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We want to show you guys some really cool promotional tools that sarah has used in her business to build it, make up, make a big huge buys in her market and you talk to you guys about how you can use them as well, and then we have some more fun goodies for the treatments, so we know last segment was deep and heavy, and I could tell by you guys you're like fast and furiously writing notes like she's got a whole page, and I know your minds are like I did something open up to tell me that somewhat what opened up for you go to the school options on and it's not expensive it's, not like I'm having to spend thousands and thousands of dollars to market my business. I could go to a school auction, give a gift certificate, have some nice printed material promotional material, their toe represent my brand new and not only am I marketing to that one person that does it, but it's, marking to everybody that that's walking by the table. So we kind of try to wash away that that voice in your head say...

ing, do a full page magazine ad or by radio or tv and just where it's putting all this money out there it's getting down in the weeds and making your money work for you. And it's that's awesome that you see that it doesn't always take a huge budget, does it take a little budget? Yeah, but you guys are all glowing and you're you're you have, especially when you're when you have clients who have that budget to invest anyone else thoughts carry that I've done auctions for several years now, and I I've got replete clients out of it, so I think, you know, there's, some families may be new in town just looking for a photographer you're there, and so it seems like the people that redeem the certificates are using it because they need it, you know what I mean? Like, I need to get my family pictures hey there's a reason and they'll come back year after year. Yeah, you feel like you? Yeah, so we went down to the auction part, but there are so many other things that that are the same way, like speaking to groups like generating publicity, you guys can double triple in free publicity. I've generated, like ninety thousand dollars for my photography studio since I've been in business of people talking about me. So what we do is if we get like a full page article, we measure it and we see what that would cost by an advertising space that's how we quantify that that's a lot of money people talking about us and if we can get the media talking about us again it's someone else it's not us saying how great we are it's someone else telling people how great we are and somebody that you know has credibility with the media yeah in some cases so we talked about all of these little sand and in these different activities but I want to go back and I want to share a story from when we were at the advertising agency and we had a client uh this is one of our clients where we'd wear pantyhose because we're creatives and you know, we we dressed casually but that we had a few suit clients that we would have to get dressed up for these guys sold pension fund software to pension fund administrators and so very dry business to business client and they came to us and said we are sponsoring sort of a chamber of commerce morning breakfast and they said we can leave something on the plate and they've never done any marketing or anything but they realized they were they were you know, having a lot of roadblocks they said come you know, create something that we can put out and they said we don't have a budget do something really cool like color flyer we're like well you know so we're like ok, we can do better than this because there's a pretty small group so we went back it's nice when they say no budget, they didn't mean go crazy, but we said they said no budget, so let's go crazy and we track down the people that made the milk carton it's you know, the little milk cartons. And so all of the copy was written about their business on the milk carton and, you know, the ingredients and all these fun things in the straw was a penn with their logo on it, and the's businessmen came in and freaked out, they freaked out, and a client told us that they would call these pension fund administrators. They couldn't get through the gate keeper. They couldn't get appointments after this, not only were they getting appointments, people are running to the door, grabbing them, running them, showing them on the bookshelf looking at my milk carton completely changed how they were perceived by their target audience. So the next year we did the little cereal boxes where we did the whole design and were you there then because we, every friend and family member we had was sticking the stickers on because we didn't quote it, right? Of course, we all do that we're trying to find thrifty ways, and we didn't realize how long it took, but we did it again huge hit, huge results so that's, where erin and I come from a world of instead of trying to do so many things for so many people, when you can find your target audience and so will them and impress them and make them freak out and save what you're giving them that's huge, and I do these printed pieces and I do a big holiday card each year. I started when I got married first in a series and we're on fourteen or fifteen b fifteen because the anniversary is coming up and I literally ran into a client one year in june, she pulls my holiday card from her purse, telling me that she runs around. She works in the hospital showing everyone now what's the value of that special people who don't like to sell. I've got this little soldier out there on the ground fighting the land war for me right out there, showing my work, telling people how great and she's even have kids. She's not even in my target market, but she's armed if she's armed for me, she's a free sales person, okay, so I want you just think about your business a little differently. I know so many people are saying but what? Because with the