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Promotional Tools for the Troutmans

We started with the trotman's who have been in sort of branding schizophrenia where in limbo yeah, they've like a lot of things they've had a lot of logo's going on but they were to the core they know who they are, what they do different so when their process of presenting them with logo choices which everyone got to vote on and your audience from facebook and we made that selection then we moved on to their identity which is their look and feel of some of their pieces of an envelope in a business card and things like that and so you really and you even said this morning I think I was this morning that you you feel so ready it's so nice to put that behind you that but love everything just unstick ce us I know what I'm saying is what he said so stop and start just completely unable to move past that point right? And you're passing up opportunities because your way don't have anything so it's like walking backwards you're working so hard that your backwards walking so we've got that foun...

dation and you guys I'm sure we'll take those concepts and just grow with them but now you you see the disconnect that you were creating while they were cool they weren't consistent, so we wanted to take that a step further and present you with a piece that you could take back and establish your business in marathon press is putting two thousand for you e I know get teo better. They like things just the carrots expression she says she's a little bit because we know that if you what you work, you've done and you guys have been awesome. You pulled the trigger and I talked to you the first in our pre meeting that people can watch the people that invested in this can watch our whole meeting. But I said, are you guys ready to make decisions and you're like yes, absolutely. They pulled the trigger, they picked a logo, they made changes and you have to be ready to do that because we can beat the dead horse. We can redesign and redesign and redesign all day long. So you guys have been amazing and that's it's going to keep you moving so forward so it's getting because he's waiting for word. So we have two fun things for you. Oh, my what should we start? I want to start. What? Well, we better, which would you start with your role and help peak there's? No peeking. Okay, okay, to start with. Okay, so close your eyes open. Okay, so we wanted a piece that you could have that that says we're high quality brand that says, um we know who we are we're consistent and this is a rough cops so when we're working with an ad agency or with beth you guys met death and you got presented to onboard this is how we present these kind of things where we actually put amount compliment so it's rough you guys can go in and ad copy and make changes but here it is hold it up trotman photography with your new logo uh oh wow look out amazing so here in c look we've got some graphic elements we've got the trout men with the arrow so elements from the logo that he writes that can be screened back and here yeah looking right there on the logo kind of is a water mark I don't know if our camera compared all the way around isn't that way so it's really unexpected people get it and it's in an envelope and they're like what's this and then they're opening keeps opening low and so this is just a rough companies or your images on there so you didn't want to go back and decide which images go and I'd like to see you add some emotional copy I did this is a holiday card several years ago so marathon press dot com everyone can go like minded way put emotional copy all the way around because for me I felt like it was my holiday card I felt like the circle of life the circle of the year group hog I was going for, like this big yet me lovey thing. And I thought about my kids all year, so we had swimming pool pictures. We had scarves and hats. We had weenie roasting, we had baseball, we had all all throughout the year. And so the images I had an amazing copywriter on staff who wrote these images, and I just this is my direction. I said, right, something that makes me cry. She's like what? So come in a couple days later and there's a white sheet of paper on my desk, and I look at it and I'm like dolling think of it that way. What? What is it? Describe your kids. Describe how how you're going to feel when your old disk goes to goes after it already tears me up. I I already get I crying every notation with the high school kids because I'm picturing my kids in, like, ten minutes that's going to be that, but have little your baby? What? Yeah, they are just a single economy and beautiful the's kids looking their images and it's like you think about them going out there in life, and I think of my little bitty piece, and it makes me so happy and marathon was awesome to lay this out when everything's happened quick so they had it pulled the designer off something else to do this and you marathon yeah and they're putting two thousand of them which is so awesome that means but wait all of the images are on there and I'd really like you to decide do I want to use this for a senior piece for a baby piece or for like a family holiday card where you might shoot something fun of your people and put it out there? Where is now it kind of has all of the different images I've vision that being one of your rocks one of your target markets with words that say speak to that target market that give those moms shell bumps and it's a piece that can go everywhere you happy it looks like something we would make it should you know I mean that it should it feels like something daniel would design as it shouldn't even you know just a starting point teo brainstorm different things like this you know you it's taller because you look at this stuff and it's bright and