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Meeting the Troutmans

I think it's time right that we meet the trout mints so let's bring on over karen daniel from jefferson oregon welcome welcome welcome feels good to stand move you know hot guys get to go here five daniel crowd being tall gives you that if it does I can I see over the crowd in group photos I get to be the one in the backs and it never matters what I'm wearing so so excited for you guys to be here your raise and we float in a graphic designer who is madly working on things for you so excited I mean really this is something to get to see what we used to do with the ad agency behind the scenes with you know, presenting to clients working through the evolution of where you're going we have surprises for you all along tell everybody your story so they can hear a little bit about because your husband and wife team and you don't have a big staff so we're it we're this stand your vote but I get you guys like being here talking so theme of the children our five thirteen and fifteen three kid an...

d they model on our a week if we make them they don't like to be involved in that aspect of things so dads beat them with the camera enough that they had no interest in ever being in front of it theo chasing them with you know so dana I met at a dot com in ninety nine and the dot com sale it's on our relationship didn't think I was going home with the kids which I think is is he has been our state home daddy on dh we've taken him out a certain amount of stress out of that out of our families for they as they I realized that that's not abnormal these days and yeah yeah it's actually it's working it's working out really well for us so we dales then at home you know doing that the day today mom nine to five style stuff and then shooting in the weekends and evenings and um you know like I follow him around with tripod or light gear what ever you know and so it's protect really well that's what's so nice about this career as a photographer you could be part time and be profitable you khun b full time to be profitably you can have a retail business and be profitable you can have a location on lee we worked with every kind of photographer and the key is no matter how big or small you can be profitable and so what's great for you is you've got to build your business organically as you're raising kids and now your babies in kindergarten and you're ready tio that spread your wings and in your dream has possibly to join yeah him eventually fault I wanna be felt well full time event I want to walk away from my day job so I think that's the goal so well I hear our video is ready so let's show a little clip of our first meeting I just click I'm in control I think tonto but that isn't really like diet coke e bringing me and I'd probably wait here we go way don't know much about you I know we've exchanged e mails but we just want to get big picture kind of where you've been and where you want to go and then that has some questions about digging a little deeper okay why don't you guys start by telling us a little bit about how you started your studio and what type of photography is specialized in we specializes easier toe answer wayne started as a longer statement way so we've had a studio there will be four years on um october thirty first okay that's only opened um and uh we specialize mostly in seniors and under two okay, yeah, we do a lot of infants a lot of first birthdays a lot of young children and daniel you're the photographer ok? And you is it just the two of you? Ok, so you get to the business marketing do sal you do the sales, okay? So partnership and kids yes, we have thirteen, fifteen, five, thirteen, fifteen what about just over our jeanne style if you had some sort of don't want to say theme because we don't want to get into again that the same kind of thing as if you're talking about a front that's too trendy but what about um feel that you're going for get in describing your style your photographic style mickey um I'm thinking nineteen forties kind of steampunk light I mean very light is there anything else you guys want to tell us any other little tidbits about your photography about your style that you're studio about brand hopes and dreams it was the trees no really I mean, we cover the dilapidated building egal um theo yeah, all the things that haven't worked I think that's really well out of way, you know, we have no down not necessarily on purpose but just through all of these different presentations trying to figure out what it was we wanted at least we know what we don't want yeah, but you see yourself giant behind us well, giant space so at myself got a little too close for us. So so american kind of been in this that this was just a preview become that whole interview? Okay, if you and beth correct and yet that is maybe you could talk just a minute about what the rest of that is and that the rest of that video is available when you part of the course you can see that interview and what questions were yeah so what we did was we worked with beth our graphic designer tio ask the trotman's a little more information and get get kind of your direction for her on where you've been style wise where you want to go those kind of things which we did you know we can only do so much here in our live time together so I think it's really fun for people to get to see that whole conversation that we had and that's really rock how she's going back to base her designs on that feedback that you gave and and that was really fun to get teo have that first moment together