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Questions about these air comments about these were open to all of that is here what would people think cruel well we put out on the internet that we asked them what their we asked them what they thought about their favorite logo wass quite a few people like the image with that with the logo with the arrow because people say that logo without the arrows is still their favorite and let's see in the live tab we have number three three is a favorite number three and four is the favorite and clothes that was three okay, this is three and this is for mrs this is for you to think about this we've kind of moved to marine house in any case e I don't know if it would be something fun or cool if the u s would want this but I think it would be fun if we were to like put them on facebook and have people can you do a thing like that? Can we do that? Would you we don't want us to do that I think that waiting for you to say yes I'm not gonna promise that but well we'll be able to do that so we can do...

for sure it's crazy people around here you asked for it it happens that's kind of magic here that would be fun because especially especially the people who have been listening and watching and looking at their stuff and you guys now know they are and you can give quality it's like our own focus group way we're gonna have a focus group who know you know very well we'll take some questions last kiss yeah awesome okay great photog mickle is wondering my last name is ferrari how does one market themselves with a logo that doesn't make people think of something famous in that case the car and a similar question from fashion tv in singapore how to ensure our logo is unique how does one ensure that their design does not look or infringe on another design? Um all right, so let's go yeah let's go with the famous first I think that that goes with it, you know, obviously unless unless you're willing to change name out there um you've got a little obstacle, but I think the important part with that would be to make sure that everything that goes with it doesn't didn't anyway resemble anything that the car manufacturer does. It doesn't, you know it's not to you know, obviously we wouldn't want to put that along with that name and so just make sure that you know you go research what their logo looks like, you go research what their materials look like and you don't make anything look like anything automotive and also this example of ferrari is a brings up a feeling that's fast and sexy and high quality products laurie nordstrom's air friend in iowa you know, nordstrom same thing north was a high quality business, so you want to make sure her that if your name is something that it is a high quality connotation that comes to people's mind so they here you know, turning to give an example that maybe wouldn't be but we know what those would be so far is a great product nordstrom's a great product so that's kind of that's kind of and I don't think it's so bad honestly, I mean, like you said, at least it's associated with a something that is very high end I don't think it so bad justus long is you make an effort to make it not look automotive would you probably wouldn't anyway as a photographer, I mean yours is a different scenario on and then the second part of the question was about how do you make sure yours is different? Unique, special? You know what? And I I'll be honest with with a lot of photography studios that is a little bit of a challenge because a lot of people do just want to go with something that is very generic and so there's a lot, you know, everybody can get online and search for different funds, and while there may be hundreds of thousands of funds out there you you kind of need to be aware of the things that we've discussed earlier, what the trendy fonts are and make an effort to make something about it your own and then I would also say that it's really important to research the competitors within your market know what they're using you would never, ever want to use something similar to them. Um and then no, you know what other look online you can do? You no search and you probably have when you named your studio so you can do a search and see anything that has the same or similar name to it I should say as you and see what their identity looks like because you do want to make sure that you that you are being unique, if I can also say I think sometimes people over thing the unique part I mean, if you look at my logo, I wouldn't say you look at it go well, that's the most unique logo I've ever seen or you look at tiffany's to me I prefer logos that are just super strong typography, great contrast, strong, powerful even some of the comments you've said I love the fun in love, the power of the typography, you know, even just out on its own look how beauty and there's nothing super special about that I mean, yes, I I mean believe it or not it has been manipulated but there is nothing super so I mean it is a font and and other people could you know, sit there computer in and match that but it's everything that you do with it that makes you even more unique yeah question a question from cinnamon and I think I saw this earlier too is it wise to trademark a name or a low belen from the from artist perspective is that something that you need to look for with regard to that infringement question or actually I've done a lot of trade marking and they typically tell you that you can't trademark a logo per se if you have, like what's a company that has a well known icahn logo the nike swoosh okay, that's probably trademarked, so if I were going to be like sarah petty photography and put the nike swish, I probably get in trouble