whimsical but this could be really cool for you guys with all of your colors and on this side you've got that kind of cool design element that death did that could go on the sides and it becomes something totally different you rapid river and you add vellum u u customize any of these things to your look and feel this vision that really cool we couldn't send you back with a new brand and not give you away to reach out and communicate it to your market that look at us this's off sick when they do on the makeover shows, then they take you to a party with your friends to show I think this is your party t your marketplace. So what I see you doing is how long have you been shooting seniors? Do you have so it's mailing list for seniors are hard to get in summer in some markets, the schools can give it to you, but sometimes you just have to go rent a list so you might get counts and find out how many seniors there are juniors there are in your market. Maybe there are a thousand and then maybe use all two thousand to really hammer this year, but maybe you do. Cem may call every school and give a stack to their after prom to anything happening with any kid. Any high school thing, you've now got that's your arm, so reach out and start a conversation. This isn't a big, you know, go buy stuff fine and align yourself with quality companies and let them help you. Talk to them about numbers in budget marathon does a lot of training, they have a marketing person, they have people there that runs studios, so if you call them up, I'm sure they will have someone that can answer your questions. Okay? So go to the websites, follow on facebook and start conversations with these companies because I know when you're new it's all overwhelming and you rely on those of us who are out here speaking and leading to put you in touch with quality companies and that's how I've built my business with working with quality companies and not trying to skimp and get a cheaper version of something and all of these guys air competitively priced, but they're just they do so much for our industry and they're such good resource is so reach out and and get samples and start those conversations so you can build your business because it you may see some of these things, but I really want to, but you know you're not ready yet, but, you know, in a year this is your goal to be able to have a big enough list that you can mail them something fabulous, but in the meantime, do it yourself get a diet cut machine, set up a night cut pretty shapes I mean, we I'm not wearing it, you see the scrapbook actually, um get all the samples, keep an idea box with all of these things where you can put dellums in tissue and fabio the fabric store and get all the tactile fabrics and then when you need inspiration, you have somewhere to go so you like, oh, my okay, yeah, it's, beautiful. Okay, now we have something else we want to share with you because we know one of your, um, places of disconnect and frustration has been your websites on and way. We have found a company in the last year who is crazy, unbelievable with web sites, and there are times because I'm with you. I mean, I have the same eight to ten percent budget is everyone else, and I don't just go nuts and like I can have anything I want, I have to prioritize. Where do I invest like this is where my priority is? I don't want to go spend ten thousand dollars on a custom website that load slow that doesn't work the way I want it when their companies like what we're about to show you who for hundreds of dollars or less create web sites that allow you to go in and customize them, the company we're showing you who is giving you a new web site and a year of it is the color photo biz, and what I love about photo booze is we had had some web sites in the past that we we couldn't there was no support and we couldn't get into the back door and we couldn't make it work and we couldn't get somebody to help us we signed up with these guys and they're calling us every day saying are you ready? Are you ready? Are you ready let's get up let's get enough let's get up and I said oh my gosh I'm sharing the name of this company and we now have new sites both at sarah petty and sir pity seniors so we are giving you guys with photo biz let's hold up you guys have it to show you and this is just a concept so all this stuff you will customized to yourself but this is a site that way just screenshots from their sight but we changed bonds to be consistent with your font family it had that kind of a funky fun which again little decisions all along the way are what make it work for you there's your new logo there's your cop of colors and image that very much represents you instead of trying to do everything um you could decide if you want to separate the seniors from the kid's family we made the choice to do that but I've seen many people do it all in one where here's your senior portfolio your your kid family portfolio your baby portfolio that's the one place with branding that it gets a little sticky because um you want to have the one brand but you have one website so who gets the website? You know is it the weddings? Is that the babies? So you have to figure out if they each get a gallery or the links sends them to a whole new page and we really wanted our seniors to feel special we basically do kids and we do senior so then link on our send him to a whole new page that's branded a little a little more earthy and stuff for them so it works for them but I think when you get this website you get all this stuff you're gonna be looking good on and when I love his guys, you customize these templates so you go you pick one that's that's got to feel some kind of funky and some are serious some are contemporary so you pick one that's consistent you pulling your elements and boom you upload