and hang with you guys so what's exciting is our designers madly working on these designs were going to get started in the next segment on with exercises to get everybody clear on how we're doing this process so you guys at home can be working on it you guys here we have some fund surprises for you and then this afternoon you will be presented with your choices for a logo which is exciting so we're going to actually see this happening live and and I said you know to these guys yesterday are you prepared to move forward? Are you air you ready to make a decision? They were like wait been held back he's been held back because you've identified that you're having branding issues which a lot of people just keep going forward, they don't have logo's they don't have sign is they don't have anything and there they're out there make it stern stuff up but people don't even know who they are so you guys were in the perfect place you're in the perfect place and I'm excited for you in the perfect thing for us, you know, like this is the best time, but this is the best thing because, you know, a year ago we didn't realize how frustrated we were and now you know where we've been waiting so long that this is wonderful. So how many logos are you guys using right now? Well, how would you see on the way in trying to not use them? But I would have to guess there's got to be five or six days front renditions of of the old logo okay, if you go all the way back through the website and see all of the things and you guys are brave for letting us show the thing this it's hard to hear, but you know you're doing it wrong, but by showing an example of what not to do, we could block out your faces a glamour don't so it will help people see why and I know we've talked this stuff for years I know that eight or nine out of ten of the people watching are doing some of the same things you're doing at least one of the same things even speakers industry leaders that we are good friends with well call us and say what are we doing wrong we'll look at their stuff and we'll say we'll be able to see everybody is doing these things wrong so thank you guys for being so brave to be the you know the before and after because you're doing so many things great you know we were looking for someone to pick that had some strong photography skills not that we couldn't do this for someone just learning how to use their camera but you have that figure to help like you're just you're looking for the business side to lift it up so that's what we're here for so before we go to break do you have some chats are there any fun questions that we can answer for our friends at home oh sara and erin there are always internet way love question please don't get complacent okay first of all again on behalf of internet thank you guys for putting yourself out there and being an example for us aren't they great follow along way really raise rates souls yeah really nicely promise a channeler photo sainz prettyman link their wings like the travel in since my baby is off to school full time so cheers to us both yeah, I hear you have lots of people vote or cheering you on okay questions from idea so we usually have most people who are quite creative but not so much into brand business at the same time and vice versa. What do you say about that? I see people struggling with these two things hand in hand I think sarah first off is a rare breed. I will say that that's a good or bad she is definitely and anyone that that no, sarah well, um it is hard it is hard to use both those sides of your brain. I mean she's extremely creative, but she knows how tio put it aside when she needs teo teo really focus on the business and stay focused on the numbers and what makes her profitable and what makes sense in the overarching view of what she wants at the end of the day which is to be home with her kids and but the thing is I think that she also is very she understands where she's has a weakness, which is sometimes it's it's anything are you going for its in? It is in that sometimes the creative side does way out and she wants to do too much and wants to get it all all going and so she does have to say, you know what I need to pull back because I'm going to kill everyone around me and I'm going to kill myself if if I keep pushing in this way so I mean, I think I don't I see it I get to witness it every day as your partner, but I don't know how you do that and I don't know how you make that balance and how you say you know right now is when I need to be this this I need to wear the creative hat on right now is hey, I have to put that aside and I need to really buckle down and focus yes so monday has become my work on the business day and really I work on my business is eighty percent of my days but that help to me early on or you guys open on mondays we're open but our clients were not available we don't answer the phone usually we'll check voice mail in case there's a problem but is there ever really a portrait emergency? I mean, come on so monday is that day why I listened to education I read, I write, I belong, I focus on ok how am I going to keep the phone ringing in a month in two months in six months and to speak to erin's point we had a business coach maybe a year ago who taught us the same in perfect action beats perfect in action and that was me. I was the one with the direct marketing piece I would be like, ok, move that second line over a quarter of an inch, then let me see it. Okay, move the pick, make the picture of quarter inch bigger. Okay, let me know when you see in blue, let me see it