I mean big companies, you're probably get in trouble, but you're more trademarking the name and in this day and age if they're not in your market with the same name it's probably they're going to allow it. So if there's another sarah petty photography somewhere, there probably is by now I have a sister law named sarah petty so it's not an uncommon name I'm not going to go after that and b and I probably wouldn't win if they're if they're out here in seattle and I'm in illinois um but you would definitely want to look within your own market but definitely within your own market and you know, we trademark a lot of our tag lines and things like that but what they've told me is you it's really hard to trademark a logo? Yeah mindy roses wondering what beth thinks about using a clean font over a signature or initial to differentiate good question all right, so let me make sure I've got this right so using a clean fun and so instead of instead of a signature like if they're positioned themselves is an artist's aura initials like this oh, I think that's I mean I don't know that it's one or the other I think it's I think that it's you know, you decide and and you be consistent and if you're going to use a signature, you always use the signature for that if you're going to use the this clean fund for this, then you're always going to use that or if you're going to use you know this brand, then you're always going to use that and some people like a symbol of mickey tougher friend of mine up in an hour for me and by peoria, illinois she uses the vehicle your studios, the gallery and she signs everything with the v so too cool shape to cool letter whereas these guys are like we've already decided we don't want any because it sounds like tell the paper so you know, sometimes there are just reasons your initial just happens to be cool like it's indiana b and they design wise you could come up with a cool way to combine the d b you might you might have a devious a brand I really think that, you know, in thinking about logos, we're kind of thinking about the way that you guys think about your photography so it's the whole picture and and the logo is just kind of the start of the picture and I really think that it doesn't like you said earlier, it doesn't have to say everything and there isn't really this huge I know we talked about a lot of things that are kind of wrong but it's a big gray area and you have to really decide what you want to said who you are and o nit pick a horse and ride it to quote her little aaron because it has been in texas a while and the signature thing opening on and I'll take that the signature thing positions you as an artist purifying artist and you, you know, we work with a lot of people who are super creative that way and you sign your artwork like our work is all archival e framed and we signed the mat that could be a reason you know that for your identity. Everything's hand sign, hand done. So your logo is your signature it's your name it's your signature? That could be a reason to use a signature. Just a thought question just looking at those again, certainly this way. I mean, just the three, they're sort of circle is a is a design there? Is there a reason that was the circle versus, like a square or different? Actually, yes. Now that's a good question when you look at aa lot of the retro, because again, we kind of going back to, you know, the things that that go along with what they already have establish, and the circle and and or round corners, I should say are elements that you see in a lot of retro there, they didn't have hard, they didn't use hard edges in a lot of retro things. You'll notice that it's all a lot at an angle and a lot with curved or round edges on them, and it just lends itself a little bit more to that feel, then a square are hard edge does, so that was that was kind of where I was going with that, some are really great, great, so especially having you here, thank you so a question from adrian far in england and then a question from travel, but adrian farces, what do you do if you pay for a designer to come up with a logo? And you I don't like it has does this happened to you? What happened? I mean, that's I mean, because I might not be you just be there. No, it does. It does. And so what? How does that work in that situation from kind of from both perspectives? I know you guys have said that you have gone through this already and then from travel bug how many meetings she do have with the designer on dh again? What if they don't come up with something you like? So I think that's also a big fear, it is like, what happens if and then people just don't do it so well, and I'm gonna reference I don't I don't, um, you know, exactly what's on your sheet, but I know that you guys have a working with tips on working with a graphic designer and a lot of a lot of this what I'm going to say is probably covered in those tips that you know, I think it's important to have a contract with your graphic designer, so you're going to hire someone and in that contract. If they don't give you one that you need to have that conversation with them so you know that you're all on the same page so you're going to talk about you know how many rounds we're going to go through because a lot of designers will say I will do two rounds and then you're gonna have to pay me more because you know, from from a designer's perspective, you know, they spend a lot of time thinking of thes or they should spends a lot of time, you know, thinking about what's particular to you what's going to make unique in all the things that we've discussed so you know what say they've they've spent so many hours just like you would with any with any, you know, shoot