the images and you're good to go a new website in like a day or less, I think and I think andrea did ours and now hours jen jen's done it you didn't photo based yet and she said it was so super easy awesome awesome so again would we all love a custom sight completely designed perfectly for us but quite frankly I don't know that I do a lot different they need to be simple and clean and show your artwork so how are you guys feeling how has this experience been for you awestruck yeah would you take awestruck for you know, it's that we're just overwhelmed in a good way appreciate him very um and I have I'm such a workaholic that like who now we go back and do this and this and that's you know, like I need to enjoy and slow down for something but I heard a quote the other day that since you said that that said sometimes we need to slow down and let success and let our successes catch up with us and I think this is a success for you guys that you took the time to make the video and say we're ready that we need this and this is a this is a win is huge this is a win just on the game changer yeah so let me catch up and let it enjoy it because I know you're already that working you're already yeah yeah it is it it's it's so great to just be moving forward because we really have ben just stuck and I can't tell you what two designers and success feels like you know I mean the low birthing process has been huge and and the all of the gifts from all of the vendors are awesome because we really truly we don't do anything on credit everything has been nickel and dime and saved and made it happen, so this is really, really cool and you know what I love about them is they're everybody at home, daniel was a stay at home dad and they've bootstrap this business their dream is to work together she's working all day and coming home and helping him and I see that with everybody we're all trying to make our dream work and that's why I'm so glad you guys were picked because you are a couple and you are working in it and you have three kids and your goal is tio is to have this business that can let you be a family and give you the lifestyle you want and and how that time with those kids and enjoy every little second of them so you guys have been fabulous and we still have more fun things this afternoon but I think reveal wise it's it's pretty I'm happy for you guys this's I can't tell you how cool this waiting for you to give a big my research, steve. Well, I like to give well, this is an interesting and that's a really interesting conversation that we have that we've been having with you, claire, because I love scene I like to wrap things up and give them to people and then hides people get u e but that's that's amazing because it is that ability tio be open to receive that then allows you to give back to your clients and all of that and we way like to give way like tio do the nonprofit stuff I mean it if we won the lottery we'd still take pictures it would just be for a different clientele, right? You know, just that personality sometimes way do feel guilty about success or there's this stigma like, oh, you can't be too successful but success allows us teo do what we're really passionate about way started this terrible fund called the petty cash fund and it's a way for us to give back to our community and as well we do auctions and we do so many things and if I'm not in business, I can't do that and this is going to I hope create a business for you that gives you more time to be with your family and more time to do things for your community and for those you love because you are a giver you're a person who wants to take care of others, but you have to take care of yourself first and that's a hard lesson to learn I think I think it's a hard lesson as a mom, you know I mean it's a hard lesson it's espouses it you know, and as an artist and a person I want to create and we want to give, has anyone ever like, oh, just throw those enough for those in that, you know, to be nice to kind of get in there mercedes and drive away wear heart centered and I think that's, what makes our industry so awesome and it's exciting and that's what? Why? We have the joy of marketing because it's addicting to see people like you get results and to watch you, I almost feel like we should do a follow up next year this time we're talking, you clear out way internet actually, we're talking about like, getting this group back together and how much fun that would be to see everybody next way they want to say, you guys back in a year and see where you're at that that would be way cool, we are back together yeah, and we could even do some charts number wise of here's where they were hounding, you know, we talked about the most work I mean, their their growth trajectory is increasing, like, if you just working really hard, you're going to make progress, but I hope that this is, you know, where the charts going like this it's a quantum leap and then your geographic asserts its this but it's also that just yet just jumping up so I really think that that's what you're going to say and sometimes it's big things and sometimes it's the little things and we have another michael who is one of our past students who just rocks it in sales and he wanted to hop in and and share his success stories with everyone so we love showing some of our our students who are racking it to show what you can do this and you guys have already been doing it you're just going to do it that better and faster and you'll hear it's the quality of life thing and I love that you have kids because that's my motivation to write so do you wantto do want it take some questions that's all right, I know chats are probably going crazy lots of quite a lot of good stuff all right coming through for the travel ins for waiting for when I, um about the