read I mean, I'm exaggerating a little, but then, like, the whole holiday is gone, and so my team it's sort of like people with retouching that I say, you need two people want to do it one to stop you same thing they'll say, sarah, look at it one more time and then it's going to the printer, so I'm sort of like, ok, this is my last chance to make sure the dates, right, the phone numbers, right? Big pictures, right? And I'm going to have to live with it because in perfect action always beats perfect in action because that khun beat it to death and it doesn't work, so doesn't go out. It never gets there. And I think that that's the thing you know, for everyone to kind of think about, remember and our what do those things that I'm a little too anal about, you know, so balancing that, recognizing that, having that self awareness that there's some things I need to let go of and I just need to be okay with because otherwise I'm never going to get the chance to work on my business or otherwise I'm never going to get the chance to work on my photography because I'm too particular about this a particular piece of it yeah and it's nice for people like you who have and some people have employees but sometimes you have a spouse or a partner or significant other who's not really working in the business but enough in the business to be able to help you and say ok honey, I know it's time to go to bed honey were in bed put the computer away so I have a feeling that a lot of these questions are that are coming in or things that we might be addressing okay later today if that's the case military too take that we'll take some more questions before we sure rates for about ten minutes. So so the one question is jeremiah from jeremiah van allen it says I'm just launching my studio and trying to settle on what to call it can you talk about the difference between creating a brand around the photographer's name versus brand name? Yeah, that is a really good question and we can talk about it now because we did ask the chapmans we said are you good with your name have you thought through adding other employees back to our conversation? We have lots of little nuggets in there there there are different philosophies, for sure, so I went with sarah petty photography because I wanted to be boutique, I wanted them to know that they were working with a person, that my name is on it, so quality is paramount. I'm not going to put something out there that isn't of the highest quality, and then as I grew, I started to feel like, ok, I need I want have summers with my kids. My passion isn't as much with the high school seniors I love shooting them, but I could let that go, so I hired another photographer, and we did have some challenges with okay, it's under the sarah petty brand. But if you look at martha stewart living or oprah, I mean, are they writing every article in their magazine? Are they doing everything? No, but you know, that's, something produced by companies have a certain quality are of that quality, so I feel like for building a boutique brand using my name was a good decision for me. Now, could I review something else? Yes, I think if you're someone, who's has a long term vision of having more employees in making it a big thing than a more I mean, I use the word generic, but meeting not a specific name could be a really good strategy, I think. Also, if we've run into photographers who named it something, they specialize in babies for examples, and they named it like silly smiles within their clientele grew up ten years later in the demand was created for senior photography, but their name wasn't really appropriate. So the biggest thing for me with the name is to think long term, I've never thought I would have another shooter, I thought it's just me, I'm a mom if I can make this extra money and pay my rent and have all this time with my kids, I'm in love with my career, and then I realized, hey, I love this, and so I did find a way to overcome nap it. Those are the biggest things one, I think, teoh one thing you have to consider is if you have a name that's hard to spell, that could be really confusing for people. And so depending on the size of your your community that you're in how well known you are and just how confusing it is to spell your last name, I mean, sarah had a heck of a maiden name, I had a pretty not in one, too, that was really hard to say. Cell and so could remember always forever would have been able to find us, so I think that that's another thing you need to keep into into consideration when you're naming your businesses, how hard is that name to spell way that we see that question a lot, as well as faras winning the name, the challenging name that's hard, and I worked with someone that had a french name, that's a common thing to say, and I was like, for hacking it up, and I feel like I'm a smart person, and then when they tell me what it was, I was like, oh, I mean, ideology was saying, lavi, yeah, something like, yeah, and I was like, ok, if I mean, just in my opinion, if I was confused, the average person googling you, they're not pot it's, like, order scene it's, a word that no one can say or spell you would never name, you're his dennis something with a motor in it, right? So even you contest it on people, I'm leery to say test logos in certain things, because you're going to get ten million opinions, but more for a pronunciation and clarity and those kind of things very good question, thank you, a great question from cindy shaver, how often should a spurs a business rebrand on what about changing the name of a