gods within, what what's each piece costs it's, not about that. It's going back to your budget and saying I have x thousands of dollars and I going to do three thousand postcards or twenty thousand postcards are ready to do five hundred or thousand pieces that are really, really cool okay, I want to show you some of these pieces and you guys can come play it break or whatever let's see what's what's fun so my holiday cards started and my whole thing is engagement you know when you subscribe to magazines and they send you there the subscription renewal you have to put the yes sticker from here to here they've tested that they know that if you're engaged, their response will go up so ask yourself how can I get my client's toe stick a sticker on or spin a wheel or bender folder twist or singer death with my brand in my marketing and promotional pieces? So this was a holiday card and it's the twelve days of christmas and I'll share a little boo boo we did we designed it as the twenty four days of christmas but we didn't get it done in time because we're busy in the studio so we had to quickly shorten it to twelve days but we say things for our clients to do with their kids watch it's a wonderful life drive around and view christmas displays make hot cocoa and add candy cane stirs so can you see our clients at home each day saying ok, it's tuesday, let's, go to the mini o'byrne children's holiday store. We threw out a lot of bones to our charities that were passionate about, and I can just see my client saying let's, go that's the holiday so you take your kids and you give them five dollars, and you're not allowed in there and they get to go in and shop for you awesome, like I want my clients doing these things in thinking of me. So our holiday cards, we want to be the coolest ones that anybody gets way have some clients with skills don't we have some clients with skills, we get some free rock and cards, especially the scrapbook or moms. We get some three dimensional things they've given lots of love to it, and I want my car to be the coolest one sitting out on the mantle for holiday parties and whatever and some of you guys so here's the thing where we get these because I'm sure the chat rooms going up marathon press you saw some of the bags we get from them, they create these pieces for us there die cuts and how's the dye cut so photographers can go use these same dies, and these a lot of these designs thing we did one for a wedding photographer that was like a little game that the bride groom could play like when's the first time we kiss and they were really cute little interactive things or games with your kids so this isn't have to be a christmas card or holiday card it could be a st patty's day card it could be a you have a neighborhood with twelve businesses and each has something fun during the month of december and heard the month of january and you send it and every day they get to come in and do something cool or twelve businesses around your town so that's a more elaborate die cut but some of these here are my kids from two thousand ten my kids started playing instruments and I thought I'd better get those in the picture before they all quit you're going through now brought to the beat of your own drum and we went on the field and then it folds this way so you just can't open it and look at it I don't know I kind of get offended when I get a holiday card that's like a pre printed bunch of trees and there's no note right? So I print these in like september october november not september usually but we already have the concept for it we're shooting it in the next two weeks and it will be done by the end of october or early november so I can write a personal note and what it does is it helps me think about all my clients like sue hope all is going well of seeing your husband in the in the paper miss you guys, sarah, and you'd be amazed at what that does for my business. Other little cards we've printed this is ah blawg card, says blogger on it went with our senior campaign that was shine on and it twists and open it, and we would put a note in it, telling people that we featured you on the block again. Trying to this is that we first got a bob we wanted to drive traffic there and build up the block, so it's his blogging, but they have to sit in twist this. So how found a have even these be note cards? And again look how the branding here's the other branded piece that it went with but see how it's all consistent this is this shine secret, let's see if one's in here no, but came out, but this the shine seeker stuck in the back and then this wasn't more elaborate, one with all these yummy pages of images, so that's probably a piece that a lot of people are going to say, ok, that's too big of an investment, which is ok, we've got pieces that we've designed that are like this and some of you guys that have some of these cutting skills if your list is one hundred people just make it a two week project print them get a barn ish ing tool and is not burnishing varnishing it's a little scrapbook term I picked up and fold them yourself and have imprinted you know you can have stuff printed aa lot of places we do low run at white house usually if there's something custom we do all of our customs more elaborate stuff it marathon but some of these things they can do in low runs so you know, get with them if you have questions. This is a fun one that a lot of our kathy join members are cafe join members get these so they always send us their designs on these. But look at how all of you guys could use this. Ok it's, just a shape and if you just pick one shape and do one really cool thing, you could put this at your oxygen display you couldn't do a promotion with another business. You can give it to the realtor to the banker. When you speak with a group you can tie it, you could wrap it like a meat package and put a piece of candy in it and give it all to them and then you've done you fill in with no cards and other things