website cathy c from southern california tio do like websites that offer printing on the site when you that offer printing locate like smug bugs and slowly also maybe like ordering like ok shopping cart I'm not a stand of online ordering because you're letting people have control of the order and people come to you for your help when you send them off, then they're becoming overwhelmed and I don't think we're serving the clients I have everybody gets that flavor during this week yes, we want to do this for profit, but we also want to create a system that serves and thrills our clients. Erin and I were in st louis like two weeks ago and we're like we need to do some shopping we had about an hour we needed clothes for like five events coming up and we were neither of us are shoppers I mean, I'm an online shopper and sixty tong hard to find so we went into a big department store where we knew they would help us and had the person just said, look, there are all these choices a beautiful beautiful go get anything you want like we would've probably sat in the corner and cried, but we wanted we needed clothes and we had a small window and this gal was run and she was bringing we said this is what I like aaron said it's likely she's bringing us different stuff don't like it like it and we left there in like an hour, two hours maybe with like, all these new things and because we needed help. I mean and it wasn't serving us to show up and say, well, here's, we have the more casual stuff and here's where we have the dress, your stuff that didn't serve it us and what we needed we needed somebody to come in and say where you going? What look to you are you going for and then let me go put these things together for you and you try them and it didn't cost anything more I mean it didn't cost us anything escape pick the expense way were thrilled because you needed help so remember, our clients are coming to us for help with their photography but I know some photographers that due back in ordering online maybe after a wedding or whatever in the family does the ordering that way I mean, there are ways that it can work but for a portrait studio and especially a boutique portrait studio we will get into this afternoon about how we've structured the best way to thrill the clients served the clients, get them what they want and get the order at the same time sounds like a plan. All right a question from kathy c is and you talked about this a little and she's from southern california did you two clarin daniel feel like you were spinning your wheels before and not being successful because you did not have that identity? Did you have a business plan before you started? We have we have a business plan we have well most one I never never do to thirty page piece but we have we have that we have the general out of the business plan we had a general aid of marketing plan but even within the marketing plan, there were things we couldn't do or didn't feel like we could do well because we lacked the logo, you know, like we lacked the identity we we were having a hard time, I'm communicating out to people that I mean, the people that knew us knew what we did, but he will, you know, and liked what we did, but we couldn't get the word out because we lacked that personality and touch to our marketing pieces that was consistent, carly and see is wondering, will the trap must do a follow up in a few months and maybe and from me, you know, where can we follow you? Where where came will you be like updating this month later? Maybe I would say, follow us on our block, which is going to be on traveling photography dot com traveling, but yet we'll definitely as we progress with our studio as we make the changes will definitely post about that. Well, you know, we'll tag creative live with it, and you guys can do with what you need to do on your end. So the bacon poll that we're not hard to find if you look in for us all over the west, so and as soon as we all have the same colors and change things, you know, but yeah we're we're very we're very involved in our web identity way are very, very daniels personality comes across wonderfully on the very good writer so that every good writer yeah and um so we already do that and we're on facebook we're on twitter we're not hard to find if you're looking for us in something q when in their submission video claire was so cute she's like we've tried all these things to try all these lowers and we've been tried using a fish for traveling and people think we photograph fish yeah before this people thought daniel was a wild life photographer yes I we're getting we just fall in love with them because we could feel like frustration yes, yes yes you don't thinki photographs fish that's a problem that's a problem the internet says hey you want a question for you and erin from erica zaba when you were talking about you've been talking about your day a base and so just a clarification are lazier past clients current clients and your potential clients and people who subscribe teo on your newsletter what happens? Somebody had to do sting wish those that is that working? Do you say what tools yeah, I didn't but I sure can sew a database is all of those things that you said and when I first started I thought I'm not going to keep my family in my database and my friends because you know I'm gonna male really cool things I'm to build these clients and I remember running into an aunt a couple of months after I started and she's like what do you have a photography business? And I thought, ok, the family needs everyone I know needs to be on the database, so start with that start by adding everyone you know, to database when you shop in a store and I'm in your store and I'm buying things saying, are you the owner? Oh my gosh, I love your store and buying all this stuff you're going