that you're going to dio you, you kind of get to that limit and then you know, you just want to know what that limit is up front so let's say they're going to do so many rounds and then you can talk about, you know, um, additional additional fees for additional services so that's something to know up front another thing to know up front is like you said, well, what happens if we're just not happy and, you know, I I I mean, I've definitely had andi I wasn't a big believer in charging people more until you know unless there was just absolutely nothing we way could agree on and I'm not sure that ever happened I just feel like here's the set price and we're going to do this until it's right and again it's just a difference and who you work with so you just need to know that up front and you don't have to be you know shouldn't be shy about saying okay, well I am willing to pay extra for not ever having tea come to you and say, hey, I just want this tweak don't charge me another hundred dollars for this tweak because and you know I said this up front um and set some time frames designers are notorious for not, um kind of completing things you know are yeah, this crowd is so so you know, set some timelines especially if you're you're working towards a specific goal he's gotten event or something coming up I think it's important that you both are working on that same goal and hold them accountable to that if you have to call the day before I know this sounds like you shouldn't have to baby sit someone, but sometimes you know, just so you don't get disappointed yourself call them the day before and say hey, we still on target for a meeting tomorrow for presenting these and just kind of touch base with them? I also think that it's important that you know you even if even if your designer doesn't come to you with kind of the survey or the pin board project or the things that we've been discussing it's important that you voice those things to them just because you know you're talking and having a conversation and you need a logo doesn't mean they know anything about you so you need to give them all the extra help you could possibly give them and then you're just going to save time and frustration and have a better outcome that's actually why we created the jump start your brand in twenty one days for people to go through these exercises and be able to communicate to the designer and we're going to go through more of those exercises with everyone this afternoon and that's also why we created the resource on getting a graphic designer that's at the german coming dot com forward slash day one that is in there because I have seen people go to a designer and look at some of those have got oh, they're perfect and they comin they and they present here's your logo you're one choice and it's maybe not what you were expecting and then you're like well and you were thinking you're going to get a whole bunch so I think a lot of it is getting those expectations earlier upfront how many will I see? What if I don't like him so good you say your your rule is I show five to seven you get a second round maybe a third tweet ground and usually almost always that was successful because you have got the right information up front yeah and I'm really big on it doesn't necessarily have to be a face to face meeting but but the pin boards stuff I mean I would have people send me I mean a package of all these tactile things all these things that they like so all the stuff that you're putting on instead of just taking a photo of it you know, because a lot of people I worked with were out of town and so I literally would get boxes from people full of stuff and it was like christmas like oh, I get it now so every little thing that you think might not be you know, because it's something that you guys are used to just kind of step back and think about things that you know just you've never met someone before what would be important for them to know because the best designer in the world not having giving beth any direction and you say go design a local for carrie and you don't know anything about her you could present her thirty logos and not hit the nail on the head so a lot of that responsibility does fall on us the better you know, the better in the better out okay question from france, cesca thirty one how do you assess the stability of your logo after you've been using that awhile and have an open mind to begin thinking out of the box of your existing logo to a new design question? You know, I would I would really think I would say that it depends on your logo, a lot of people, you know, just because we're talking about logos and you guys are in the position to have a little new logo doesn't mean that if you're you've had a logo for twenty years that you need a new one, so I think first you have to assess, do you know? Is there a problem with your logo? Is there something that needs to be fixed and doesn't require a brand new loco? Or could you just tweak it? Look at brands that have been around for years and years and years nike hasn't changed the switch, they changed campaigns, they haven't changed, actually them change their font or anything, but they do change campaigns. You know, coca cola has gone through various different minor tweaks of the of their logo. Pepsi has done you can I jump back to you before you go on? I mean, every designer in the world is probably chomping at the bit at that crooked, hand drawn coca cola font think of how if you give these designers a challenge have come up with a new logo for coke how would they not love it? They could do so many cool things so your point of maybe you don't really need a new logo is a really good one and maybe it's maybe it's that