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Finding Your Joy

Let's, start down here with andrea, so see how she's pulling look at the beads, the jewel tone beans, the bright blue and the reds and purples, and this is at a scarf. Yes, good job taking her clothes and pam forward much way have a ton of little color swatches that we're playing with to get everybody get their arms around those color schemes, which is really important. So we'll be looking at everyone's photography. So I love that you guys all brought little snippets of your photography, so we can see look for disconnects. But what I see so far is fabulous. The color palettes you're picking an inspiration, and now we have iphones and camera phones on our phone with us all the time. I don't know about you guys, but that's, my main source of inspiration. We were in minneapolis a couple of years ago, and there was a carpet that I loved it had these swirls and it's become a design element at the joy of marketing for a lot of products and backgrounds and things. We don't even have a huge ba...

ckground in my studio really subtle of this background, and it all came from just shooting that carpet, so if you, when you're here and you're walking around, you see something cool, this building is amazing, shoot it. These guys will print it because they do anything we ask it's like being a bride you know you've got the power of the white dress I don't even have to wear the big you know cupcake thing I know I know so while you're hear anything you see you're out to dinner you see a cool corner of a table shoot it because it's all contributing to your brand good job andriy okay that you've got no st louis st louis my neighbor also you picked that charcoal colored gray yes I love that color yeah that's uh you can't because it's in black and white but that's the color that we use on the box there on the web site I love it and you're being a guy I mean I love it for women too are kind of have more masculine taste but I think for a guy that's a good strong you know the mettle of the arch the silver all the things you're doing it's very and it can go you can put girly things could you do weddings yes so you can put a feminine for brides to make it a certain way and you can go for c hears it can go a certain way and you can take that a lot of directions do have other colors were thinking about putting with that going toe I couldn't find it in time but it's like a bright uh kind of a red okay, um, it's just the thought that it was something that we've run with before. Changed a lot since we since we started a year ago, I want to look at your photography, more of it. Because rather, I think is a hard color. I want to look at it and see if it's because sometimes it's so powerful it can take over the imagery. Okay, when maybe, like I look at the mustard pin you used at the bottom of the photo. I love that mustard and charcoal combination. The mustard gives it a little a snap in a vibrant and unexpected that isn't quite as strong and dominant is red. So let's, let's, look through that with your images as thiss course progresses and see if we can nail that down. But I love I definitely love the direction and going yeah, like a job miscarry. So ok, these are the colors. My studio. Ok, one wall that's is muted kind of blue green great. More green, but vica yeah, great grand. I get comments on all the time. It's like, really into my charlie? Yeah, my chairs can match this. And then, um yes, screenshot of my web say ok, and my business card front back and, of course, the marathon yes barons on press yet and I can't a man I can't believe how many comments I get on my packaging seven people love it love it love it awesome and then um just some skinny cards and gift certificate okay and my photos are coming okay, good same thing let's keep looking at over this time I'll get to see more of you of all of your images and make sure that we're getting you know everything cohesive inconsistent because I don't see that blue green color that gray green throughout as much as I would like teo and how that kind of plays in but I mean definitely all in that family of earthy I'm open to changing my colors okay okay yeah love okay, we'll talk about logo okay, ok good, good, good, good good pictures too but just say no no this you know, goldfish in the copper color but you know it's the these colors come back in a lot of the things that we just dio so wait, we're not the blacks have been going to go on the back for the background the website but it just hasn't happened yet it's been one of those things it's waiting, but we're we're into kind of those thie creams creams in the brown so coppers I love that is that a black or a charcoal above the copper that page this color starts right here yeah it's a black it's a black I mean I love the depth of that combination and I just I'm seeing some conflict which is good I mean we know we're working you've got a couple of go's you've got that that curls bond I'm going to come and delete that off your computer e can do that right but virus all of you need to make a list of fonts to delete we'll just start with the pirates and will add curveballs okay especially you guys you guys are like metal and steel and cool you're not like girls you know all the kids clothing stores with the bows they use that font so for you guys as we're looking through fonts and once we're getting ready to see your new logo and look and feel beth will talk to you about font families that you will go with and fund families that you will stay away with our stay away from my whole identity is wrapped up in the future of family both both ironically and maybe not ironically inspected all my love is but sarah petty photography and the joy of marketing and my husband's logo but you almost wouldn't know that they're all the same so in our new building everything is very cohesive which just randomly happened but we use that two or three fonts in all of our marketing and promotion if we use a fun like a stylized, funded, a decorative font, it would be in a headline or the front of a promotional piece that short lived okay for a core identity. It's, like I'm jeans and a boot girl. And then I can do some fun stuff with hair jewelry for a night out. But I'm pretty much core with big. You're not who you're going to be at your core, so I can't wait to see this is kind of the before. Plus, you're pulling in some things that you like, which will help develop where you're going.

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