to be giving me love back because I'm shopping at your store. I mentioned I'm a photographer and I found out your name. I write you a thank you note, I add you to my database and then you're getting fun little mailings now and then I'm not biologic, you are bombarding you. You can put a lead generator on your website like opposing guide or or anything fun people opt in and they're on your database so you could have a physical database and an email database. Just be careful on your email database, not toe spanned people to death we all know how that feels and I use two different tools success where is our is our financial management software and you you have every tool in their scheduling database, everything but I had had my database in this cheap little like thirty dollars office store program called any time organizer I think they still make it then you can export it easily into excel but it lets you segment so I can tag people you're a client, you're a friend, you're family, you're a prospect and that way if I just want to send to family for some reason I can pull them I just want to send to clients they get a special offer, they get something special that no one else would get, I could just pull them and then everybody gets my holiday card mostly everybody gets my fall mailer high school seniors don't because they've gone off to college, but for the most part we want to communicate with them like they're our friends. So think about that you like to hear from your friends you like to get little notes? I put notes in them as much as I can you can even create a database in a program like excel so you don't need a big fancy programming it could be index cars and then you got to get him in a wayto print labels but so it's very important mindy roses wondering in this age of online communication to the exclusion of print how much weight does the direct mail still hold for a business? Well, I mean, it depends some businesses don't use direct mail at all I think it's even more it holds even more weight now because of that and and I see it I mean, maybe I'm an anomaly, but I'm the girl that's excited when mailman comes every day and he's not even cute so it's not that it's because I like to see what I'm going to get and so when you're sending something cool like this that you know folds out and people see and it's like, what is this it's fun that makes an impression that doesn't go? This is hard to throw away when you get this it's really hard to throw away, you want to put it on your mouth, you know, stick it on your refrigerator, throw in your purse, you don't want to throw it away versus an email and e newsletter whatever that's really easy to hit delete and the other thing tio is even from fifteen years ago when we were at the ad agency, the world has changed there's so much segmentation and fragmentation even in radio and tv there's hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of channels their satellite there are so many publications and newspapers and and when someone gets something like this, it really stands out we have a visual product, so it makes sense to show it in a visual way versus radio that you don't see but other media can be fleeting like tv you do beautiful television commercial I've done tv campaigns that have hit home runs many years ago before everything was so fragmented but this you can't throw away it doesn't just go on the tv and then it's gone so you know, while some companies some industries may not use it or have it in their marketing mix it all in our industry I think it's a very, very, very powerful tool and again her businesses high touch so if suddenly she stopped sending these pieces out that air high touch with personal notes in them and they said starts just sending emails that they people know there's no value attached I mean and emails free doesn't cost you anything to send an email but they look at something like this and again this creates value for what she does because they know that not everyone can do this anybody consent an email so if you're looking at doing things elektronik lee remember anybody can do that so how are you separating yourself from your competitors when I received cards in the mail I don't let them go like you, erin is like I keep them and I put them on my refrigerator and theirs just layers of cards and I'm constantly thinking about that person I haven't heard from in a year and I'm like oh, they were just you know contact from the chamber of commerce you know, but I'm always thinking about the chamber that way it's like something that makes me feel and I always felt connected to that person and it makes me feel special that they took the time out of their busy schedule too actually hand stance, stamp something, signed something and send it and address it to me goes but it's often over that matter absent so for me as a consumer it makes me feel special it makes me feel something for them and especially loved generational marketing and you're looking at you know, your generation x your baby boomers yeah, the young kids you pride context to them a little more but any of us that are older I mean above thirty even because I'm close to thirty already said my twenty five year classroom and I gave it all away but we find that you know, we came from a school of before the internet or we came from a life before the internet where people wrote notes and where touch and feel you know, so so you've got a look at who your consumer is too, and I think people appreciate that being able to have something that they can hold and I told you guys I have run into a client in june that pulled one of my holiday cards out of her person she was showing it to everyone what other marketing does that for you? Females? No one's going to do that with an email.

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