you need and to do something different with all the pieces that surround your logo so you could change all these a graphic elements you could change and you could change colors you can change a lot of different things that would make your logo look new and fresh and up to date without changing the logo and completely losing everything that you've built upon like a few years ago in anthropology came out with this world and then everybody put this world so maybe it's time to just take off this world's the logo khun stand without this world so it's more of ah little fresh updating look at starbucks I mean starbucks and the big huge to do earlier I think it was earlier this year with their logo it wasn't a huge change but there were blawg posts and tweets and facebook rants and pages created just to dislike the logo and I mean, you know, it was such a big deal about just taking a minor change to their logo and yeah, yeah, they really did and so and I think I even made a post e I just think that you know, you really it's it's really important a new status as an example tio go you know oh my goodness well let's really seriously think about what we're going to do and why we're going to do it and have a reason and rationale behind it before we invest in that because the last thing you want to do is go re create everything and then realize that there's a big problem and now you've just wasted money oh good good example gap speaking of totally changed back yeah, yeah we talked I think that's the one I met that's the one I made a comment on it was self serving yeah, yeah interesting somebody just decided they're going to make a new logo for gap and yet we're having it no people like because they kind of have a retro classic feel to their logo you know it's just that's the way it's always been and people didn't like it so it's not always the best thing to do to just start from scratch we know how we talk about an identity is how you look and a brand is how people feel about you back in nineteen eighty five, coca cola changed their formula in the world freaked out people at water coolers air talking about can you plead you tried to be believing that's us so the power of a brand is overwhelming so there is brand equity when you must with your logo you have to weigh the good the bad and to change it just for the heck of it because maybe your process is broken in your business is slow and you're like, oh new logo will help me it won't it's not a fix for a broken business. No, I know I would even say that a lot of people they may think you know you see your logo every day and so it's a normal reaction to then want to change it because you get tired of it the rest of the world is not tired of seeing your loco so it's like you said it it's really all about everything else that build your brand and creates that emotion with them rather than just that one element. So could you just clarify it does having the logo that can be black and white and no shades of gray mean that no color in your logo or maybe just one color I would love a more detailed explanation and then when presenting the logos or they always present in black and white before adding colors to the logo good question on I'm going take it backwards so the first the first or the second question I always present in black and white and I do that for the reasons that we discussed earlier I think that it's really important that it stands alone and in black and white but then the next phase would be adding color to it and so and I think that you should have when I say no shades of gray I think I'm just saying that for that version you need to have a version that is just black and white and then when you move on to add color, you can do whatever you want so it just goes along with you can have one color, you could have five colors depending I mean, katherine joy of marketing has how many? Three, four, four colors? I think so I think it depends on what you're going to use the logo for. So when you're thinking about color and you're gonna have, you know, these great printed pieces and you've got the colors in mind and you want your logo to stand out, then you're gonna put color in the logo, you know? I mean, so I think it just depends on what you're using it for, but I would always say that you just need to have that black and white to defer to if needed and maybe some people only use their logo in one color or in black all the time that doesn't mean it's wrong, but most people have a colorized version and a black and white version and they interchange as needed and if you're new and you're thinking, oh, but I'm only going to use it on my web sites when it put the rainbow of colors in it then you know as you grow and you get down the road and we do cool t shirts for the high school kids if we had all this you know that gets expensive now that you have to do t shirts or not that you have to do some of these processes but as your business a while it's fun to have those options and flexibility and remember if you have a local with all these colors and you put it up against a really sweet, soft black and white image what's it going to do your eyes going to go right to the color and one last thing on that I think that when presenting the reason I know I already said some reasons that it's important to present in black and white, but what I didn't mention was that if we presented these in colors and we haven't exactly established established a color palette, if I used lime green on this and you didn't like lime green you would automatically rule that out and it may have nothing to do with the logo. It may end up being your favorite logo if it would just in another color.

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