love it, it goes away. So so that is something else to look for in a graphic designer. So more fun stuff for you guys and everybody at home is going to get to see some really cool products that we've brought and were to talk through, simplifying a lot of it so this morning is going to be kind of fun with going through the next step of this reveal and then late morning we're going to get a little a little more challenging within talking some numbers, but my goal is to hopefully clarify some of these big scary words like business plan and promotional plan and marketing plan what are all these things and how do they fit together? Really? We look at it and we teach it really, really in a simple way so that all of you guys can get your arms around it, we're not going to make you go back and make a big binder with a three hundred page business plan to go get venture capital funding or or that kind of thing, this is a working plan that you should look at and work through every week, every month while I am I consider myself a creative like all of us were photographers and were juiced up by creativity. I'm also in numbers junkie and I look at my numbers and I know my numbers and that's why my business has grown and I've been successful it's not because of my photography it's because I have a grip on what I need to do and what it takes to make a photography business work and all of you guys at home that's what I I wish for all of you too teo understand it enough that if you need to bring someone in to help you, you can or whatever the case may be, knuckle down and learn it so that you can do what you love. Yeah, there's, nothing worse than making mean it's ok to make a decision and not be sure that it's the right thing, but there's, nothing worse than making a decision and having no basis for backing it up at all. And so that's, what we want to give you today in the second section that we're going to go through our are some basis for understanding those numbers and understand see what you should be paying attention to because there's things you don't need to pay attention to two so so giving you some basis so that you're not making those decisions just totally, you know, out of the blue and flipping a coin, or I saw someone else do it or competitors doing it or I have no idea I'm just going toe pick, and sometimes we make things so much harder than they need to be. We offer three thousand products because we're walking through a trade show in a convention were like something pretty here, something shiny here, you know remember dori from nemo issue his eyes, there's so many cartoon characters that were all like right in up squirrel and so we get all these exciting things, and we're excited. And again, we think doing more for her clients is going to grow our business. And what I hope out of these the today especially, is that you realize, sometimes simple is better. Simple business plans. Simple marketing plan, simple sales plan. It makes your life easier. You have a system to follow, and life is good, and you could be a photographer. I need to do the creative things that you want.

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Learn branding from Sarah Petty and Erin Verbeck! Attract the right clients to your business by creating your own unique brand, new distinguishing products, a more profitable price menu, the right marketing and a new sales process!

If your marketing isn't working and you're not attracting enough of the right clients, Sarah and Erin will go step-by-step, showing you how to address each part of your business's brand to make sure it reflects you and brings in clients you'll love.