but you don't have to go crazy like I kind of go crazy and I love to do this stuff and my businesses have grown to where I have several target markets and I'm doing more than one of these but look how fun that isthe simple easy cost effective, not cheap um but it's really fun actually created a template in pro select, which is our presentation software super easy to make templates so I had it all laid out with photos and I gave it to my designer and how like an hour, she added the graphics it wasn't this huge design investment, so I like that for photographers where we can create things that you guys can easily use and again marathon has this stuff we create this stuff, but that's not my point. My point is creating yourself there places online that you can find cool things that twist unfold create the shine seeker or the book that template we're giving all of you guys that to fold up, so use your creativity use your imagination to be like our client at the ad agency who is going to be satisfied with a little trifled or color brochure you know I hate the word brochure because it's so old school and it's so expected so ask yourselves is that expected or is that unexpected here, pull yourselves together a little slider piece okay it's not crazy it's not out of the ordinary I mean it is out of the order but it's not it is out of the ordinary that's the point is it's cool and fun and crazy and this is a postcard it's not a postcard this is what I built my business this four fold and it was all about babies that could all the photography kid's room yummy relationship all about the kids in the babies and I would look up the new birth in the paper literally get the newspaper and look up the people who had babies and I would mail this to them and this piece built my business built my business it attracted me clients who love what ideo and are surreal they're not saying you don't get this and call and say how much is an eight by ten or maybe you don't know what to ask and you might ask that but that's okay if you ask that but this gets me it's like the dog whistle attracting those clients who love this type of photography kid's room art I'm showing a polka dot frame I'm showing the kind of photography that I love so it gets them engaged in conversation we call this an establishing peace and it's something that you print and you over right now let me just talk for a minute about that and then we'll bring the trotman's out when you print something digital it's like your laser printer you're caught you can print one two three uses paper uses ink and you can train a bunch more but your price pro peace about stays the same mean your price goes down a little bit but it's still one piece paper in the same amount of anger over and over and over when you print something on an offset press this is where huge sheets of paper go through and it's laid down in sayin magenta yellow and black that's where cia mike comes from the old printing processes where these four colors lay down to make the image ok so the differences with the printing press and offset press it's very expensive to set up in do plates so you'd never want to run fifty of something you never want to run one hundred that's why you mail you run two thousand of them it's very cost effective because our peace for peace because you pay through the first one is like very expensive and then each other pieces like a half a penny so you get a lot of times go from a quantity of five hundred to five thousand for fifty bucks one hundred bucks like really affordable so why not do a big run have a big stack of something but you could be generous with every display in town has it every time you speak every realtor gift every store incentive every you mail it to your list you mail it to you find you have four clients in one neighborhood you mailed everyone in that neighborhood you just you could be very liberal with them and so that's the difference between digital and offset marathon press is an offset printer that's why we work with them and I tell you printing is an ugly science or an ugly world with the ad agency we had it literally took us probably the first five years in business to figure out which printers did which projects so when you go online and you're looking for cheap this or chief that you know what if we want people to come to us and invest more if we save one hundred bucks by going to a cheap vendor and it comes and it looks yucky how does that reflect on us so that's why I'm so such a believer in some of the all of the companies we work with and we don't work with a lot marathon press both marathon impressive and white house are amazing that marathon press has a huge staff of designers they can help you with the branding the design and all of the printing and we have a lot of designs there as well this is a fun one we did bad lives and rad lives for the for the petty kids where you can fill in your own holiday wish greeting so, anyway, I want you guys to think differently if you want to attract the right clients, building a brand, doing all these things different and looking at your promotion different. Ok, I know it's different for you guys, and there are so many things we could talk about it, and we can make a tv campaign work. We could make a radio campaign work. We could make about anything work and go through that. So you guys again have to run through your filter and decide what's going to accomplish those objectives in your business.

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Learn branding from Sarah Petty and Erin Verbeck! Attract the right clients to your business by creating your own unique brand, new distinguishing products, a more profitable price menu, the right marketing and a new sales process!

If your marketing isn't working and you're not attracting enough of the right clients, Sarah and Erin will go step-by-step, showing you how to address each part of your business's brand to make sure it reflects you and brings in clients you'll love.