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Day Three Introduction

This is really I think the media is part of the exciting it's part I mean, the stuff we did the last two days is the harder part, it's learning the skills in the sport before you get a to go shoot or spike the ball, you have to have all of these other fundamentals and again that people haven't invested and they're saying, I just want this juicy part this is the course toe have because you've got to have all of these pieces were one of the things that you mentioned on day one is and loria's talked about it is without the stuff that we talked about on day one and day two. What we're going to talk about today is like building that house on sand, so you're goingto invest all this money and building your dream house. But if you don't do the things that we talked about in day one and day two with building your brand and understanding your numbers, that house that you just built, you spent all your money and time and effort in it's going to fall in a soon as there's a a strong breeze, you kno...

w, so that's what's so important about everything that we've taught over the course of this, this whole, you know, three days and why. Why it's so important to get that stuff right first yeah especially in our industry in any industry you have to do the same things if we were working with coffee shop owners or hair salon owners or any industry but our industry is a little different and that there's no barrier to entry so anybody who has a nice camera which is basically everybody can tomorrow be a professional photographer and we know that it's not about the photography we've gotten that point so far we do we have to work on our photography and become great for drivers absolutely but that alone is not going to make it work for us so do that foundational work because if you just start with this piece you're going to be one of those people coming to us and you're saying I tried that and it doesn't work I hate that word I tried that and it doesn't work your marketing should work and were small businesses where everything we do has to get us a return so we're covering a lot of information so get your pens your papers we want you guys to have so many ideas and well again we could teach five days on this we're picking the media's things that you guys can immediately we have people yesterday saying I knew how do I get that first client we're going to show you how okay I get my little clicker here so here's here's what we're going to talk about this morning and how it's going to help you waking up to a blank calendar anyone experienced that never I've never have no more wondering where all the right clients are we've talked a lot in the last two days about price and what happens when you discount and you attract the wrong clients or your priced way too low this is what we want you guys to know who are the right clients and how do I find them and guessing where to put your marketing dollars that was the biggest thing you and I saw at the ad agency was people would come in and be like I tried this I tried that or they call and say oh, you know my competitors did a billboard we should do a billboard and we find out later that the competitors did the billboard because the niece worked at the billboard company again back to forget about what your competitors air doing the phone book people sell you abs that way oh your competitors have a big out of a lot of the magazines well everyone else in your market is in here so they use those fear tactics and we want to take that away this morning so you don't have that fear anymore of where to put my money I have no idea I'm just gonna I'm just going to be reactive let's talk about proactive versus reactive right, so you know, I think that that's exactly it because we're too busy in our business running it, running it, running it phone call you know, ok, take it do I have time on my calendar? Yes and s o I can't do this I can't do this we need to move that nude I need to move this and and that's what sarah and I are firm believers in is that if you don't have a plan where you want to go and how you're going to get there, then you're leaving too much up to chance, right? You're just that that's like saying, you know, fingers crossed hope it works out and it doesn't need to be that way. Yeah, and so reactive I know we've all been there right where we we wait and we don't have a plan in place and then maybe an opportunity comes up to donate to an auction, for example, so we say ok? And we throw some things out at the last minute, we don't really think about it we don't have a plan don't know all the details of how to make sure that that gets us a client and then we say I've tried that it doesn't work, so when were pre act when we're reactive combined the two together? Well, we're reactive, we're not doing a good job okay? And and also I think that leads to overwhelm because we're so busy, we're not taking time to breathe, get a plan to get in the right clients and give them our love. We're just taking everything everything sure all photograph your horse at the barn, and I'll photograph your wedding and you're this and that and and not being profitable at half of them and and and not pricing correctly and making all of those mistakes, we're spinning our wheels were doing the fred flintstone. So that's, what we want to get you out of today, we want to teach you how you can be proactive, and it doesn't have to be a big deal. So and not the face wash not the face loss. You're going to teach you how you can be proactive. Okay, so let's talk about the two biggest problems that we all have. You guys tell me if you agree getting clients or getting the wrong clients. I think sometimes getting the wrong clients is counterproductive is not having clients because you're busy all the time. One of the things I'll throw out to the audience at home and all of you guys is, and I learned this early on in my business, because, again, I've talked about this. Throughout this whole time that my whole goal with running my business is so I can make a profit and I could be home with my kids so I mean that's exactly it you end up with the wrong clients because you're out there you're doing things but they may not be the right things and maybe it's your brand that's attracting the wrong clients or maybe at your prices that are attracting the wrong client so that's, what we want to do is look at one how can we can get you more clients but to how we can make sure we get you the right clients I heard someone else say this and I was working all the time and decided to close my studio on mondays to clients but we still work that's when we plan we set aside a lot of time for planning in both businesses the joint marketing and my studio because we know that neither one can keep going if we're not planning doing you guys do ya closed on mondays close clients jen you guys and matt you're doing weddings I know when you do weddings it's a little different because you're working your weekends often and so you may take off several days in the week but I find if you have to consciously put time aside toe work on this stuff, getting thes clark doesn't happen if you don't work so what we're teaching today comes from a product of ours called magnetic client attraction program. So we're going to magnetize your clients that they're like coming right to yeah, so we don't have time to go through the entire program, but we've picked out chunks that can help you guys immediately. Ok, so we're going to start high level, and we're going to get really tactical. So everyone has at least one idea to go and build their business and attract those right clients. And then this afternoon, I'm going to teach you howto have those conversations on the first phone call to make sure you're getting the right client. Ok, so this is going to get those leads in this afternoon. I'm going to tell you what to do when you get the lead in, ok, that's, how we ensure we get the right client.

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Learn branding from Sarah Petty and Erin Verbeck! Attract the right clients to your business by creating your own unique brand, new distinguishing products, a more profitable price menu, the right marketing and a new sales process!

If your marketing isn't working and you're not attracting enough of the right clients, Sarah and Erin will go step-by-step, showing you how to address each part of your business's brand to make sure it reflects you and brings in clients you'll love.