business how should that be handled okay we will talk about rebranding let me just say this rebranding is a huge decision the fewer times you rebrand the better because here's why rebranding is expensive look att pepsi changes their logo coke doesn't so that we can't say never rebrand some companies do it successfully but look at what a company like pepsi has to do to re brand every box every vehicle, every logo on every shirt everything so if you are thinking about re burning look at everything in your business in everywhere your logo and that has to be gone you can't just be like I have all these extra marketing piece these are jacque's on your envelopes your reasoning cards I mean even little things that you don't even think about you know if you have a business checking account your credit card all of these things I mean that a again as we said early on when you have such a limited budget and so few impressions every single one of them has to be consistent but times it would be good to rebrand if if you people don't know your name they can't have opened and you realize they can't spell order ves and no one can find you are anything that it's probably a good time or you bought a business that the owners you know it had ticked everybody off or you know there are certain things if it's just wrong or or or bad it might be a contender rebrand and sometimes people say rebrand its just freshening up their logo maybe you have a film strip and you feel dated that's a time that a fresh new logo could could say I'm moving forward I'm fresh and clean but again it's got to be communicated and that is not inexpensive so cowgirl jessie amy see kelly with just an a why does a why you are talking about and bright novella talking about names that air to common so things like a bright novella her last name here are his is lee kelly is kelly moore and there's a famous photographer named kelly more amy cia saying that her name is amy clark that sounds a little bit more bland or so what do you suggestions there? Well, I mean, that is one of those things that to me doesn't really matter unless they're in your exact market because what we do is pretty much I mean, for ninety nine percent of us most of us are operating this destination writing something, but most of us are operating in our market right? And so if it's a case where its head to head in your own market then absolutely I would say stay away from that but if it's a case where you are far away from whoever the the other common name is again this is about you creating your brand and you and what makes you different and so you may have to work a little bit harder on making things look a little bit differently than everyone else but in terms of search engine optimization and what you can do to make sure that you're the one that found that it's your market here the one that pops up all that stuff can be taken care of well and just you know popping my creative brain working on like kelly moore is it kelly moore moore is such a fun name you know more in the whole campaign mohr of this more of that what more are you giving so it could even be something that the tagline or used in the marketing and promotional campaign like that um we worked with someone with the lasting gwahd remember jessica quads and I said he should be like wads of fun so if you have a name look and see how it can be playful I mean petty I don't know people eyes we have a google alert on myself to see if I ever pop up somewhere like rested or anything and people he's penny far too much so petty is like a negative thing but it is what it is so it was easy to say and spell so I said yes to him when he asked I think when you're one more thing I'd like to add on this I think that when your name is the business name it there's a couple things that happened in so you can talk more about this in terms of being the artist and being I mean it elevates your status with people because now instead of something cute or instead of something that doesn't really you know that anybody could take that name and hat it's you right so it's personal and it's about your art and you get another level of connection I think through your name with your clients when that is your business name and there's something about when your name your name is on your artwork there's just an extra level of of quality control and pride that you know you know what? Something hanging in someone's home or in a building a restaurant that isn't the highest quality possible so I would hope that for everyone but still when also the other thing about your name you do become a little less um hidden in your market I mean I'm recognized everywhere I've built a brand on my name so you got to be really careful I mean on your social media when you're you are your brand you can't be acting oh inappropriate not even inappropriately but borderline things that events I mean you are your brand so everyone could say well there's sarah petty dancing on the table it's, sarah petty that own syrup, any photography, and that goes, I mean, that's, a reflection on me and my brand, but even just that, I mean, not even going that far. But you have a bad day and you go to a restaurant and the services, you know, cruddy. You know, you don't want everyone, you can't make a scene, you can't. You know you do, because, you know, when people say, oh, that sarah petty she's, a real jerk, or that aaron burr back she's a real charge, because people know you become more you lose your anonymity. Anonymity was the word I was looking for. Anonymity.

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